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August Twilight

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Izuku’s life has always been a simple one. Though, as anyone living the simple life can attest, simple does not mean easy. Life in the mountains is a tricky mistress, it provides, at a cost. His life is a lonely one, he has his animals and his chores to fill his days. Everything in his small home can be fixed by him and has been, multiple times in some cases.


It takes a full day’s ride on his old horse to make it into the nearest town. Izuku dislikes going, and the villagers dislike him being there. His mama had been a witch and whilst he does not have the gift, the locals have long memories, and he doubts it won’t be for generations that a Midoriya will be able to walk through Musutafu peaceably. These mountains are his home. 


But as his crops wither and turn in their disease, he fears he may have to go farther than Musutafu, farther than he has his entire life in order to survive. He has some pliable trades, but none that would sustain him in the nearby villages. No, he would have to go to the cities in order to find work. If he couldn’t find a job, he would be forced to sell himself in order to survive.


These lands have been his home for the better of twenty-five years, and he has had light years, years where food has been stretched thin. Years where survival was found in marrow hidden in cracked, frozen carcasses, digging fingers bloody in the unforgiving crystallized earth in search of edible roots. 


That had been hard.


This, this will be death. 


It is his only thought as he sits on his small porch, surveying the damage that the boar had done to his already sickly crops. The beast had torn through in the night, damaging what little that was salvageable. There is likely no saving it. 


A deep wary horror rises within him from the deep, and he rests his head in his hands, trying to think of a way out of this mess. He has given everything to this land. It took everything he gave, and what is it that he has reaped: a slanted shack, a leaky porch, and a ruined garden, high in the mountains away from others.


He doesn’t know what he is going to do.


“Looks like you have a fucking mess on yer hands, don’t you?” A voice asks, breaking through the evening stillness and Izuku’s harrowing thoughts.


Every bone in Izuku’s body tenses, as he opens his eyes and stares at the stranger leaning amicably against his porch railing, as if that is a thing people do. Izuku’s home is isolated, it does not sit on a road in which travelers walk by. There is no reason for someone to be here, expect for trickery. 


It only takes a moment’s glance at them for him to realize that, whatever it is, it is not human. Humans aren’t this beautiful, this perfect. Even dressed in worn but well-made traveling clothes, it casts a noble figure. It is taller than Izuku is, bigger as well, with sharp features as if carved from stone. Its flaxen hair looks soft and its bloody red eyes are too intelligent. It stands casually next to Izuku’s home, as if it is visiting an old friend, puffing around a long pipe.


“Evening, stranger,” Izuku says, his voice much more calm than how he is actually feeling, he briefly wonders if it can hear his heart beating in his chest. 


“Evening,” The thing pretending to be a human says with a smirk, revealing the sharp white teeth of a wolf, “Was passing by, and noticed you may need some help,” It continues, it’s voice deep and rumbling like a far off thunderstorm.


It takes much of his self-control to stamp down on his pride, Izuku wants nothing more to snap at this gorgeous monster. How dare it make jabs. Izuku is doing his best with what he has. This is his life, trodden and rotting. He knows better however, his Mama taught him better.


“I thank you, but I am fine,”


“That’s a fucking lie,” It laughs with a cruel lilt, “You think leaving with save you from starving. It won’t. You will just spread your legs in someone else's bed until you are spent, then you will die. Alone and starving with no home nor bed to call your own. This mountain is your home, let me help and you won’t have to leave,”


Izuku rears his head back, a trickle of fear settling into his stomach. How did this thing know that is a thing he is worried about? That even after giving himself up, that he will still fail to survive. It is too tempting, the thought of leaving just to die in some strange city makes him want to vomit. But is it worth agreeing to whatever this thing is going to ask in return for its help?


“What would you have from me, for your help?”


“So careful,” It steps away from the porch, walking casually towards Izuku’s garden, smoke from its pipe trailing behind wherever it stepped, it is heavier and darker than normal smoke should be. Smells sweet too, almost like caramel. In the setting sun, the thing is set ablaze. Gold and red-light pools around it, making it look ethereal. 


“Your fields would never wither or sallow, your snares would never be empty. Your belly will always be full. All I would ask in return is for you to invite me into your home as you would a mate. Do this, and everything under your purview will be fertile,”


“So I am just to let you into my home, without any proof that you will be able to hold you side of the bargain,” Izuku scoffs from his place on the porch, disappointment already settling in. Of course, it was too good to be true. Pretty words from a pretty monster. He ignores what it means by “as you would a mate”, not worth lingering.


“Alright, a test then,” 


Within a blink it is standing nose to nose with him, and Izuku cannot help the small yelp that escapes him as he shifts back, leaning away from the man. Even though he tries to create space between them, the thing follows, keeping close, keeping them nose to nose. Its breath smells 


“A kiss and tomorrow your tomatoes will be perfect. That is, it, no tricks,”


Izuku lets his eyes drift to the plants as they are now, shriveled, and grey. Any fruits that are still connected drag the plant to the earth, rotting wherever they touch something else. It would take serious magic to rejuvenate them. But if it worked. 


But if it worked...


It really is too tempting.


“No tricks, it must be the same plant,” Izuku confirms, hesitation clear in his voice


The thing laughs, and moves once more with an unnatural speed, pulling the human close. For all that it used speed before, it takes Izuku’s first kiss slowly and sensually like he imagines a lover would. It uses his inexperience against him, taking advantage to deepen the kiss. At some point, Izuku’s eyes slide shut. A soft heat begins to boil in his stomach.


