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The snow underneath his feet crunches with every step. It has only been a few days since the last layer had fallen, but already the bitter winter nights have frozen the top layer into a deceptively hard ice sheet. 


Each breath hurts, the temperatures at night so cold that any moisture freezes. These shards hang in the air like thrown glitter, beautiful and painful to breath in. 


Finding himself in the woods to the far north in the middle of winter was never Izuku's intention, but like most things in his life, he just ended up here. The small shelter he has built is working for now, emphasis on the “for now”.


He needs to figure out his next move, preferably before the next storm hits. Supposedly there is a village somewhere in these woods, though he has seen no signs of human traffic through the snow. Though that could just mean he is looking in the wrong spots, it's hard to tell for sure. Having spent several weeks lost in these woods prior to the snow start, Izuku is slowly losing hope of getting out of here. That in itself is not such a big deal, Izuku is just wandering, no destination. It is the winter storms that are prevalent in the north that he is worried about. If he can survive until spring, he will be fine.


He will be fine.


Suck in these woods, he can see that there is a savage kind of beauty to the dead of winter. Barren trees stripped of all their veneer, the ever-encroaching darkness, ice the cakes the ground, air and inside of your lungs. Despite the apparent emptiness, he still finds food. Nuts and seeds buried by snow and squirrels, and small game such as, well, squirrels. It is nothing abundant, but it is enough that he can only imagine how these trees teem with life during the green months. Even now the land provides if you know where to look. 


It is because of these skills that Izuku notices the echo to his own footfalls before the beast appears in his peripherals. 


The massive flaxen colored wolf falls into pace next to Izuku. He has to keep himself from startling every time he visits him. Izuku has come across many wolves during his travels. Most want nothing to do with him and the feeling is mutual. This one, while not aggressive, is fascinated by him. The hulking creature is nearly eye level with the green haired man, no doubt some kind of magic but what Izuku has zero idea.


“Back again Kacchan? I would think a cutie like yourself would be back home with a mate and pups,” Izuku says, his voice level and soft.


The wolf makes an irritated barking noise in the back of his throat, one that sounds a bit like ‘kaaac’ which is where Izuku’s nickname for him came from. Kacchan makes that noise a lot around Izuku. 


“Well, since you must be single to hang out with an excuse of an omega like myself, I can give you the guts,” He says, showing Kacchan the two rabbits he had caught in the wee hours of the morning. 


Kacchan follows him back to his camp, always keeping several feet from Izuku, something that Izuku does appreciate. Kacchan is a wild animal after all. Even when they make it back to Izuku’s shelter, the wolf stays on the opposite side of the from Izuku’s shelter. 


Normally, he would never let an animal near his campsite or follow him for that matter. The last thing he needs is for a wild animal raiding his merger stores hidden in the snow. However, something tells him Kacchan isn’t exactly a normal animal, besides his size that is. The very first time he had come across the wolf, he had gotten lost in the woods. His camp and all his supplies were somewhere Izuku wasn’t. 


When the wolf appeared in the trees, he of course frozen in true fear. However, as he stood still so did Kacchan, when he moved backwards not showing the predator his back, the wolf followed. Slowly they made their way through the woods like that, Izuku walking backwards, and Kacchan stalking him. It wasn’t until Izuku stumbled back into his campsite, his fire now a low ember, that he realized the wolf had herded him back to camp.


From then on, when Kacchan shows up, Izuku is always welcoming. Always kind, never trying to chase him away. The fact that he has started sharing his food, so the wolf doesn’t go looking for it probably helps too. The omega’s best guess is the wolf is spirit touched, making him more intelligent than the average, that would explain the size too. 


Kacchan never stays long, just eats whatever offerings that Izuku throws to him, sometimes steals the skin to chew on and leaves. Izuku understands, Kacchan is a wild animal after all. Still it is the only interaction with a living creature that he has had in months that doesn’t end with the creature trying to kill him or him trying to kill them. 


It is a bit pathetic how far his heart sinks in loneliness as he watches the ash gold wolf disappear into the woods. 


The rabbits are a nice change of pace from the squirrel that he had been feasting on lately. Dreams of making a rabbit and acorn soup have him leaving his warm campsite again to look for more acorns or other nuts. 


About thirty minutes into his hunt, he spots a pine tree that still has untouched looking pinecones. The thought of having some roasted pine nuts in the soup is enough to have him trekking over slightly unstable snow. Every few feet, his foot sinks down almost ten inches, only to be perfectly stable the next step. 


Carefully he stands on the edge of the tree well, near giddy with excitement when his original thought is proven true. This tree has so far managed to be left alone by animals, and now it’s delicious nuts are his. 


His small satchel is almost full but there are a few that he can almost reach. With a steady hand, Izuku reaches out and grabs a branch of the tree to balance himself as he leans over the edge to claim his prize. With just the tip of his fingers he is able to pick the remaining cones. 


As he pushes back to stand up, trying to redistribute his weight, the snow under his feet sinks. Unable to move fast enough, Izuku tries to hold onto the tree limb but fails as he hears a loud crack. It is not the branch, which is ripped from his hand, cutting it up in the process, but it is the sickening internal sound of bone breaking. 


He lands hard and awkward at the bottom of the tree well. Distantly, he hopes that Kacchan finds him, so Izuku can provide him with one more meal before he passes out from the pain now radiating from his ankle. 




He is pretty sure he is dead. Because he is comfortable and warm, and at this point in Izuku’s life, in order to get both, he, statistically, would have to be dead. He hasn’t been warm since the early fall, and he hasn’t been this comfortable since, well, he can’t remember how long it's been. All that is brought to mind is his first nest in his childhood, but that is a distant, distant memory.


Except, he can’t be dead because the longer he moves towards awareness the more in pain he is in. 


Cracking open his eyes, his brain struggles to find understanding in the images it's being provided. A ceiling hangs above him, not the raw thin logs of his shelter, but an actual ceiling, with treated paneled wood. 


He tries to sit up to get a better look at wherever the hell he is, but quickly collapses with a cry of pain. Around him the world spins and swirls, and it takes every effort not to throw up at the sensation. There are what sounds like thundering footfalls, and suddenly hot hands are holding his face, easing him back down into the nest of soft blankets.


“Easy, shithead, don’t hurt yourself more,” Despite the harsh words, it is spoken with a gentleness. Izuku’s brain short circuits at the sound, not only is the voice lovely and deep, it is also the first voice other than his own he has heard in...83 days last time he was conscious. 


Plus, the touch, how long it has been since someone has touched him so softly. He doesn't know. Unwillingly, his body sags against the touch, as small sparks of something race through his stomach and spine. 


“There you go,” The voice says. Whoever it is touching him moves, and Izuku gets a face full of pine sap, woodsmoke and something sweeter. The combination of touch, smell and kindness overwhelms him and ignoring the voice’s shout he passes back out.




The next time Izuku wakes he is feeling a bit better, but not by much. His brain feels like it has been stuffed with wool, any movement of his head leaves him feeling dizzier. Normally he would just call it quits and return to sleep, except he has no idea where he is.


And like most rational adults, Izuku finds that a touch worrying, even in his fever fugue.


So, he forces his sticky eyes to focus in the low light. He is in a large comfortable bed, with thick furs and quilts bundling him up like a pup. His left foot peaks out, wrapped and set in bandages. The whole thing is so nest-like it causes his deeply buried omega instincts keen with delight, wanting nothing more for him to spread his own scent in the nest. Or purr. Neither of which Izuku will be doing. 


The rest of the room is simple and well loved. There is a chest of drawers in a corner, next to a window that is letting in the cold grey light of either twilight or dawn, his fuzzy brain cannot tell. Some decorations are spread across the walls, a few paintings, and some pelts. Next to him is a small table and chair. It all speaks to him being somewhere, just nowhere Izuku has ever been.


A groan echoes throughout the room, shaking him from his thoughts, and it is just barely then, that Izuku realizes that he is not alone in the bed. Head whipping to the left, a move he immediately regrets, his wide green eyes meet half closed red ones, as his apparent bedmate blinks the sleep away.


“You’re awake,” The man comments, unabashedly reaching out and placing the back of his hand against Izuku’s forehead. Just a brief point of contact leaves his skin tingling. “And your fever has gone down a bit, that’s good Deku,”


Izuku can only gape like a fish as he takes in the appearance of the man. He is large, clearly an alpha, with a wild mane of blond hair, and such a sharp jaw, Izuku is pretty sure it would cut him if he tried to touch. Not that he would. Touch it that is.


