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yeah I knew you'd always stay (with me)

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The place is dimly lit.


An array of beverages welcome Jungkook in a spotlight along the shelf behind the bar. Satisfied, he pulls out a stool and settles down on it, straightening his dress pants right after. The boy smiles at the bartender who bows in response, walking off to the storage room behind the doors.


It’s pretty, just as Jungkook had ordered it to be.


A relieved smile etches his face once he notices the beautiful decor placed in every corner. Beautiful black leather chairs covered in gold lining surround the bar, as well as black-tinted glass tables. The shimmering furniture correlates with the cutlery and assortment of beverages to create a scenic vibe to the place, and it was all Jungkook’s idea.


He made sure nothing went wrong this time. If the pesky humans had decided to disobey his order once again—specifically requesting gold lining and not silver —they’d never see the light of day. Though he had a feeling they wouldn’t dream of forgetting when he almost choked the human who’d previously made that mistake.


What a wonderful setting for such a wonderful location, he thinks. If only the Kims could see this. The land which was once theirs, now created into a beautiful bar where the Jeons family and their inner circle come to hang out and discuss all things success.


The bar itself was a consequence of a successful moment in their lives, the day they’d won the large war against the Kims. Jungkook smiles at the thought. His father was the one to tell him the story, he’d been a part of the war long ago. A whole lot of bloodshed, hatred and history was created on this land.


It was similar to junk before Jungkook got his creative hands on it, this was the outcome. He believes that it’s another beautiful success.


The young vampire scoffs as he lifts the stray glass of bourbon on the glass table of the bar. He brings the drink to his lips, parting them, but only caressing the brim of it against his lips.


He’d really love to wave this success in Kim Taehyung’s face, the son of the Kims family head. The same man who competes with him in every way, Jungkook’s direct rival when it came to battles between the two families.


Perhaps Taehyung would quirk his eyebrows, it’s something he’s known to do. Perhaps he’d make that god-sculpted face where he clenches his jaw in anger, creating a demeanour oh-so-mesmerizing that has Jungkook drooling and—


Shit. He’s getting lost in those thoughts again. The young vampire shakes his head to leave the trance, finally sipping the glass of bourbon he’d settled between his lips. He’s been doing that a little too much these days, imagining Taehyung in more ways than one. More ways than he wishes to.


There is only one way he wishes to see Taehyung. And it comes with a whole lot of frustration, stubbornness and pride.


Ah yes, pride. Jungkook indefinitely believes his pride is not to be tarnished by a mere son of the Kim’s Family. The same family that wishes nothing more than to behead his father for reasons he’s yet to experience first-hand. Taehyung has a similar mindset.


Nevertheless, rivals are what the two vampires have labelled their relationship. Nothing more—nor less—than that. The breathless once-in-a-lifetime moments between the walls of their bedrooms are unspoken of for the time being.


And yet on sleepless nights, when the moon shines remarkably brighter, Jungkook finds himself wishing for it to be more. He rinses himself off with a face of disgust at the crack of sunrise that exact day.


Because even if Taehyung is undeniably handsome, beautiful and quite probably sculpted to meet the attractiveness of an angel and devil combined, he’s Jungkook’s rival. Therefore, he’ll leave the intimacy and lewd thoughts to stay inside the bedroom.


Jungkook purses his sweet-tasting lips and places his elbows on the counter in front of him. The air in the bar grows a little warmer than before, he’s unsure why—until he feels the presence of another being behind him.


The young vampire sighs. Quite convenient for him that the one person he’d hoped to avoid today decided to pay him another visit.


“Kim Taehyung.”


Jungkook can feel the elder vampire’s daring eyes drill holes in the back of his head, his own mouth possibly curved into a smirk.


“Jeon Jungkook, what a wonderful setup you’ve created on our land. I almost decided not to take it back tonight.”


The boy rolls his eyes.


“And here I was believing you joined me for something a little different than bloodshed.”


Taehyung hums, deep.


“Are you willing to?”


The corners of Jungkook’s mouth quirk up the slightest bit at his retort. The action could be a hint, a quiet secret giving away everything locked in his mind, though he’d rather put a stake through his heart than show his true emotions to Kim Taehyung, even if he’s done so against his will once or twice before.


