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Reconnecting Synapses

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If Izuku is being honest, he feels some shame in moving back to Musutafu after living in Osaka for the past several years. It feels a bit like he failed to make it on his own, and now is crawling home to be closer to his mother. 


Don’t get him wrong, he is excited to be near her again, he loves her and had missed her terribly. But coming home because he got pregnant in the big city is not the fairytale story, he told himself as a kid. 


Not really any part of his life so far has been. 


Being both quirkless and an omega had been one hit after another. That isn’t to say he didn’t try! He worked very hard, but while UA and other hero schools said on paper that they accepted quirkless and omega students, didn’t mean unless they were extraordinary that they would accept a quirkless omega. And at the end of the day, he was just...Deku.


He still went to a very good high school, and on to university. Izuku likes his job, being a cybersecurity analyst for a big global company pays well, and it being global means that as long as he puts in at least eight hours, it doesn’t matter if he starts at 8am or 8pm. Which is perfect for the insomniac. 


Despite his mother’s insistence, he does not move back in with her. He is 25 and is more than capable of affording a nice apartment in Musutafu that is a short bus ride or nice walk from his mother. The neighborhood is quite due to a lot of younger pro heroes living here instead of the much more expensive city. Crime is down, but since it’s mostly younger heroes the rent isn’t exorbitant. He finds a small two bedroom, with a lot of light and a small balcony on the back side of the apartment, perfect for plants. One of the bedrooms is already painted a soft pastel green, perfect for the pup in his belly.


At five months pregnant, he is very much showing. In addition to his baby bump, his omegan instincts are going crazy. Izuku has rebuilt his nest three times in the past week, trying desperately to get the perfect comfort to support ratio, but that perfect number seems to change daily. All his internet searches say he is missing his mate’s scent, but since he doesn’t have a mate, there isn’t much he can do about that.


It also doesn’t help that his neighbor he hasn’t met yet clearly has a very young pup. They cry deep in the night, and it takes every ounce of Izuku’s self-control not to barge over and demand the pup. Not that he would know what to do with it once he got it, he is still learning himself. Still the omega in him becomes more and more restless the more he hears the pup scream. He does worry about himself and his pup, what if he can’t get them to settle? So many of the books talk about the need for both an alpha and omega in order to keep the pup happy. It keeps him up sometimes. 


He meets his first neighbor in 308 only briefly, she is a student, and stays mostly at her girlfriend's apartment. He doesn’t meet his neighbor in 310 for about a month after moving in. Izuku is coming home late after visiting his mother to the smell of very angry alpha that is perceptible even from the street. As he makes his way up the stairs and the shared outer walkway pepper spray in hand, the sound of yelling joins the scent. He doesn’t make it very far before; he is pushed aside by a pissy looking beta. 


Izuku lets his own growl out at the offending asshole, arm wrapped around his stomach. He turns and comes face to face with -




Bakugou Katsuki has changed a lot in the past ten years, but he is still super recognizable, and not just because Izuku actively stalks his former childhood friend on the internet. Or that Ground Zero is amazing hero, already topping the charts after- 


“Deku?” The alpha blurts out, surprise clearing the air of angry alpha smell, “What the fuck are you doing here?”


“Um,” Izuku blushes, pointing around the blond, “I live in 309,”


Kacchan blinks for several moments before huffing, “Of course you do,”


“Is everything ok?” Izuku asks before he can stop himself, eyes flickering to where the beta had disappeared too. Nose curling at the stench.


Because despite how good of a frame Katsuki cuts, he also looks dead on his feet. There is a bone-weary exhaustion that is unnatural looking on the alpha. It is clear how tired he is, when Kacchan only stares at him for a moment with narrow eyes before sighing angrily,


“Fucking ass is being paid to watch my kid, but instead fucks off on their phone. Came home and her diaper is fucking full,”


A sharp acidic smell escapes Izuku before he can manually restrain it. It is mostly omegan instinct, the idea of leaving a pup in their own filth for hours makes him stupidly angry, and a bit of it is a surprise. He had no idea Katsuki had a kid.


“Look, it's, uh, good to see you, I guess? But I have to get her to my mom. I have an early shift tomorrow morning and don’t have time to get another babysitter before then,”


Izuku also must be tired because again before he can stop himself, he pipes up like a stupid omega, “I could watch her if you need,”


Katsuki stares at him for a very long time, clearly trying to figure out if letting Izuku watch his kid is worse than waking up his mother at 11 pm at night. With a deep sigh, he grumbles out a fine, “Just fucking be here at six ok? I will walk you through what she needs, it is just a short shift.”



Katsuki has no idea what drugs he was on last night when he agreed to let Deku watch his kid. But after seeing a very upset Katsumi in a very soiled diaper, he kicked the nanny he had hired to the curb. He also very much hated the idea of crawling to his mother for help.


Mitsuki had said her peace when she found out about Katsumi and hasn’t said a word about it since, but it was enough for Katsuki to be hesitant about asking for too much help. 


Katsumi’s mother had been a rare one-night stand in order to decompress some of the wild alpha hormones he struggled with. She hadn’t told Katsuki all through the pregnancy about their pup, until after giving birth. She had called, saying that he had a kid, and she wasn’t going to keep them. If he wanted them, he needed to come sign the papers, before she let the hospital take her.


(He hadn’t hesitated, not even for a second, but he still has nightmares where he gets there, and Katsumi is gone. That he didn’t get to his daughter in time.)


It was Katsuki fault for sleeping with someone like that, and he knows that it is the mother’s choice. But he likes to think if he had known, he could have helped financially at least. He would have also had nine months to prepare for a pup. Two months later, and he feels like he is drowning, just a little bit. 


He would set the world on fire for his pup though.


At exactly 05:59, there is a soft knock, and Katsuki opens it up to reveal Deku. It is odd seeing his middle school victim, especially since Deku is remaining so calm around him. Katsuki is pretty sure his brain has turned to mush because of how tired he is, but the first thought he has seeing the omega in the doorway in a frumpy oversized All Might hoodie is “cute”. As the omega steps through the barrier of the apartment, Katsuki notices he has no scent. Deku must be wearing scent blockers, which is a nice touch. While an omega really shouldn’t set off any den guarding instincts, Katsuki had tried to throw Shitty Hair off the walkway when he tried to visit. Scent blockers are required now.  


Katsumi is still asleep in her crib in his room, so he shows Deku where everything is. His binder of what to do when, Deku nods along, face serious. It is somewhat of a relief, everyone else he has walked through this has smirked or laughed at his binder, Deku just accepts it, and asks a couple questions about some of the information. 




He is worried that he doesn’t get to see Deku handle Katsumi before he leaves, but while he hasn’t seen the man in many years, he does trusts that Deku won’t fuck it up any more than the previous nannies Katsuki has fired in the past two months. The omega has always been soft spoken and kind. 


Too fucking kind


Katsuki leaves Deku sitting at his kitchen table, reading through his binder, praying for a short shift.




Izuku still has no idea what possessed him to offer his assistance last night. Perhaps part of it is just simple curiosity, wanting to meet Kacchan’s baby. Or maybe because it is an opportunity to see what Kacchan has been up to all these years. Though deep down he feels like it is because he saw someone in need of help that he felt that he could provide. 