He cannot help the little embarrassing moan that escapes him.


But when he opens his eyes, the thing is gone, and all Izuku is left with is swollen lips in the fading twilight. 




Izuku’s Mama always said: everything is clearer in the morning light. 


As Izuku wakes, it is the first thing that comes to mind. At first, he doesn’t remember why it is important before his still tingling lips remind him what he had done last night


The shame and embarrassment have him curling into a fetal position on his side, hands pulling at his hair. What had he been thinking! There is no knowing what the visitor had been, what Izuku had made a deal with. Izuku’s mother had always warned him that there were things that liked to “hang around” the mountains, things he should always be polite to but wary of. She always refused to elaborate, however. 


It was only a kiss though, but there is the unspoken that there is likely going to be another deal if this one succeeds. That is the worrying part, the unspoken. There are so many things in these mountains from haints to fae, so many that can take you for all your worth and then some with the unspoken. 


There is of course, the other matter at hand: how easy he fell for its offer. Is he really that desperate to stay here that he would literally jump at the first worst option he got? (Yes, gods he is so scared of the city. The few times he had been have left their mark, lingering like an itch from poison oak. Right now, in the comfort of his home, in the warmth of his bed, he cannot imagine a price too high. It scares him, almost as much as the city does)


Groaning, he releases his hair and shakes his head, trying to free himself from the thoughts plaguing him physically. There are no decisions that are made well lying in bed, and they are chores to be done. With an over dramatic flourish he strips himself of his quilt, hissing as the cold autumn air rushes in chasing away the heat from his bedding. The mornings have already begun to taste of winter. If he isn’t going to make this deal, he will need to leave before the mountain makes do on its promise of snow and buries his way out.


Through the frosted windows, the first kiss of sunlight begins to peek through the trees, bathing his home in the softest of lights. As he pulls on his clothes, he takes stock of his little dwelling, and what he might be losing.


By no means, is the Midoriya household fit for a king, or a lord, or mayor or anyone whose job leaves a little extra in their pockets. It is a small single room hut, built in a circle around the belching, hissing, wheezing beast of a wood burning stove. Its thick black stove pipe leading high into the rafters and storage space and providing the nexus for the eaves of the roof. 


Scattered all around the room, everywhere one would look, are the colors of farm, field, and mountain. Quilts and hangings, handmade and dyed from berries, leaves and fruit, from soft earth tones, to bright red of winter berries. Every nook and cranny are filled with jars or old spells leftover from his Mama: from cravings to slips of paper with Words written in browning ink. Trailing from each of the rafters there are herbs and spices drying, they are the only thing this year that he had no issues growing. It is a colorful hodge podge of a home, but every inch is filled with love and care. 


If Izuku leaves, no one will move in after him, and all of this will fade to rot and ruin. The last of his family's legacy will disappear. 




Izuku takes a deep breath, trying to center himself and ignore the overwhelming tide of fear and anxiety that has been brewing for weeks. There are things needing to be done.


First thing’s first is waking up the embers in the stove. It is getting cold enough at night, that he has started lighting small fires in the evenings before bed. With the fire started, he swings the grated wings of the top of the stove closed, so that he can cook and heat water on them. Thankfully, the kettle is still mostly full from acting as a humidifier in the night. 


From the storage area nearest to the door he sets up two buckets full of beet pulp, oats, and some mixtures of vitamins for the horse and two dairy goats. Softened with the hot water, it makes for a nice warm breakfast for the animals. Their pens are on the opposite side of the house from the garden, and Izuku doesn’t have the strength to go looking yet. After his own food, he thinks, petting the soft neck of his goat.


Chores are a well-oiled machine by this point, he walks back through the rear door and gets his shoes off about the same time the kettle begins to sing. With a cup of tea steeping on the counter, he starts his own breakfast. 


Morning meal is meager, as it has been for the past several weeks, but it is his heaviest of the day. He is beyond thankful that despite the despair everywhere else, his herb garden flourished, so while his food is thinning it still is flavorful. Two slices of toasted rosemary bread, potato cooked in sage and basil, topped with some of the last of the canned moose. It is not his favorite of meats, oily and stringy, but it will keep him full during his work and until supper. He cannot truly complain that beast has fed him through many months. 


Cleaning up is slow, delayed almost. He doesn’t want to go outside and see his rotting mess. Especially those tomatoes. The chances that the plant is in good condition is minimal. It is silly, but the disappointment is going to hurt him in a way he never wanted to feel.  For the briefest of moments, he allows himself a small sob, the building dread of leaving settling in. 


Yuuei, the closest large city, is a five-day horse ride away, but he doesn’t know if his old mare will be able to carry him that far. He’d be walking for most of it, making it at least an eight- or nine-day trip. Then he’d have to sell her. Mighty has been in his life since he was five, the idea of selling her off to some stranger for some pittance makes him sick, but the thought of her starving to death with him is worse. Much worse. 


Not to mention how big of a pain the goats will be. While they tend to behave as he moves them from area to area to munch on grass and wildflowers, the moment they no longer can see the house, they turn into savage beasties. Dragging them off this mountain will be a chore. It’s that or turning them loose.


