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Jungkook and his partner Jin run a magical inventions shop, J&J’s Jeverything (Jin would not budge on the name) in the middle of the city. They’re most known for their unique and out of the box creations. Anything from seasoning that will make you see flavors to bookmarks that change color depending on the next scene.

Everyone knows them to have a wide variety of inventions and people pay good money to be kept on their announcement list because no one ever knows what will come next.

And according to Jin, with any great novelty store, sex toys is a must. Whether they’re used as gag gifts or not is only for their customers to know. Sometimes Jungkook likes to theorize though.

“There’s literally no way they’re going to actually use a dildo that puts you to sleep. It’s supposed to be a joke on their partner’s stroke game hyung!” Jungkook looks at Jin in exasperation after the customer is long out of the shop.

“Jungkook, they’re a nymph this is probably their version of sleepy time tea.” Jin says but then he smirks, “Besides, little one, you said it was one of the best night’s sleep you had when I used it on you.”

Blushing Jungkook turns away and tries to hide his face. Jin loves making him blush and causing all the inscriptions inked on his skin to glow faintly as well.

Jungkook knows that whether the shop is open or not there’s no hiding away from Jin’s teasing. And Jungkook won’t ever tell but he loves when Jin does it when the shop is full. Loves being the center of Jin’s attention no matter what. He’s always been that way.



Jungkook met Jin first as rival shop owners when they both tried to compete to sell their creations. Jin had a great reputation already in place but Jungkook with his skills was gaining one quickly as well.

He remembers meeting his hyung for the first time and being so flustered at Jin’s appearance that he simply blurted out, “Lips.”

The taller older male simply smirked at Jungkook as if he could read his thoughts. Which wouldn’t be so hard to do if Jungkook hadn’t just said exactly what was on his mind.

Afterwards he became so flustered he self-declared their rivalry and stomped away.

Jin remembers fondly looking at the flustered wide eyed boy, and throughout the months he’d gain a deep respect for the cute newcomer. But no matter how cute the younger was he slowly became a pain in the ass for his business.

Every time Jungkook succeeded over Jin he’d come over to Jin’s shop to gloat like the little brat he is. It wasn’t until one night, when Jungkook was showing off his latest creation, that their relationship took a turn.

Jin was in his shop trying to perfect a medicinal herb for flu season when Jungkook barged in. The brat doesn’t know the definition of knocking.

“Yah! I swear I’m going to cast an anti-Jungkook spell if you keep trying to break into my store like this!”

Jungkook ignores him and prances over to the counter Jin is standing at, looking as handsome as always in his suits, but that’s a thought he’s ignoring as well.

“My customers all week seem to love my new medical vines, Seokjin-ssi. I bet you’re just dying to know how they work.”

And even though he’s here to boast, Jin can see in the younger’s eyes the search for approval as he waits for Jin to answer.

“Well show me, little one,” Jin says in the soft tone reserved for Jungkook when no one else is in the shop. Jin tells himself that he calls Jungkook that to annoy him and nothing deeper, but these past few months Jin isn’t quite sure. The answering blush Jungkook makes gives Jin a different kind of satisfaction than it used to.

“I told you to stop calling me that,” Jungkook retorts, fighting the warmth he knows must be coloring his cheeks.

“I will when you stop liking it so much,” Jin smiles. “Now show me this oh so amazing invention that’s surely going to steal all my customers away this time.”

Avoiding the growing tension Jungkook lowers the collar of his shirt and shows a tiny vine that’s hugging onto him.

“See this, all of these vines wrap around you and detect if you’re feeling internally unwell somewhere… though I haven’t quite figured out yet how to make them respond to anything besides detection,” Jungkook explains, eyes bright with pride in his work.

Jin walks towards Jungkook and stands in front of him. He grabs the bottom hem of Jungkook’s shirt and asks, “Can I?”

Jungkook simply nods and realizes, a little too late, how embarrassing this actually is.

Jin lifts Jungkook’s shirt and is trying to focus on the vines that are indeed glowing a vibrant green which he assumes means Jungkook is well. But the inscriptions covering Jungkook’s toned stomach and chest distract him.

“Why don’t you have any vines on your chest? There are many illnesses that can be detected there as well. Or is this a fault in the ever perfect golden witch baby?”

Not thinking about it, Jin bundles the shirt in one hand in front of him and uses the other to place some vines on Jungkook’s chest.

He was definitely not expecting the sharp intake of breath and low moan that followed after.

Surprised Jin meets Jungkook’s wide eyes as he stutters out a “I-I’m-”

Intrigued, Jin does it again and gets the same reaction from Jungkook.

