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The Waiting Game

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For most of his life, there had been rules.

Even when he was scrambling alone on the street, hunting little animals to eat, or stealing what he could, there had been rules. This did not change when he entered the sect and was placed under the care of Shixiong. There had been even more rules then. Mostly boring ones that did not make any sense. Rules like he had to wake up early, earlier than the sun, and bathe every day even if he wasn't dirty. There were rules about who he could fight and who he couldn’t and when that fight could happen, and rules about how to talk, and how to eat and rules, rules, rules-

Being around Shixiong made it easier. Shixiong would never huff out in exasperation when he broke one of these stupid rules, or when he forgot one. He would kneel down and explain it to him even if it took him one hundred times. Quan Yizhen liked this a lot. Shixiong would always tell him what the rule was and to try again.

The heavens had rules too, and these were even more useless than the ones in his old sect. Everything was a rule, and now Shixiong didn't touch him at the shoulder and explain what he did wrong or what rule was broken. He would sit on his throne, so unhappy, not smiling, not looking at him. Quan Yizhen never liked rules, he thought they were stupid. Unneeded. But they were worse now because they kept him from his Shixiong.

He doesn’t know what rule Shixiong broke to get sent out of heaven but he hates that rule most of all. It's good that the king of the gods is gone because Quan Yizhen would fight him every day because of that rule.

There are still rules, even now.

He can't enter into the ghost city unless Shixiong lets him in, he can’t always be with Shixiong, (This rule is the second closest to the one he hates.), he can’t fight Shixiong’s battles or kill the ghosts and humans that bother him. It's not as many rules but Quan Yizhen still doesn’t like them.

There are some rules that he does like though.

Quan Yizhen stands across the courtyard, watching the black-clad figure talking to some store owner that looks like a giant pig. Shixiong has his arms crossed, his mask covering his face, but Quan Yizhen can feel him frowning. It feels so good, the tingle of knowing his Shixiong by the way he stood, the tilt of his head, to know how the expression on his face looked.

Quan Yizhen doesn’t know how many years he didn’t see Shixiong after he was cast out of the heavens, but it was too long. Every night he would close his eyes and make sure he remembered what Shixiong looked like. He was afraid that if he forgot, Shixiong could pass him by on the street and he wouldn’t know. He didn’t want that to happen.

But it was fine now because he often spent an hour just looking at Shixiong’s face, exchanging spiritual energy when Shixiong let him.

Shixiong bows to the giant pig and turns on his heel. Quan Yizhen, even though he was already standing, feels his heart jump and he wants to run! He wants to run across the courtyard and wrap his arms around Shixiong and kiss him a lot. Quan Yizhen takes one step onto the courtyard and then Shixiong's mask faces him.

The martial god freezes.

He steps back, biting his lip as his whole body quivers.

There were rules today.

Sometimes they played a game. Shixiong called it the waiting game. Quan Yizhen loved it because after, he was allowed to do whatever he wanted with shixiong. That morning, waking up in his bed, he had told him that he wanted to play today. The rule was that Quan Yizhen could watch Shixiongoas much as he wanted, but he was not allowed to talk to him, to touch him, to even wave. Not until the sun went down and Shixiong was back in his room in Paradise manor. Then he was allowed to touch Shixiong all he wanted. It was too hard at first, because Quan Yizhen missed him too much, so much. It was too hard to look at Shixiong and not be with him. The first time they played, He had only made it for an hour, before he bounded up to Yin Yu while he collected payments and kissed him in front of everyone. Shixiong had not been happy.

But that was years ago. He was so good at the game now. Now, he and Yin Yu could kiss all morning, and touch and squirm against each other, and Quan Yizhen could let him leave just fine.

But today had been a long day.

Quan Yizhen can feel his cock warm and full under his robes. It had not gone away all day, and Shixiong was right there! He was so close that he felt like there was tickling all over his skin.

He couldn’t see Shixiong’s eyes through the mask, but Quan Yiziehn could feel them, and the feeling made warmth flood down from his stomach to between his legs.

The sun was so close to going away,

He only had to wait a little more, but his feet wanted to fly, his arms ached, and his heart was beating so fast he could hear it.

Shixiong turned away, walking to another stall, and entering quietly.