“My name is Katsuki,” the alpha introduces himself, with a smirk, “Give me a minute and I’ll get you something to eat, but there is a waterskin on the table next to you,”


With all the confidence of a man completely at ease, Katsuki saunters out of the room clad only in sleep pants. Izuku’s fever riddled mind continues to stall, unable to process what had just happened. Waking up to a strange alpha in the same bed was not what he was expecting. 


Not that he had been expecting anything, really.


Fear has him squeezing his tights together, the movement sending a small lance of pain through his ankle. However, there is no pain from his groin area, nothing to indicate...tearing. Relief is short lived, because he has no idea why an alpha would put him in bed with them, if not for sex.


Despite the fear, he must have drifted back to sleep because it feels like he only blinked once and the blond is back in the room with a cup of tea and a bowl of what smelled like stew, accompanied by a small roll.


Katsuki sits on the chair directly next to Izuku, setting the tea down on the side table and spooning out a bite, and offering it to Izuku after blowing on it.


“Oh, um, I-I can feed myself,” Izuku manages to get out, his face burning bright red, and not just from the fever.


The alpha snorts, “You said that last time and spilled soup all over yourself and the bedding. Humor me,”


“I, I don’t remember that” Izuku whispers, horrified. How sick has he been that he has just forgotten an interaction. How many things has he forgotten?


“Not surprising, really. You weren’t doing so well for a moment,” Katsuki says levelly, giving Izuku a moment’s longer pause before bringing the soup to his mouth.


It feels so silly to be fed by a literal stranger, but Izuku can feel the weakness in his body. He isn’t sure that he would be able to hold the bowl without spilling. Which is probably what happened ‘last time’.


All the worry that slowly had been compounded since he awoke is blown away as soon as he tastes the soup. It is a hearty but not overly rich stew with carrots, barley, and some kind of red meat. A far cry away from the boiled rabbit and acorns in boiled snow that he planned on making before he fell. As the alpha slowly feeds him, pausing between bites to have him drink the tea, Izuku begins to feel more relaxed. When there is just a little broth left the alpha passes him the bowl and the roll. Even though he has just eaten more than he has in weeks, Izuku happily sops up the rest.


“Where am I?” He asks softly, feeling warm, the edges of his consciousness feeling fuzzy now that he is full of soup,


“My cabin, I heard you cry out when I was out hunting. You have been fighting off a fever for about a week now.”


There is something...odd about that statement, but Izuku cannot quite put his finger on it. “Thank you so much,” Is what he says instead.


The man sputters, turning away with bright red cheeks, and keeps talking, clearly going to ignore Izuku’s words. “Your ankle is broken, so you are stuck for at least a couple more weeks. Unfortunately, I don’t have guest room, so you’ll have to keep sharing the bed with me, or sleep on the couch,”


It is soon Izuku’s turn to blush again, as he is told that he has been sleeping in a stranger’s bed for the past week, “Oh, um, the couch is fine,”


“That was a joke Deku, there is no way I am letting you sleep on the couch right now; the bed is big enough. Besides, it makes it easier to check on you throughout the night,”


Izuku wants to say something else, or at least he thinks he does. If the world stops spinning, he would be able to process his thoughts clearly again. How is he so both boiling hot and freezing to death?


A cool hand presses against his face, and all Izuku can do is press up against it. Why does such a simple touch feel so nice? 


“Looks like the fever is back, you need to rest,” Katsuki says, pulling away, and it takes every last shred of his near gone dignity to not whine at its loss. 


The alpha takes the dishes and disappears from the room, leaving Izuku alone again. Awkwardly, Izuku tries to snuggle deeper into the bedding, when his fingers brush up soft fur, he pulls it closer.


There are several furs on the bed, but it is the color of this one that catches his attention, even as he is about to fall asleep.


Beautiful ash gold.


Just like Kacchan.


Horror swoops through his stomach, threatening to upset the delicate balance. Izuku cannot stop the sobs that begin to escape from him as he realizes what he has, his shaking hands pawing at the fur. The flaxen coat of the wolf that had followed him through the woods, showed him back to the path before he fell. He knows the hunter is within his rights to kill it, but Izuku cannot stop the sorrow that begins to rip through him. 


“Oi, the fuck is wrong,” Katsuki’s words are harsh but his voice is scared, large rough hands, tilting Izuku’s face away from the pelt. Izuku whines deep in the back of his throat, curling into the pelt.


“Deku, can you answer me?”


It takes several moments to speak without choking, “Did you kill the wolf?”


A strange look passes through red eyes, as upset as he is, Izuku has no hope in deciphering it. 




“Did you kill this wolf,” Izuku asks again, hysterics entering his voice. He doesn’t know why he is so upset; it was just an animal. Just an animal that had helped Izuku when nearly every single member of his own species had turned their backs on him. The only bright spot in his barren winter forest of a life. 


The part of his brain that isn’t being guided by fever fueled antics tries to reel himself back. Katsuki has done nothing wrong, all the man has done is take care of Izuku when he was apparently very ill. He doesn’t deserve this freak out. Logic does nothing to stem the tide.


“I think your fever is getting worse,” The blond says, grabbing the waterskin, trying to get the omega to drink. 


“Please,” He is losing his mind, he can’t breathe, “please tell me,”


With hands that should not be as gentle as they are, the alpha parts hide from the omega, but instead of taking it away, merely wraps it around Izuku’s shoulders. He is bathed in that dizzying smell of pine sap, and wood smoke. Slowly, Katsuki reaches up to Izuku’s neck, rubbing his scent glands with the pads of his thumbs, an old trick to help calm down upset pups.


“Deku, I did not kill that wolf, I promise,” Izuku opens his mouth to speak, but a finger rests against his lips, “When you are no longer sick and hysterical, I will tell you how I have that pelt. For now, rest knowing that what you think happened did not, I promise.”


It isn’t much, but Izuku knows realistically it is all he is going to get right now. There is no way that Katsuki knows what he thinks happens, so it must be very unlikely. 


With a grunt, the alpha checks Izuku’s leg wound, before laying down next to him. Unable to stop his body from seeking that illusive touch, Izuku turns towards the alpha, nearly sobbing in relief when he isn’t rejected. His friend is dead, and he is desperate to be held in the arms of his killer.


A finger strokes between his eyes, and as he drifts to sleep, he hears a snort and something that sounds like, “Stupid fucking omega,”




The next time Izuku wakes, or at least the next time he is aware of being awake, he feels like someone has cracked an egg over his head. For the most part, the wool in his head is gone, leaving only cobwebs behind. It has him feeling weak and mostly confused.


His memories of the past few days are foggy at best and non-existent at worst.


Outside the wind howls and shakes the window, a quick glance shows it has begun to snow heavily. 


The next storm has arrived.


“Oh, good you are awake,” A voice says, startling Izuku from staring out the window. Large blond and alpha is standing in the doorway, “Do you remember me?”


“Ka-Katsuki, right?”


The alpha, Katsuki, nods, walking into the room to drop into the chair next to the bed. Izuku has a strange, layered memory of the man sitting there many times over however many days. There is even a book sitting on the bedside table which clearly had been read by whoever sat in the chair. A hot hand touches his face, and Izuku tries to flinch back, Katsuki pulls his hand back as if burned.


“Ah, sorry,” The blond mutters, “Your fever appears to be gone. That’s really good. I have run a bath for you, let's get you up,”


By that, the alpha means ‘I am going to pick you up effortlessly’, because one moment Izuku is laying in the bed, the next he is being held against a wide chest. 


“Oh um,” Izuku tries to squeak out before Katsuki’s snort interrupts him,


“What? You gonna tell me you can walk? A bum ankle and being fever sick for nearly two weeks? You wouldn’t make one step.”


Izuku has no response, so instead he pouts. It is true though; he can feel the weakness in his limbs. While being carried is embarrassing, the thought of trying, collapsing and then being carried sounds worse. At least this way, he can still pretend that he is capable of doing it, he is just letting the alpha carry him.


Outside the bedroom is a hallway, and he can see that they are on the second story of the cabin in a loft space. Izuku catches just the briefest glances of the large open downstairs space, before they enter a small bathroom. 


The first thing he notices is the large bathtub sitting against the far wall, clearly large enough for multiple people to sit it. It dominates the space. Steam rises from its water, and even from the doorway he can feel the heat. While Izuku himself doesn’t have a lot of experience with particular magics, (or any magics for that matter), he can make a guess that it uses rune arrays. Which are very very expensive, so either Katsuki is a very rich lord, or smart and skillful enough to etch his own arrays. 


The whole isolated hunter thing makes Izuku feel that it is more of the latter then the former. 


“Now, for the awkward part,” Katsuki mutters under his breath, something that the omega would have missed if it weren’t for the fact that he is in the alpha’s arms.