The blond alpha’s apartment layout is basically the same as his own, except for it is the mirror image. It makes things simpler when Puppa-chan kicks him in the bladder, so he doesn’t fumble for the bathroom and when he pokes his head into check on Katsumi he looks into the nursery, instead of Katsuki’s den. 


Kacchan named his daughter Katsumi, following traditions it seems. Her milky pup scent draws him close, staring at the small human in awe. It is so strange to think that he has one growing inside of him. She is asleep, but Izuku can see that she is the splitting image of her sire.  


He is a bit concerned about meeting her without her dad there, hopefully she doesn’t take too long to get used to his scent. There is a rocking chair in the room, so he gently picks up the slumbering pup and settles them both into the chair. 


Katsumi’s little heartbeat hammers against his chest, setting off signals in his brain that he doesn’t quite understand yet.  A soft murmuring purr instinctually pulls itself from his throat as he rocks back and forth, a calming experience for both of them.


She is so calm when she wakes up that he takes him several moments to realize that she had, in fact, woken up. Her little red eyes stare deep into his soul. Izuku has only known this pup for half a day, but he knows without a shadow of a doubt that he would destroy the world if she asked. 


Katsumi is a very well-behaved pup, not super fussy at mealtime. He is a little surprised by how long and detailed the mealtime section of Kacchan’s binder is. The way that it is typed up makes it seem like the pup is always two seconds from screaming her little head off. Things to try to get her to eat in ascending order, the end suggesting dipping a rag in milk. Katsumi takes the bottle with the standard nipple with no issue. There are only waterworks if he tries to set her down. First are what he can only assume are crocodile tears before she works herself into a full tilt meltdown.


He doesn’t let it get to that point of course, he can just tell that she is working herself up by the way her scent changes. Better to just hold her. Besides, Kacchan said it was only a short shift.


But as the day inches on, and Kacchan hasn’t come back, Izuku tip toes back to his own apartment in order to make some late lunch. Katsumi remains the chilliest little pup, only getting a little worried in the few steps from her den to Izuku’s. He knows his home reeks of nesting omega, so Izuku isn’t surprised by how quick she settles inside.


Puppa-chan is craving spicy food, though Puppa-chan always is craving spicy food, so Izuku sets Katsumi down in a pram that he has already assembled last week in a fit of anxiety and gets to work. Thankfully, the nesting pheromones that hang heavy in his home Katsumi does get upset. 


After eating, he takes some leftovers back to Katsuki’s apartment, figuring the alpha is not going to have time to cook when he gets home. Poor Kacchan, if this is what he considers a short shift. With a sigh, Izuku snuggles up in a comfy chair in Kacchan’s apartment with Katsumi pressed close, reading on his phone while he waits for the alpha to come home. 


The universe is out to get him.


It’s the only thing that makes sense. Katsuki was supposed to have a quick shift, just do some paperwork, maybe yell at an intern or two, and then go home and rescue his kid from Deku. Of course, that’s when there is an accident downtown, and it is all hands until well into evening. He is exhausted by the time he makes his way into his apartment. He even takes a moment outside his apartment door to try to compose himself. Trying his very best to not seem like he is falling asleep while standing up. 


The scene he walks into, short circuits his brain a little bit, however. Izuku is dozing in the sofa chair, arms curled around Katsuki’s sleeping daughter, who is safely nestled on the omega’s chest. It isn’t just that, that makes him feel like Pikachu has zapped him, it is the obvious swell of Izuku’s stomach.


How tired has he been that he hasn’t even noticed that Deku was pregnant? If he missed that, what obvious shit is he missing at work


Closing the door and taking off his shoes, he heads into the apartment. Reaching out he tries to gently shake the omega awake. Which turns out to be a bad idea.


Green eyes snap open with a viscous hiss, Deku swings his arm up, catching Katsuki’s cheek with his claws, and surprisingly deep growl echoing through the apartment along with the poisonous smell of enraged omega. He curls around the pup, showing Katsuki his back trying to shield her from him. For a few scant moments both stood oak still, before Deku’s instincts faded from his eyes,


“Oh no, K-Kacchan I am so sorry. I-I must of thought I was at home,”


“It is fine Deku,” Katsuki waves off the rant, touching his bleeding face with a light grimace. Well, at least Katsumi is safe with Deku.


The omega awkwardly rolls off back around and into a standing position, still holding Katsuki’s child against him, she is awake, but clearly not concerned. Which is odd, even when his mother visits, Katsumi is screaming her head off by this point, wanting to be with her Daddy instead of her nanny. Instead she yawns and smells only of sleepy pup. 


She really is the spitting image of Katsuki, all red eyes and ash blond hair. It is a jarring image, seeing her so calm in the arms of Katsuki’s former victim. Almost as jarring as Deku being here period.


“I made some dinner and brought it over, I’ll heat it up while you shower, afterwards I’ll help you put plaster on your face” Deku says, still blushing, “Sorry again about attacking you,”


Katsuki is split, normally when he gets home, the nanny leaves immediately. This gives him the privacy he needs, alpha instincts not liking strangers in his home, but it would be nice to shower and not worry about Katsumi the entire time. Lately he has just showered at his agency, but he hadn’t had the chance tonight, wanting to get home as soon as possible.


With a tired nod, he goes and does what the omega requests. 


Given how comfortable Katsumi is around Deku, the alpha gives him the chance to take a longer shower than normal. I.e. 10 minutes instead of 5. As he steps out back into the kitchen area, feeling a lot more human than he has for weeks, he has to blink at the sight that greets him.


Deku stands in front of the stove, Katsumi resting her little head against his shoulder as he heats up something. Whatever it is, smells fucking amazing. 


“Oh, good timing,” Deku chirps, grabbing a serving and setting it in front of Katsuki. The dark red curry looks hot enough to pucker tupperware and make weaker men cry perfect.


“Didn’t think you had much of a head for hot stuff, nerd?”


Deku laughs softly, “I thought so to, but apparently just because I couldn’t handle your mother’s heat level doesn’t mean that I can’t handle my spice. Apparently, Puppa-chan likes spicy food,” a small hand rubs against the swell. 


There are a million questions that Katsuki wants to ask, and probably would have if he hadn’t been about to fall asleep. Instead he just nods and eats his food. Deku sticks around for a little longer, following through with helping him with his face and Katsuki finds that he enjoys the omega’s presence, they chat about everything and nothing. Neither touching on hard subjects, like Katsumi’s mother, or Puppa-chan’s sire. 


“Let me know if you need help again,” Deku says with a smile as he leaves, “I work from home, so as long as you don’t mind me using your internet or bringing Katsumi to my place,”


Katsuki nods, having no plans to take him up on that offer. 


And promptly fails. 


The nanny agency that he hired the last one through drops him as a client, saying that him kicking out the incompetent ass is grounds for contract retraction. Whatever, he doesn’t want anything to do with a company that thinks that ass is an option to take care of a baby.


But that also means he has to find a new nanny on his own or find a new agency. Which is hard when you work full time and have a lot of requirements. He goes through three agencies, even one that specializes in heroes’ kids, before he goes crawling to Deku.


The omega is happy to help, and Katsuki doesn’t want to let the nerd know, but he has never seen Katsumi attach to another besides him so fast. Even his mother has issues for the first little bit with her. He expects the usual screaming and wailing that she makes when anyone but him holds her, instead she whimpers a bit before settling. 