Deciding he has dallied enough, Izuku wipes his eyes, steals his heart, pulls on his boots and coat back on, and heads out into the early morning air. 


The difference is immediately noticeable, as if someone has set fire to the darkness. Despite having asked for it, and seeing it with his own eyes, Izuku can scarcely believe it to be true. 


Standing proudly in its trellis, is the tomato plant. The fruit on its vines have tripled, maybe even more than that since yesterday. And every fruit is a deep blushing red. They are passed where he would have normally picked them, better to pick them when they are pink to prevent rot or splitting. However, each one of these fruits are perfect. Shiny unblemished skin stretched tight across fat flesh; it is enough to make his mouth water. 


He doesn’t even like raw tomatoes.


Strangely enough, even his potatoes that had been planted next to this plant are looking healthier and more alive. Not to the same degree, but it is as if the magic used to revive this one plant had leaked onto another. Its leaves have lost some of the yellowed crispy and curled edges, relaxing back into their natural shapes.


The difference between this one plant, and the rest of the garden is as stark of a difference as a desert is to the woods. Izuku reaches out to take one, and it is released gently from the main plant, as if it had just been waiting for him to come and take it. There is no pulling or twisting, just the small satisfying pop of a perfectly ripe specimen relieving itself from its stem. Feeling a bit foolish, but unable to stop himself, Izuku brings the bright red fruit to his nose and he breathes deep its scent. 


There is nothing alarming about it, just the smell of ripe tomato. Part of him kind of expected it to smell like magic, and frankly it is a bit odd that it doesn’t. Whatever his visitor had been, it is very powerful to make such a change, and not leave the whole area reeking of itself. 


Thinking of his visitor sends a sharp thrill down in his stomach. It had succeeded, fulfilling its promise fully. Did that mean Izuku is going to make another deal with it the next time it undoubtable shows? Yes, maybe, he doesn’t know.


It is a lot to think about.


With the rest of the garden in ruin, and the animals fed, there isn’t much more to do then to pick the fruit and head back instead. It is so tempting just to bite down on the fruit, but he resists the urge. He needs every one of these tomatoes, no need to go wasting one on frivolous desires.


Cooking them down into sauce and canning the results takes most of the day. The entire house sings of fresh food, and Izuku’s mouth waters at the thought of dinner. Feeling fancy, he takes the extra time, and makes some simple noodles, and brings out the last of the ground beef from his cold storage. 


By the time twilight is crawling across the sky, casting its sacred orange glow across the mountain tops, the animals are all safely tucked into their pens and fed, and the cans of sauce and paste are all lined up neat in a row. Izuku is just about ready to sit down to a nice plate of Bolognese, when he smells something, piercing through the haze of garlic and rosemary. 




His entire body stiffens in fear as there is a polite knock on his door, echoing through the still house.




The silence that follows rings. 


It rings so loud that Izuku has to take a moment to clear his head. There is no doubt on who, or rather, what, is on the other side of his door. He just has to work up the courage to open it first. Despite his best efforts, he isn’t able to fully muster it before the next knock comes, but the sound spurs him into action.


His door swings in, and he is met with the very thing that has been plaguing his thoughts for the past twenty-four hours.


It is as beautiful as it was yesterday, bathed in the glow of the evening. It looks nearly the same, except that it is dressed in nicer clothes today, pants clean, shirt freshly pressed and a truly beautiful and perfectly tailored coat. At this angle, with its mouth firmly closed it looks so deceptively human. If Izuku met it on the side of the road, he wouldn’t think twice about it being human, and some distant part of him thinks that is just the way the thing likes it. Better hunting, no doubt.


“Evening, stranger,” Izuku manages to choke out, sweat already gathering on the back of his neck. 


It grins, and the spell breaks. No human has teeth like that, not that Izuku can really pin down what that means. They are not any whiter, or straighter than a normal men. Just, just that there is something wrong, maybe, might be because they are slightly sharper than they should be. But they aren’t sharper, really. 


They are just...unsettling.




“Come now, I hardly think we are to be strangers now,” It says, red eyes flickering with a cruel amusement, distracting Izuku from his spiraling. “Or at the very least, we won’t be after tonight,” the words are said with such a casual confidence.


Izuku is not stupid enough to ask for its name, and not stupid to give his own. There is no doubt in his mind that the thing doesn’t already know it, but there is power in giving a thing your name, and while Izuku may not know what his visitor is, it is best to err on the side of caution. He will no doubt learn it or at least have something to call it if he accepts the deal.


“Are you going to invite me in?” It asks, peering through the doorway, 


“Do you need me to?” The words slip free before Izuku can stop them, and he feels his face pale. 


For a moment, a different kind of silence hangs between them, and Izuku reminds himself he has to be polite. This thing doesn’t actually need him, it could just as easily kill him.


Then it laughs at him, and steps through the archway, and into Izuku’s house. The human holds his breath waiting for something in the house to react to its presence. Nothing does. There is no rattling of the protective jars, no singing of the horseshoe above the doorway. Nothing.


Which either means it is weak or very very very powerful.


The dread growing in his gut tells him it is the second of the two options. 


Izuku steps away, letting it fully enter in order to close the door. There is no way he is getting out of this. There is no way that Izuku can get this thing out of his house. He is stuck with it until it decides to leave, whenever that may be.


It pays him no mind, ignoring him in favor of shrugging off its fine coat and hanging it on the hook by the door. 