A blush bright enough to rival the sun, Izuku realizes what is going to be awkward. He cannot stand on his own right now. There is no way that he can safely get in and out of the tub without help. Which means being naked, around a complete stranger. 


He is set on the mat on the ground in front of the tub, and Katsuki pulls a couple of towels from a cupboard. There is some awkward movement, eyes cast away for dignity’s sake, and some careful one leg balancing, all culminating in Izuku, naked except for a towel tied around his waist for modesty, being lowered into the bath.


Despite knowing the response, Izuku still puts up what he feels is an obligatory amount of fuss, saying that he is capable of bathing himself. 


“I am guessing, communal bathing and grooming aren’t a thing wherever you are from,” Katsuki points out dryly, and Izuku nods. He had noticed that the tub is big enough for more than one, though it is strange considering how isolating the woods outside the cabin appeared to be. “You probably would pass out and drown if I didn’t sit in here with you, just shut up and let me help,”


Again, there is a strange blush present high on the alpha’s cheeks, though Izuku cannot say it isn’t just because of the heat of the room. So far, the man had done nothing untoward to him. Fed him, clothed him, nursed him back to health. 


Izuku settles in with a simple thank you, not sure what else to say. Even if Katsuki is more comfortable with communal bathing, he is very careful to keep his eyes averted the best he can. He helps wash Izuku’s feet and calves, as his ankle is still immobile, and sits next to the tub while Izuku finishes the rest of himself.


Once finished, Katsuki drains the tub instead of taking Izuku out sopping wet. They get him as dry as possible before he is once again lifted.


“Unless you want to stay up here in bed, I can carry you downstairs, ain’t much there, but it’s not the same fucking room you’ve been trapped in for the past two weeks,” Katsuki offers with his eyes closed, as Izuku holds onto him, struggling to put on the way too big pants.


“Um, I mean I haven’t been awake for much of it,” Izuku says before he can stop himself, quickly correcting himself, “I mean, I would love to,”


The alpha snorts, muttering a ‘cheeky little shit’ under his breath. Once he gives the word, the man literally swoops him off his feet again. Hoping that his flush from the hot both covers his deep blush, Izuku stammers out,


“If you have something I could use as a crutch-”


“And have you fuck up your ankle more?” Katsuki snorts, “You weigh as much as a bag of bones. It’s safer this way,”


Izuku doesn’t want to argue, the man has already put up with him so much in the past two weeks. Most of it, the omega doesn’t even remember! What embarrassing things had he done that he isn’t feeling enough shame for?


The rest of the cabin is as beautifully crafted as the upstairs. Careful details, obviously made with painstaking care, are dotted around the large great room. From what Izuku has seen, the layout of the cabin is that the bottom floor is basically all one room, with a living room and kitchen. Everything is the same color of wood except the accents, such as the kitchen cabinet and the tables. Some comfortable looking sofas are set up in front of a massive lit fireplace, with wood frames and fur covered cushions. There are a couple of doors on the far side of the room, so maybe it isn’t just one room.


“Your home is beautiful,” Izuku says honestly, as he is set longways on the couch in front of the roaring fire, the alpha carefully placing pillows under his foot.


Katsuki smirks, a pleased smell curling just barely pushing through in the air around them as the man steps back, “Thank you, took a couple of seasons to get everything right,”


Shock floods through Izuku, “Y-you built this?”


“Well my old man helped, and a friend helped with the water and waste ruin arrays, but other than that? It was all me. Designed it, felled every tree, treated the wood.”


There is a lot of alphan pride in his voice, the showboating of being able to build a handsome den with one’s own hands, but it is a pride well earned. The ‘I did a very hard thing, and it was worth it, so of course I am going to show off’. Though as Izuku looks around he can tell it is well deserved. 


His eyes catch the storm outside the large windows in the living area, watching the snow fall heavily to the ground, “It is certainly coming down,” He whispers.


Izuku has no idea what is going to happen next. His fever is gone, but he is still injured. Is Katsuki harsh? Yes. Cruel? Nothing the man has done would point to him being so. Will he make Izuku leave? What will he do without his things?


“Fucker, I am not kicking you out in that. I just got you better. Also, I have your things, I went back and found your camp after I found you,” Katsuki snaps, 




“You mutter, like a lot, Deku,” Giving Izuku one last glare, the blond heads towards the kitchen. From his position, sitting sideways on the couch, Izuku is able to watch him.


“Why do you keep calling me that?”


“What, ‘Deku’?”


Izuku nods, and Katsuki huffs, “I looked through your stuff, to see if I could figure out why you were out there by yourself. Found a journal belonging to one ‘Midoriya Deku’.”


“Oh, um, it’s actually, um, Izuku.” The omega stutters out, ducking his head in embarrassment for having to correct the other. When he finally gets the courage to peak around the edge of the couch, Katsuki is giving him a blank look with a raised eyebrow,


“I found you unconscious in a tree well with a broken ankle, I am pretty sure it's Deku,” He says with a fake sneer. 


‘Oh,’ Izuku thinks, ‘He is teasing me’


Teasing is a friendly thing, right? Or it's supposed to be? Izuku can never remember, any time someone has spoken to him like that, it is said with such certainty. Though, Katsuki’s voice is light and playful. However, the longer Izuku remains quiet, the more actual concern is flooding into the handsome face.


Before Katsuki can apologize, Izuku says softly, hesitantly as if testing the waters, “I-I guess you’re right. Deku it is. Just means I need to come up with something cute for you,”


A strange look crosses the alpha’s face, but before Izuku can decipher it, it is long gone. The screams of a tea kettle distract both of them. 


“You will stay here until it’s safe for you to leave,” Katsuki says with his back to the room, and Izuku cannot help the very omegan shiver that races down his spine at the phrasing. Realistically, the commanding tone should worry him, it could mean that the alpha has imprinted on him. In reality, Izuku’s omega loves the idea of someone taking care of him. 


He is still blushing when said man returns with a cup of tea, Izuku cannot look at him so he busies himself with the tea. It smells familiar, Izuku can only assume that Katsuki had him drink it while he was sick. He can taste the yarrow, and Echinacea, as well as some honey, cinnamon, and pine needles. 


“Don’t like the tea?” Katsuki asks, when he notices Izuku staring at the cup, 


“I actually really like it, I love the way pine smells in tea,” The omega says, taking a sip with a smile. 


For some reason it causes Katsuki to blush and tilt his head away, “Well, you’re not fucking getting scurvy on my watch.”


The two share a soft laugh. Their conversations remain light and friendly, talking about places they had both been, and what the other likes to do in their free time. Katsuki teases him about his love of reading, books are just an easy escape with only a few words he is either learning something new or somewhere else.


Katsuki, despite his teasing, also appears to be a nerd, as one of the doors opens up into a library. They argue about who is the best literary character, All Might or One For All, it takes several hours for them both to realize that they are arguing about the same person from folklore. Some of the stories are very similar just framed differently as they are from different cultures. 


Dinner is another soup, Katsuki mentioning that he doesn’t want to try anything too harsh on Izuku’s stomach yet. Getting him used to eating regularly has been hard enough, the last thing they need is for Izuku to get sick because his stomach isn’t used to that kind of food. 


By the time it is time to go to bed, he is so relaxed that falls asleep in Katsuki’s arms as the man carries him upstairs.


Things fall into a comfortable ease, every day Izuku’s ankle gets a bit better. By the time four weeks since the accident happened, he is able to hobble around, and no longer requires the alpha to help bathe him. He can sit at the table and help prep food with the alpha, talking and laughing about whatever they want. Katsuki still refuses to let him walk up and down the stairs, saying that it is just still too hard on the healing joint.


Izuku doesn’t argue because any chance to get a face full of the alpha’s wonderful scent is a welcome one. 


Late in one of the afternoons, Izuku cannot stay warm, even with the fire just a few feet from him. Outside the storm has cleared only to bring in the bitter, bone curdling cold. Katsuki mentions that he might have gotten a small bit of frostbite in the tree well. 


Unasked, the alpha goes upstairs and brings some of the things from upstairs, wrapping Izuku up snuggly with his book and tea. It would be absolutely perfect, if it wasn’t for the sight of that golden pelt. 


A murky memory surfaces of him having a meltdown over the pelt, and Katsuki promising to tell him later. Part of him doesn’t want to bring it up, worried it will anger the alpha, and Izuku doesn’t want to push, but he has to at least ask,


“Katsuki,” He begins, fingers digging deep into the fur, “You, um, you mentioned that you would tell me what happened to the wolf?”


The alpha startles, nearly losing his hold on his book, “Fucking hells, you can remember your hysterical break down about a wolf pelt, but not when you claimed you were the Southern King and by eminent domain my horse, pie and ferret shaped idol of the god Azumar were rightfully yours.”