It’s the exact reason behind his evident refusal to face the man, even though he’s been taught consistently never to bare your back to an enemy. Inevitably, Jungkook has decided never to submit to those rules. Perhaps he’s biased to allow only his trust to be foreseen, biased to one man only, of course.


“Now, what fun would it be if I were to tell you, Your Highness?”


Another amused grin cracks on his face at the lack of response. But the sudden silence between them feels relieving, refreshingly so. Whenever the vampires meet, they toss irrelevant statements back and forth as if they are in the middle of a judge’s court, fighting for nothing but their own pride. Taehyung seems rather quieter today, so Jungkook continues.


“Besides, shouldn’t you be aware of my answer?”


When he finally spins on his chair, he’s pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous look on the elder vampire’s face. Jaw tense as he sips from an expensive glass of whiskey, deep-set eyes trained on Jungkook’s over the brim.


But Jungkook’s line of sight can only drop to the curl of the man’s fingers, the way they wrap around the glass so beautifully, decorated with rings and encrusted gems that he’s unable to recognize the names of—yet they look so dashing against the man’s honey-coloured skin. And his attire, a simple black suit and tie that he seems to pull off effortlessly.


He’s standing in the middle of Jungkook’s bar, though from the way he stands, a hand pushed into his pocket, it seems like he owns the entire world. Dominates above it.


The young vampire’s heartbeat begins to quicken, promptly pounding against his chest that he’s sure Taehyung is able to hear from where he stands a meter away.


He’s unfortunately correct—confirms it when Taehyung’s sharp, attractive eyebrow quirks up to hide under the curls of his long hair, the action he’s bound to do in situations that interest him. He tips the last bit of his drink down, another sight of which Jungkook shamelessly watches, the bob of his throat being too attractive to ignore.


These are the kind of moments where the younger vampire reminisces the sleepless nights in his bedroom. The nights where he’s left with nothing but his own thoughts that only trail behind a certain black-haired male. The nights that are bound to stay a secret for as long as he deems possible.


However, he knows that the elder vampire is well aware of those sleepless nights. The boy can’t help but utter the quiet truth out himself during the times he and Taehyung share a bed.


It is as if he’s pulled to do so, placed in a position of which nothing but the truth spills from his lips. Kim Taehyung is the only person to do such a thing to him.


What he means—when he screams them out as jumbled words along with a series of moans and Taehyung’s name—the elder vampire shall never know for as long as he lives. And seeing the immortal life ahead of him, Jungkook believes it won’t be a while.


“I believe you’re right, pet.”


The younger vampire quietly mewls on the inside, basking in the warmth of the word. However, he still refuses to show it. Refuses to allow Taehyung to see how immensely it seems to affect him. He grips the seat underneath him until his tense knuckles turn a shade of white.




“But.” Taehyung approaches the unintelligible boy, a little sway to his hips that seem to correlate with the music of the empty bar perfectly.


It’s on purpose, Jungkook is aware, because the man is suddenly right in front of him, leaning closer to place his glass on the counter behind the younger.


His stoic face stays undeniably close as if it were a bland action with no meaning, even though he would’ve been able to carry the glass over with his mind only. And yet, the sudden action has Jungkook's insides melting into mush, his loud heartbeat becoming fervent in addition.


“I’m feeling quite neglected, love. Are you getting this worked up by me already?”


The environment is burning now, that much Jungkook knows. There seems to be no way to leave the forming heat of the moment, and it seems he doesn’t find himself wanting to.


Does he ever, really? The rich smell of Taehyung's boiling blood, an enthralling freshness, as well as the dominant gaze that he lays upon the younger vampire. It seems to pin him down wherever he is, force him to agree to his place as the lesser of the two.


Just a moment ago, the boy would refuse to submit that easily. He had done nothing . Taehyung had done nothing but stand there and claim his position, and yet, Jungkook was willingly swooning into submission.


“Of course, Your Highness.” Inadequately so, he should add, because the strain against his dress pants seems to only push tighter. What a perfect environment to allow yourself to submit to needy thoughts, Jungkook thinks to himself. Though at this point, it seems the bar has disappeared, only Taehyung occupying the boy’s mind.


And he’s really just letting ravenous words roll off his tongue this easily. The section of his conflicted brain that reminds him of his father’s words time and time again has now met him. The same part of his head he easily disregards once he feels Taehyung’s soft, beautiful fingers lift his chin up so that he’s forced to stare into his alluring gaze.




