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Waiting for Control

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Peter knew what it was like to lose control of his body.

When the Symbiote and he had been “one,” it had the ability to take over. It moved Peter’s limbs and spoke with his lips. The Symbiote had total control and Peter had been a puppet in his own body, feeling the odd tug of each limb while another force moved him.

But he’d also been present for each movement.

Peter had been aware when the Symbiote had control.

The pull of the witch had come in flashes of black as her soul fought to take control of Peter’s body after the “Heartmate” ceremony. He’d struggled to keep in the forefront, but the magic got the better of him.

And it dumped Peter into the back.

Headmistress Soo gave him the barest apology before Peter’s world disappeared into nothing.

It wasn’t the back of his mind he’d experienced when talking with the symbiote face to face in his head. Peter wasn’t floating. He wasn’t drowning. He didn’t even feel like he was in his own head. It wasn’t…a space at all.

He was nothing.

Peter didn’t know what his body was doing.

He didn’t know what Deadpool was doing.

Peter couldn’t fight.

Couldn’t struggle.

Couldn’t breathe.

Peter could only trust that someone would rip Headmistress Soo out from his body.

Until then, he could only wait.