Izuku is still 40% sure that the King thing didn’t happen, but he knows the thing with the pelt did. So, he nods. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, I won’t be upset,”


Katsuki eyes him for a moment, taking in his honest face and the way his hands grip at the pelt. “You really wouldn’t, would you,”


“It’s your right to keep what you want to yourself,” Izuku says, trying to sound confident. 


Red eyes keep staring, looking for something and obviously finding it because after another moment, the alpha sighs, “It’s weird, and I don’t want to scare you. You still want to know?”




“It’s mine,” 


Izuku’s brain comes to a halt, blinking once, then twice, “Well yes, it is your pe-”


“I don’t mean it is my possession, I mean that is my skin,” Katsuki barks out the correction, grunting angrily, he continues before Izuku can say anything else, “Have you ever heard of the Lycaon?”


“Um, they are wolves, um or werewolves I guess, that aren’t bound by the moon? Can change shape at will?” Izuku says, trying to remember the little he knew about the wolfkind. They were rare, and could be both incredibly aggressive and possessive. Somewhere in his brain something clicks, 


“You, you a Lycaon?”


A nod,


Mind racing, Izuku looks down at the fur in his hands, “You, you were the wolf? My Kacchan?”


Another nod.


Tears begin to gather in Izuku’s eyes, and his breathing quickly becomes uneven. Katsuki clearly takes it the wrong way because he is quickly trying to explain himself,


“I am so fucking sorry Deku, I-I didn’t know how to tell you, please don’t be scared.”


“Scared?” Izuku whispers out passed a sob, “I am happy. I, I thought you killed my friend, I thought were dead. But but it turns out you are Kacchan, and I am so happy,” 


The alpha hesitates for a moment before coming over to sit next to the omega, wrapping them up together in a warm hug, tucking the omega’s head underneath his chin. Happiness bubbles through him, and Izuku cannot even begin to feel self-conscious about that. 


“Wait,” he asks after taking a moment to collect himself, “How is it your fur, I didn’t think Lycaon were like selkie?”


“We aren’t, but” there is a pause and Izuku can feel Katsuki...Kacchan swallow, “When we rapidly change when destressed, sometimes we literally shed the skin we are in. I heard you cry out and saw you in that hole, I thought you were dead. I too thought of you my friend, but you only knew me as a wolf. I didn’t know how to bring it up, I was worried you might have found it, you know, creepy,”


Warmth floods Izuku’s body as stays curled up against Kacchan’s side, breathing in that comforting scent. The alpha had been right when he tried to calm him down before, it definitely wasn’t what he had been thinking.


It was so much better. 


“Thank you for telling me Kacchan,”


The man snorts, and Izuku’s mind is playing tricks on him but he swears he can hear the same ‘kaac’ noise Kacchan the wolf made.


The revelation about Kacchan not being human made a lot of things make more sense. Much of Kacchan’s personality…quirks that Izuku had just brushed off as cultural differences or just from living alone, now make more sense. Firstly, the nightly scouting, it may be just as the man had described its purpose: keeping other predators off the land. But there is no doubt in Izuku’s mind that there is also an instinctual pull. The land around the house is Kacchan’s and Kacchan’s only. Most likely that is how Kacchan found Izuku in the first place. The alpha had said that his camp hadn’t been too far away.


There are also the other things, the things that Izuku personally would classify as intimate.


Lycaon like wolves are very pack oriented, it would make sense that they would have zero issue with communal bathing or even sharing a bed with a non-mate. In the south, those things are strictly for mates, and the bathing mostly just if the person needing washed is infirm. To even suggest sharing a bed with someone that wasn’t mate or a lover would get you very strange looks or worse.


That, coupled with Izuku’s own elongated isolation, makes things a little awkward. Kacchan, to his credit, is very patient when it comes to not only the omega’s self-doubts, but his curiosity as well.


Izuku had always wanted to pet Kacchan the wolf, his fur had looked very soft and warm. He now knows that to be true from the pelt. Doesn’t stop him from wanting to touch it while it is on Kacchan.


When he asks, Kacchan seems visible startled by the question. Izuku, suddenly worried that he is stepping on some social faux pas, tries to back tract, but the alpha is quick to wave him off. There is a blush high on Kacchan’s cheek bones again.


Kacchan as a wolf inside the house seems so much bigger than Kacchan in the middle of the woods. Not that Izuku ever got that close, because he had thought the wolf was wild. There is such a difference between the ‘dead’ pelt and the hot live fur.


There is such a thrill to touch back, for some reason it feels ok to touch Kacchan as a wolf in a way that Izuku would never touch Kacchan as a human. Deep in his chest, Kacchan lets out a rumble with Izuku gently scratches at his large ears. It doesn’t sound like a growl and considering how Kacchan’s eyes have closed with his head in Izuku’s lap.


It is silly, how comfortable just being near another creature, another sentient creature. If Kacchan didn’t want him near him, he was fully able to make that known. But if he stays, then he wants to be near Izuku, doesn’t hate the thought Izuku is touching him.


Together they fall asleep on the floor, hours later he wakes up with a human Kacchan curled around him, sound asleep. With a small smile, Izuku reaches up to the couch and pulls a blanket around them before going back to sleep.




It is only fair that Kacchan also gets to ask a difficult question. His comes a couple days later as they work side by side in the kitchen preparing dinner, Izuku sitting at the table and Kacchan working at the counter. 


“So, why are this far north anyways, you mentioned you grew up in the south?” Kacchan asks, as he mindlessly and effortless cuts the potato in perfect little cubes. There is nothing accusatory in his voice, just idle curiosity.


For Izuku it isn’t necessarily an easy question to answer, and his silence must be telling because the wolf is quick to comfort him,


“You don’t have to tell me, just making conversation,”


It is true. So far, the only thing Izuku has ever felt pressured on by Kacchan is making sure he ate enough every meal. At this rate, Izuku won’t be able to count his ribs soon. Which is a good thing, just not something he had ever experienced during winter. 


While the reason for his nomadic lifestyle isn’t some big reveal, it does, however, sound a bit silly when spoken aloud. So, for the most part, Izuku doesn’t mention it. Not that he ever sticks around a place long enough to get comfortable for it to matter much either. 


Kacchan continues to break all exceptions. The fact that the man had willingly admitted to being a Lycaon simply because Izuku had been upset still sits with the omega. For non-humans, especially those that are able to blend in, hiding their status is important because they never know which human is going to be the kind of racist fucker who goes from ‘you are my friend’ to ‘killing you will make me a few coins’. 


So, that honestly in turn loosens Izuku’s lips a bit. 


“I am from the South; um I don't think you’d know it but there is a little village in forest that fills a small valley gap Jawbone Mountain range. That whole area used to be its own country, Yuuei, but after the war with Kamino to the west of the Jawbones, they were too weak, and the South took over.


I am a son of the war god,” At Katsuki’s incredulous look, Izuku laughs a little bit, “I am not a demigod or anything, it's just what Yuueians call children born during wartimes, when their sire was an occupying soldier. The midwife told my mother I was a sign of bad luck.”


It is a silly tale, but it isn’t one that he told anyone in a long time, so Izuku knows that his scent is souring thinking about it. He doesn’t know when he stopped chopping carrots, but he has, just staring at them. Kacchan moves away from the counter to sit next to him, reaching out a large hand, grasping Izuku’s smaller one. 


“My childhood was ok, I didn’t have any friends because I was the effigy of the village’s sufferings, but I had my mom. She never let me forget I was loved. I never quite understood their hate for me, maybe it's just something I couldn’t see? Like dirt on my face. When my mom died, I was chased from the village before I got a chance to perform her death rites. Her being the apothecarist had been the only reason they hadn’t killed me as a child.”


Izuku doesn’t even realize he had started crying until Kacchan reaches out and gently wipes away a couple of stray tears. It seems such a silly thing to cry over, especially since this was years ago, some wounds just heal jaggedly. Scar tissue itches.


He tells his housemate about how he got a job in a nearby city using the skills his mother had taught him, except his boss’s wife hated him, eventually leading him to getting fired. She had been a well-respected woman in the community so suddenly he couldn’t find a job anywhere in that city. Similar things kept happening in the other places he tried to stay as well, it was the same pattern: things are good for a couple of weeks, and then something happens making it no longer possible or even some cases safe to stay. 


The most recent, a year ago he had found work as a ranch hand despite being an omega. His boss was an odd man, and his son even more so. Both watched Izuku a little close for his liking, but the pay was good, and it provided private lodging in little shacks on the land. Things had been good until Izuku had gone into heat, he had thought he was safe, but only a few hours later the boss’s son shows up and tries to take advantage of him whilst in heat. Izuku rejects him, attacking him. He had barely enough sense of self to gather his things and flee, while still in heat. 