Izuku is almost certain he doesn’t have a coat hook by that door. His gaze slides to the back door, where his own worn coat is hanging and then back to the one by the front door. It looks like it has always been there though. The bulky clumsy carving matches the one by the back door, wood weathered smooth from years of use.


“Something wrong?” It asks, and Izuku bites his tongue. 


“No, no,” He says, pulling his eyes away from the hook by the door, there are more important things at hand. Like how his table is set for two, when he knows for a fact that it had only been set for one when he answered the door.


“Would you like to have dinner with me,” he says, taking the hint. Izuku is playing a dangerous game, he needs to proceed with caution. 


“That would be lovely,” It purrs, there is a mason jar filled with a crystal clear liquid suddenly in its hands, “I hope you don’t mind but I brought something to drink: peach moonshine.”


Izuku nods and it pours two cups of the alcohol, more than Izuku would ever drink on his own, but he didn’t have the nerve to tell it that it is too much. 


It grins when he brings over the plates with spaghetti and sauce, “I see you were quick to use the fruits of our labor,”


“I-I didn’t want them to go bad, they were beautiful.” Izuku admits as he sits down across from the thing. “Why’d you help the potatoes too, if I can ask,”


A leer warps its face, and it looks far more natural then some of the more ‘pleasant’ smiles Izuku has been graced thus far, “Pegged a pretty thing like you would have had his first kiss already, but a virgin kiss has more power than just to revive a single tomato plant. Extra power had to go somewhere,”


Blood rushes to Izuku’s face, as he tries and fails to find a way to respond. Words get mangled on their way out of his throat. Instead he focuses on moving his food around his plate, shyly peaking up through his lashes to see what it’s doing.


It eyes him for a moment, though says nothing. They eat in silence, the only noise from the soft clinking of cutlery. Izuku avoids the drink until he has at least some food in his stomach. He has very little experience with alcohol, but he knows enough that an empty stomach will make it worse. Normally he would have just said no thanks, but these aren’t normal circumstances.


The drink is sweeter than he was expecting, and he almost enjoys the strange tingling effect it has as it almost evaporates off his tongue. Without a doubt, it is the last thing he would have expected the thing to have brought to the table. Maybe something bitter or spicy, not this sweet drink. It slides easily down his throat. 


When dinner is cleaned up, there really is only one thing left to talk about.


“So, have you thought about our little deal,” 


Nerves twist Izuku’s belly, and he nods, “I have, um yes”




Trying to find some sort of courage he asks, “What would be the terms, would you change anything besides the garden?”


“Would you not let a mate change a few things to make themselves more at home? How unexpectedly rude of you,” It asks, a faux disappointment clinging to its oily voice,


There it goes, talking about ‘mates’ again. Izuku casts his gaze away from it, he doesn’t want to say that it is going to get what it wanted. Which is confusing all on its own: why would something like this powerful want something like Izuku?


“Well, what would you want to change,” He asks instead, not really warning to know the answer to the other question plaguing his mind.


“Oh,” it simpers, voice as sweet as the drink they share, “Not much, not much at all. Maybe I would fix the leaky porch, and deal with the windows a little better, so that the winter stays outside. Mostly I would just change the bed,”


“The bed,” Izuku deadpans, a small spike of worry shoots down his back,


“Unless you want to be sleeping on me, which I don’t mind, we will need a bigger nest. I will be happy to provide one, only the best for my mate,”


Izuku's eyes flicker over to his small cot. It is right, the small thing barely fits him, if he is going to have to lay with it, he would have to sleep on top of it or the floor. The mention of the bed does cement what it most likely means by ‘mate’. It intends to fuck him, like some sort of animal. He takes a deep breath, steeling himself for what he needs to say,


“So that’s my offer then, be your whore and you’ll keep me fed, until you get bored and then I can starve?” Izuku’s words escape him before he has a chance to think on them, tongue loosened by the drink. It is just so overwhelming; he has no idea what he is supposed to do. choices. 


“Whore is not exactly the word I would use, but if that’s how you want to look at it,” It leans back in its chair, nursing on its moonshine, “Wouldn’t you rather be fucked by just the one me, than the whole host that will have you in the city. Rather starve at home then in the back alley of some brothel.” It pauses to think, then sighs, clearly getting bored, “How about I add this, even if I get bored, I will uphold my end of the bargain: protection and a full belly?”


It makes a tempting offer. While he would not immediately turn to whoring when he got to the city, part of him is terrified that is what will be his end. Izuku worries on his lip, a lot of his bravado is quickly being soaked up by anxiety. 


“What about the animals,” 


“What about them?”


“It, it’s just you’ve only said it will keep me fed,” the green haired man stutters, “Will your protection cover my animals too?”


Something dangerous flickers in blood red eyes, and Izuku feels a fool to bring up something more. Idiot, he could have always just shared his meals with Mighty and his goats, made it work. Still, he feels like it is right that he said something. Izuku only has had food on his table up until this point because of those animals, helping him till the land, getting supplies from Musutafu, using their manure as fertilizer. 


It licks its teeth, clearly thinking, then finally, after several tense moments, speaks, “Final offer, you will be my mate, whether I grow bored of you or not, and as long as is possible and within your abilities, if I ask of you something, you will do it. I can change things as I see fit, but you can ask me to change it back. In exchange, I will protect this house, and keep your belly full, providing food to any you call yours.”