The boy is only left to swallow hard, mouth parting to allow the few puffs of air he feels he’s being constricted from at the proximity of Taehyung’s mouth and his own. The single word causes him to squirm in his seat, the hands he promised to keep still throughout the conversation are now begging to touch, to feel Taehyung back.


Though he knows he can’t. Not until Taehyung orders him to.


The vampire’s intrigued eyebrow lifts up again, noting Jungkook’s reaction. “Is that how you wish to be referred to tonight? As good ?” The boy nods his head, eyes never leaving the elder vampire’s, even if his response becomes as enthusiastic as his desire.


The moment the sinful man chuckles deep enough for it to vibrate through his soul, Jungkook melts entirely into captivity. Melts into the hands of Kim Taehyung once again as if it were to happen whenever the latter pleased. Melts into complete submission .


Just a moment ago, he decided never to speak a word below the arrogant male. Decided never to be told off by the gorgeous mouth of Kim Taehyung, just as his father had expected him to.


Now look at yourself. He thinks, but he knows it is not his own words. How weak, letting yourself fall to your knees like that once again.


He supposes he should’ve predicted these thoughts as well, seeing as this is all occurring in the middle of a location that borders complete irony. His own bar, owned by his family as a victory treat for defeating the Kims family. A symbol of high superiority, while Jungkook looks into the hungry eyes of a man who’s assigned him as an inferior in the best possible way.


“I’ll treat you well for that, pet.”


And that’s the exact reason for Jungkook’s completely negligent behaviour.

❝ ❞



The way Jungkook is slammed to the mattress of the bed is somewhat animalistic, happens just as hastily as when the vampire is crawling over him. His dress coat has already been discarded somewhere in the bar’s private bedroom, the only thing on his mind being Taehyung’s hot mouth breathing against the side of his neck. His burning hands softly and slowly trailing the underside of his shirt, brushing over his ribcage gently all while pulling the hem upwards.


Jungkook’s throat feels constricted as a tongue licks over it, stomach fluttering when Taehyung's fleeting touch leaves a tingling feeling on every patch of his skin. His arms are left limp, only resting beside his head in curled fists. The more he attempts to lift them, the more he deems he’s unable to. Not unless Taehyung has commanded him to do so, can he move an inch of his body.


The elder’s hand is suddenly trapped under Jungkook’s dress shirt, stopping him from feeling higher. It makes him growl frustratingly.


He tears the delicate fabric apart precipitously, buttons flying elsewhere until he’s attacking the boy’s skin once again. Harsher, like he’s meant to do nothing more, meant to only be here, with Jungkook, worshipping every piece of him that he can.


And the younger vampire is left to lay there and endure , to allow the male to do anything he pleases to his skin, to his body. Outside of the bedroom, people cower before Jungkook, their heads tilting down the moment he walks by. In the bedroom, he’s an open book to Kim Taehyung and Kim Taehyung only. Though he doesn’t mind it for a second, instead, he grins amusingly at the thought of what his prim and pristine parents might think of this situation.


Their son, a man of honour who plays the role of a dominant male so effortlessly, laying here in the enemy’s bed with his clothes torn to bits and skin covered in delicious bruises. Completely docile... to the enemy . He’s almost proud to remain under Taehyung’s grasp.


It’s hot, insatiable. Puts Jungkook in a dire need of want and nothing more.


Very good boy.” Taehyung seems completely satisfied with Jungkook’s pliant form, making him whimper as the elder continues kissing down his toned stomach, reaching the hem of his suit pants.


Their quiet breaths and kisses are the only things heard in the silent bedroom, along with the rustling of clothing and bedsheets. But Jungkook can make out the light hum of music reaching the room from outside, assuming the bar has now officially opened to the public. He’d advised the bartender to turn on a “hot” song before inviting in his family, just for the extra experience.


The music is definitely hot—flammable and hot. Enough to light a torch in both the vampire’s bodies in addition to their previously held desire. And once Taehyung’s finished stripping himself while marking the insides of the younger’s bare thighs, he leans up to bite at his ear.


“I want you to spread your pretty legs nice and wide for me, lay there like the good boy you are and take everything I give you, understand?”


Of course Jungkook does. He always does, always does and always will. The only thing his disoriented headspace can allow him to say is two simple words.


“Yes, sir.”