The internet says it is because Deku is an omega. Though Katsuki thinks that’s sexist bullshit. There is nothing to say that omega are better caregivers, all the instinct nonsense that society has tried cramming down his throat is a lie. 


Since going to high school and living at UA, surrounded by alphas and only a couple betas he learned early that a lot of the “alpha male” bullshit is, just that, bullshit. Both Eijirou and Mina are alphas, but Katsuki has never seen a more balanced relationship. Maybe it's because they have to fight against instinct and have taught themselves to properly listen to the other, maybe not.


Either way, Deku being a good caregiver and future mother is not just because he is an omega. He has always been patient and kind. It isn’t surprising that has developed over the years apart into a genuinely thoughtful and caring persona. 


So, he lets the nerd back into his life. The two are careful of the other’s boundaries, Katsuki catches himself multiple occasions from saying something too harsh. With his group of friends that would be fine, but with Deku who he used to bully relentlessly, those comments might not hit the same. 


Deku lets him apologize one night, when he is overtired and so thankful that Deku is willing to watch Katsumi so he can take a shower. The omega sits and listens, lets him stumble over words and over apologize and under explain. With a smile, the nerd says he has long been since forgiven, because he can see that Katsuki has changed as a person. It has never been more noticeable than when he takes Katsumi in his arms. 


He doesn’t say scathing things when Deku finally asks about Katsumi’s mother, and in return Deku trusts him enough to talk about Puppa-chan's father. A shitty one-night stand with a co-worker who took off the condom. 


Sometimes when he gets off early enough that he doesn’t feel like he needs to go right to sleep, they sit on the couch and just hang out. Even if Katsumi is asleep in her crib, they bicker about heroes and games and life.


Katsuki cannot admit it to anyone, but it really enjoys having the nerd back into his life. It just makes things worse though, when his nightmares about Katsumi start staring Deku and Puppa-chan as well.




Katsumi will not stop crying. Katsuki has tried everything, she is not feverish, she doesn’t need to be changed or burped. She might be hungry, but she has refused every bottle that he has offered her. Her favorite one is next door at Deku’s place, left there erroneously this afternoon, but it is 2 am, the nerd should be asleep.


His neighbor in 311 bangs on the wall again, and Katsuki swallows a lot of anger. The majority of it is directionless, it will not help him here. He hasn’t slept in almost 30 hours, and it is beginning to take its toll. For just the smallest of moments, he drowns in it, it fills his lungs with thick sludge and makes it hard to breathe. Like oil ready to be lit, leading to an explosion. He gives himself only a few seconds to wallow before springing into action like any good hero.


It is only because she is so upset, does Katsuki step next door and gently knocks on stupid Deku’s stupid door with his crying baby in his arms. 


Katsuki immediately feels bad as Deku opens the door with a yawn, it is clear that the omega had been asleep. The fucker is always up at random hours. It is hard to guess when he is or isn’t asleep, but Katsuki cannot imagine that it is healthy.


It takes a moment for him to unstick his tongue from the roof of his mouth. Up until this point, Deku had been careful to wear scent blockers around Katsuki out of kindness, however now there is the heavy scent of pregnant omega, milk, white tea, and peach blossoms. 


“Ah, sorry Deku.” He apologizes, over Katsumi’s sobs, “I think the green bottle got left here? Katsumi isn’t taking any of the others,”


“Oh no, poor pup,” Deku sleepily says, his scent is heavy with sleep and comfort. Katsuki wants nothing more than to sink into it. “I think it’s on the drying board, how about I grab it and bring some tea over if you want to start a kettle?”


Katsuki just nods, wanting to get Katsumi out of the night as soon as possible. There is about a five-minute wait, and Katsumi has exhausted herself, still crying but it’s quiet now. Thankfully, Deku lets himself in without knocking, so she doesn’t start up again. He has a little tin of tea that is boasting its destressing powers and some steam buns in a little container. 


“Here, how about I hold her, and you get her some food,”


Without arguing Katsuki passes his daughter to his, Nanny? Neighbor? Friend? In exchange for the things in the omega’s hands. With the pup now in his arms, Deku makes some soft crooning omega noises deep in the back of his throat that has Katsumi and even Katsuki relaxing some. 


Standing over the stove, Katsuki thinks about how strange his life has become. Never in a million years would have he figured he would have ended up here. A rising and powerful hero? Yes. Single with a pup that he is kind of raising with his neighbor who is also someone he used to bully? No. It is odd. Shaking his head, he sets to work moving the already made formula to the preferred bottle. 


With the formula transferred and warmed he heads back into the living room.


And stops.


Deku’s face is bright red, and given the situation, Katsuki cannot stop his own from following. Katsumi is pawing at Deku’s chest through his worn sleep t-shirt, and even from across the room Katsuki can see the damp spots and smell the fresh milk. 


They both try to apologize at the same time, words tripping over themselves. Katsuki is embarrassed, of course his kid just fucking takes what isn’t for her. Deku’s milk is for Puppa-chan. With shaking hands, he reaches out and takes his pup from Deku’s arms.


But of course, as soon as she is away from the omega, she lets out an ear-splitting scream. Fat tears roll down her face, and there is no way for Katsuki to explain to her why she doesn’t get that milk. Even as he tries to show her that he has her formula, in her favorite bottle no less, she twists her head, and her sobs ratchet up even louder. 


Deku’s face twists, “Give me the pup, Kacchan,” his voice is barely a whisper almost unheard over the din but there is something to the tone that makes Katsuki hesitate in barking back at the order.


“Deku, you don’t have to-”


“I know that, but she is hungry, and I am apparently lactating now,”


Katsumi is still screaming, and it is 2 am, and he hasn’t slept in so long. So Katsuki hands his daughter to Deku, who sits awkwardly on the couch. With a dark blush, he removes his already wet sleep shirt, and brings Katsumi to his breast. 


Feeling a bit useless, Katsuki grabs a blanket from the hall closet and drapes it around the two of them, not wanting Deku to get cold in the chilly apartment. With an exhausted huff, he sits down next to them. He really doesn’t mean to stare, but his alpha won’t let him look away. It is such a domestic sight, and erotic but not in the normal way. 


Unintentionally he lets out a soft croon to his nursing baby, and Deku relaxes against him. Katsuki has read about this, of course he has, it's in almost all of his baby books just to taunt him with how he cannot properly provide for his daughter. A cycle of pheromones between the parents relax all the parties involved. Keeps instincts in check and keeps the pup from getting too fussy with drinking. 


“I am sorry Kacchan,” Deku whispers softly, and Katsuki cannot fathom why he is sorry. But he is too tired for words, so instead he pumps out comforting alpha pheromones. He is just so thankful for Deku, he has no idea what he would do without his help. 


With a sigh, he feels Deku’s body sag as the nerd falls back asleep, soon followed by Katsumi who finally is fully and happy. Katsuki doesn’t want to risk waking up either of them, so he shifts a little, so they are all cocooned together. It will be embarrassing waking up like this, leaning against the arm of the couch, with Deku and his daughter in his lap, maneuvered so that the omega isn’t on his back, and has a firm grasp of the pup. 


But he thinks as he drifts to sleep, that’s future Katsuki’s problem.




