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“The Knights are holding a small celebration at Cider Lake now that Stormterror’s been dealt with. Can’t you provide some drinks?” The Cavalry Captain spoke teasingly, leaning over the bar at Angel’s Share while toying with the rim of his now-empty dandelion wine glass. “A little lakeside party. We could take a little dip, I haven’t swam all summer, and I’m sure you haven’t taken a day off since… ever.” Tilting the top of the glass, his tanned fingers spun it in a slow twirl, making the only sounds to be heard in the Mondstadt night. The streets had gone silent save for the buzz of a few crystal flies, so Diluc couldn’t help but hear the sounds of his glasses being played with so incessantly.

“Stop that. Break it and I’ll get Jean to deduct the damages from your salary.” Kaeya’s many adornments jingled as he tilted his head to try to get a better look at Diluc’s furrowed eyebrows, even as the man refused to meet his gaze.

“Oh come on, Luc, don’t be so cruel. I haven’t even made a scratch on any of your glasses! I could never even think of breaking one of your things-”

“Except that one from last time you brought the Outrider here. I didn’t know that she would try to load a wine glass into her bow. And try to shoot an apple off of that Traveler’s head. Typical Knights of Favonius, always so impudent…” Holding eye contact with him is… dangerous, Diluc supposed, polishing clean the last glass of the night, further avoiding the Cryo user’s gaze. The man had resorted to drumming his fingers on the bar impatiently as he waited for Diluc to finish up his tasks and talk to him.

It was late- Angel’s Share had long been deserted by its usual drunken patrons, even the bard had swayed out of the door upon many, many, requests to leave. After all, the sight of a man who looks so young that he could pass for a mere boy so far intoxicated that they only spoke in lewd rhymes was not the greatest look for what Diluc would hope to be a respectable establishment. Six Fingered Jose had gone home after a swift kick to the privates when he was found to have gotten too handsy with a female patron.

The only souls left in the dimly-lit tavern were Kaeya and Diluc, the former pestering the latter for what had felt like hours for the disgruntled man. “We don’t even need a lot! Just a few refreshing Wolfhook juices, maybe a few bottles of that new wine you’re trying out at Dawn… Sunsettia juice mixed with a little rum sounds nice, no? Maybe some apple cider vinegar for Paimon and Klee?” Kaeya smirked, playfully pulling at Diluc’s collar to get him to pay attention. Diluc jolted at the touch, as his fingers had brushed oh-so-close to his neck, which Kaeya had gracefully left sore and blooming with bruises after what Diluc would call a night of mistakes. The coolness of his fingertips with the slight hint of leftover condensation from his beverage was a deep contrast to Diluc’s skin, which usually ran hot, courtesy of his Vision. “C’moooon.” Kaeya leaned back on the bar stool, still trying to catch the redhead’s gaze.

Diluc’s cheeks bloomed with color upon finally deciding to look into Kaeya’s eye- the same blue eye had seen him so weak and Diluc didn’t particularly want to think about it. “S-stop that. I’m not giving you free drinks again. Not after that green bard drank thousands of Mora free of charge last time you suggested I sponsor a Knights event. The Dawn Winery is generous, but we are still a respectable business.” He crossed his arms, digging his fingers into the sleeves of his coat in annoyance. “Unless you do something for me, I’m not doing anything for you. End of discussion. Now,” He trudged from behind the bar to try to shove Kaeya off his stool. “It’s been closed for hours, Alberich. Get out.”

“Hm. ‘s not what you said a few nights ago, Lu-” Diluc’s eyes darkened at the mention of their… previous activities, quickly rushing forward to grab Kaeya by the chin, baring his teeth slightly in frustration. The Captain smirked. “How cute. Just as wild as I like you.”

“Don’t call me cute,” Diluc sneered, pressing his gloved fingers even deeper into the tanned man’s skin. He leaned into Kaeya, testing him. Threatening. “Don’t call me ‘Luc’ either. You don’t get to call me that anymore.”

“Fine, fine.” Tanned fingers traced the curve of Diluc’s ass, feather-light and slightly cold. Diluc gritted his teeth. Of course it’s leading to this, he thought, averting his own red eyes from Kaeya’s blue. “Although I do have something I think I could do for you,” Kaeya whispered, grabbing Diluc by the hips with a gentle, yet firm, grip. Spinning Diluc so Kaeya was at his back, he pushed him against the bar, rutting against the redhead’s tender ass. “If you’re okay with it, that is.” Diluc could feel the man’s breath tickle the shell of his ear, and shamefully, the pressure building in his own pants. Kaeya swiftly took hold of Diluc’s wrists one at a time, pulling off the man’s gloves with the use of his teeth. Each red and black glove unceremoniously dropped to the ground with a soft thump, and the tanned man quickly yanked off his own gloves in the same manner. Kaeya’s hand slipped in front of Diluc’s pants, drawing light circles onto the front, now tight with excitement.