A low vibration of growls sends shivers down Jungkook’s spine as the elder vampire presses the flat of his fangs against the skin on the boy’s neck. A teasing manner, expectedly. The tips of the teeth threaten to break Jungkook’s skin but never go through with it, rather scratch there lightly.


It has the desperate vampire craving more, feeling Taehyung’s fingers start to trail down his body slowly. Agonizingly. And when he reaches the boy’s weak milky thighs, he cups the underside to spread them apart wider, still sitting in between. And Jungkook lets him, as always. He lets himself be exposed to the mercy of the vampire.


When Taehyung’s delicate fingers tip his head up to bare his neck further, he allows him to do so as well. He sighs into the feeling of the man’s tongue dragging against the pulse point under his jaw.


“Hm, yummy .”


He’d never see himself in this position if you were to ask him in the past, ever. To be laying in a bed, nude and marked everywhere, baring his neck to Kim Taehyung. He truly hated the male. Perhaps he still does. Perhaps he hates the male but adores what he’s able to do to him. Cherishes the feeling of his large hands wrapped around his naked waist, his hot mouth spilling words that have Jungkook shaking on the spot.


And if it were anyone else doing this to Jungkook, oh no, he would never allow it. However, there is something extraordinary about Taehyung that the younger vampire just can’t put his finger on.


Taehyung presses his sinful mouth against Jungkook’s, parting their lips until he’s able to slide his tongue through. It seems as if the elder vampire wants to explore everything about Jungkook’s mouth, licking around his tongue, on the roof, nearing his throat. And when the boy whines softly against his lips at the action of sucking his tongue, he squeezes the flesh of his thighs that still remains in his palms.


Though Taehyung doesn’t let those burning hands stay there. Continuing his breathless kisses on Jungkook’s mouth, he smooths his fingers over the younger vampire’s thighs, slowly reaching his crotch, where his leaking length sits there patiently.  He still doesn’t relieve the pleasure, only wrapping the length of his fingers around him gently to collect some precum from the tip.


Jungkook bites his lip at the warmth and pressure so undeniably faint, it’s almost as if it’s not there. That is before Taehyung dips it downwards, brushing his wet fingertips against the boy’s brim. Another faint feeling that has the hands Jungkook places beside his head to curl tighter.


Ah. S-Sir-”


“Hush, pet.”


Jeongguk’s whimper is cowardly, yet he still gives no care. His mind is only focused on the way Taehyung dips down himself, his beautifully shaped mouth pressing feathery kisses down Jungkook’s torso and eventually reaching his untouched length. The younger vampire’s head is thrown back when delicate lips begin sucking harshly on the tip of his leaking cock.


They don’t wrap around, just suck—yet it still has Jeongguk pleading for more. It still has his gut coiling and uncoiling with unbearable heat. He realizes the tongue pressing against the side of his length, dragging downwards to wrap around the base. The boy can’t seem to comprehend the immense amount of pleasure he’s receiving through such mundane touches.


Nngh —sir.” When Taehyung’s tongue trails even lower, Jeongguk believes he sees stars.


His thighs flex when he arches his back, though he’s immediately slammed down by a palm against his stomach. He prompts to moan out while curling his fingers into the silky sheets below him, forgetting the fact that they’re bound to tear under his uncontrollable strength, acknowledging that Taehyung’s mouth is sucking on his hole.


He wants to thrash around, wants to scream with pleasure but he’s unable to, hazily aware of the quiet footsteps that are heard outside the bedroom door, indicating that people have already begun packing into the bar. Instead, he results in covering his filthy mouth and squirming around, using his other hand to grip the elder vampire’s silky black hair between his fingers when he feels a tongue breach him.


“Oh, god fuck .” Taehyung's tongue is no different than a devil’s. Licking around, searching for nothing more than the spot that’ll have Jeongguk downright begging. As if he’s not been doing the action since Taehyung had said the word Good . “S-Sir, fuck- please .”


He can’t help the way his thighs press close with Taehyung’s head in between, almost crushing the poor vampire. However, his unforgiving sucks only grow stronger, tongue thrusting in and out in a way he’s never done before while his fingers spread the younger vampire’s asscheeks further. Jungkook is only able to whine into the arm he places over his face, a hand still weakly gripping Taehyung’s black locks as he almost sobs at the unbearable pleasure.