Katsumi is strapped to his chest as he looks through the options at the grocery, her bright red eyes focusing on what he is doing with a serious look that reminds Izuku so much of Kacchan that he has to laugh softly. 


It is a little odd how attached he is getting to this pup; the internet says it is because of his own that is growing in his stomach. Depending on your family’s dynamic origins, omegas will time their heats so that their young are all the same age. If something happens to the dam of one, another is able to take care of the pup. Clinically, it sounds right, but in his heart he doesn’t know. It might just be because she is Katsuki’s.


Izuku still isn’t sure how someone could give up their pup like Katsumi’s mother, but he also recognizes that it is a deeply personal choice. He just wishes the dam had given Katsuki more warning than a text message that Katsumi was born and if Katsuki wanted her he needed to come claim her. 


Katsumi squawks at him, demanding little shit that she is, and he chitters back, omega nonsense but pups apparently love it. She chirps back with a bubble of spittle. 


He hopes she will be friends with his pup. She herself is only a couple months old, so they will be about the same age. In all the ways that matter except for very early on. They will be the same grade at school, the difference not that much different than the age difference between Kacchan and himself.


A stranger swivels their head towards him and Izuku blushes, realizing he was releasing nesting pheromones whilst daydreaming, quickly finishing his shopping, and taking his purchases to the front. 


As he waits in line his phone begins to ring, with a smile he answers see that it is Kacchan,


“Deku, where’s my kid,” The alpha’s voice is gruff, and he sounds like he is two seconds away from passing out. Izuku frowns, but keeps his voice light,


“Needed to go to the store for some food, we will be back soon. We will be about twenty or so minutes, you should take a nap.” Izuku says before he can stop himself, blushing at his audacity 


“Naw, I think I will start some laundry,” Katsuki’s words seem normal, but there is something in his tone that has Izuku’s frown deepening,


“Do laundry later, you sound dead on your feet,”






There is a sigh, truly exhausted, “My sheets are dirty, and I don’t want to sleep in them, and the couch is too short for me,”


The omega knows he is treading dangerous waters, still his heart goes out to his friend, and so he confidently says, “You have a key to my apartment, take a nap in my bed. I’ll make us lunch when I get home and then you can do laundry,”


They argue back and forth, and soon it is his turn to pay, and he growls, “Kacchan I have to hang up now, go take a nap!” and hangs up. The clerk at the tilt raises an eyebrow, but says nothing, to which Izuku is thankful for.


He is also thankful that he had done his own laundry yesterday and hadn’t rebuilt his nest yet. Izuku can only imagine the alpha would be put off by it, soft things being the antithesis to alpha males. 


Katsumi is fussy by the time they get back to Izuku’s apartment, so instead of waking up Kacchan, Izuku sits down and feeds the pup. He knows that it makes things extra awkward, that Katsumi rarely wants to take the formula anymore, now that she has figured out how she can get the real stuff. Izuku just hopes that Kacchan doesn't secretly hate him. 


Wow down boy


He is tired after feeding Katsumi, it is hard to stay awake with the smell of sleepy pup, but he shakes it off. He said he would make lunch so he will. There is a bassinet in his room, for when Puppa-chan comes, so he slips into the dark room and chokes. The alpha curled around his bed looks so peaceful and smells so fucking good. Like unfairly so. 


Silently, he puts the pup in the bed, and clicks on the baby monitor, knowing the other is already in the kitchen. It was a mistake inviting Kacchan to sleep in his bed, now his whole apartment smells like a calm alpha and sleepy pup. So very domestic. Even worse is that it is Kacchan who he has been crushing on since he was five.


Looking at the time, he figures that cooking now will be less like a late lunch and more like an early dinner, but that is fine. Making sure he has enough for two, he begins the prep for Mapo Tofu, remembering that Kacchan also enjoys it. Though Kacchan likes anything spicy. 


Once the sauce is finished, he turns off the element instead of putting the tofu in, deciding to wake up Kacchan first, giving him time to wake before eating. However, when he peaks into the bedroom, the blond is still so dead to the world. The shadows under his eyes are also still so very dark. Frowning, Izuku decides to let him sleep longer, letting the sauce cool. He can always reheat the sauce to cook the tofu in when Kacchan wakes up. 


Katsumi wakes up again, needing a change. After cleaning up, Izuku guiltily has an idea that has him sneaking into Kacchan’s apartment with Katsumi in arm. Stepping into the Alpha’s bedroom, Izuku can see what the blond didn’t want to tell him. The sheets stank of fear pheromones, and the barest hits of smoke. 


Poor Kacchan, sleep deprived but getting nightmares when he tries to get sleep.


Grabbing the linen and shoving it on the overfull basket of baby and Kacchan’s clothes, he awkwardly shuffles back to his apartment with his spoils. 


One of his favorite parts of his apartment is the washer dryer in one of the closets. It saves so many trips to the apartment laundry and he is betting it will help after he has Puppa-chan as well. His hands drift to his round stomach, pretty soon he won’t be able to do a lot of things. Already he can feel the strain. Izuku supposes his messed-up sleep schedule doesn’t help either.


With a load in the washer, Izuku puts Katsumi down again, and finds himself gravitating towards the bed. Would it be weird to lay down next to Kacchan? Would the alpha think he was taking advantage of him? Izuku could sleep on the couch, but as pregnant as he is, it isn’t comfortable.


Gathering all the courage he can, he changes into soft pants and a hoodie, and slips into the bed next to Kacchan, guiltily basking in the scent of the alpha and his pup. 



Katsuki must be dreaming. But to be dreaming he has to be asleep and he hasn’t slept so well since getting Katsumi. He keeps having nightmares about failing to save her when he does sleep. With the recent additions of Deku and Puppa-chan to his dreams, he gets even less.


He isn’t having a nightmare right now though.


The room is dark and cool, he can smell his pup in the room, but also his omega. They lay curled around each other, Katsuki’s nose is pressed deep into soft hair, breathing in the sweet smell of milk and flowers. One of his hands rests delicately on the pregnant swell. It is just such a good dream; he doesn’t want to wake up. 

There is change in the smell, a sour smell coming from where his pup is, but before he can do anything, his dream body is so very heavy, his omega is slipping from the bed, taking their pup from the room. 


Light spills from the open door, and Katsuki realizes with a start that, no, that had not been a dream. Sitting up, his body protests how long it had been stationary. Even getting out of the bed is a challenge, he is so sleep logged that he feels drunk.  


Stumbling out of the bedroom, he peers into the second one, where Deku is changing Katsumi while softly humming under his breath. The omega had just naturally gotten up to change his pup,


“Oh, Kacchan, did we wake you?” Deku sleepily asks when he turns around, walking over with Katsumi who is already back asleep. 


“No, it's fine, what time is it?”


Looking at the kitschy hero clock on the wall, Deku yawns, “About 3 am,”


“Shit, Deku-”


“Shhhh,” The omega whispers, placing a warm finger to Katsuki’s dry lips, “Let’s just go back to sleep, m’kay?”


Gently, Katsuki takes his sleeping baby from the tired omega, and follows back to the cool room. The responsible part of him says he should go home, deal with his dirty sheets or just resign himself to being awake. But his alpha, so relaxed from sleeping near an omega, being welcomed into his nest, moves him, places his daughter back in the crib that was bought for a different baby and lays back into a nest that wasn’t built with him in mind. 