Izuku knows how stupid he is being, how dangerous it is that he is thinking of doing this. If he is lucky it will grow bored of him quickly, but what else is there for him to do. It could ask of him a great many terrible things, but at the end of the day Izuku will be home, instead of the city. He knows if he says yes, he will regret it, he also knows that if he says no, he will regret it more. 


“O-ok,” He whispers softly to his drink.


When it doesn’t respond right away, Izuku lifts his head. It looks so pleased with itself, like a fox in a henhouse. It stands with a grace that is unsettling, and predatory. Izuku gets the feeling that it is done playing human. Without a word, it also pulls Izuku to his feet, not letting go of his wrists. 


“H-how do we seal the deal?” He asks


“Stupid human, I am going to mate you. Or if you prefer, we can use your kinds stupid words, I am going to fuck you silly” It drags Izuku closer, so that they are chest to chest and all he can smell is smoke, caramel and peaches. He hadn’t really noticed before how much bigger it is; it towers above him. 


Izuku doesn’t know if it is the proximity, or the alcohol, or the smell but he begins to feel dizzy, 

“Give me your name,” it’s breath tickles Izuku’s ear as it leans down to whisper in his ear.


Izuku swallows, for some reason he feels like he wasn’t supposed to say his name, but now for the life of him he cannot remember why, his thoughts are slippery and hard to take hold of. Like trying to open a jar with oily hands. 


He maybe shouldn’t say his name, but that would be rude and Izuku doesn’t want to be rude.




“Midoriya, Midoriya Izuku,” He says through a mouth filled with cotton. He is getting so woozy; it feels like there is a pressure building in his head.


It releases his wrists, but Izuku doesn’t think he could move even if he wanted to. A hand moves down his back, before grabbing a fistful of his ass cheek. Izuku cannot help the little whining gasp that is forced from him.


“Not anymore,” It corrects, and Izuku does not have the gift, but he can feel the energy heavy in the air as it speaks. It places a finger underneath his chin, forcing him to stare into glowing blood red eyes, “Your name is Bakugou Izuku now. You can call me Katsuki, it is good for a wife to call his husband by his correct name,”


Izuku can physically feel the deal begin to snap into place, can feel the sense of self that made him a Midoriya fade a little as his subconscious accepts the change. The thing, Katsuki leans down and captures Izuku’s lips in a searing kiss. Similarly, to the one from the night before, it...he uses the human’s inexperience against him. 


While the kissing is distracting, it is not distracting enough that Izuku does not notice the strange feeling of something soft and wet sliding slowly up his leg coming to rest against his still clothed behind. It is an odd feeling, as it feels like it is touching his skin directly, instead through the seat of his trousers. 


Every place it drags is left tingly and warm, just like Izuku’s head. It dives between his cheeks, heading straight towards his puckered entrance. Swirling around the edge, it softens his rim leaving feeling wet, but unsure if he actually is. As the muscles relax, the narrow tip begins to make tentative pushes inwards.


A gasp is forced from his lungs as it breaches him, and Izuku loses his balance, tumbling into Katsuki’s chest. The blond thankfully catches him, holding him up as the tongue like appendage goes deeper. While the tip is narrow, it is quick to gain girth, though not so much that he cannot handle it, for now.


Soon there is a horrible, wet squelching noise echoing through the small one room cabin. Face flushed, Izuku knows it’s coming from him as whatever it is continues to open him. It feels almost good, leaving him panting against his Katsuki’s chest. However, when it leaves only to come back much bigger, he panics. Any attempts to get away though, are blocked by the steel arms of Katsuki. He holds Izuku against his chest with ease as the thicker tongue sits deeper than the previous one had, stretching Izuku to his limits. 


Another curls around Izuku’s half hard cock, gently stroking him back up to full mast straining against his pants and underwear, while the one in his ass holds still. The peace doesn’t last long, as soon as Izuku’s dick is dripping pre, the two appendages begin to work in tandem, squeezing his dick while the other is fully sheathed. 


“There you go,” Katsuki whispers, a hand petting across his back, the other still firmly keeping Izuku in place, “Open up for me. There is a good boy, now cum for me,”


Izuku screams as the tongue in his ass aims for a bundle of nerves that it must have been avoiding until now, because as soon as it touches it, he sees stars. It doesn’t take but a few short strokes of his dick for an orgasm to be ripped from him. Semen fills his underwear, and Izuku only gets a brief moment to feel mortified


“And again,”


Once more with precise movements, Izuku is brought to completion. His knees feel weak and he is so dizzy, his toes curl against the wooden floor, trying to stay upright against the tide


“And again,”


Another orgasm is wrung from him and he fully collapses. The world swims as his face is pressed flush against the blond’s chest, the visitor the only reason he isn’t a puddle on the floor. After giving him a moment’s rest, Katsuki easily scoops him up, and the human cannot even marvel at his strength because he is still so out of it after three consecutive orgasms. 


He is laid down naked on a bed that is much too soft, large, and comfortable to be his bed, Izuku doesn’t know where his clothes went. He doesn’t think he is so far out of it that he would miss Katsuki undressing him, just one minute he was fully dressed in dirty clothes, the next he is nude.


Or Katsuki undressing himself, for that matter, because as his husband(?) crawls into bed, hovering over Izuku’s prone body, he too is naked. His tan body looks like it is sculpted by those trying to imitate the gods, all perfect skin, and hard lines. Oh gods, that dick is going to kill him.