Only when he exclaims that he’s close, does Taehyung part from his hole. Jungkook’s eyes are too watery to see clearly, though he’s sure the vampire wears a devilish grin on his face at the sight of the boy’s completely breathless form. The younger vampire hides his burning face with both of his arms—uncaring of the snarl Taehyung lets out at the action.


His elbows are gripped at harshly, ripping them off his crimson shaded face. His jaw is lifted up, the grip of his fingers most likely bruising. “What did I say about covering this pretty face of yours, pet?”


Jungkook’s lashes flutter before he speaks, looking up at the undeniably handsome creature in a daze that he’s not quite sure how to escape. He whispers, words slurring.


“Said to n-never…”




“Mm, sir?”


Taehyung tilts his head in question, eyes intensely examining the younger vampire’s face. His grip slowly loosens and he thumbs gently at Jungkook’s plump bottom lip instead. The boy can only part his lips, eyes still fluttering, mind beginning to fall through his grasp and into a deeper space, a more comforting one. “Speak.” It’s said as a command but seems more like a permit.


“Mm…” Jungkook really isn’t aware of what he wants to ask, the words he wishes to say seem to die on his tongue, lips pursing. He craves something. He craves something so immensely, though he has it right in front of him.


He has all of Taehyung’s attention on him, no request required.


“Mm. Pet... Pet wants..”


Again, he’s hastily confused, beginning to get a little frustrated at his own lack of response. A whine threatens to leave his lips, mouth parting to let it out but he refrains, knows Taehyung wouldn’t like that. Instead, he huffs an angry breath out.


The focus on his own frustration fails to help him notice the way Taehyung’s entire demeanour switches to realization, his own mouth parting in indecent surprise. The man’s body melts a little, watching intently at the way Jungkook acts. His hands only remain feeling up and down his petit waist. The younger vampire swears he’d seen his eyes flash dark for a moment as well.


“Yes? What does pet want from his sir, hm?”


The elder leans down to press a slow but deep openmouthed kiss under Jungkook’s jaw, making the boy mewl quietly. “Tell me.” He murmurs the words into the skin, sucking and nibbling a little, still not breaking through with his sharp fangs.


He’s aware that Taehyung can smell the sweet scent of his blood from where he’s tucked into his neck because Jungkook can smell his musky fresh blood as well, wanting to dip himself entirely in the liquid and smell it forever.


The younger vampire is left to close his eyes, a content sigh leaving his mouth when Taehyung doesn’t make an indication to stop the sucking, hands smoothing higher and higher up his torso, both of their limbs tangled from their feet. “Pet wants.. want sir to j-jus’ look at him.”


Finally, the tingly feeling under his jaw comes to a halt, Taehyung leaning up again to look the boy in the eye, his hands now placed on either side of the boy’s torso. Jungkook tries his best to repeat, tries his best to explain the conflict in his floaty mind in a way the elder vampire will be sure to understand.


“J-Jus’ look at pet, s-sir won’t ever.. wish for ‘nyone else.” Jungkook shakes his head, looking up through his hooded lashes.


“Won’t need ‘nyone else... Promise.”


A growl. The elder’s burning hand spreads his thigh further once more before he feels the warm tips of two fingers pushing past his brim. He’s unaware of when Taehyung flew the lube over with his mind, just as oblivious as he is to how he managed to coat it with his fingers. However, he doesn’t complain, only throws his head back in a silent long-lasting moan. Only seconds later—when Taehyung begins sucking his ear and thrusting the digits at a slow pace—does Jungkook’s mouth produce a sound of yearning pleasure.


Oh, yes.”


“Want me to focus on you only? Only claim my little pet, hm? No one else.”


Jungkook nods his head, a string of whines leaving his lips. Taehyung grips his hips to stop him from moving away from the thrusting fingers. Forces him to feel every inch of them while adding another. Maintaining his grip on the sheets below him, Jungkook legs jerk and kick when the vampire’s three fingers curl around his walls.


The sob he lets out is brimming with pleasure, eyes squeezing shut though he wishes to see the look on Taehyung’s face.


“Fuck, pet. You look so gorgeous like this. How can I ever think of anyone else when I’ve got an angel right in front of me?”


Jungkook just feels so warm. He feels his heart beating harder, mind ever-so-fuzzy and swimming in content. In his 100 years of life, he doesn’t believe he’s ever been happier. He’s completely sated. The young vampire’s bottom lip curls, teeth biting over it in a smile when Taehyung continues to scissor him open. “ Mm~ Pet ‘s doing good?”