After that he had never stayed in one place for too long, fearing the rejection and the potential violence brought against him. Izuku had just followed wherever the wind took him, which is how he ended up in these woods during the winter.


Kacchan doesn’t say anything, doesn’t have to as he gently squeezes Izuku’s hand, letting the omega finish crying before getting up to finish dinner. The blond deftly changes the subject to Izuku’s opinion on the serial novel he had just started. Izuku is grateful for the segue, and even more grateful that Kacchan teases him about his liking of the main character’s best friend instead of how his voice is still thick from crying. 


It is a good thing that he has going with Kacchan, and some part of him worries when it's going to change. 




There are many things in his life that Izuku does not look forward to. Mostly having to figure out where he is going to find shelter with an impending storm, learning the edible flora and fauna of a new place and, of course, his heats. 


They are so rare, that most of the time he forgets, having pushed nearly everything that has to do with his secondary gender so far away from his day to day thoughts. Heats for omega in a normal setting tend to be like clockwork, small heats part of their estrus cycle every six to eight weeks, these tend to last twenty-four hours. And then one major heat sometime during the year that the omega is the most fertile, this one can last anywhere from five to fourteen days. Izuku had heard other omegas call it “hell week”.


However, for a nestless omega this gets all fucked up. Without a safe space to raise pups, omega’s estrus cycles will halt. Its why alphas tend to baby their omega’s both heading into and leaving a heat. If the omega isn’t happy and calm, then no estrus cycle, and therefore no pups. 


It's also why it has been over a year since Izuku’s last heat, and over three years since his last “hell week”. After the death of his mother, and subsequent exodus from Musutafu, he has had no nest. A litter in the back of a cave made from moss and pine boughs don’t count. 


It shouldn’t be such a surprise to him that around the end of his sixth week here, that Kacchan is suddenly so soft with him. Not that the man was particularly hard on him before. Now the blond just wants to cuddle him, bring him food, and offers to bath him on several occasions despite Izuku no longer needing help.


Though, it isn’t entirely Kacchan’s fault, it isn’t until Izuku accidently brushes up against his sore scent glands that he realizes what is going on. 


The whole situation marks almost every single column for kickstarting his estrus cycle: a warm, comfortable nest; made in a safe, secure den; abundant space and food; with a compatible alpha. Intrinsically it is everything an omega could ever want or need. 


Of course, considering that Kacchan and him aren’t mates, and the blond is just reacting this way because of pheromones makes the whole thing stink. Still Izuku knows he has to tell the alpha, even if that means he is going to get kicked out or locked in a bathroom for the duration of his heat.


“Pre-heat?” Kacchan mutters as they clean up after dinner, face contemplative, “The timing is just fucking peachy,”


“I am so sorry,” Izuku whispers, trying and failing to stop tears from forming. Every time he thinks he has found a safe place; his stupid gender goes and fucks things up for him. 


“For what? You didn’t choose things. All I meant is that I am in pre-rut, too. One of us probably set of the other,”


The alpha is just so nonchalant about it, Izuku doesn’t blame him, for most alpha and omega’s their heat/ruts aren’t that big of a deal. Like the changing of the seasons, they are just part of life that you learn to deal with. Except with how sparse his heats have been, Izuku has never really learned how to deal with his own. 


He has no idea what they are going to do, especially if they both are set to go off around the same time. 


“I can lock myself in the spare room across the hall from the bedroom,” Kacchan muses as they fold laundry. The blond’s tone is normal, conversational even, but still Izuku flinches. He knows Kacchan is being kind, giving him the bedroom, where Kacchan’s bed is, but it makes him feel awful. 


“Too bad we can’t just both use the bedroom.” The omega mutters, before turning a deep deep red when he realizes what he said and what it could contextually mean. 


Before he can take back what he has said, Kacchan goes equally red, and says, “I mean, if you want to, we can. It would make both a lot shorter,”


Izuku is pretty sure that his heart has jumped into his throat with how hard it is beating. It’s not like he hasn’t thought about how unfairly attractive Kacchan is, or how odd that it is that they share the same bed despite not being mates. It makes sense on paper: only one bed, and Izuku had been really sick there for a moment, but shouldn’t he have moved downstairs as soon as Kacchan stopped needing to check on him multiple times a night? 


“We don’t have to, I am fine with taking the spare room,” Kacchan says, not looking at Deku, “But I would also like to share the bedroom, if you get my meaning,”


A soft warmness fills Izuku, it is just such an awkward conversation. There is the other thing though, that embarrassing thing that he doesn’t really want to talk about but since they are already having this conversation, he knows he should bring it up.


“We don’t have to-”


“It’s not that I don’t want to,” Izuku says quickly, and then flushes when Kacchan sends him a leer, “It’s, it's just that I don’t want my first time to be in heat, you know?”


Kacchan stares at him with wide eyes, his nostrils flaring, “You’re a virgin,”


Izuku nods looking away, embarrassed all over again. He has no idea if that is a good thing or a bad thing for Kacchan. Silently he fiddles with the edge of a shirt he is folding. It is one of his own, warn thin in several places, one that Kacchan frequently threatens to burn.


A finger hooks under his chin, swinging his head back so he is nose to nose when Kacchan, “You know that isn’t a problem right? Your first time doesn’t have to be during your heat,”


“What do you mean,”


“Well,” Kacchan says with a wild grin, something spicier appearing on the edge of his pine scent, “You’re not in heat right now?”


The alpha leans in close, his hot breath cascading over Izuku’s lips as he whispers, “Stop me if you don’t want this,” before gently kissing him.


Izuku definitely would have thought someone like Kacchan would kiss...harsher, instead it is soft and slow. Knowing nothing of what he is supposed to do but guess that sitting there like a tree wouldn’t exactly convey to Kacchan what he wants. Because he does want this.


Yes, some of it has to be because he is pre-heat, he is broody and wanting to nest. But truthfully, Izuku also wants this, instincts aside. Izuku wants this, so he is going to take it. Or rather get it.


So, he kisses back to the best of his abilities, arms curling around the alpha’s neck to pull him closer. Izuku breaks off with a gasp, filling his lungs with much needed air, all the while Kacchan nips and kisses his neck, even sucking softly on the omega’s swollen scent glands. 


Izuku is warm all over, but it is pooling in his lower stomach. Distantly, he can hear the folded laundry fall to the floor as Kacchan invades his space. Feeling brave, Izuku nips back at the alpha, rubbing his neck along the alpha’s. Instinctually pleasure explodes in the back of his eyes. 


Kacchan pulls back suddenly, face twisting as if a thorn is stuck in his food, “I don’t have any contraceptives,”


It takes Izuku several moments for his horny brain to process what is being said. Then without thinking he blurts out, “It’s fine, this is my first heat in a long time, I don’t think I am fertile,”


Fertility is a huge appeal for alphas, and here Izuku is just stupidly saying he is broken. He casts a worried glance at Kacchan, concerned now that he has completely killed the mood. 


Instead of answering, Kacchan pulls him into a deep kiss, pulling Izuku’s body flush with his own. Izuku cannot help but wrap his legs around the alpha’s waist, allowing the other the access to move even closer. As the kiss ends, the alpha rolls backwards, bringing Izuku along. In a show of strength that the omega has experienced many times in his stay here, and is still impressed with every time, the alpha picks him up. 


“Let’s go to the nest, eh shitty Deku?” Kacchan leers, moving towards the stairs not waiting for an answer. 


The reedy keen that escapes from Izuku is not what either of them were expecting. It is a primal omega noise, and Izuku being pressed close to the man, can feel him shudder. All Izuku can hear in his head is his omega’s chant of nest nest nest


They make it up to the room in record time, the alpha taking the steps two at a time. Izuku cannot help the giggles from bubbling up. It feels so surreal. Kacchan seems to want him just as much as Izuku wants him.


He is set down on the bed, kisses exchanged as Kacchan strips him with little regard for the clothing and where the articles are thrown. The single mindedness leaves them with a naked Izuku being laid before a still clothed Kacchan.


Kacchan guides his legs open, movements both gentle and firm, not letting Izuku’s flair of embarrassment close them without verbal request. He isn’t very wet, he never gets very wet, but it definitely feels like he is the wettest he has ever been outside of heat. 


The alpha stares down at his little pink cunt and little hard cock, nostrils flaring and pupils dilating. Then without warning, he throws Izuku’s legs over his shoulders, leans down and licks from the bottom of his slit all the way to the base of his little cock. 


A whimpery moan breaks free, and Izuku’s back arches as the alpha continues the assault. The dexterous tongue twirls around the omega’s clit, teasing him until he is sobbing, bringing him to an edge before moving on. 


