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As usual it was all Mitsuru’s fault. Hajime openly threatened to have him mysteriously “disappear” and Samon actually agreed to help, which made the threat even more terrifying.

So, what exactly had everyone up in arms? Well naturally it was Mitsuru’s idea to have a beach day, with all the inmates and guards invited to relax and frolic at the artificial beach.

Kenshirou didn’t really mind as Musashi was very easy-going and the Supervisor believed he deserved some leisure time and fresh air away from the underground prison. Plus, there was the added bonus of seeing the Warden in a bikini.

But the same could not be said for the other Supervisors.

Samon was silently fuming, not only would this little excursion disrupt the routine and training schedule for Building 5, but it also meant his inmates would once again be in contact with those little brats from Building 13.

Hajime had already stormed off to have a cigarette, after punching the wall and leaving a sizeable crater. He was going to kill those idiots if they did anything stupid. The inmates from cell 13 did have a notorious reputation for being the biggest troublemakers after all.

And as for Kiji well…

“How utterly barbaric! Do you have any idea how bad the sun is for the boys’ delicate complexions?!” Kiji was ranting at Mitsuru.

“Come now, Kiji-sama, the Warden already approved it and you wouldn’t want to disappoint her, would you?” Mitsuru attempted to appease the situation.

“Well, if its for the Warden then I’ll accept it,” Kiji conceded. “I do have to wonder though, how on earth did you get her to agree to this?”

“I just told her it would be a great bonding experience,” Mitsuru replied with a thumbs up. In truth, he actually promised Momoko that she would get to see Hajime wearing a speedo.



A couple of days later, after all the preparations were complete, Hajime begrudgingly rounded up his four troublemakers and they made their way to the beach.

Jyugo wore a pair of black board shorts, Uno wore blue board shorts and Rock’s were purple. Nico wore green board shorts and a black rash guard with orange accents.

Uno couldn’t resist goading the Supervisor due to the red speedo he was wearing.

“Pfft, what the hell are you wearing, you ugly gorilla?” The gambler’s face broke into a smug grin as he added, “How interesting, who would have guessed that your whole body is ba-“.

A hand clamping down on his head and squeezing harshly cut off the remainder of his sentence. “If you say another word you damn punk, I’ll make sure you have a very nice time deep frying in the sun!”

The gambler wisely chose to keep quiet after that and they located their spot on the beach without further incident.

As there were a number of people attending the beach this time around, umbrellas were already set up at assigned areas for each building. The umbrellas designated for Building 13 happened to be the same shade of red as Hajime’s swimsuit.

Hajime was still simmering from No. 11’s comments and felt his temper spike when he noticed the matching colours. He was seriously going to murder Mitsuru when this was over. There’s only one way he could have gotten hold of those photos, he must have bribed Hitoshi.*

The Supervisor lamented about his brothers’ possible betrayal as they began laying out beach towels over the sand.

Uno started lathering himself in sun tan lotion, while Jyugo clumsily assisted Nico in applying the specially created sunscreen.

“The doc said I’m allowed to go in the shallow parts this time. I’m really excited!” Nico said happily.

The escape artist offered him a small but sincere smile. “That’s great Nico.”

“Hey Jyugo, you better stay away from the water. Otherwise you’ll end up drowning again, even in the shallows.”

“Shut up Uno! You’re just saying whatever you please again, you jerk!”

“Come on guys, break it up. Hajime’s already pissed,” Rock spoke up urgently trying to placate his unruly cellmates.

Mitsuru arrived not long after they started setting up and he was wearing a pair of dark red board shorts.

“Yo, if it isn’t the gang from Building 13. Glad you guys could make it!” He greeted them in his usual boisterous manner and gave a thumbs up.

“Oh Micchan! This was such an awesome idea!” Uno gushed.

They could suddenly sense a murderous aura emanating from Hajime and Mitsuru wisely decided to make himself scarce.

“Well, you boys have fun now. I’ll see you later!” He gave a last wave and took off for a different area of the beach.

“That was strange. What did he do to piss Hajime off so much?” Rock queried.

“Ah forget it, let’s have some fun Rock!” Uno replied.

The next to arrive was Kagu-8, dressed in a magenta bikini and skirt wrap. The gambler instantly bounded over to her and proceeded to try requesting a date.