Deku shuffles into place, clearly nearly asleep because he reaches for Katsuki, and Katsuki doesn’t have the heart to pull away. Every cell in his body relaxes as he breathes in the scent of sleepy omega, faster than he has in months Katsuki falls back asleep.


The next time Katsuki wakes up, it is alone, the bed beside him is still warm though. With a relaxed sigh he sits up, early morning light beginning to pour between the cracks in the curtains. A quick check on his phone shows that it isn’t even six yet, which is good because he has to be in the office at eight today. Shuffling slowly, he makes his way to the kitchen where Deku is feeding his pup.


“Morning Kacchan,” He chirps sweetly, and Katsuki has to use all his self-control not to blush at the man. 




This nerd is going to be the death of him. With that face and those hips. He is faced with the sudden almost all-consuming want of reaching out and kissing the stupid omega good morning. 


Instead he smiles and goes to the kitchen to cook breakfast. To his surprise he finds a bento of Mapo Tofu already with his name on it in the fridge. Yesterday he most likely would have teared up at the gesture, overtired as he was, but now he is fully rested for the first time in months, so instead he thanks the omega and gets started on breakfast.


In the back of his mind, he thinks about ways to go about properly courting his neighbor. 




Katsuki’s friends, of course, laugh themselves silly when he asks them for courting advice. Thankfully, the little cafe that he asks them to meet at is busy enough that no one seems to notice. For now, it is just Eijirou and Mina as Hanta and Denki should be starting their shifts around this time. He does his best to control his reaction, but he knows he is most likely pouting, they only have so long for lunch after all and he has questions! 


After they finish and realize that he is in fact /not/ joking.


They are surprised, but ultimately, like always, are incredibly kind about it. It is a really good conversation, and Katsuki will never admit it to these losers but he has missed them. Between the hard hours at work and Katsumi it feels like he never sees any of his former packmates. He also knows that is what it means to be a parent, a refocusing on priorities. The mated pair has expressed many times a want to meet Katsumi properly, and now Deku as well, but Katsuki doesn’t trust himself.


If it had been anyone besides Shitty Hair that he attacked the first time, he could have done serious damage. Now more than ever, with one baby and another on the way, he can only guess that his instincts will go crazy.


He is in the middle of asking a question when his alarm goes off. With a groan, he throws away the rest of his half-eaten meal. His two friends follow him out, their respective lunches are not over, but choose to walk back towards his agency with him.


“Hey, Kats, I have been meaning to ask you,” Mina starts, gold eyes glancing over to her mate for some kind of strength, “But have you received that promotion yet?”


Acid pools into Katsuki’s stomach as he shakes his head no. His boss had promised him a promotion before Katsumi was born, and had mentioned that if he had to take time off to take care of her, it would have to go to a more capable  and more /available/ hero. Being a sidekick for this agency /sucks/: worst shifts, long hours, on call shifts, all kinds of things that are hard to deal with without a baby. 


His boss had laughed when Katsuki asked for time off for Puppa-chan’s birth, saying “I guess you really didn’t want that hero position after all” and over played on how confused he was that Katsuki wanted time off to take care of another alpha’s pup. 


(Katsuki’s inner alpha had raged at that, Puppa-chan is /his/ not that useless sack of shit that is her sperm donor. Outwardly, Katsuki had kept his face straight as he could)


“You know I could get you a job with me at Fatgum’s, or you could always take up Best Jeanist’s standing offer. I also hear that Hawk’s agency might be hiring soon,” Shitty Hair chimes in when elbowed by Mina.


Pride had always been what prevented Katsuki from taking up either of those offers in the past, or from applying to a big agency from a top ten hero. He was going to become the number 1 hero and he was not going to take any shortcuts. No one was going to look at his rise and say it was all because of another hero. 




But he has more things to worry about now then just his pride. He has Katsumi, Deku and Puppa-chan now, and they mean so much more to him than his /pride/. Deku, whether or not he returns Katsuki’s feelings for him, will need all the help he can get with a newborn. The omega has supported Katsuki throughout these months, and Katsuki wants to support him back. (For the rest of their lives if Deku will let him)


Katsuki needs to be there for his om-, he needs to be there for Deku. Period.


With a sigh, he grumbles out a “I’ll think about it,” pointedly ignoring the stunned faces of his friends. It used to be by this point he was yelling or outright ignoring the question. Eijirou grins, opening his mouth to say something else, when all of their phones go off in tandem. 


They share a grim look, good mood evaporating instantly. 




Izuku tries really hard not to watch the news when Kacchan isn’t next door. There is always a growing horror that every breaking news piece will show the battered broken body of Ground Zero. So, he spends his time working, or reading or sleeping while he waits for Kacchan to come home. It is silly how just a couple months of being neighbors and watching Katsumi has wrapped their lives together so neatly. 


Most of the time the alpha texts and lets him know he is going to be late, but tonight he hasn’t yet. He had even gone in for an early shift! As the hours stretch on, Izuku falls into a fitful sleep, worried he is going to wake up tomorrow to tragedy. 


He is sleeping lightly, so he hears the lock on the front door slide open with the gentle glide of a key. Izuku sits up, mindful of his belly and turns on the soft light of his bedside lamp. There is shuffling sound, and a putrid scent, then Kacchan is standing in the doorway of his nest.


The alpha looks terrible. He may no longer be in uniform, but Izuku can see the burns and the indents in the skin from where it sat pressed against the man’s skin for too long. It is clear from the dust and blood that Katsuki had not showered before returning home as he normally does. 


“Kacchan,” He whispers, waddling over to the blond as he sways, “What happened?”


As soon as he is in range, the alpha leans his head against Izuku’s shoulder, arms curing around him and he can hear him breathing in his scent. With a shaking hand, the omega gently cards through greasy blond hair in an effort to help calm him down,


“There was a building collapse, it, it was bad,” Katsuki’s words tickle against the sensitive skin at Izuku’s neck. Horror fills the omega at the thought of what the alpha must have gone through.


“Well you are home now,” 


The arms tighten around him, and Katsuki’s smell turns desperate, “Please, I don’t want to be alone tonight, please don’t make me leave-”


Izuku cuts him off with a shushing noise, trying to match the potency of Katsuki’s nervous pheromones with his own calming ones, “No, you are not going anywhere, we are gonna get you showered and then into bed. Do you work tomorrow, or on call?”


Katsuki nods, “I’m on call for the late shift,”


“Right, well, we will put your phone on the charger, but we will set it to vibrate for tonight so you can sleep.”


His entire life, Izuku had wanted to be a hero, and he still has an almost morbid fascination with them. But as he is helping Katsuki out of his clothes and into the shower chair, he cannot help but be thankful for his safe job. The alpha is so exhausted all of the time, having little time to spend between his job and his surprise baby to rest. Truthfully, Izuku isn’t sure why his hours are so long, working almost eighty hours a week cannot be standard fare for a young sidekick. He worries about his.../the/ alpha, Kacchan is burning his candle at both ends.


While he also may have had many pregnancy wet dreams about showering with Kacchan, there is nothing sexual about this. Katsuki may be naked, and Izuku just in boxers and a maternity bra, the sickly overtired smell that is hidden under the grime of what appears to be a truly horrible day keeps any thoughts of “fun” far from Izuku’s mind. The black grime that bleeds to a sickly rust color as it rushes down the drain doesn’t help either.