Taehyung smiles and nods, a look Jungkook’s never seen before. It’s quite soft, dramatically different from his usual deadly demeanour. It only warms Jungkook’s heart further, especially once he replies with a tone as soft as his expression. “So good.”


Once he pulls his fingers out, it’s not immediately. It’s a rather slow and unbearable drag that has Jungkook’s toes curling, hands clenched into fists around the now torn sheets.


“So… I believe my pet will take me as good as he took my fingers, yes?”


“Y-Yes, yes.” Jungkook nods fervently. All he craves is to be filled to the brim by Taehyung’s cock. It’s large, the best cock he’s ever taken. Though before, he made sure never to confess that to the man, not wanting to boost his ego. Right now, he believes he could say it a million times over if it meant Taehyung was going to give it to him.


“That’s a good boy. On your knees.”


Jungkook’s immediately flipping over, a little clumsy in his actions as his arms feel limp and mind clouded, but he manages to position himself perfectly. Perfect enough to make Taehyung growl again, he smirks. The vampire’s cheek is squished on the mattress under him, back bent into a pretty arch for his ass to be on full display.


He’s only ever been in this position for Taehyung once, and it was quite a night from what he remembers.


“You’re so beautiful, Jungkook.”


A hand smooths over the boy’s back and reaches his ass, squeezing gently. He doesn’t realize it until he hears lewd sounds of lube that Taehyung’s jerking himself off at the sight. It makes the young vampire squirm, gut coiling and cock aching.




“I got you.”


The elder sits up on his own knees, hands placing on Jungkook’s ass and spreading his cheeks out.


He melts . Eyes squeezed shut, mouth parting. Jungkook entirely melts into the feeling of Taehyung’s cock entering him excruciatingly slowly. Because it’s big, as always, just as he remembers. It’s thick and hot, fills him up even when it’s not halfway inside of him.


More. More. He needs more. He asks for it, breathing shallow, coming out a whisper instead.


He gets it. Taehyung drags his cock in deeper, his own body bending over Jungkook’s, completely enveloping him in a warmth that the boy didn’t believe he could ever feel on the inside.




And that voice. Jungkook wants to hear it forever, especially right beside his ear. Wants Taehyung with him forever, giving him the best fuck of his life until they go at it again the next day and the day after that, changing his mind over and over again.


He wants Taehyung.


Says so, lifting his head so it’s resting against the mattress by his forehead, and it makes the man chuckle softly. Unfortunately, he takes it in another way. That’s fine, Jungkook will just have to tell him again another time when he’s willing to stop being a fool and accept whatever his own beating heart wishes for.


The young vampire feels a soft hand under his jaw, tilting his head to the side. Taehyung slips the rest of his cock inside of him and the boy mewls, knees shaking and hands tearing fabric unforgivingly once again. Though what makes him lose focus entirely is the feeling of Taehyung’s fang pricking the skin on his neck, a dribble of blood staining the sheets from where he lays.


“Oh, please please please .”


Jungkook doesn’t have to ask twice. The moment Taehyung sinks his teeth into his skin, he’s snapping his hips forward. And that’s the best thing about being a vampire, the unbearably voracious pleasure received from a single bite from another.


It’s so perfect. Then again, what isn’t perfect about Kim Taehyung?


The way he thrusts forward in a pace so slow and deep, groaning into Jungkook’s neck as he continues sucking the blood, is perfect. The tight grip on his waist, already forming a bruise, is perfect. His cock, spreading him in a way that feels like he’s about to be split into two but not just there yet, is perfect.


Could superiority bring him this much pleasure? This much warmth? Happiness? Jungkook already knows his answer. To hell with his father’s teachings.


The blood dribbles down onto the sheets but is cleaned immediately by Taehyung’s tongue, his focus now only to pound the boy senseless. He does just that, arms wrapping around Jungkook’s waist to thrust his hips forward hastily.


“Ah- shit… ” He groans. “Feel so good, pet. Could fuck you all day.” 


The growls against the younger vampire’s nape send shivers down his spine, he breathes out shakily. Taehyung pins the boy’s fumbling hands beside his head as he continues thrusting into him, his hips creating a dirty slapping sound against Jungkook’s ass, though it only makes the boy more aroused. 