It just so happened that unfortunately Honey and Trois also arrived at that time. They were both dressed in dark purple and aquamarine board shorts respectively.

Honey shoved Uno harshly out of the way.

“Oh Kaguya-chan, may I just say that those magenta bottoms look great on you.”

“And might I also be so bold as to add, that magenta top accentuates your beautiful features.”

Two ominous shadows suddenly loomed over the three. “You lay a hand on my daughter, and I’ll kill you!”

“We’re very sorry!” They cried out in alarm, all having the same thought. Where the hell did they come from?!

“That’s enough of that! How dare you two act in such an uncouth manner!” Kiji came storming over and started thoroughly chewing out the two panty thieves. He was dressed in a dark blue and purple full-length flowing summer dress with long sleeves with a matching feather boa, dark blue high heeled sandals and a white sunhat.

Ahato was dressed similarly, only his summer dress was a light silver-grey, with light blue and pink, a matching feather boa, and was paired with light blue high heeled sandals and a white sunhat.

He quickly approached Kiji and attempted to calm him down.

Their mere presence was enough to scare Uno away and he scampered back to Building 13’s area, where the others had been silently observing the ongoing events.

Through it all, poor Kagu-8 was very confused about the events that just took place.

“Mother? Father? What’s a date?”

Her parents directed a venomous look in Uno’s direction, causing him to flinch and hide behind Rock.

They were both dressed for comfort, with Okina wearing a yellow unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, white board shorts and sandals. Kazari was wearing a yellow one-piece swimsuit, white beach wrap, sandals and a sunhat.

“Do you see now, you senile old fool?! This is why I didn’t want her hanging around this unsavoury lot!” Kazari snapped at her husband.

“Shut up you crotchety old witch! Those unsavoury brats also hang around your workshop!”

They continued bickering all the way to their assigned area, with their daughter following and still none-the-wiser about what was going on.

Everyone else began arriving one after the other.

Kenshirou had donned a pair of white board shorts featuring pink Sakura flowers, while Musashi was wearing dark red and black board shorts with flames. Hitoshi was dressed in a light pink two piece, with a cropped style top and the bottoms in the style of a skort, a beach wrap and sandals.

Inohana, Sanohana and Ninohana were also accompanying them, and looked around excitedly with their tails wagging like crazy.

Their arrival was immediately preceding the Warden’s and Kenshirou couldn’t help staring.

Momoko appeared stunning in a black bikini and a skirt wrap.

“Um…, Inu-chan, you know you’re drooling right?” Musashi said softly.

The Supervisor quickly snapped his mouth shut. “What are you talking about? I would never exhibit such undisciplined behaviour.” He said in denial and carefully tried to compose himself.

“Whatever you say, Inu-chan,” Musashi responded looking highly amused.

Hitoshi just tilted his head in confusion. Then he caught sight of his brother and called out happily. “Hi big brother!” He received a wave in return.

The group from Building 5 were the next to appear.

Samon wore orange board shorts, while Inori was wearing grey and green board shorts with an unbuttoned green Hawaiian shirt, and Houzuki wore yellow board shorts.

Liang was dressed in maroon board shorts, Upa had teal board shorts and a black rash guard, and Qi wore purple and grey board shorts with an unbuttoned blue Hawaiian shirt.

Upa was immediately pounced on by Nico.

“Master! I’m so happy you’re here! Please teach me the k@me$ame*a!

“For the last time! No! I’m not training you! Now get off me!” the Qigong Master snapped.

“Aww, no fair!”

Samon stalked over to where Hajime was relaxing on his towel.

“Dammit Hajime! Keep your unruly troublemakers away from my inmates!”

“Shut your mouth, you moronic monkey!” Hajime sneered back.

“Kiih! Don’t call me a monkey! You bald gorilla!”

“Don’t call me a gorilla!”

Seitarou and Yamato arrived last, because Yamato got lost, to no one’s surprise. The young guard was wearing light blue board shorts and Yamato wore a black speedo.

“We’re finally here Supervisor!” Seitarou saluted Hajime.

“Thanks for rounding up the idiot Seitarou.” He then turned to Yamato and said in an exasperated tone, “Dammit Yamato! Can’t you at least remember the layout of your own workplace?!”

“Hahaha! My apologies Supervisor!” Yamato replied nonplussed.