Quan Yizhen rushed across the courtyard and waited behind a wall. He really wanted to fight the sun right now. But he didn’t know how to get to it and Jun Wu was gone.

So he waits, he listens to the rules, and waits.


When Shixiong leaves the stall, he glances around, and Quan Yizhen jumps from his hiding place, still far enough away that he’s listening to the rules but so that Shixiong might see him.

Yin Yu does and tilts his head again before looking up at the sky. The sun is turning orange, and streaking across the blue, so there is still a lot of time left, too much time left.

Shixiong presses his hands behind his back, just like when he used to when they were in the sect together and Quan Yizhen almost scrambles forward to talk to him. Shixiong is making a decision.

He watches as he cups the masks and gently takes it off until Quan Yizhen can see his really dark eyes and the little dot beneath his lashes. It's s his favorite place to kiss.

Shixiong presses a hand to his mouth and then looks over to where paradise manor stands. Quan Yizhen has never been able to read Yin Yu’s mind, but as Shixiong looks back at him, Quan Yizhen’s mind buzzes, his heart leaps in his chest and he grabs his robes to check that it didn’t leap out.

Shixiong is telling him that they don’t have to wait until the sun is down. They can go now.

The mask goes back on and then Shixiong turns, back to head down the street. Quan Yizhen waits only a little bit before he starts following, making sure to not get too close. He doesn’t want Shixiong to think he’s not listening to the rules.

He can feel how hard he is, his hands shake, in the same way, that they do when he’s been fighting for a long long time.

Exchanging energy with Shixiong is like fighting. Sometimes it's better than fighting, especially when Shixiong lets him do whatever he wants, even though he covers his face and goes really really red.

Shixiong is also moving fast, his step quick and moving around the people. He inclines his head to some of the demons that wave at him, and Quan Yizhen knows that some of them might want to talk to Shixiong. He likes the ghost city because they really like Shixiong, they call him good names and always say hi to him, nothing like when they were in heaven. But he also doesn’t like the ghost city because Yin Yu likes it more than staying in Quan Yizhen’s castle.

But that doesn’t really matter, things are so nice now, he has Shixiong and they fight, and sometimes have sex and eat food together, and Shixiong smiles at him. He is so happy.

Shixiong disappears into the manor, slipping into the shadows so quietly QUan Yizhen has to focus to make sure that he doesn’t get too far or too close.

A long time ago, when Crismon Rain Sought Flower helped him bring back Shixiong, Yin Yu had not wanted to see him. It was very hard to know that Shixiong was just inside a city, and he couldn't talk to him, or even look at him.

Quan Yizhen doesn’t know what happened, or why, but Shixiong came to him one day. Quan Yizhen begged for forgiveness, the way that he had seen others do, was willing to do whatever he had to get Shixiong to talk to him. Yin Yu told him that between them, things like that couldn't be held onto anymore because then they could never go on. It's like something that Dianxia would say, so maybe they talked.

But he doesn’t dwell too much in the past, instead, he chases Shixiong’s shadow to his part of the manor and when he makes it to Yin Yu’s door, it's open and he can see him inside, taking off his mask to place it gently on a table. He rushes forward, barely able to stop himself from flinging himself inside.

This is another one of the rules, so he pauses at the doorway, ornate in nature, and trembles with want and desire.

Yin Yu does not look back at him, carefully pulls at his outer robes, in full view of the open door, tugging at the sash at his waist and gently throwing it over a changing screen.

This was not the first time he has ever watched Shixiong change his clothes. It was Yin Yu himself that had taught him when he was young how to put on layer after layer of clothes, how to tie a belt so it wouldn’t hinder him in battle. Those first few years, he would just rip his clothes apart, and rip the people he fought as well, not caring. But Yin Yu had again sat down and explained to him that it was a rule.

Quan Yizhen stretches out his hands to cling to the wood frame of the doorway, his finger clenches harder when each layer falls away and is neatly placed where it belongs.

It's not until Shixiong is completely bare from the waist up, his long up done ponytail the only distraction from the pale lines of his back that he turns his head so that Quan Yizhen, standing hard and panting at the doorway can see the profile of his face in the darkening light.

He moves a hand, touching at his face, the signal that Quan Yizhen can come in and the god leaps forward with all the speed of battle.

His hand touches the skin, pressing against Shixiong’s back and tugging the ghost into his arms so he can press his mouth along the back of his neck.