Hyung...please Jungkook looking on the verge of tears, and Jin feels terrible at how badly he must have miscalculated the situation. Jungkook has never called him hyung before.

Just as he pulls away Jungkook grabs onto his shoulders and Jin sees the younger squeeze his eyes shut and pulls them in for a bruising kiss. Just a simple but forceful meeting of lips and then he pulls away shyly, “Please, don’t stop...”

And that was all the permission Jin needed to place Jungkook on the counter and take him right then and there, his inscriptions and vines glowing brightly in the shop.

Jungkook remembers holding onto his hyung’s stupidly broad shoulders as he gets the speech fucked out of him, mad at himself that they could’ve had this all along.

After they both reach their peaks with whispered confessions of how long they’ve been wanting this, they have a talk. About them, about their shops.

They decide to merge their businesses much to the delight of their customers, who Jungkook has a suspicion were secretly rooting for them the whole time.



Needless to say their joining brought in more customers. Jin claims he’s the one who brings them all in with his magically handsome face. And ever since they released an ad for one of their multitasking mobile tools they’ve had enough revenue to experiment with something Jin has been waiting on.

“Imagine! Mirrored underwear, Kookie! If people think remote controlled vibrators are good what will they think when you can open a mirrored portal and physically touch your partner as well. The possibilities are endless!”

This is something Jungkook has been hearing for a while now but acquiring a spell to make the mirror flexible and safe and comfortable costs quite a lot of money on resources. But they finally did it.


Today, Jungkook is tending some plants on the shelves when Jin comes up behind him. Jungkook had added an inscription to both of them so that they can feel each other’s emotions when touching.

So when Jin wraps an arm around Jungkook’s waist he’s wondering what has him so excited right now. And the type of excitement that’s usually left for after shop hours when they’re home alone not knowing where one of them ends and the other begins…

Jungkook’s thoughts are interrupted when Jin leans down and whispers, “I think we should do testing today, little one,” and now Jungkook fully understands the reasons behind Jin’s emotions.

Testing day is when Jin and Jungkook try out their new finished product before putting them up for sale. Sometimes this leads to funny realizations about a creation, such as the time Jungkook sprouted bunny ears from a candy that's supposed to show how others truly view you.

But other times, like today, it’s when they test out their sexual inventions and Jungkook won’t deny these days are his favorite. Especially with his hyung pressed against his back, hovering over him and gently kissing the back of his ear.

“So what do you say… want to test out our latest piece?” Jin asks with Jungkook’s ear between his teeth.

And that’s when Jungkook remembers something, something he forgot. “Oh no… I think I left the mirrored underwear at the Elm workshop,” Jungkook sighs out.

Normally this would be no problem and one of them would just teleport and get it. But their workshop in the forest is outside of city limits and teleporting through security costs more energy than either of them want to use during a testing day.

Jin gives out a squeaky laugh that lightens the tension, “You mean our golden witch baby actually forgot something?? Impossible!”

“Well we can wait until next week when we have a free day again, it’s no problem Kook,” says Jin smiling at Jungkook’s back, pout evident even from behind.

“I want to do it though… I’ve been waiting hyung,” Jungkook mutters.

So Jungkook volunteers himself for the roughly hour long bus ride out of the city and into their woodland workshop. He was the one who forgot it after all. And Jin sends him off with a kiss and a promise to make it the best testing day ever.



The way there passes by pretty fast. Jungkook just gazes out the window and watches as the city sparses out and becomes forest.

Jungkook loves their workshop out here because he always comes across all the cute creatures that inhabit the area. Jin sometimes jokes that Jungkook belongs out here as well with his Bambi eyes and cute smile.

He giggles at the thought and walks to the workshop to grab the mirrored underwear. As he enters their place he decides he might as well change into them now as well because he didn’t bring anything to carry with him and he doesn’t want to just hold underwear the whole way back.

So he leaves the pair he was wearing already there and changes into the invention they’ll be testing today. He makes his way back to the bus stop waiting for the next one to arrive in roughly ten minutes and decides to send Jin a text.

Jinnie hyung, I’m about to be on the bus back! Decided to just wear the underwear and so far they feel quite good, I think we’ve got it this time!

The bus approaches and Jungkook boards and takes his favorite seat in the back where he can spread himself out without worry.

All of a sudden he gets a screen projection call from Jin. The shop must be closed by now, Jungkook muses.

Excited that his hyung has time to keep him company on the way back he projects the screen in front of him. He makes sure the privacy settings are on to hide the screen and audio from others, so he doesn’t disturb anyone on the bus.