He doesn’t realize he is speaking out loud, when he hears a chuckle, and locks gazes with the man. Katsuki leans down and kisses him, nipping and biting at his lips, while long fingers invade his sore ass. 


“Look at you,” Katsuki purrs as he pulls away from the kiss, looking down at his new bride, “So open and ready for me. What a fucking whore,”


The green haired man wants to argue but is interrupted by something very large bumping up against his wet opening. Eyes widening, Izuku tries to get out a plea to stop, when Katsuki presses in all the way to the root, entrance smoothed by the strange liquid still inside him. 


Without giving the man under him even a moment's rest, the blond begins to piston in and out at a rough, punishing pace. Izuku howls, eyes rolling back in his head with every thrust. With every thrust, his mate’s balls hit up against his ass, foreshadowing to how full he is going to be when Katsuki finally cums. He cannot but love the feeling. It is too good-! he cannot handle it-!


Grunting, Katsuki pulls out all the way, and flips Izuku onto his stomach. He doesn’t know what the blond wants, as Izuku as no energy to move, but before he can work out how to use words, he feels those strange appendages against his naked skin. They wrap around his hips, pulling his ass up into the air so it is waist high to Katsuki. The height difference means that his legs are dangling with his knees above the bed. If it wasn’t for the tentacle like things, he would fall flat on his face.


Izuku expects the blond to push right back in, but instead he rests the bulbous head against his opening, holding it there. At first, Izuku doesn’t know what his game is, until he notices the building heat beginning to grow in his gut. 


Oh gods, he is empty


He, he needs


“What’s the matter, love?” Katsuki asks, voice full of mocking concern,


“Ka, kach, please,” Izuku begs, unable to handle this burning that is threatening to devour him whole. 


“Tell me what you want me to do, communication is so very important,”


Izuku pants against the bedding, drool making the area where he rests his face hot and wet. “P-please, I... need-”


“Go on, say it whore,” Katsuki’s voice is sharp and harsh, commanding, pulling Izuku’s words from him,


“Pplease, fuck me! I am so empty, I am g-going crazy, Kats, Kach, Kacchan pleas-ah!” His litany of pleas is cut off as once again his mate enters him. 


“Well done, slut,” His mate says, punctuating every word with a harsh thrust of his hips, burying himself deeper with every one. At this angle, Izuku feels as if the blond’s dick has him speared down to his soul. It is deep.


He is so full. 


Impossibly, he feels even fuller every time Katsuki is fully seated, like something at the base of Katsuki’s cock is getting bigger. Whatever it is, it feels soo good.


Izuku feels like he is falling apart as Katsuki finally cums inside of him. That heavy sack making do on its promise, filling him up with hot thick cum. The strange bulb at the base of the blond’s penis keeps what must be gallons of seed nice and deep within the human. All the while Izuku himself feels like he is cumming too, eyes rolling back and tongue lolling out. His face sticky with his own drool. 


“There is a good boy,” his mate coos, rubbing his hands against Izuku’s steadily swelling stomach.


He cannot help the whine, as he feels the last of the deal solidify. Bit by bit, he feels himself return, no longer hazy headed. Izuku tries to take stock of himself; he feels just like one big wrung out bruise. 


With a grunt, Katsuki pulls free and Izuku expects the flood to follow, but instead nothing escapes from his guts. It is hard to care about it when he is so tired, and the new bed is so comfortable. The thing that now calls itself his husband drags him close so he can be cuddled, encircling him in strong warm arms. 


There are so many things to worry about, such as what happened, why had he been so out of control, and if Katsuki really had held up his side of the deal.


But he is tired, and the blond is so comfortable. So, he decides, as he slips off to sleep, these are things for future Izuku to worry about.


Morning makes everything clearer.


Or it is supposed to.


Izuku isn’t sure what to think, as his internal clock rouses him for morning chores. The new bed is the most comfortable thing he has ever laid on, the right amount of softness and structure. Not to mention the warm body that he is cradled against that is fighting off the normal morning chill. 


As he opens his eyes and gazes on the still form of his... husband? Mate? He feels a sense of fondness and affection that don’t feel entirely genuine. The ensuing unease is enough for him to pull himself from the cocoon of comfort. Just like looking at Katsuki, there is a feeling of slightly shifted proportions when he tries to internalize his feelings. 


But he cannot feel vexed, angry, or even fearful, not in that he doesn’t. It is just like he can’t, instead of the more intense feelings slide away from his mind like water from a duck’s back. In their place are their muted cousins, only shadows of what he knows should be his true feelings on the matter.




He should be feeling those things, but he can’t because of magic. (Or is it because he truly does feel such a sense of relief and is hard to find fault in the creature that merely offered what Izuku was already wishing on every star for.)


The human finds his clothes neatly folded on top of his dresser. With a grunt, he pulls them on, grimacing on how they feel tight. Even in the dark of the morning, he can feel how bloated his stomach is. And not from food either. 


Katsuki’s seed should be flowing from him like a spring and should have made a mess all over the bed, instead it stays deep inside him. He should also be incredibly sore, and tired, but he is not. The cum leaves him feeling full, and when he rubs his stomach, trying to ease some of the tightness, he gets a weird rush of soft pleasure, almost languid, like laying in the soft grass on a cool summer’s day after finishing chores early. 