The younger vampire is limp, jaw slack and head hanging with each hit against his prostate. The sheer amount of times Taehyung has hit the spot is relentless and unforgiving, the sounds it makes him let out just pure filthy. The man continues the unrelenting pace, bringing a wave of pleasure after another, the boy’s legs beginning to give out.


And when they finally do, it’s when he’s amidst release.


Uh- S-Sir!” Taehyung’s well aware of the cum staining the sheets under them, though he doesn’t quite stop there. He flips Jungkook’s pliant body around again by the waist, manhandling him as he pleases, just to spread his legs further. “Who said you could come, hm?”


The boy’s head throws back the moment Taehyung enters his hole again, his hands fly to grab the elder, but only get pinned beside him instead.




His thighs have already been shaking for the past hour, though they become unwillingly tense the moment Taehyung pounds into him again in this position. Limp, weak legs kick out when the man leans close to suck hickey’s into his neck while sending him through overstimulation.


Another string of whines leaves his plump lips before he’s silenced by Taehyung smashing their lips together. They share kisses for a good second before the elder parts, making Jungkook whine again. “Quiet, pet.”


The elder vampire comes to a sudden halt in his fervent movements, his hips now gradually decreasing speed and becoming more of a slight rock.


That’s when Jungkook hears it. The previous sombre environment outside the bedroom has now become loud and indecent. There are clear sounds of glass breaking, furniture being thrown around and people yelling. They both seem to be unaware of when the riot started, though they decide not to stop.


Jungkook’s eyes flutter a little, clearly struggling to understand the full situation because Taehyung’s long-lasting thrusts are the only thing he’s able to comprehend. Until he suddenly hears a recognizable voice as clear as day.


“Enough! We told you your son was not here. Now leave with your savage disciples, Kim!”


Jungkook’s father.


“I guess you’re right for once. Taehyung would rather spit on these floors, let alone step foot in them.”


And Taehyung’s father.


You would expect the unplanned intrusion to be a stopping point for the two males. What you wouldn’t expect is for them to smirk, only feeling increasingly aroused at the thought of their ever-so-oblivious fathers. It’s quite laughable.


There the two older men are, fighting for their names and superiority, and here Taehyung and Jungkook lie, deeply sated by each other and their bodies. Jungkook only wishes nothing more than to be taken by the elder male entirely.


So, they continue their insatiable session under the dim lights of the bar bedroom.


It doesn’t last long, because Jungkook’s already nearing his second release and by the sounds of Taehyung’s deep grunting and shallow thrusts, he’s nearing as well. The moment the boy sees stars, he’s coming for a second time, only Taehyung’s name spilling past his lips. The elder vampire finally comes after him, cock still deep inside the boy as he fills him up. The feeling is nice, being pumped full by warm cum, especially if it’s after a beautiful second orgasm.


And Jungkook expected to be disgusted by it, the feeling of Taehyung still inside him after they both finished. He believed that perhaps he’d regret everything once it was over, though he finds himself as sate as when they first began. Finds himself breathing heavily, the only thing on his mind being love. He scoffs, breathless. It’s the word his family doesn’t believe in and yet here he is, finally accepting it.


His eyes flutter shut, his mind shutting down when he feels soft lips press the crown of his head and his body goes limp.


“Sleep, darling.”


He blacks out entirely.

❝ ❞

The young prince opens his eyes after a small while, nothing but the feeling of his aching body helping his wake. The light in the small bedroom is as dimly lit at before, perhaps even more.


He groans at the feeling of stretching his limbs, turning so that he’s laying on his back. Jungkook avoids looking beside him for a reason, he’s well aware the space is empty. He’d rather skip the disappointment tonight, it was a rather great one, even if it’s ending with Jungkook laying alone yet again.


What he notices immediately when his surroundings come into view is the decor of the bar bedroom. Though he sits up quite lazily, rolling his eyes.


How could those unintelligible humans forget to redo the silver lining in the bedroom . Jungkook supposes he’d missed that fact when he was first pushed into the room. He sighs, finding that he’s not as upset as he would’ve been about it, not really wishing to bring hell upon the people who've made the mistake. Instead, he lifts his arms up in another deep stretch, a moan leaving his lips. His sleeves fall to his elbows at the action, that’s when he notices his clothing.