“Hello?” Jungkook asks happily when he see Jin projected in the the large screen projection in front of him. He stretched the screen to the floor so that he can fully see his hyung in front of him.

Jin is still in his all black suit from earlier today and sitting in a chair in one of their back rooms. He’s also holding a disc in his hand that looks like a shiny CD. Beside him stands a long rectangular object that’s covered up with a tarp.

“So you’re wearing them right now?” Jin asks in an uncharacteristically serious voice, hands caressing the disc he’s holding.

Jungkook, nervous that he miscalculated something, goes on to explain, “I didn’t just want to leave holding a pair of underwear? Your fault for not giving me something to carry them in! They’ve been tested well enough and I wouldn’t wear them if I didn’t—”

With a leap out of his seat Jungkook yelps. Everyone on the bus turns, looking at him strangely, wondering if there’s anything to be worried about. But that’s what Jungkook is wondering too.

Out of nowhere he felt something graze him from the seat and he may have magic powers but he’s not about to deal with some creepy crawly biting him. Seeing that he’s not in immediate danger everyone resumes what they were doing. Just as Jungkook leans down to check the seat he hears Jin speaking again over the telecom.

“Did you feel it?”

Jungkook snaps his eyes back to the screen and sees Jin looking at him with a calculating expression. Jungkook sees that the shiny CD is actually the disc part of this experiment that Jin was working on. This disc is what connects to the underwear Jungkook is currently wearing.

“I asked you a question Jungkook. Don’t keep me waiting during testing. You know better.”

Thankful that only he can see the screen projection in front of him with Jin in it, Jungkook sits back down with a way too loud noise of affirmation. His heart is racing with excitement and embarrassment but a glance at the few people on the bus show that they seem to not pay him any attention now. Probably think he’s just naturally loud due to earlier.

“Use your words baby,” Jin reminds him softly, always wanting to make sure that they’re on the same page.

“Y-yes Seokjin hyung, I felt something at least,” Jungkook answers, voice quiet, hoping no creature around him has super hearing as well.

“That’s my good boy. You love when we do testing don’t you. Most people will probably want to use this in public. We have to make sure our customers are satisfied don’t we Kookie?”

Now that Jungkook has verbalized his consent to Jin he knows he’s allowed to just nod again, so he does. Jin takes the disc and puts in on his lap and starts caressing it. Jungkook can see that his fingers disappear as they dip into the disc.

And he starts to feel what he now recognizes as Jin’s fingers lightly touching him from below. He’s amazed by how natural it feels. As if he was sitting in Jin’s lap instead of a seat in the bus.

“Phase one is to see if anything other than my hands can transfer to you as well. I want to make sure this is a completely open portal.” As he says this Jungkook sees Jin pull out Jungkook’s favorite lube, the one that has a vibration enchantment where the more you add the harder it vibrates.

Jin warms some up between his fingers and dips back into the disc again. Jungkook breathes in sharply when Jin finds his rim and starts circling it with the lube.

“Feel it, Jungkookie?”

Jungkook nods hoping that his hyung isn’t planning on teasing him too long. Thankfully, Jin starts slipping in a finger right after and Jungkook begins to feel the lube vibrate inside of him.

Slowly Jin opens him up right there on the bus seat and Jungkook can feel every inch of his fingers inside, plus the gentle vibration from the lube and he hopes he’s staying as quiet as he thinks.

His mind is reaching that nice fuzzy point when Jin speaks again, “Tell me how it feels, knowing you’re sitting on a bus with other people while getting your pretty hole filledl with my fingers?”

Jungkook doesn’t know how to answer this as Jin, aware of their time limit, is already three fingers deep within him and he’s worried if he opens his mouth everyone will hear him moan.

Jin suddenly stops and Jungkook tries to hold back a plea. “Hmm it seems you’re having some difficulty describing the sensation, maybe looking at the process will help you more.”

Jin reveals the object next to him. It’s a long, standing mirror and Jungkook gasps as he sees himself flushed and wide eyed. He quickly looks away to Jin, feels his pants start to get wet from the precum he’s leaking. Jin must’ve known that Jungkook would react this way, he always knows.

It might not be something he admits out loud but Jungkook loves that during testing day his usually cheerful and silly hyung takes on a much more serious and controlling persona. Loves the calculating looks he gives Jungkook as the experiments they test send him flying into pleasure.

“Jinnie, I-”

“Don’t look away Jungkook, we need accurate descriptions if we’re going to move onto the next phase.”

Jungkook’s heart rate increases at the thought of there being more than this right now. Sees the excitement in his own eyes as he returns his gaze to the mirror.