“S-shut up, Alberich,” Diluc panted out, breaths heavy and face flushed as red as his hair. A pair of pale hands gripped the bar in front of him, neatly filed nails pressing into the wood’s finish hard enough to leave little indents. He could feel Kaeya getting harder behind him, and couldn’t, just couldn’t help but to shamefully press himself against the clothed length. Soon, he found himself grinding up against the man, begging for some sort of friction. The tanned man hummed in amusement with a smirk, bringing his deft fingers to Diluc’s belt buckle, tracing the metals, ever so slightly teasing at pulling the leather free. “Get on with it,” Diluc spat, tired of Kaeya’s antics. With a huff, Kaeya unbuckled the pants, pulling down the dark, tight clothes and underwear so just Diluc’s soft ass and dripping dick hung out. Diluc’s ass cheeks seemed to flush just as pink as his face at the realization that he was dripping precum all over the tavern floor.

“No more until you get us free drinks.” The melodic sound of the man’s teasing voice stopped Diluc short.


“For the Knights. At Cider Lake. Remember?” Kaeya nibbled gently at Diluc’s earlobe, trailing kisses and quick love bites down his lover’s neck. Diluc’s neck bloomed in red and purple on both sides this time, and Kaeya smiled at the idea of Diluc having to explain this to the Traveler later.

“N-not-” He gasped as Kaeya blew cold air on the new, sore love bites scattered delicately over Diluc’s neck and behind his ears. He bit his lips so hard blood welled up to the surface, trying to bite back a whimper at the delectable feeling. “N-not a snowball’s chance in hell.”

“Are you sure?” Kaeya’s right hand grasped Diluc’s balls in a vice, while the left ran feather-light touches over Diluc’s length, spending extra attention on the skin just below his pink, dripping head. The man below him gasped for air, eyes flying open at the touch. “So sensitive, I suppose I really am the only one with the honor to warm the Darknight Hero’s bed.” With a toothy grin, he tilted Diluc’s chin towards his, teasing at the idea of a kiss. He was so close Diluc could feel his warm breath on his flushed cheeks.

“You asshole!” Diluc quickly spun around, grabbing an opened bottle of tequila from behind the counter, messily unscrewing the top, and gulping down what must have been at least half a glass of the liquid. As he drank, rivulets of the liquid spilled down his rosy lips and dribbled down his bruised neck.

“D-Diluc, do you really want to do that-”

The redhead wiped his mouth messily with his coat sleeve, something that he would be angry at himself about later. After all, Diluc hated wine- how much more for what must have been the most bitter thing behind the counter? “What does it look like, Alberich?” He pulled Kaeya by the lapels to his lips, making for a messy kiss. Diluc tasted of the tequila he had oh-so-unceremoniously chugged down, and Kaeya of the diminutive glass of dandelion wine he had had earlier. Diluc’s kisses when he was like this were far from loving and gentle- he was teeth and tongue, less lips than sharp pointed bites. The pressure was bruising. Snaking his fingers into Kaeya’s hair, he twisted pale fingers into blue and pulled, eliciting a groan from the other man. In response, Kaeya reached down and pushed down his lover’s pants a bit further, enough for him to grasp and grope at pale, firm ass cheeks. The redhead’s breath hitched at the touch. Diluc pushed the other man away with a gasp for air, panting heavily with reddened lips and blush.

“I hate you,” Diluc grumbled, pulling down his pants completely and kicking off his boots. “You’re the absolute worst.” Kaeya snickered, twirling a strand of Diluc’s hair around his pointer finger.

“Sure you do, angel,” Kaeya laughed, hoisting Diluc up so both his twitching, pink dick and asshole were on full display. “You’re such a vision like this, hm?”

“Shut up and take me.” Diluc grumbled, balancing uncomfortably on the edge of the bar. His hands grasped uneasily on the wood to try to keep balance, and his coat and shirt were no longer impeccably buttoned. Both pieces of clothing slumped over Diluc’s shoulders, revealing pale collarbones somehow left unmarked by Kaeya.

“Maybe after I get those drinks-”

“Son of a bitch.”