He may or may not spend several moments touching his stomach. No one can prove anything.


Surprisingly, the stove is still lit, the low flames burning along at a good pace. All Izuku has to do is put another log in for it to get going hot enough to cook in a minute but the kettle water is hot enough for the feed. Bringing him to his next conundrum of the morning: Mighty and the goats’ breakfast is already premixed. 


Which is odd, because Izuku never premixes for fear of knocking over the buckets in the night or drawing the attention of bugs or other little critters. Green eyes float over to the still form in the bed, had Katsuki made these? Unless Izuku had done it in his sleep, the chore must have been done by the blond. 


A new strange feeling blossoms forth, but this one is entirely Izuku, he knows it is. The man just cannot name what it is. He is very glad that the near stranger is not awake to see how flustered he is by this simple act. Quickly grabbing the softening food, he hurries to do his chores before the waterworks start. 


Like the day before, both drawn by habit and by fear, Izuku does not check on the garden, instead returning inside.


Katsuki is up, dressed only in a soft pair of pants, tea is already seeping in cups on the counter and his mate is cooking eggs, and what smells like sausage of some sort, on the stove. The origins of the eggs are concerning, since Izuku doesn’t have any egg laying farm animals. 


He desperately wants to ask where they are from, but he is too nervous. Izuku is scared of Katsuki per say, just wary. This thing had appeared rather suddenly in his hour of need, demanding sex for survival. 


It also smells amazing, Izuku cannot recall the last time he had eggs.


The blond smirks down at him, giving his cheek a small kiss, and letting out a purring, “Good Morning,”


Blushing bright red, Izuku manages to stutter out a soft response. Busying himself with setting the table instead of looking at the smirk. 


True to its smell, the food is amazing, and there is more than what Izuku normally would eat for a morning meal. It doesn’t even register in his mind, but the blond still comments on it,


“You do need to eat more,” Katsuki says with a knowing look, “But you’ll get sick if I feed you all you should be eating at once.”


It makes sense, because by the time Izuku is finishing his food he feels stuffed. Not enough that he cannot move, just almost to the point of being uncomfortable. Izuku still gets up, and cleans up breakfast, feeling that it is only fair, as after all, Katsuki did cook.


He rubs his stomach some, still feeling that strange blissed out feeling, but also to help relieve some of the stress. When he turns around, his husband is watching him with a predatory look that Izuku cannot even begin to understand.


So, he ignores it.


Puts his boots back on, and heads outside to see what his skin has bought. Katsuki shadows behind him, one moment he is half naked, the next he is dressed in good quality farm clothes. The obvious distortion of what Izuku can perceive would have kept his interest or at least caught him off guard if it wasn’t for the state of his garden.


It is beautiful.


It is the only thing Izuku can think as he steps out to survey what he has purchased with his body and soul. Life bursts forwards everywhere he can look, everything a verdant healthy green, heavy with fruits. Rows of corn with soft looking beans climbing its shoots with squash curling around the base. Trellis after trellis of tomatoes and peppers, onions just about pushing themselves out of the ground. 


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Izuku feels like he made the right decision. Even with his fading concerns about mating with Katsuki. 


A firm body presses up behind him, as he stares at his garden. 


“So, how’d we do,” Katsuki whispers in his ear, large hand gently massaging Izuku’s stomach. If he had thought that it felt good when he had done it, it is nothing compared to when his mate does it. Small sparks of pleasure begin to set fire to Izuku’s lower region. 


“It-It’s amazing,” The human manages to squeak out, bright red. 


“It wasn’t fucking easy,” Hot breath tickles Izuku’s neck as his mate moves to mouthing at the sensitive skin, “Whatever pestilence that was called to your land was difficult even for me to remove,”


Katsuki reaches his other hand to grab lightly at Izuku’s already stiffening dick. A pleased sound reverberates through both their bodies. 


Again, there is a shift of perception, one moment Izuku is fully dressed, sandwiched against the blond. The next, he is in the blond’s arms. He is nude; back pressed against Katsuki’s chest, legs spread and hooked around strong arms, and a red-hot dick pressing against his hole. There is a brief moment of panic, some of it from the very drastic change, some from the fact that he is not ready to take that monster of a dick and it is going to hurt.


Except it doesn’t. He is wet and stretched still from last night, and his mate sinks in with ease and a blinding pleasure. Howling, Izuku cums the moment Katsuki is fully sheathed, trying to milk him for all his worth. 


Izuku’s mate moves slowly, relaxed even, though every moment causes Izuku to writhe against the iron prison of Katsuki’s arms,


“Does that feel good?” The blond murmurs softly, just loud enough for Izuku to hear of the wet sounds of him being fucked and his own noisy moans. “It must have been so hard, all this morning with nothing in this slutty hole,”


Oh Gods, it had been hard, he knows it must have been. Izuku just can’t quite remember. With how good Katsuki’s dick feels in his ass, it's hard to think about, well anything else. 


“Does my little wife want me to fill him up more, he must be feeling so empty by now?” Katsuki asks, still on his steady march of driving Izuku insane. He does feel empty, his mate’s dick feels so amazing but Izuku needs that hot fresh batch of cum inside him now or he doesn’t know what to do,


“Please,” Izuku gasps out, tongue lolling out and bouncing along with the rest of him, “Please, mate, fill me up,”


There is a hiss behind him. Clearly Izuku’s use of mate has caught the blond off guard, because his previous steady pace dissolves quicker than spun sugar in water. Only a few minutes more and they are both cumming.