Kacchan goes from teasing his clit to pressing deep into his cunt, opening Izuku on his tongue and back again. With every pass, Izuku feels himself getting wetter and wetter. Then, as the alpha dives deep with his tongue, he unexpectedly reaches out and pinches the omega’s clit at the same time, rolling it between his fingers. 


Izuku howls as he orgasms, vision fading white as his back arches away from the bed. Never had it felt like this before when he masturbated, in or out of heat. If this is what sex is, he kind of understands why people want it. 


With half lidded eyes, chest still heaving, he watches as Kacchan pulls away, cleaning his face and hands by licking them free of Izuku’s slick. From here, Izuku can see the bulge in the other’s pants.


“W-what about you?” the omega gasps, as he comes down from his orgasm, 


“What about me? You wanna suck me off like a good boy?” Kacchan asks with a grin, which only widens with Izuku responds with a dazed nod. 


With a similar gusto, Kacchan removes his own clothes, leaving himself bare. The omega cannot help but drink in the sight of the alpha, from his chiseled pecs down to his dick. Kacchan is lazily stroking it, taunting him with its stiffening flesh. It is so much larger than Izuku’s own, and already the base has begun to stiffen. He has never done anything like this before, that that isn’t going to stop him. Kacchan made him feel amazing, he’ll be damned if he doesn’t reciprocate!


Izuku rolls onto his hands and knees, crawling towards Kacchan. Shyly glancing up at the grinning alpha, making sure he is doing this right, Izuku gives it a small kitten lick. It is bitter and salty, and not something he would normally say tasted good, but some horrible omega instinct demands more. 


Taking a breath through his nose, Izuku opens his mouth, taking as much of the alpha’s dick as he can without gagging. It is hot in his mouth, making parts of his brain feel fuzzy. He can feel fresh slick begin to drip down his leg. 


Anchoring himself by wrapping his arms around Kacchan’s waist, he bobs back and forth, trying different things to get different reactions from his alpha. Tries his best to use his tongue but Kacchan’s dick is so large he can barely move it. Above him the blond moans. Izuku can taste his pre against the back of his throat and begins to suck harder, hollowing out his cheeks.


Kacchan pulls Izuku’s head back from the red-hot head of his cock with a wet pop noise. The omega cannot help the instinctual whine that escapes from the back of his throat, Kacchan had been close, he had smelt it.


“Easy now,” the alpha says with a wild grin, starting down at Izuku’s flushed and drool covered face, “As much as I want to cum in your mouth there is a different place I’d rather stuff you with it,”


Another wave of slick escapes from him. Izuku begins to feel lightheaded as Kacchan knees down too, capturing Izuku’s swollen lips into a kiss, gently pushing him back onto his back. 


With him on his back, and Kacchan hovering over him, it is so easy to see the difference in their sizes. Not that he hadn’t noticed before, but Kacchan is just so much bigger than he is. The man practically dwarfs him. 


Kacchan’s sharp teeth lead a trail away from Izuku’s mouth and down his neck. Slowly but surely making his way south. He is quick to capture a pebbled pink nub, biting and pulling, leaving Izuku gasping and whining. Without warning, the alpha pinches the other nipple, while at the same time, slips a finger into Izuku’s wet pussy.


He is so wet, and so distracted from the onslaught on his chest that Izuku almost cannot feel it, he can however, feel the second finger that slips alongside it. There is just the barest hints of pain, just a brief kiss before his body relaxes around its invader.


Kacchan slowly begins moving them, at first just straight in and out, before he begins scissoring them. Every movement accompanied by that embarrassing sound of wet on wet. For an alpha nearing his rut, the man goes so slow, any time Izuku even feels the starting whisper of pain, Kacchan is quick to distract him. A kiss here, a bite there, a stock on his little weeping cock. 


Izuku is downright drunk off the feeling, and before he notices, the blond has four fingers opening him. But as soon as he notices, he also notices that it isn’t enough anymore. He needs more, he needs the real thing.


“K-Kacchan,” he begs, small hands tugging at the blond hair he has fisted as the alpha suckles on his scent gland, “P-please, I need it, I’m ready,”


A deep pleased groan reverberates from the alpha, their chests close enough that it vibrates through Izuku. The man leans back, making eye contact, as he pulls his fingers free from Izuku’s warmth.


“Let me know if it is too much, you have to tell me if it hurts, ok?”


Words fail him, so instead Izuku nods fervently, desperate for that feeling that his omega is promising that will be life changing. 


Satisfied with his answer, Kacchan leans back, hissing in pleasure as his dick touches the mess between Izuku’s legs, unable to stop himself rutting against the omega. The two moan in tandem at the easy glide of skin against skin. Once Kacchan is properly slick, the alpha guides his neglected cock to Izuku’s ready entrance.


With the greatest of care, something Izuku suspects the alpha won’t be able to show during his rut, Kacchan presses himself in. Red eyes are pinned on Izuku, who flushes deep at the unwavering scrutiny. Every few inches or at the slightest flinch of pain, the alpha rocks back out, before rolling his hips pushing deeper the next pass. 


A litany of curses near drowns out Izuku’s own groans and whines when Kacchan’s pelvic bone is flush with Izuku. Kacchan is massive, a quick glance down at his sweat covered stomach shows a small bulge. They stay still for a few moments, just basking in the fullness before Kacchan begins to move.


It starts out slow and steady enough, but it is quick to devolve as Kacchan picks up pace. It feels so good, every time the alpha pushes forwards, it feels like the stars are aligning. Every time he alpha pulls back, it feels like a great loss.


All Izuku wants is to be full of Kacchan’s dick forever. 


He can feel the knot expanding in his cunt, it starts as just a slightly fuller feeling. But soon with every thrust, Kacchan struggles to pop it free until it is stuck inside him. It fills him, both physically and metaphysically. 


A scream rips through him as he cums again, he doesn’t see white this time though, instead the whole damn world disappears. The only thing preventing him from just slipping away into nothing is the pulsing knot and the hot semen filling him. 


He comes back to himself with Kacchan twisting them so they can lay on their sides. Already Izuku can feel the relief to not be held up by their tie. Kacchan rests his forehead against the omega’s, eyes closed, face flushed as he pants heavily. Izuku can distinctly see how good every clench that his fucked-out pussy makes the man feel. 


It is so satisfying to see that Kacchan clearly had enjoyed himself just as much as Izuku had. A clawed hand reaches up to pet his hair, the alpha whispering soft words in a different language. Everything about him for once is non-threatening, and Izuku finds himself basking in the simplicity of just alpha and omega.


When the knot finally goes down enough for Kacchan’s dick to slip free, Izuku ignores the rush of fluids and curls against the heated body of his bedmate. It had definitely been better than he was expecting. He had always thought sex would be painful. There were points where it had been uncomfortable or hurt a little, but never in a bad way. Kacchan had seen to that. 


As he lays there, he realizes that his body is heating up instead of cooling down. A worried whine escapes his lips, as his heat begins in full force.


Kacchan rolls over, pinning him to the bed with his body. The pressure and physical contact sooth the growing flames a bit, but only a bit. 


“It’s ok, Deku,” The wolf whispers softly, “Relax for me, I am going to take care of you,”


Izuku believes him, he has too, because it is the last fully formed thought he has for many hours as his heat drags him down and out.




They are both gross and sticky when they both pull themselves from their respective heat/ruts. Throughout the time, Izuku had been bed bound, the alpha demanding it even when they needed food or water. He cannot even begin to count the times Kacchan had him squirting and crying around his knot.


So, of course Izuku cannot look Kacchan in the eye at first. In some parts because of embarrassment, but in others; the deep scratch marks that litter the alpha’s body. Distantly, Izuku remembers dragging his fingers across that sculpted flesh, he did not realize he had been pressing so hard.


Things should go back to normal between the two, they shower separately afterwards, meeting downstairs fully clothed and dry. Kacchan figures it has only been a day or two, most likely his rut was cut short by the sharing and Izuku just had a short heat.


Which is all fine and good, except for every time Kacchan leans close to him, Izuku can feel himself slick. It is like after finally having sex, his body remembers that it is an omega, and despite not being in heat, still craves the touch of the alpha. It scares Izuku a lot, because when spring comes and Kacchan kicks him out, what is he going to do? He can only imagine that his heats will be much worse from here on without a companion.


There is no way that the other cannot smell the slick either. Hell, Izuku once moved his legs and he could hear the wet smacking sound, it was hardly smothered by his pants. Kacchan doesn’t say anything, probably not wanting to make an already awkward situation worse. Izuku desperately tries to keep it contained, but it feels like it is getting worse. For all hallows sake, the alpha told him that the meat he prepared for dinner was good and Izuku had to go change his underclothes. 