Things started off relatively calmly.

Kiji forced Honey and Trois to wear a ridiculous amount of sunscreen/sun tan lotion.

Nico had finally stopped pestering Upa and wanted to look for shells along the shore. Jyugo went along with him and Musashi quickly went after them. They couldn’t take any chances with the escape artist around water.

“I really don’t think you’ll find anything Nico,” Jyugo said apologetically. “This beach is man-made after all.”

“Ooh! Look Jyugo! I found something!” Nico suddenly exclaimed. He proudly held up the conch shell for the escape artist to see.

“Nice work! Let’s see if we can find some more.”


Jyugo was rather baffled that there were actually shells here, but he wasn’t going to question it. Musashi just watched over the two fondly and Seitarou was kind enough to provide a bucket for Nico to keep his treasures in.

“We’ll wash them up properly later. Then once they’re dry, we can find a nice jar or something for you to keep them in,” he told Nico kindly.**

“Thank you Seitarou! You’re so nice!”

Once they completed the impromptu treasure hunt and Nico had quite a nice stash, Mitsuru suggested a game of beach volleyball.

It was pure chaos.

Jyugo was hopeless and kept getting smashed in the face, so Musashi jumped in to save him.

Uno and Honey had a spat over who would be the best date for Kagu-8.

Nico started pestering Upa again.

Rock stopped paying attention because he was hungry.

Liang became irritated with Qi’s laziness, and delivered a hard kick to his backside, sending him crashing into Inori.

Hajime finally snapped because of all the ruckus.

“Knock it off, you damn punks!” He growled and delivered a swift whack to everyone’s head.

“You stupid gorilla! Don’t abuse my inmates!”

“You’re such a brute! How dare you tarnish their beautiful features!”

“Damn you, Hajime Sugoroku! No. 634 didn’t even do anything!”

“Shut the hell up! Quit your bitching and get control of your inmates!” Hajime roared back.

After everyone calmed down, Shiro appeared with refreshments and a platter of fruit. For once the apprentice chef wasn’t wearing his uniform and had instead opted to wear a pair of khaki pants, sandals and an unbuttoned red Hawaiian shirt.

“Yo, Shiro! How are you?” Rock greeted cheerfully and gave him a clap on the back. “This is a nice spread you got here. Thanks for your hard work.”

Shiro simply nodded and ambled over to a quiet spot, where he relaxed under an umbrella.

Because there was watermelon as part of the platter, the inmates ended up spraying each other with the seeds.

Except for Jyugo, who wore more seeds than he shot off because he sucked at it, and Musashi ended up helping him. The others were a bit indignant about this development, saying that it was cheating, but Nico thought it was exciting.

They were all left feeling very sticky and decided to wash off. Musashi and Uno kept a firm hold on Jyugo, so he didn’t sink.

Nico wanted to build a sandcastle and Jyugo said he would help.

“You’ll have to teach me how though,” he explained to Nico nervously.

“No problem! It’ll be fun Jyugo, so don’t worry!”

Rock and Liang did some training on the beach, under Samon’s supervision, and Upa was meditating nearby.

Musashi and Mitsuru went surfing. Yamato soon joined them, because he thought it looked like good training.

Kenshirou was very distracted by the Warden relaxing under the sun.

Houzuki and Seitarou were chatting and looking on, while Hitoshi threw a frisbee for the guard dogs.

Hajime was on lifeguard duty and Uno was tanning.

The Warden finally got a full view of Hajime, her heart started racing, she had stars in her eyes, and then Momoko swooned. Kenshirou just barely caught her, before she hit the sand.

“Oh, my beautiful Warden! Please speak to me!” He said urgently and began fanning her. “Damn you, Hajime Sugoroku!”

Honey and Trois tried to approach Kagu-8 once more and were quickly chased away by her angry parents. They were then scolded very harshly by Kiji and apologised to Kagu-8, Okina and Kazari for the trouble they caused.

Trois was able to soften Kazari up by praising the design of her wave generator, which was created especially for the man-made beach. She even agreed to show it to them personally and Honey soon lost track of the discussion thanks to all the technical jargon they were using.

“Hey Nico, I don’t think this is right,” Jyugo said staring at the misshapen mess that was supposed to be a sandcastle.

“Would you like some help?”