Shixiong is not warm, not anymore. He can not hear his heartbeat or feel the rapid rise and fall of his chest when he’s excited. He sometimes feels like light, cold and breaking, moonlight in a world of sun, precious and rare.

And when he turns to Quan Yizhen, his eyes are on fire, his mouth is pulled tight on one side, and he cups Quan Yizhen’s face and thumbs down his cheekbones.

“I did well, Shixiong?” Quan Yizhen asks, his hand roving, moving, shifting over naked exposed skin and over the annoying fabric of his pants, “I didn’t break any rules.”

“Very well,” Shixiong says quietly, mummers it so it feels like Quan Yizhen is the only person in the whole wide world. The praise ricochets down his body like a sudden outpouring of energy, has his mouth dropping as his cock stands fully and wet on the inside of his robes

The god presses eagerly to kiss him, and usually, when he pressed forward like this, demanding and impatient, Yin Yu would pull away and scold him. But he won the game today, he obeyed all the rules and his prize is Shixiong. Whatever you want, Shixiong had said, “Whatever you want.”

He wants to do so much that he can't pick anything at all, so he just presses his mouth to him, pushing forward his tongue

So that he can fill Shixiong with himself so that they can intertwine with him, be part of one another. Shixiong’s hand comes up to tug at his clothes, his mouth loose and open under the pressure of Quan Yizhen’s touch. The god bares down, wrapping his arms around the ghost, hands moving down to cup his ass so that he is forced tighter, closer, and the weight on his long hard cock makes Quan Yizhen burn, to breathe heavy and hard into Yin Yu’s mouth.

He lets his energy flow between them, and Shixiong’s eyelids flutter, his body going limp and easy.

Shixiong never lets others see him like this, not in the sect and neither in the heavens. He was so upright and distant sometimes. No one has ever seen him in this way, his pale moonlight skin pinching into goosebumps, his mouth red like a spill of blood.

Quan Yizhen pushes him back to the bed, never once letting go, never once pulling his mouth away. There has been too much time that has passed that there has been space between them. Quan Yizhen won't Allow space between them anymore?

He trips and stumbles, because of this, not letting the ghost catch himself and they fall back onto the black sheets and he bumps into Yin Yu’s chin. It's not a great impact, probably not painful at all because Shixiong laughs and continues tugging at Quan Yizhen’s clothes, undoing his sash much faster than he would be able to do it. Sometimes Quan Yizhen doesn’t even take off his clothes, doesn’t have enough patience to do it, rolling about and rubbing himself into him with his ornate robes still in the way.

“Yizhen…” Shixiong mutters as he lays there, his face flushed, color that expands down his collarbones to press sweetness to his skin all the way to his nipples. They are so cute to him, and he dips his head down to play with him, feeling his Shixiong twitch and strain underneath.

“Did you have a hard time today, Yizhen-Shidi?”

Quan Yizhen licks around, sloppy and unneatly. Sometimes he gets this terrible urge to bite Shixiong hard, to chew on him like a particularly good piece of meat, feel the pressure of his flesh on his teeth. It's a weird feeling, to want to devour his Shixiong but he doesn’t think about it too much. Shixiong always tells him what is right, and what feels good and he listens now. He doesn’t really mind, as long as he can kiss and touch Shixiong and hear him make those sounds that haunt him even when it's been hours and hours.

His teeth dig into the smooth subtle flesh of Shixiong’s chest, and he can feel Shixiong shudder, has to push him back down when he takes a heaving breath even when he doesn’t have to breathe.

“No.” Quan Yizhen says, laying fat wet kisses down the skin of his chest to the lines on his stomach where dips his tongue into Shixiong’s belly button, and then down to the string that holds his pants up. “I’m good at the rules now.”

“Is that so?” Yin Yu says and Quan Yizhen looks up to confirm that he’s smiling because his words sound like he’s smiling.

He is. He looks so pretty when he smiles that Quan Yizhen, captivated, has to move up and kiss him hard, trying to taste and swallow his joy.

“Yes, Shixiong. I'm really good at the game, right?” he says into his mouth, blowing air and making Yin Yu’s cheeks puff up too.

Yin Yu laughs and pushes him away, “If that’s so then I should make it harder right?”

Quan Yizhen shakes his head. He usually likes a challenge. They are fun, but only when it's fighting.