In the following days, another winter storm rolls through the woods, packing another liberal coating of snow on the already snowed in couple. Outside the winds howl and moan, loud enough that Izuku feels comfortable putting his hand down his pants to try to find some relief. Once he is reasonably certain Kacchan is asleep of course.


His cock is rock hard, his upper thighs are already soaked. Just the lightest of touches already has him biting his lips to keep quiet. 


“You know, if you want alone time, I can sleep downstairs,” Kacchan’s purring droll startles him, sounding both turned on and highly amused. 


“S-sorry, I am sorry I was loud and woke you up, I can go downstairs.” Izuku cannot help the breathy quality to his voice, and fumbles to untangle himself from the sheets.


He does not make it that far. Kacchan moves quickly, like the predator that he is, pinning Izuku to the bed, and hovering over him. A new gush of slick dirties his already ruined pants, but Izuku cannot find it himself to care.


The alpha leans down so he can whisper directly into Izuku’s ear, “It wasn’t you voice that woken me, it was the smell of your fucking slick. I cannot get it out of my head, all day I keep smelling it and all I want to do is eat you out and fuck you silly. Don’t you dare apologize,” he snaps just as Izuku opens his mouth to apologize. He pulls back, so the two are nose to nose, “If you aren’t comfortable with this, you need to say so,”


Oh Gods, this is all he has wanted since the end of his heat. Because while the sex during his heat was good, comparing it to the sex the first time? It is like looking at a painting of a place and actually being there yourself. The two are completely incomparable except in the manner of subject. 


“I don’t want you to think you have to, or-or doing it out of duty,” Izuku whispers out, trying to keep his own insecurities at bay. 


Surprisingly, this gets a laugh from the alpha, “You don’t know much able wolves, do you?”


It is true, Izuku doesn’t, but he fails to see how it matters, especially as the alpha begins to deeply kiss him, going from pinning him down to holding him close. 


The alpha makes do on his promise, eating the omega out before fucking him into the mattress. Izuku cannot help it, falling deep asleep while still knotted, truly the best way for an omega to fall asleep. The next morning, he wakes still spread on that dick, their fluids a tacky mess. Doesn’t stop either of them from a little pre breakfast fuck.


After that, things do change. In both a dramatic and very boring kind of way. They continue their camaraderie, cooking, reading, taking care of the house, just being together as they had before. Now however, when Izuku slicks up watching Kacchan burst inside, arms filled with firewood after ducking outside to get some more, instead of trying to discreetly ignore it, Kacchan puts the wood away, drops both their pants and fucks the poor omega silly. This does, of course, leave them awkwardly finishing cooking dinner while tied, but they make do.


Even if it is winter hellscape outside, Izuku can honestly say what they have is the happiest he has been his entire life.


Which of course is when he fucks it up.




His mama had not been an omega. Izuku’s gender had been a surprise as it is less common to get an alpha or omega from a beta, and not necessarily a good surprise either. There was only one omega in Musutafu village, and that was the midwife, who hated him for some reason.


So, for the most part, his education about his own secondary gender came from books, secondhand accounts from others in bars, and his own instincts which he did everything he could to suppress. 


Across many of the stories and bragging about omega they had bedded, there had been a consistent theme of the omega “just knowing” that they were pregnant. 


He had always thought that to be false, or at least the mysticism of it to be false. Izuku thought that there were signs that the omega interrupted that their knothead mates had not, leading to the tails of “just knowing”.


Izuku wakes up in the very early morning, about ten weeks after falling into that tree well, about three weeks since his heat ended, and just knows that he is pregnant. Beside him, Kacchan sleeps soundly, not having been woken up by the omega’s sudden awareness. 


This entire time, Izuku had been waiting for him to fuck this up. It had happened every single time he had ever gotten comfortable somewhere since his mother died. Including the times he got comfortable in some shelter he had built in the middle of nowhere. 


Fear makes him itch, as he casts his gaze to the sleeping alpha. What would Kacchan do to him? They aren’t mates, aren’t going to be mates as far as Izuku knows (not that he doesn't want that, gods he would kill for that). He doesn’t, however, want to be killed for that.


In the Southern Kingdoms, pregnant omega’s outside marriage are liabilities. Either seen as tricksters hoping to trap an alpha with an unwanted or unexpected pup or just plain ol’ sluts, they are seen as damaging to the sire’s image. Beyond that, they can be seen as damaging to their own families and packs as well. This is all patently untrue, there are many ways and reasons that an omega gets pregnant just like a beta. However, tradition is tradition, and no matter how untrue, society doesn’t change fast. But no more omega, no more pup, no more ‘damage’.


Izuku has no idea about any of the Northern traditions, no idea what this situation would mean to Kacchan, but if it is like the South, he wants to at least try to live. If not for him, then the little life growing inside of him. 


So as silently as he can, Izuku slips from the bed, hoping that if Kacchan does notice his absence that he just thinks Izuku is peeing. There are already tears in his eyes, and the fear has set something wild off inside him. His omega is screaming at him, it also doesn’t know what to do. 


It is this hysteria that has him putting on snow boots, but not changing out of his pajamas: loose soft pants and overly large shirt that smell so strongly of pine, not grabbing any of his own supplies or Kacchan, and running out the door to the front of the cabin.


Morning air, while normally clarifying does nothing but stoke the panic fueled fire. He doesn’t have long before the alpha is awake and looking for him. There is no storm thankfully, but the sunrise is blinding, and he cannot move fast.


Everything hurts and not just his ankle. 


He trips and his already weakened ankle takes him down. Thankfully, he lands on his butt instead of his stomach. Izuku tries to breathe but he can’t.


Why can’t he breathe?


The panic attack hits him hard, leaving him gasping as he tries to get enough oxygen to his freaking out brain. He is so far gone that he doesn’t hear the screaming or feel himself get bundled up in a thick blanket and picked up. Every intake hurts, every exhale feels worse.


By the time Izuku is back to himself, he is back in the cottage too. He has been set on the couch in front of an over stoked fire in new not wet clothing. He is also in front of a very very angry alpha.


As soon as the blond sees that Izuku’s eyes are focused once more, he is reaching out and grabbing the omega by the shoulders. 


“What the fuck were you thinking, you could have died! Why the fuck would go out there? What the fuck is wrong with you!” Kacchan yells, shaking Izuku back and forth. There is real tangible fear in the red eyes, and Izuku is so caught up in them, in those honest glimpses of the blond’s soul, that his mouth answers truthfully despite his brain not having decided yet if that is a good idea or not.


“I’m pregnant,”


The sharp grip on his shoulders is softened, and the alpha stands there stupidly. Still, all around them is the thick smell of angry alpha, and Izuku can only bow his head, unable to stop the tremors caused by both fear and cold.


“Are you going to kill me?” He whispers, too tired to even both beating around the bush. He stares down at his lap, waiting for his final judgment.


Kacchan lets go of him like he is on fire. “Is, is that what you think of me? That I would do something like that?” He spits out, and another tide of angry alpha pheromones has Izuku baring his neck and keeping his lips loose.


“I, I don’t think that of you, but but it’s what happens back home and I don’t know what you’d think, I told you I couldn’t” Izuku cannot help gulping, as tears and snot make their way down his face, “No omega, no no baby outside of a mating, no-no shame,”


More silence, and Izuku still cannot bear to look at the man that he has realized he has come to love with all his body and soul. Just sits there on the couch where Kacchan had dumped him, sobbing with his neck exposed. 


“Shit, fuck,” Kacchan continues to swear, and Izuku can feel him get closer, only getting a moment more’s time to stiffen before being pulled into a strong chest. He is gently rocked back and forth as Kacchan continues to swear softly under his breath.


A crescendo of sobs escape Izuku, and he truthfully has no idea if they are going to stop anytime soon. He has no idea what is even going on, why hadn’t Kacchan killed him yet. 


Chapped lips press down on his dirty hair, “So stupid, of course you’d think that. You told me about the things that have happened to you. I should’ve just been direct,”


Kacchan pulls back so they are nose to nose, and Izuku can see how red rimmed the other’s eyes and nose are, how pale the man is, “I don’t know what it is about you, but I want to spend every day for the rest of our lives together, and I don’t really like others that much. You are stubborn and obnoxious and kind and smart; you make every day one that I want to wake up to. I wanted to mate you the moment I saw you,”


Hot hands press against Izuku’s chilly face, and he cannot help but relax into them, as he had during those very first touches while sick, “Wolves mate for life, Shitty Deku. We don’t just bite to mate, we imprint as well.”


Blinking, Izuku cannot help the incredulous wet gasp, “I don’t understand, why would you, you want me?”