This time, whatever bulb at the base of Katsuki’s penis does not flare, instead the flood of boiling hot semen escapes Izuku the moment he pulls free. Leaving Izuku feeling cold and empty. 


Izuku is set back on his feet, still naked, with cum rivers running down his legs. He almost is unable to stand on his own, but he is able to right himself before collapsing entirely. Katsuki stands in front of him with his still rock-hard dick, wet with his own cum and the juices from Izuku’s ass.


“You goin start your chores, or-” Katsuki says with a devilish grin, gripping his cock, giving it a few tantalizing rubs, “Or are you ready for a second course,”


Licking his lips, Izuku does not hesitate to follow his husband's lead, until they are both satisfied.




Like clockwork, they fall into a strange routine as fall begins to wrap up. Izuku works hard throughout the day; tending to the garden, canning, and pickling what could be, cellaring the rest. 


Wherever Izuku is working, whether in the field or the kitchen, he can almost always feel the red gaze fixed on him. Katsuki is never far from him, sometimes offering help, sometimes not, mostly just watching him like a cat. 


Often the invisible, untouchable tongue like thing will press up against his hole while he works. Every time it happens, Izuku cannot help shrieking, unable to swallow the following moans either, as whatever they are open him up. Sometimes it fucks him until he is cumming in his pants and he has to go find clean clothes. Other times it edges him for an hour before disappearing, leaving him desperate and whiny until Katsuki comes over and fucks him into the earth. Or perhaps the most embarrassingly, he has to hunt down Katsuki himself, begging and whining for his husband to fill him. 


It can be pretty inconvenient. 


He can’t complain though. The blond is the only reason that he even has food, and any time he asks about maybe not fucking him in the garden, Katsuki just shrugs and says he can do it because they are mates. Izuku doesn’t know how to argue that one, instead just asking not to do it outside when it is cold, and his mate agrees.


Despite his constant fuckery, Katsuki does help around the house, and has taken over cooking. Izuku still helps, hating the idea of someone doing something for him, instead he stands next to his mate, bickering about everything and nothing. It... feels nice having someone to talk to again. The constant companionship he shares with his mate is a balm to a burn he did not know he even had.  


It feels like the first time in years that he has had enough food that he doesn’t just burn through it the next day. Muscles begin to bulge underneath healthier looking skin, and he starts to gain some weight, especially on his tummy. When he mentions maybe cutting back on the eating, Katsuki scolds him. Tells him not to worry about it and gives him more food.


Then Izuku starts getting sick in the morning, enough so that he goes to bed with a pail next to it. During the day he gets exhausted well before he normally does, having to call it quits several hours early. Katsuki comes and takes up the slack, doting on him while he lays in bed. Whatever illness he has, doesn’t stop him from getting insanely horny however, near always panting for his mate whenever they are together. He can barely make it through the day without at least two loads of Katsuki’s thick hot seed flooding him. Strangely, his chest is getting sore too, but Katsuki has been paying extra attention to it lately, so maybe that is it?


One morning, towards the end of the harvest when the chill has finally set in, and the windows are fully frosted over, Izuku wakes before dawn as he always does. For the first time in a while, he doesn’t feel sick, so he gets out of bed. Still naked from last night’s activities, he captures his form in the reflection from the window. 


He almost doesn’t recognize himself.


His hair and skin are the healthiest they have ever been, his eyes seem to glow as if there is a light behind stained glass. But that does not give him pause, what does, is how his belly is rounded out, stretching his skin, how his hips look wider, how his chest looks perkier, fuller.


Izuku looks pregnant. 


Arms as warm as a summer’s day wrap themselves around him, and Katsuki hooks his chin on Izuku’s shoulder. Large hands, dangerous hands, smooth themselves over the bump. Unwillingly and against his control, Izuku’s body relaxes in the things hold. 


“Come back to bed, you have worked hard enough for long enough.” Like a babe with a stuffed toy, Katsuki maneuvers him with an unknowable strength, placing them both back into the overly comfortable bed. 


Izuku settles against the creature that he has lived with for several months now, his hot breath against his nape, those hands still petting his stomach. 


“H-how,” is all that Izuku manages, fear fluttering in his heart as the beast chuckles, but with every beat the fear slowly calms itself.


“Remember lovely wife, I told you all that you are will be fertile, and that your belly will always be full. We lay together as mates every night and multiple times a day, is it no surprise that you are full with our child?”


For the briefest of moments, Izuku can see past the beautiful face, can see the fractalling unknowable thing that he has lain with countless times, and will continue to lay with. The next instant it is gone, and all that he is left with is Katsuki’s most human of faces: the one that is not very human at all.


Izuku rests his hand against the small swell, trying to hate whatever seed that is germinating within him, and finds that he cannot. He can’t even find it in himself to hate Katsuki. But while it is most likely more Katsuki than Izuku, there will still be some of Izuku in their child. There is even a small spark of excitement at the thought of a baby, he had never thought that he would have a child. It had been something that he had secretly wanted but something he had never let himself dare to dream. 


Besides Katsuki didn’t lie, Izuku is safe, warm, and full and it turns out, he will remain that way.