After showering, Izuku grabs a pair of pjs from the pile of laundry he had stolen from Katsuki’s apartment and drags the freshly washed and dressed alpha to the nest. In his anxiety earlier he had remade the nest again, this time with space for a mate. Izuku worries that the sight of a proper nest will jolt the alpha out of whatever limp drop-like state of exhaustion he is in and then he will leave. 


Thankfully, that doesn’t happen, instead once the alpha has verbal permission to enter the nest he curls up and relaxes. Mouth hanging open as he breathes deeply the scent of Izuku’s nest. As soon as the omega is situated, Katsuki curls up against him, face deep in green hair, and large warm hands resting on Izuku’s swollen tummy. 


In no time at all they both are falling asleep, wrapped up tightly together. Just before he drifts off, Izuku hears Katsuki grumble something. He knows he is tired because it sounds a bit like “I love you,”. 


Similar to how he doesn’t watch the news when Kacchan isn’t home, Izuku also tries to stay away from gossip surrounding his neighbor at all costs. 


He knows he is being silly, but his stupid pregnant omega brain isn’t going to be happy with whatever is said about his friend. Izuku knows Kacchan isn’t his, that he is just...just the nanny and gods does that hurt. Even after the other night when Kacchan had muttered something that sounded like “I love you”, which Izuku is still pretty sure he misheard, he knows Kacchan just thinks of him as a friend.


Well, if that. 


Izuku knows communication is very important, even in friendships and if he is concerned about what their relationship is, he should just ask the alpha. But he is so /so/ afraid of the answer, that Kacchan just wants him for free babysitting, or the alpha will get weirded out by clinginess of the question, and Izuku will scare off his maybe friend. 


Doesn’t stop him from wanting more. Doesn’t stop the embarrassing pregnancy dreams. Some of them are so X-rated he has a hard time looking Kacchan in the eyes the next day. At least it’s Kacchan starring in his dreams and not Izuku’s shitty ex.


That is some small comfort.




While he stays away from Ground Zero gossip, doesn’t mean he doesn’t scroll through social media reading about the fights and other more juicy gossip tidbits.


One caught his eye, someone had posted a link to a less them reputable gossip platform with the quote “Omg, I never thought he would be the one to settle down, but the writer heard it with their own ears. I wonder who she is”


It doesn’t say who the hero in question is, and curiosity gets the best of the omega and he clicks the link.


And immediately regrets it.


“Breaking News: Ground Zero’s bachelor days over?”


The piece is highly sensationalized, and every word makes his heart hurt more and more, but he keeps reading. He has to know if he has been fooling himself, if Kacchan has just been using him. It is vague, just an overheard conversation between Ground Zero, Pink and Red Riot, with no clear proof, which many people in the comments point out, however there is a quote.


A quote about how protective of ‘her’ and how he doesn’t want to introduce her to people yet. Izuku knows how protective the alpha can be around his daughter, he can’t imagine how he would be with a potential mate. 


Heart breaking, Izuku looks at the time, Kacchan is planning on bringing over Katsumi in a couple of hours or so after she had spent the day with Auntie because Izuku had a checkup. The alpha has the day off tomorrow and Izuku had encouraged him to go hang out with his friends for once. He curls up on his side, unable to stop the tide of tears that swell forwards threatening to drown him. He is so so /so/ stupid. The whole article has left him exhausted, too exhausted to fight against the sobs.


And so, he drowns a little. 


It is going to be Katsuki’s first day off in what feels like forever. He isn’t even on call and neither are some of his friends. They decide, without asking Katsuki first, that they want to get together the evening before and hang out. 


The alpha is aware that ‘hang out’ means ‘drink excessively around the pool at Hanta and Denki’s apartment complex’. While the hanging out sounds ok, the drinking when he is still so tired does not. Plus, there are a thousand things he’d rather do than be hungover on his day off. Also, Mina cannot keep her pink mouth shut and now both betas are constantly texting him in the group chat, asking about Deku and for pictures. 


Still, he lets himself get bullied into saying maybe, by both his friends and Deku, the omega offering to watch Katsumi, because of course he does. Deku is invited to go as well, but the omega just gave the alpha a wry smile and said something about being the only sober one will suck. 


However, he cannot say he is completely convinced that he should. Deku has been looking so tired lately, not that Katsuki is surprised, he is growing a person, but it might be nice for Deku to also have a night off too.  


Close to the time he should be leaving for the party, he and Katsumi head over to Deku’s place. Without even thinking about it, Katsuki lets himself in as he had many times over the past several weeks. Surprisingly Deku is not in the living room as he would have expected. 


A foul anxious smell wafts from the bedroom, causing both Katsuki and Katsumi to wrinkle their noses. He catches the soft whimpering sound of someone crying, as he tips his head into the room.


Deku is curled up on his side, crying.


“D-Izuku?” Katsuki asks, trying to keep his voice soft, but still fails to prevent the omega from startling.


“K-Kacchan?” He asks, his voice a watery mess, “Why are you here, oh, what time is it?”


There is some light pawing around for a phone, which lights up the dark room and Deku’s wet face, “O-oh no, I am so sorry-” More tears begin to gather as the omega begins to work himself up. 


“Easy, easy omega,” Katsuki leans down, drawing the foul-smelling man to him. Katsumi with all her great and terrible strength, reaches out to Deku, making unhappy pup noises. Deku takes her and holds her close, breathing in the scent of the blond babe. It takes a couple of minutes, but soon the air begins to clear. 


With a soft embarrassed noise, Deku leans against Katsuki. The alpha responds by curling around him, tucking the omega’s head underneath his own, offering the other his strength like a proper brooding alpha.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure that something is wrong with Deku, and while Katsuki is the first to admit he is a bit emotionally stunted, he isn’t just going to drop his kid off and go party while Deku is clearly very upset. Plus, there are things to talk to him about.


Taking out his phone, he texts Eijirou that he isn’t coming, there is an immediate flurry of response from the group chat, so Katsuki assumes that the other alpha is already there, but he turns his phone to silence. 


“Izuku, what’s wrong,” Katsuki mummers into the omega’s hair


“You are going to think it’s stupid,” 


Katsuki has to clamp down on two immediate retorts. The first: “Then why is it an issue?”. It is the kind of response his mother would have given him. While he loves his mother very much, Bakugou Mitsuki is also not the most emotionally grown person. The second, “I won’t think it’s stupid,” which is a lie, a very obvious lie, and he doubts Deku will enjoy being lied to, especially right now.


So, he goes with, “It is clearly not stupid to you, will you please tell me,”


There is silence, tinged with the overripe smell of rot. Deku sighs, “I read an article about you today,”


The alpha waits for more, but the green haired man seems to be trying to swallow his words, so he prompts him again, “And?”


“It’s stupid,” Deku whispers into Katsumi’s hair,


“Deku, please,”


So quiet he almost misses them, Deku finally whispers,  “The writer overheard you at a cafe with Red Riot and Pinky, a-about courting some girl, a-and that heard a r-rumor you’ll be starting soon at Best Jeanist’s agency in downtown” 


For the briefest of moments, the alpha doesn’t know what Deku is talking about. But then he remembers something he had said towards the end of the conversation, ‘I am still so protective over her, I think I need more time before a proper introduction, but it will be soon.’ The news about his changing jobs would be announced later, but there are so many people with loose lips in his current office, Katsuki cannot say who squealed. 