The Lycaon leans forwards to gently rest his forehead on Izuku’s, “Because you are you, Shitty Deku.” Those hot hot hands detach from his face, and drift lower, coming to a rest on Izuku’s hips and stomach, “Stay, stay with me. We can be a family, a real one. I will take care of you and our pup. Be my mate and you will never want for anything, we will be the strongest pack,”


There is no doubt in Izuku’s mind that he is making a very ugly face right now. The crippling doubt and anxiety are silenced for a moment, and it is all that it takes. Izuku knows deep down that he has felt the same draw to Katsuki. He just thought it was because he was the first person he had seen in a long time, first person in an even longer time that had been kind to him. It isn’t that, or rather, just that. 


Izuku loves Kacchan, and maybe more importantly, trusts him.


And it is that trust that has him nodding, “O-ok, Kacchan, please take care of us and don’t throw us away,” 


The alpha kisses him fiercely, “I will shower you in so much love you won’t bear the thought of leaving,”


Izuku almost wants to laugh because he already can’t. Even as the fear strikes its hold on him, encouraging him to run, he cannot bear the thought of leaving. He truly loves his Kacchan that much.




By the time three months rolls around, Izuku is visibly pregnant. What had been just the smallest of swells, something that could be written off to winter weight, now is obviously round with life.


Not that it also might not be winter weight. Kacchan is beyond insistent that he eats a lot, saying that Lycaon pups could take more out of a human body than human pups. The alpha continues to take care of him, which is good, considering while his biological imperative has been fulfilled, doesn’t stop Izuku from being a very horny omega. 


It does help that Kacchan is just as ready to go, if not more in some cases. His hands are always reaching out for the growing bump, touching it, petting it, kissing it. Izuku had even woken up one night to Kacchan whispering to it. He doesn’t let the alpha know he was awake, letting the man finish with a kiss before he is pulled into that warm chest. 


Part of him feels like he should be worried about how possessive these behaviors may become, ‘should’ being the key word there. The rest of him basks in the attention, the soft touches and kind mating. His omega is the calmest it has been his entire life despite it having more control than ever. All his life he had pushed away any instincts that weren’t survival based. He knows it made him a little wild, but so is Kacchan. 


So, he isn’t worried when Kacchan pulls down his pants whenever the alpha has decided he wants a bite. Earlier it had been while they were sitting and reading next to each other, the blond had sniffed Izuku once, before picking him up and gently filling him. Neither had moved for several minutes, enjoying the feeling of just warming Kacchan’s cock. 


Or waking up to the alpha nibbling on his neck whilst spooning him, knot locked inside his ass. All Izuku can do is softly moan, as the much larger man curls around him, gently thrusting the knot deeper and deeper until Izuku is cumming too. 


Slowly, and almost without any notice, spring arrives. The thick layers of snow begin to melt all around them. With spring comes so many things to be done, things that would be finished much faster with two sets of hands. However, despite only being four months pregnant, Katsuki is in full protective alpha mode. Doesn’t want Izuku to do anything that might cause him or the baby stress.


So, it is a bit of a surprise when he tells Izuku one evening that he is going to the village to fetch the local midwife. The omega would have guessed that Kacchan’s instincts would refuse any strangers, or even acquaintances from coming near their den. It does give the man some pause, but he explains that the woman simply known as Recovery Girl by their people is known all over these mountains for not setting off territorial instincts. 


When he meets the woman two days later, Izuku can sort of see why. Recovery Girl, despite the moniker, is a short elderly woman, with a kind face. She is clearly surprised to find Izuku there, and the mark on his neck, her dark eyes flickering between alpha and omega. 


Izuku feels a little hesitant when she touches his belly with glowing hands, letting out a soft warning growl as she pokes a little too hard.


“I had often wondered what kind of omega Katsuki would have chosen,” Recovery Girl says with a laugh as she backs off, “I would never have guessed that he would have gentled one.”


Kacchan snorts, rolling his eyes as he comes to stand near his omega, something that Izuku appreciates immensely. 


“Whatever, so, does everything look healthy?” The alpha asks


“Yes, everything looks to be going along perfectly,”


Izuku frowns, not because that isn’t wonderful news, it's just, “Even with how big I am?”


The old woman blinks slowly then lets out another laugh, “Of course you are big, you’re having twins,” She looks at their shocked faces, “You didn’t know? I supposed it is a surprise that a first-time dam is pupping twins, you two must be very compatible,”


She says it with a straight face and positive voice, but somehow it still feels very suggestive leaving Izuku feeling off footed and flustered. He knows she means nothing by it, that doesn’t stop him from wanting to crawl into his nest and dissect the conversation.


Izuku also gets the feeling that he isn’t exactly subtle with how he is feeling about the whole stranger in the den thing. Kacchan moves in between him and the midwife, escorting her from the den. If he strains his ears, he can hear the two of them speaking but not well enough to make out the words. 


Later as they are curled together in bed, Izuku feeling calmer and more confident asks what they had talked about.


Kacchan stares down at him for a moment, and the omega can almost see the lie forming before the man shakes his head, and flopping on to his back, gaze fixed on the ceiling.


“Mostly just health things, what I need to be feeding you, making sure you walk but not too much. But she almost mentioned some, um, instinctual things to beware of that might come up because she thinks you’re gentled.”


“What does that even mean, I’ve never heard of a ‘gentled’ omega before,” Izuku grumbles with a huff.


“It means you spent so much time alone, now that you aren’t you can forget that you are safe. Like finding yourself pregnant and running near naked into the snow,” It is said dryly, but there is a hint of worry in the alpha’s voice. “She suggests that once the pups are born that we visit the village sometimes. Get you used to others again,”


Like a lichen, Izuku wiggles so he can cling to his alpha’s side. Right now, the very idea of seeing let alone meeting another person sounds overwhelming. It isn’t that he doesn’t understand where Recovery Girl is coming from. He doesn’t know what to say to that, he hopes that Kacchan understands his silence. 


I can’t agree right now, but I will try when the time comes


A hand carding through his hair is all the answer he needs, as he falls asleep against the man he loves.




They do talk about it, weeks later, when Izuku stares out in the dark night with such a need to run, to escape that it is all consuming. Kacchan just wraps himself around him, they talk about Izuku waiting for the floor to fall from underneath him. 


Talks about his fear about being a bad omega and messing up their pups. Failing his family. 


Kacchan laughs softly, and there is a bitter note to both the sound and smell. He talks about his own fears about being a parent and worries that Izuku feels that the alpha has trapped him.


It feels good, talking about things that are hard and scary, when safe in the warmth of their den. Izuku doesn’t doubt that things are not fixed just with a conversation. He will always worry about being a bad mother but hearing Kacchan tell him they will make it through together makes it feel like he could do anything. He hopes Kacchan feels the same way. Some small part of him thinks the blond does.


Wrapped up together in a thick blanket and Kacchan’s pelt they fall asleep on the couch, relaxed and happy.




Izuku grows as the two little lives inside him do. The empty room at the other end of the upstairs walkway is turned into a nursery. 


Several of Kacchan’s family members and packmates show up once summer dries out spring, though they are not allowed inside the house. Partly because of Izuku’s uneasiness with strangers, and partly because of Kacchan's protectiveness. None argue, or even ask for an explanation which settles many of Izuku’s somewhat fraying nerves. 


It goes well! They have dinner out on the lawn in the cool summer night after a hot day. Many came bearing gifts; toys, books and two beautiful cribs from Kacchan’s very happy parents. 


Izuku even manages to have a conversation with a couple of them before becoming too overwhelmed, tucking himself next to his mate as their pack howls and sings. (Kacchan insists that Izuku call them their pack. His pack is Izuku’s pack, as they are family. The omega tries not to cry at that and fails.) No one mentions his sudden shyness, thankfully, and Izuku thinks in time he will really like the members of their pack. 


Just not when he is pregnant.


And maybe one at a time for the first while. They are just very loud and friendly, which is a totally fine thing to be, it is just a bit much still.


Still with all of the wonderful gifts from their packmates, they are able to fill and decorate the nursery. It is all ready for the twins. Everything comes together perfectly, anything they are missing they will just have to find out on the job.


Kosaku and Tadashi are born during a summer rainstorm. Both blond haired, though it looks like Kosaku will have Izuku’s green eyes and Tadashi, his sire’s red.


Izuku has never known such relief as curling up next to his mate and pups. The peace that fills him is almost jarring in how foreign the concept is. Kacchan is the perfect father, caring for both the pups and Izuku. 


His life has had many twists and turns, many ups and downs. Izuku would do it a thousand times if it meant ending up here, in the arms of his mate. When he got lost in the beginning of winter, he had thought that he would never escape these woods, and in some sense, he never does.