“Tsk tsk. No more of that, Ragnvindr,” the Cryo user sung quietly, pulling out a small bottle of the scented oil he had grown to associate with his grumpy lover. “If I can’t drink that Wolfhook juice, I might as well drink yours.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“You’ll see,” Kaeya whispered, uncapping the oil bottle, pouring a small amount into his hands, and warming it up between his fingers, making sure that it wasn’t too cold for Diluc. “Tell me if anything hurts.”

“Burn in hell.” Kaeya sighed, shaking his head.

“What am I ever going to do with you?” The Cryo user slipped a pointer finger into Diluc’s tight heat. “It’d be so much easier if you just asked me nicely.” Slipping in another, he scissored them back and forth, drawing soft whimpers and the occasional gasp out of the man. “You’re cute when you’re grumpy, but I wouldn’t object to a please or thank you-”

“Why would I ever-” Diluc’s retort was cut short by a blissful moan as Kaeya swallowed down his dick all at once. The tip brushed against the back of his throat, as Diluc was above average, but it didn’t seem to bother the other man at all. Instead, he tried pushing the length even deeper into his throat, nestling his nose in the patch of red hair at the base of Diluc’s cock. Oh sweet Barbatos. Kaeya stared up at Diluc through half-lidded eyes, and Diluc was sure he’d be sporting a shit-eating grin if his mouth wasn’t stuffed full of cock.

Kaeya came up for air, making an absolutely sinful sound as he pulled his throat from the other man’s cock. Drool dripped down his reddened lips, the latter smirking up at Diluc. Adding a third finger, Kaeya searched for Diluc’s prostate while using his other hand to lazily pump the sopping wet cock that had just been in his throat. The redhead groaned at Kaeya’s ministrations, gasping as tan, deft fingers finally reached up inside of him to slowly massage his prostate, stroking only a little faster at his cock. Between heavy breaths, Diluc managed to hastily spit out orders. “W-want. I want your mou-” He was interrupted by a loud moan as Kaeya pressed his fingers harder inside of him. “Nnng. I want… I want your mouth instead, A-Alberich.”

“Hmph. How rude of you to order me around like one of the servants, Luc. However,” With a smile, he lowered his head down between Diluc’s pale legs once again. “Maybe I’ll allow it just this once.” He began to loosen his jaw to swallow down the length again, but this time he took his time- instead of taking it all at once, he moved his head up and down Diluc’s cock, making sure to go even deeper with each movement up and down.

“K-Kaeya, I-” Kaeya stroked the other man’s prostate more rapidly, leaving Diluc gasping and whimpering Kaeya’s name. He bobbed his head up and down Diluc’s cock as fast as he could, using his free hand to press Diluc’s hips down in order to keep him from thrusting into his mouth. “I’m going to cum, Kaeya, g-get your mouth-” Interrupted with a staggered whimper of Kaeya’s name, Diluc came down his lover’s throat as Kaeya worked to swallow every droplet of cum.

After a short moment, Kaeya pulled himself from the softening dick in his mouth, licking his lips clean of any cum or slobber. “Thanks for the free drink, Ragavindr.” Kaeya’s voice was hoarse but still contained his signature teasing tone.

“D-Don’t you want me to… uhm…” Diluc motioned towards the tent in Kaeya’s pants, still not taken care of. Between heavy breaths, Diluc looked away and tried to speak. “Do you want me to uh… take care… of…” Kaeya did not seem like the type of man who would let his needs be ignored. He did not seem that selfless, even if it was a much more salacious context. The tanned man smiled up at him, fixing his clothing and sweeping his azure hair back to fix it into a neater ponytail.

“No need.” Diluc shot Kaeya a doubting look, trying to be as serious as he could when he looked so debauched. “This view is compensation enough, isn’t it?” Kaeya looked him up and down once more, grinning at the sight. Diluc was practically hanging off the bar, hair messy and not nearly as neat as he would have liked. A small droplet of saliva hung from reddened, bruised, and slightly bloody lips. His neck was littered with overlapping love bites, pink and purple in all of his most sensitive places, and his asshole was tinged pink, stretched out and twitching at the loss of Kaeya’s long fingers. The dress shirt and coat Diluc was wearing hung pitifully off one shoulder, exposing pink, pert nipples. Kaeya couldn’t help but try to memorize the moment, even trying to include the memory of the smell of sex in the air.

“If you want to pay me, pay me with drinks at Cider for the Knights, won’t you, angel?” Kaeya’s singsong voice echoed down the alleys of Mondstadt as he swayed out the door, leaving Diluc wrecked in his wake.