Katsuki’s silence must have revealed something, because the other is quickly shaking his head, and pulling away out of Katsuki’s arms, and he can’t have that, 


“See, I told you it’s stupid, I am being stupid. Y-you are going to be late for your pa-”


It is very rude to touch people without asking, the blond knows this, but he still cannot stop himself from physically stopping the shaking by grabbing the omega’s face.


“Deku, look at me,” Katsuki demands, holding the omega’s head between his hands. Red rimmed green eyes stare back at him, “Let me finish before interrupting. There is only one girl in my life: Katsumi, and maybe Puppa-chan if they end up a girl, and if you will have me,”


Confusion clouds the expressive green eyes, and the omega goes to open his mouth but before he can get anything out, Katsuki stops him,


“Let me finish Deku. Please,”


Katsuki lets go over the other’s face, gently reaching out to put his hands over Deku’s where they hold onto his pup. “The reporter made a lot of jumps in logic. Yes, I was at that cafe asking relationship advice from my friends, but it isn’t for some random extra. I did get a job offer with Best Jeanist that would require me to move to Tokyo and I want to take it, but I haven’t said yes yet, because I want you to come with me,”


“A-as your na-”


“No, Izuku,” Katsuki pauses, tongue suddenly heavy and sticky, “As my mate. That’s why I was asking for help. I didn’t want to blunder my way through this or rely on instincts or whatever. Guess I fucked that up,”


There is a small hiccup and Deku is crying again. Panic laces through the alpha, as he rushes to get tissues, 


“I am sorry, you don’t have to-”


“Kacchan don’t you dare finish that sentence,” The omega blubbers out, “I have been in love with you since we were like five.”


Something warm and bubbly fills Katsuki’s stomach, “So, is that a yes, you want to move to Tokyo and be my mate?”


“Of course, it is a yes,” Deku lets out a very wet laugh, but his scent is nothing like Katsuki has ever smelt, full and bright as if he is standing outside in the middle of summer. “Gods we’re idiots, aren’t we Katsumi-chan”


Her response is a spit bubble followed by a fart, which can clearly be translated to: “the stupidest of idiots”. The two share a laugh, and the alpha cannot help but stare at the omega as his giggles subside. Deku is the most beautiful thing Katsuki has ever seen, puffy eyed, ruddy cheeks and all. 


“Can I kiss you?”


Instead of answering, Deku leans up and closes the distance between them. It is sweet and chaste as most kisses are when you have an armful and belly full of pups. They end it by slowly scenting each other. It is soft and intimate, and everything Katsuki could have hoped for and more. 


They spend the rest of the evening curled around each other, as a family watching an old All Might movie from their childhood. Katsumi is enthralled by the loud bright colored man, and Katsuki cannot be more proud. 


Somewhere into the third movie of the series, Izuku dozes off and Katsuki finally pulls out his phone to look through almost hundred messages in the group chat. Instead of answering, he just takes a shitty selfie, (Deku had already said yes that he could send a picture to his friends, face burning bright red) of his little family before turning the phone back off.


He gently puts Katsumi back in the baby bed in Deku’s room, his brain already making space for the one that is in his bedroom in his apartment. No point in having two nests. Next, he goes back and picks up his pregnant future mate and carefully lays them both down in the nest. Deku lets out a soft purr in his sleep and rolls deeper into Katsuki’s arms. 


Katsuki sleeps better than he has his entire life.


Izuku knows distantly that they are technically rushing things, and in some ways are also being pushed by their instincts. Even though it feels like years, it truly has only been a couple of months since they had reunited. Despite this, everything about their relationship, and the next steps they plan on taking feel so right. 


Best Jeanist hires Kacchan on the spot when the alpha calls to talk about the offer. The hero gives him a large amount of paternity leave as well, saying how proud he is of the other blond and how far the explosive man has come. Izuku is sitting next to him on the couch when he makes this phone call, so despite Kacchan’s claims of having allergies and that he ‘did not tear up, thank you very much Deku’, Izuku knows the truth.


As a person who always is ready to cut himself down, hearing validation from one the few people that matter to him, means the world to Kacchan.


Kacchan being home all the time is a bit awkward at first, but not how either of them thought it would be. Both had thought it was going to be because of the change in their relationship and they had never had so much time to spend together. Instead, it is because they are both wildly independent people who hate asking for help. It takes a couple of tries for Izuku to let Kacchan help clean the apartment and cook him dinner, just like it takes a couple of tries for Kacchan to let Izuku change Katsumi and fold laundry. Compromises are made, though they are helped by Izuku’s exhaustion. 


They call their parents separately, each having to go through the song and dance. Neither of their parents are surprised. Apparently, the three of them had a bet going on for when/if Kacchan and he got together. Inko won. 


Both families want to meet, celebrate, and for Inko to meet Katsumi. In true Bakugou form, Mitsuki wants to go all out with dinner: going out to a fancy restaurant and having a night out. Izuku is so relieved when Kacchan says he blocked that idea immediately, saying for a Pro like him, going out always meant having paparazzi buzzing around. 


A nice night out on the town does sound nice, however at just about nine months pregnant, Izuku is /tired/. He had met some of Kacchan’s friends the other week, and while Kacchan made them behave, (and they had, he enjoyed spending time with them) Izuku still fell asleep halfway through. Only waking up when Kacchan was putting him to bed after they all had left. As embarrassing as it was to fall asleep with mostly strangers in his house, he knew he only had because he felt safe. Safe because Kacchan had been there, and safe because these were Kacchan’s packmates.


Izuku promises he will have more energy afterwards and really does want to hang out with the group when he isn’t so pregnant. 


Instead, they settle for a nice home cooked meal in Izuku’s apartment. Thankfully, everyone agrees, though Izuku does suspect that some side conversations had happened, when he panicked about leaving his den. 


It is going to be a nice and easy night, Izuku thinks, waddling over to hug his mother when she arrives, soon swept up into a bear hug by Mitsuki. Marasu, the only other male omega that Izuku has ever met, just stands to the side smiling softly, knowing that Izuku needs a little space between the two different, but crushing hugs. 


It is going to be a nice and easy night, Izuku repeats as Mitsuki makes her way towards Katsumi ignoring Kacchan’s bark to keep her paws off his pup.


It’s just a little anxiety




It has not been a nice and easy night, Katsuki thinks with a grumble. 


Well, he might be over exaggerating but all day he has been on edge about this dinner. In fact, it had started yesterday, something in the air felt like building tension, like a rainstorm about to burst. Deku had admitted that he too had felt it. The two of them had been tense all day, thankfully not at each other. 


They decide it's because of the parents. While everyone knew everyone, and had for a while, one could never guess how instincts were going to fly. 


Instincts so far hadn’t been an issue, but Katsuki is about three seconds from strangling the hag that insists that she’s his sire. In true parental form, both parents had brought baby books, both how-to and photo books from when he and Deku were kids.


Katsuki can admit that the photobooks are cute to look at, but the how-to books are /not/ necessary. 