“Gyaaaah!! Dammit Tsukumo! Don’t do that!.... Wait, Tsukumo?! Where the hell did you come from?!” Jyugo exclaimed.

“Now Jyugo, a ninja never reveals his secrets,” he said sagely.

“Don’t give me that crap! You’re not even a real ninja!”

“How rude!”

Tsukumo was dressed in pink board shorts and it was really strange not seeing him in his ninja outfit.

In the end he did wind up assisting them with the sandcastle building and it became a towering structure.

“Don’t you think you guys are overdoing it a little?” Jyugo said, staring perplexed at the giant sandcastle.

“This is exciting! Don’t you think so Jyugo?” Nico said happily.

“No I don’t.”

“Aww, you’re no fun.”



Samon’s attention was drawn away from Rock and Liang, when he noticed that Inori and Qi were acting very suspiciously.

They were crouched down, backs towards everyone else and seemingly focused very intensely on something.

“What the hell are you guys up to?!” He questioned, looming over them.

“Ah, Supervisor!” Inori exclaimed and quickly tried to hide the thing they had been looking at. He ended up fumbling it and what appeared to be a bunch of photos scattered everywhere.

Not just any photos, they were all photos of the Warden, taken during their time at the beach.

“DAMMIT INORI!! NO. 71!! YOU FILTHY PERVERTS!” Samon screamed and delivered a powerful uppercut, sending them flying into the sky.

They almost fell on Rock and Liang, and the two fighters were not pleased with the interruption to their training session. Inori and Qi were promptly booted away.

Luck still wasn’t on their side and the two perverts were sent sailing, right towards the place where Upa was meditating.

Fed up with all the harassment he had endured, Upa promptly blasted them both down the other end of the beach.



Kazari was in the middle of explaining how to adjust the power output and control the size of the waves, when Honey interrupted.

“Hey! There’s something flying this way!” he said urgently.

“What is it Honey?” Trois asked perplexed.

“How should I know?!” Honey said impatiently.

They were suddenly aware of someone screaming.

“It’s a person!” Trois said in alarm.

“Never mind that, you fool! Get out of the way!” Honey said dragging both Trois and Kazari out of the line of fire.

Inori and Qi slammed into the wave generator with a loud crash.

“Huh? It was those guys?” Trois said in surprise.

Kazari quickly pushed past them and urgently started pressing buttons on the generator.


“Oh no, this is bad. Those idiots have caused the wave generator to overload! We have to get everyone out of here now!”

“Can’t you override it somehow?” Trois asked nervously.

“Don’t you think I would have done that already?!” Kazari snapped. “Come on, let’s go now!”

All three of them started running, with Honey and Trois dragging the two unconscious morons behind them.



Hajime was instantly on high alert as the seawater started drawing far out. He stood up in the lifeguard tower and began scanning the horizon. Something was wrong.

“What the hell?! There shouldn’t be any tide going out?” He said in bewilderment. In the next moment his eyes went wide. “Oh hell no! You have got to be kidding me!”.

He could see it coming now, a towering a wall of water.

The Building 13 Supervisor quickly got on the megaphone.

“Attention all personnel! There’s a tidal wave coming! Please evacuate the area!”



It happened way too fast. One moment Jyugo was admiring the finished masterpiece, along with Nico and Tsukumo, and the next thing he knew, there was a massive shadow being cast over everything.

He heard shouting, screaming and then it almost felt like he was being crushed. An enormous amount of pressure was exerted against his frail body and after that there was only darkness.



The wave generator had mercifully blown up as the tidal wave approached the shoreline and reduced the power behind it.

There wasn’t enough time to evacuate everyone, but many people made it to higher ground or found other means of safety.

Musashi, Mitsuru and Yamato were somehow able to ride the huge wave to shore.

Upa levitated himself out of the way and was yelling at Nico to release him. The green-haired inmate had apparently grabbed onto him and caught a lift.

Rock and Liang made it to higher ground and Samon had climbed up a tree.

Tsukumo was also up a tree.

Kazari, Dr Otogi and Kagu-8 were floating in an inflatable raft.

Houzuki used his power to get himself, Seitarou, Hitoshi and the dogs to safety.

Kiji used his chakrams to shield himself, Ahato, Honey and Trois from the brunt of it.