He was shaking all day, cursing at the sun. He doesn't want more rules.

Yin Yu laughs, and the sound makes Quan Yizhen wiggle. He likes it so much. He used to make Shixiong laugh a lot when they were in their old sect, but it stopped when they were in heaven. Now, he tries to make Shixiong laugh every day.

He kisses Shixiong again and again, quick sucking kisses that Yin Yu politely accepts before he kisses down his body again, his hands pressed hard to Yin Yu's ribs.

"Want to take your pants off Shixiong...." He chirps and waits for Shixiong to grab his hands so together they pull them down and away. He loves how Shixiong looks, how pale his skin is, and how red it gets. He pushes the pants down milk-white thighs and licks and sucks at his hip bones, slobbering like a famished dog.

Yin Yu's cock is so pretty, it's long curved perfectly up, like smooth white jade.

He mouths at the curve, licks at the soft plump head, holding Shixiong down as he trembles. The tip of his tongue flicks at the little ridge there, before trailing his wet mouth down to suck over the weight he finds.

Yin Yu gasps, as Quan Yizhen noses at his balls, rubs his face into the fine trimmed hairs his Shixiong keeps neat before his chin bumps into a piece of gold found there.

He sits up to really look at it.

This is also part of the game. It's what makes following the rules so hard. That morning, when he asked Shixiong to play, they had kissed and rolled around for so long, and then Shixiong had taken the little toy from the side table and made Quan Yizhen watch as he opened himself up, his jade white fingers like the petals of a flower against the pink of the inside of his body. All-day the image had stayed with him, that there was a gold toy inside his Shixiong, keeping him open and ready. It made him hard to follow around quietly, and the urge to push Shixiong into an alley and beg to let him just push into him, it burned him like a real fire, sent his mind into a blank want.

But he had listened to the rules and this was his reward.

He isn’t like Shixiong, he doesn’t know how to lick and kiss so perfectly that Quan Yizhen is crying, he doesn’t know how to tell Shixiong no, or to make it last. He wants to be in Yin Yu so bad his eyes can’t focus, his hands shake, and he's so wet and leaking under his silk robes that the gold material must be ruined now.

“Shixiong.” he breathes, as he spreads his legs, looking straight at the tiny gold piece that sits there. He is awed every time that he can just be here, and can touch Shxiong like this. He looks up and Shixiong is covering his face like he always does. Quan Yizhen loves looking at his face, the way his eyes shut and his mouth drops open when he’s overwhelmed. It makes something explode in his stomach and makes hot burning lava to spread down to his cock. It feels so good, sometimes just hearing him makes him come and he has to wait to get hard again.

“Shixiong” he gasps, and rips at his last robe, stripping naked as he reaches up to pull at the arm that covers his face, “Shixiong, I want to be inside you now.”

Shixiong’s face is twisted, his eyes glossy and cheeks red.

“Shixiong, can I?”

Yin Yu presses a hand to his mouth and nods and Quan Yizhen moves quickly, his hands pressing Yin Yu’s thighs down more, wider, open so he can settle between them. He likes how they look, the difference in their coloring, even the hair between their legs, likes it all so much he feels like he's going to shake out of his body.

He reaches to pull the gold out, tugging carefully as Yin Yu taught him. The toy comes out with oil and wet, making the soft insides of Shixiong's thighs shiny.

Quan Yizhen tosses away the gold piece before he's pushing his fingers in. Shixiong sucks him in, warm and soft around his fingers, rough fight worn pads caressing inside him.

He moves quick, eager, watching the expressions flicker across Shixiong’s face. He looks like it hurts, but he’s learned that sometimes it feels good when it hurts, like pressing on a really bad bruise.

“Am I doing good, Shixiong?” He asks, wiggling his fingers wild and hard.

Yin Yu grabs at his arms, eyes screwed shut but doesn’t tell him to stop, so Quan Yizhen keeps going, looking for that spot that Shixiong told him about, soft and squishy. He knows when he finds it because Shixiong jolts, grabs his wrist with both his long beautiful hands and Quan Yizhen can see him fighting to keep his legs open.