(Did she forget that Katsuki had been single handedly raising Katsumi until Deku came into his life, and it wasn’t like the nerd had any hands-on experience either. They had figured things out, Puppa-chan is going be no different)


He let’s Deku say thank you, and accepts the small peck on the cheek for his success at keeping his angry alpha outburst to just a face. Deku also sends him a wry smile as he shows Katsuki a pristine new copy of the book that Deku already has, except his copy is dog eared, with a broken spine falling open to the most used pages, plus has breast milk and baby vomit on it.


Katsumi /loves/ Inko, the little shit being won over by an over soft stuffed orange bunny. Katsuki does know that there is an identical green one already in the nursery. His voice warbles a bit when he thanks her, and she simply smiles and pats his cheek.


“It has been a very long time since I have seen Izuku so happy.” 


While the words are nice, and said with such a sweet tone, there is still an underlying iron to it. Katsuki knows distantly that this is his shovel talk: a single positive line spoken by his omega’s soft beta mother. He also knows he would rather face down actual villains that get on Midoriya Inko’s bad side. 


They spend the lead up to dinner in the living area, talking about babies and hopes and dreams. The photo books are spread across the coffee table, as both women coo over them, including a couple of brand-new baby Katsumi. Every few moments, Deku shifts as if he is uncomfortable. Not surprising giving how close they are to his due date.


By the time for dinner rolls around, Katsuki can smell something different as they head towards the kitchen, getting ready to sit down and eat. It is so slight that if didn’t have such keen senses he may have missed it.


“I am excited to meet your Puppa-chan” His old hag is saying with a smile and a wink “Excited for more grandkids to spoil,”


The blond has something snarky queued up to retort to his mother when Izuku stands shakily, and says hesitantly, “Well, they are clearly excited to meet you all too, because I think Puppa-chan is coming now,”


Silence rings out in the apartment for several seconds before there is a flurry of action. Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, when Katsuki thinks back on these confusing and frightening few minutes, Marasu takes over the scene.


Being the other omega in the room, Katsuki’s dam easily calms and directs everyone to focus on certain things. Katsuki goes to their den and helps Deku change into more comfortable and clean clothing, while the grandparents clean up the floodwaters that Deku has left in the living room. 


Afterwards is the hardest part, the waiting. The hospital won’t admit Deku until he is at a certain point, and it is useless to take him early. They use the small window of timing to try to calm down Katsumi, who had gotten upset in all of the panic. 


They watch the timer on Katsuki’s phone, counting down the minutes between contractions before it's time to load up into his parent’s car. Each marker comes quicker and quicker until Marasu makes the executive decision.


They are going to the hospital.



Izuku’s very first thought holding his pup, is that she looks so much like his mother. There is a spark of relief that she looks nothing like her sire, that makes him feel bad at the same time for a very short and fleeting moment. From her small soft head there is a tuft of dark green hair, and her eyes are milky, but they look like they will be the same green as his own. 


He has no idea how long he stares down at his pup, when there is a soft knock on the door to his hospital room. Kacchan peers in, looking both spooked and nervous at the same time.


“Hey Deku,” The alpha’s voice is soft, and calming. 


Alphas have been known to get attacked when they go near fresh mothers, even mates are not always safe from the overprotective instinct of omega just out of giving birth. 


Izuku feels none of that. Only the gentle swell of love that he has for his alpha and for his family.


“Hi Kacchan,” He says with a smile, “Come meet Keiko-chan,”


Kacchan steps fully into the room, passing through the scent neutralizers. Izuku can smell him now, and relaxes into the blissful combination of his pup and his alpha, there is only one thing missing, 


“Where is Katsumi-chan?”


“With our parents, out in the lobby. We didn’t want to overwhelm you; my old hag says she’ll bring her in soon.” Katsuki sits down in the chair next to Izuku’s bed. “She is beautiful, Izuku.”


Izuku cannot help the wet laugh that escapes him, leaning so that he can put his head against Kacchan’s shoulder. The alpha presses a soft kiss to his temple, before his attention turns to Keiko.


“Keiko, this is your Daddy,” Izuku whispers softly, gently shifting the tiny and fragile body into Kacchan’s strong arms. The alpha stares down at the small life as if she has strung the stars in the sky. 


It is almost perfect. 


There is a soft knock on the door and Izuku can hear his other pup’s whimpers, and a blond head tips in, “Hey,” Aunt Mitsuki says with a small smile, “Someone is feeling left out, feeling up for one more?”


Without saying a word, Izuku reaches out and Mitsuki hands off her granddaughter. Thankfully, the other blond alpha doesn’t stick around, probably sensing that the small family still wanted some quiet to welcome the new life in. 


Katsumi settles quickly, as she rests her little head against her omega’s breast. Red eyes focus on the other pup, meeting milky green ones. 


“Keiko-chan this is your sister,” Kacchan whispers softly to the newborn pup, “You two have cuddled a lot already so you should be fast friends,”


The omega cannot help but breath this small moment in, as exhausted as he is. Never in his life would he have imagined this is where he would have ended up, but he would not change it for the world. Izuku knows there will be many stressful moments in the days, weeks, years ahead. He isn’t worried about handling it though because he knows without a shadow of a doubt that Kacchan will be at his side. 


Through the hard first nights at home with a new pup, throughout the stressful move to the city, merging all of their things together. The stress of a new job. The first time both girls get sick at once. 


They make it through together. It isn’t to say that they don’t argue, they are both very stubborn people, but they always come back to each other. Never going to bed without trying to talk through the feelings at the core of the argument. Kacchan always sleeps through the night now, and Izuku always wakes up feeling refreshed.


Thanks to the new position of hero at Best Jeanist’s agency, Kacchan’s hours aren’t so miserable. He can take needed time off to spend with his family, even working from home when Izuku needs the help, or when the alpha feels like it. 


Much to their parent’s joy, Katsumi and Keiko are inseparable. They are both intelligent, passionate, and kind. Katsumi has her Daddy’s quirk, except her explosions are eerily silent. Keiko has a telekinetic quirk like her Grandma, except much stronger, able to push and pull things up to 3 times her physical strength. Keiko wants to be a hero like her Daddy, while Katsumi wants to be a doctor because her Grandma is a nurse. 


Not that either Izuku nor Kacchan care about their quirks or aspirations, as long as they are happy and know that they are loved. 


By the time they are four, everyone that meets the girls think they are twins, and they find it easier to just go along with it. Neither confirming nor denying the thought, just not correcting people when they are called twins. One day, Izuku knows they will ask why their birthdays are different if they are twins, and they will be told the truth. Until then, the girls are happy to celebrate their birthdays twice a year. 


The twin’s theory is further cemented in the minds of people not in the know, and even those who actually do, (some of Kacchan’s classmates who know they have different parents forget, despite having met Izuku after Katsumi’s birth) when Izuku gets pregnant again. This time with two boys. By this point Kacchan is the number three hero and being groomed to take over the agency when Best Jeanist retires in another couple of years. 


In fact, Kacchan misses his debut to the number one hero spot because he was with Izuku in the hospital during the birth of their boys: Hiraku and Masao. Sitting in that bed, surrounded by his mate and all four of his pups, watching the hero ranking ceremony on the tv in the room, he cannot help but think about the wonderful past four years, and what Izuku can only hope will be wonderful years to come.


Gently, he kisses each one of his family, purring softly. Leaning back against his husband and mate, girls having crawled up into the bed so they can have a better look at their new brothers, Izuku cannot help but bask in the perfection of it all.