Hajime caught a ride with Mitsuru and Kenshirou managed to get himself and the Warden to higher ground.

Shiro was somehow still in the exact same place and totally unphased by everything.

Inori and Qi got washed up on the beach, still out cold.

Uno was half buried in the sand and crying about how it was going to ruin his hair.

“Quit your whining, you noisy punk!” Hajime growled at him.

Dr Otogi began attending to any injuries, starting with the two who were unconscious. Kagu-8 assisted her father in this endeavour, and Samon came over to make sure Inori and Qi were alright.

“They’re surprisingly fine,” Dr Otogi told him. “Just a few scrapes and bruises. I would still like to keep them in overnight though.”

“Has anyone seen Jyugo?” Musashi questioned urgently.

“Oh shoot! No, I haven’t!” Uno exclaimed. “He was right around here last I saw, near the sandcastle.”

“Dammit! Everyone start looking for him!” Hajime commanded.

They all started searching frantically.

“Come on Jyugo, you better be okay buddy!” Uno said, digging through the sand.

A hand suddenly popped out of the ground, reminiscent of the undead in every horror movie Uno had ever seen, and he released a loud shriek.


“That’s Jyugo, you dumbass!” Rock said exasperated.

The escape artist was completely buried under a mountain of sand, most likely the remains of the sandcastle. Rock and Musashi worked quickly to get him out.

“He’s not breathing,” Musashi said seriously. “I can feel a pulse though.”

He began giving Jyugo chest compressions and luckily it wasn’t long until their biggest troublemaker started gasping, choking and coughing up a lot of water.

“Musashi?” He rasped out.

“Hey kid. You’re alright now, just take it easy,” he said brushing wet bangs away from Jyugo’s face. “The doc’s coming to take a look at you.”

“Alright,” he said weakly.

Musashi remained with Jyugo, while he got looked over, and the others helped with the clean-up.

Kazari was ranting about idiots breaking her machines and started assessing the damage.

Hajime wandered over to confirm Jyugo’s condition.

“So, how is the troublemaker Okina?”

“I think he’ll be fine. But he did inhale a lot of water, as well as sand, so I would like to keep him in the infirmary overnight. There’s a slight chance of a lung infection occurring.”

“Geez kid, how do you manage to get in so much trouble?” Hajime said pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Guess I’m just that talented,” Jyugo snarked. He was starting to feel very sleepy.

“Come on runt, let’s get you to the infirmary,” Musashi said with a chuckle.

Hitoshi, Seitarou and the guard dogs accompanied Dr Otogi and Musashi, who was carrying Jyugo, to the infirmary.

Samon also left to take Inori and Qi to the infirmary, while Kagu-8 remained behind to finish patching up any minor injuries.

Kenshirou said he would write up the incident report and escorted the Warden back to her office, since she was still feeling woozy. She kept passing out every time Hajime came into view.

Once the clean up was finished, they all dispersed to their respective buildings and Hajime went to see how Jyugo was going.



“Man, what a bummer. I was really looking forward to the beach day,” Uno groaned and sprawled out on the tatami mats.

They were all back in the cell and waiting for news about Jyugo.

“It was so exciting though! And I got to float! So cool!” Nico exclaimed.

“Nico’s right. It was a pretty good day, right up until the end at least,” Rock said grinning.

They were allowed to visit Jyugo after dinner and his outlook was very positive. The doc was administering a course of antibiotics to be on the safe side and the escape artist was resting quite peacefully. Relieved to know that their friend was okay, they soon bid him a quiet goodnight and returned to the cell.



Later that night, as Mitsuru was leaving the broadcasting department to make his way home, he was ambushed by four shadows.

“I do believe it’s time we made you disappear,” came a sinister tone.

“Yes let’s,” was the response from another of the shadows.

“Come on guys, what happened with the wave generator wasn’t my fault. Can’t we talk this over?”

“No!” chorused all four voices.

The sound of Mitsuru’s screams echoed throughout the halls of Nanba Prison.

The next day, the main topic of conversation was about the fact that Mitsuru was found beaten and strung up in the main courtyard, wearing only a mankini.


*For anyone who’s wondering, the photos Mitsuru used to blackmail Hajime, were his baby photos XD

**Also, Nico's seashells did survive the chaos and were rescued by Seitarou. They are now proudly displayed in cell 13 :3