Good Yizhen... So good. Good.” Shixiong says and Quan Yizhen feels a sound rip out of his throat and feels weak all over, liquid spilling from his cock to make neat little trails on Shixiong’s thigh. He has to lean forward and kiss Shixiong hard, pushes his tongue in and lick at his teeth, bites at his lips to keep from coming. His hands move faster, rubbing at that spot he found riding on how Shixiong’s eyes are going watery, tears spilling from the corners.

It scared him the first time when Shixiong cried. Shixiong only cried when he was really really upset. Quan Yizhen never wanted to make him upset ever again. But he explained that not all tears were bad. In fact, sometimes they came out when he was feeling too good, his body was confused.

Quan Yizhen licks at the tears, the salt another flavor added onto Shixiong's taste.

He’s going to come, Quan Yizhen can’t wait anymore. He pulls his hand out and licks at his fingers, the tasting warmth, and oil.

Yin Yu sweeps his hand over his shoulders as Quan Yizhen presses the head of his cock to where he can feel Shixiong fluttering like a heartbeat, wet and open and it is no hardship to press in, fast and hard.

Yin Yu shouts, grabs hold of Quan Yizhen’s hair, and tugs hard but Quan Yizhen can’t feel anything past the absolute press and heat that overtakes him at that moment.

He never lasts long, not when he is pressed inside Shixiong, not when he is feeling so good his eyes roll back into the skull. He can’t be like Shixiong who can move slow and steady, for so long that Quan Yizhen can’t tell what is up or down or even his own name, can’t remember or think about anything but Shixiong’s touch and his mouth and his kisses or his cock moving inside.

All he can only move fast and hard, seeking after that crest that is running from him, like trying to catch the light of the sun in his hands. He pushes so hard that the whole bed trembles and shakes, jerks with the force of his rut, and Yin Yu’s legs cross over the small of his back, his hands clawing into his hair and his mouth whispering into his ear. Praises, scolding, but all and only for him.

Good, Yizhen, good boy, hard, that's right, just like- yes- good Yizhen yes, please shidi.

He sinks into it, he drowns, feeling the heat wrap up as he thrusts faster, burning, plummeting, and flying all at the same time.

Shixiong moves his head and forces Quan Yizhen from where he is drooling on the curve of Shixiong's shoulder.

His eyes are wet, his eyelashes clumped together from his tears, but he looks like a god, looks like he’s filled with so much power that Quan Yizhen stutters in his movements and when Shixiong cups his face and forces their lips together in a fierce dominating kiss, he loosens his hold on his body.

He presses in hard once, twice as Shixiong pillages his mouth like he is looking to suck out Quan Yizhen’s soul before his body unfurls, and he catches that trembling elusive light beam of pleasure, and it rocks him into the horizon.

It feels a little like ascension. It is not a peaceful movement into light, but a burn that engulfs him from the top of his head to his toes, which curl as a merciless assault of pleasure fills him to the brim, crashes over his senses like trying to drag him out to sea.

He can’t breathe, as he spills, his body jerks, in and in and in, spilling fast and wet inside the only person that has ever mattered to him.

Yin Yu coaxes down him gently, kissing him faster and Quan Yizhen whimpers into his mouth, blind in his pleasure, his body shaking like he’s cold and naked and sick, reeling in the feelings skittering all along his skin.

He falls into Shixiong’s embrace, half-asleep already but nosing into the cold slope of his neck.

Yin Yu’s hands pet at his hair, his back, trying to move him off so that he can leave, probably to clean up but Quan Yizhen, even as tired as he is, grabs hold of him. Even with his mind half dead and only his instincts flaring out.

Yin Yu is glowing with energy, filled with both his come and his energy. He looks pretty with it, and if Shixiong let him, he would give him more, all the time.

“Love you Shixiong,” he mutters into his neck, his voice hoarse and quiet. He must’ve been yelling too. “Love you the most,” he says because it’s the truest thing in the world.

Yin Yu freezes beneath him, and then there is a soft kiss on his forehead. “Sleep, Quan Yizhen.” Shixiong says quietly, “I’ll be here when you wake up.”

He’ll be ready and hard after a quick nap. He never lasts long, but he can have sex with Shixiong a lot of times. With the reassurance ringing in his ears, his cock limp and soft nestled between Yin Yu’s wet legs, he lets himself drift off to sleep.

For Shixiong he’ll play any game, and listen to any rule if only he can always wake up with him when he opens his eyes again.