He takes in one last long look at Jin sitting in his chair. The suit he’s wearing stretched over his broad frame, covering up the body that Jungkook has sunk his teeth into many times. Then he gazes at Jin’s hands, those unique fingers glistening from the lube in the soft light from the back room.

Finally, he turns his gaze back to himself. Didn’t even realize until he sees his reflection that he’s holding onto the edge of the seat and subtly grinding his hips down. An attempt he’d usually use to show Jin he wants more. But now when he grinds down all he feels is the cool mirror and the seat.

Even if Jin can’t feel him on his lap he still knows what Jungkook wants, and so he gives him his fingers again.

Jungkook is so engrossed in his own lewd image, turtleneck sweater getting hotter by the minute as he gazes on his own dazed face, cheeks flushed and mouth slightly opened that he doesn’t hear Jin shift around.

But he’s able to see the own surprise in his eyes when he feels something that certainly not Jin’s fingers start prodding at him.

“That’s right Jungkookie, it’s just me, going to fill you up right here and show everyone what a good tester you are. Always eager to perform well hm?”

And even though Jungkook knows no one else can hear Jin, he can still see how his own cheeks glow even more red with embarrassment, and if he admits it to himself, a lot of excitement as well.

He’s thankful for the long sweater that’s covering up his now fully hard cock and glowing tattoos. Wants to touch himself so badly but that would be very obvious in public. But being trapped in his pants is starting to put too much uncomfortable pressure on him.

“W-wait, Jinnie, it hurts,” Jungkook whimpers out quietly looking back towards Jin. He gets momentarily distracted from the uncomfortable feeling when he sees Jin sitting there, thick cock fully out on display with the disc hovering over it. If he starts drooling on this bus he’ll never be able to set foot in public again.

He hears Jin speaking to him but doesn’t want to look away from what he wants. Even tries reaching out for it before he remembers it’s just a screen.

“What’s wrong, baby? You remember your safe word right?” Jin asks, love in his tone. And call Jungkook twisted but he gets even harder hearing Jin’s loving concern.

“It’s just– my pants,” Jungkook bites out trying not to say too much out loud just in case. But it seems his hyung understands by the smirk on his face.

“Is my little one’s cock making his pants get all tight huh? Got all hard by being touched in public? Tsk tsk. Well, take it out then,” Jin’s voice leaves no room for argument.

“No one will see with it under your sweater. I want to make sure that when we’re done you have the reminder of it on you until you get home. Want to do a thorough testing.”

Jin is touching him again and Jungkook can feel through their bond the excitement they share. This makes him brave enough to slowly move one of his hands under his sweater and into his jeans. He tries not to let out a moan when the relief of touching himself and pulling out his cock is so pleasing.

He brings his eyes back to himself in the mirror, can see the slight outline of his cock under his sweater but nothing obvious.

“My little one listens so well doesn’t he. Now keep your eyes on the mirror, I don’t want you missing anything,” his hyung’s voice would sound more teasing if it wasn’t for the slight strain in his voice from knowing Jungkook was sitting there cock out in public.

The thing is this is just as much torture for Jin as it is for Jungkook. It’s hard not being able to reach out and caress his baby when he whines so prettily and begs with his eyes. But the excitement of it all keeps him going forward.

Damn, Jin just wants to throw him down and fuck into him like he usually would. But the blush adorning Jungkook’s cheeks travels down to his covered neck right now due to the guilty mix of embarrassment and excitement and Jin has never seen a sight so pretty.

So he slams the disc down on his own cock. Thoughts fly away from Jungkook as all he can do is receive what Jin gives him. He’s vaguely aware that it’s in fact him that looks wide eyed and flushed in the mirror.

Jungkook was worried that once Jin finally started fucking him that he wouldn’t be able to keep quiet but the sudden intrusion has him speechless, open mouthed and almost drooling with the pleasure of being filled so fully. His hands fly to his jeans pressing down on his thighs to ground himself as he feels the whines get stuck in his throat.

Jin takes advantage of Jungkook’s silent screaming to really start thrusting into him. The tight wet heat threatening to consume him all too quickly. But he recognizes the area outside of the window and knows the bus will be at their stop soon. But first, he wants them to come once before his little one returns for the rest of testing day.

With this thought in mind Jin starts a relentless pace with nothing but the intent of getting them to their highs as quickly as possible.

Being able to do nothing but hang on for the literal ride, Jungkook sees his face scrunch up and the whines in his throat begin to escape. He tries to continue looking at himself in the mirror but all he sees is a mess of a person… he doesn’t know when he started crying or if others can see how much his chest is rising and falling but it’s all he can do to keep from outright sobbing from pleasure.

Part of him also wants to cry harder because it’s so strange to feel only Jin’s cock and nothing else. No hands caressing him or teasing his nipples. Jin’s pretty, unique fingers wrapping around Jungkook’s cock and stroking it just right. It’s like he’s riding a dildo in public for shameless pleasure.

Jungkook can feel Jin so deep due to the disc being able to go down his cock effortlessly. He can see his own cock jumping a bit in the sweater due to the force of Jin’s thrusts, and feels the fabric teasingly rub him.

“It’s—d-deep,” Jungkook gasps out quietly in between thrusts. His knuckles have turned white with how hard he’s grabbing his own thighs, trying to seem composed when he feels far from it. He can’t help but let out short sharp ah, ah, ahs from Jin’s relentless pounding.

“Yeah baby? Can feel me filling you up? I swear you were meant just for me. Fate was smiling on me when she sent such a pretty fuck toy to my shop that day.”

Jungkook lets out a small whine at that. Loves when Jin talks to him like this. His hyung knows when Jungkook needs to hear something to just let go and let himself feel good. He’s starting to pant now as Jin’s thrusts get harder, he feels so close.

Jin knows Jungkook just needs an extra push to come untouched so he pulls completely out, much to Jungkook’s displeasure who gives out his loudest whine yet and looks over to Jin with glazed eyes and pouty lips.

Jungkook can’t even feel bad for disobeying Jin when he’s rewarded with the vision of Jin’s cock glistening and so hard it looks red. Jin seemed to be biting his own lips based on how swollen they look right now and Jungkook knows he likes to do that sometimes to hear Jungkook’s own moans better.

He’s never felt more touch starved than in this moment when he sees his hyung sitting right in front of him but unable to reach out. His gorgeous hyung in his gorgeous suit better put his gorgeous cock back into him, Jungkook thinks.

Before Jungkook can start saying anything Jin has poured the vibrating lube down his cock, hissing at the sensation and pressed the disc all the way down till it was meeting his pelvis.

The effect is instantaneous as Jungkook is filled again but this time with the constant vibration making his brain literally shut off. All he knows and feels is Jin and Jin’s cock moving inside him.

“I. Said. Don’t. Look. Away.” Jin enunciates each word with a harsh thrust. Jungkook wants to get lost in Jin’s dark gaze but he’s good and follows the rules. So he turns back to the mirror.

Shortly after Jungkook looks back into the mirror he sees himself coming undone. The vibrations coupled together with Jin’s punishing pace being too much for Jungkook to handle at once. He feels his belly get coated in sticky warmth and barely recognizes the writhing crying mess of a person on this bus seat. He tries his best to keep his eyes open like he knows Jin would want him to.

Seeing Jungkook come and knowing that he painted the inside of his sweater white is what pushes Jin over the edge. He feels like he’ll never stop coming inside of Jungkook’s heat but they don’t have much time to relax as the bus starts slowing down and Jungkook’s stop is announced.

As soon as the bus halts, Jungkook gathers himself and jumps up with weak legs and sprints out the door. He can feel the cum inside his sweater starting to leak down into his pants. Making a dash for their shop, all Jungkook wants to do is feel Jin in his arms.

“Jinnie! Hyungie!” Jungkook yells breathlessly as he rushes into their shop. Jin is already there for him, having apparently run out from the back room. Panting, he grabs Jungkook and pulls him in for a deep kiss. Feels his plump lips threatening to swallow Jungkook whole.

Jungkook loved what they did on the bus but feeling Jin physically always has his inscriptions glowing the brightest. Loves seeing his hyung’s dark hair fall over his perfect face as he pulls back to look into Jungkook’s eyes with unconditional love.

Trying to catch their breaths, Jin starts kissing all over Jungkook’s face, praising him. “My perfect little witch did so well, testing our product out so wonderfully. I love you so much little one.” Jungkook preens under the care and attention. Bunny teeth coming out in his smile.

“Love you too hyung,” Jungkook says as he snuggles into his boyfriend’s arms, “especially when your ridiculous ideas turn out well.” He giggles as Jin lets out a classic “Yah!”

But just before Jungkook can tease him further Jin rubs his hands under Jungkook’s sweater. Smearing the cum onto his abs even more.

“How about for the next phase we see what happens when you’re wearing the underwear and using the disc,” Jin’s eyes sharpen with heated excitement and anticipation.

Oh yes, Jungkook absolutely loves testing day.