The young vampire isn’t dressed in his own clothes, he’s wearing an oversized dress shirt. The fabric reaches just above his knees which are bare, as are the rest of his legs that are bent under him, though he can feel he has undergarments on under the dress-shirt. His eyes widen at the realization of just who’s clothing he’s wearing.


When the bathroom door kicks open, all hatred that was left in his buzzed mind vanish, heart now beaming from where it was previously left cold and expecting another night of wallowing sadness.


Because Taehyung hadn’t left.


“You.. stayed?”


The elder vampire scoffs, hands rubbing against a towel. Jungkook notices he’s wearing his previous attire once again, the black suit, though without the dress-shirt underneath. His torso is bare and he wears a blazer over top, leaving Jungkook to gulp at the sight of his chest and abs.


“Of course I did, Jungkook. You were still in headspace, no?”


The boy bites his lip. Headspace. It’s something he’s gone into only a few times in his life. And although it had happened before, it had never happened as intensely as tonight. He looks down at his lap, fingers fiddling with each other at the thought.


If it were any other day, Jungkook would feel disgusted with himself. Acknowledging the fact that he was triggered in such a submissive headspace so easily. But now, he feels content. He hadn’t gone into sub drop, nor had he been treated badly by Taehyung. Other than the thoughts of his parents, Jungkook really has nothing to feel disgusted by.


He’s quite happy.


“I guess I was… though I’m still confused.” The elder vampire rolls his eyes at that, throwing the towel to a chair in the bedroom. Jungkook sulks a tad bit the moment the man begins buttoning the blazer from his front.


“Of what exactly, Jungkook? We may be rivals, but I’m not a monster.”


He knows. God, does Jungkook know. Taehyung is far from a bad person, far different from the spitting words his own father says about him. Even the image the elder put on for himself is just the same as the younger’s. Faux, a whole act. Jungkook believes it’s finally time for him to break out of the act.


So he decides to push.


“I see... so this must mean you’re leaving now.”


Taehyung purses his lips, clearly thinking and Jungkook watches intently.


“I would...if this were any other day. Because what good is it for the person you loathe to be there when you wake?”


Jungkook widens his eyes. Because for the longest time, the boy also believed that Taehyung truly did relent him. They were born to fight each other, born to hate each other. And although Jungkook knows now all his hatred was put on for a show, he’s realized that perhaps it was the same for Taehyung as well.


His heartbeat begins to quicken the moment Taehyung walks up to him, now standing right beside the bed to look down at the boy. He swallows, contemplating his next words. “Unless you wish for me to stay…”


“Would you?” It comes out quicker than intended, though Jungkook brushes off his indecency for the moment. He needs an answer. Looking up through sparkly eyes at the man above him, he waits for the answer that’d determine the path between the two vampires ahead.


“I would.”


He blinks. A smile begins to stretch on his face.


“Then stay. And stay for long, please.” The younger vampire stands, legs a little wobbly though he clings his arms onto Taehyung’s shoulders for balance. The elder looks at him through deep-set eyes as he bites his lip. His eyes seem… tired.


Of what, Jungkook has lived through for a while, so he’s well aware. He just wants Taehyung to break, to let go of this stupid facade already because it hurts. It hurts them both immensely.


So he’ll push further.


“I meant what I said, Taehyung.” The elder cocks a brow.


“That I wish for you to be mine…”


Jungkook slides his hand down to grab ahold of the man’s, positioning it to curl around his waist. The shirt rides up a little, showing the expanse of his thighs a little better and Taehyung squeezes the waist in his palm. A possessive action.


“And that I wish to be yours.”




“If you were to forget everything… Forget all of your father’s teachings and everything we’ve grown to learn…”


Taehyung brings his free hand up to grab the boy’s waist as well, almost as if he didn’t mean to, as if he were pulled to. He ducks his head, forehead settling on the younger’s shoulder as he sighs shakily.


“Wouldn’t you feel the same?”


“I-” The vampire sighs once again, head still ducked. His tense figure deflates, almost curling into Jungkook’s warmth rather than pulling himself away.


“I would. I-I do.”


He breaks, finally. Jungkook smiles, hand coming up to run his fingers through his lover’s hair.


“Then we shall.”

❝ ❞

Jungkook leaves the bedroom with a heart full of nothing but content and satisfaction. He straightens his blazer and Taehyung’s dress-shirt, giggling at the thought of his father unbeknownst to the scent because they’ve mixed at this point.


The dance floor is crowded, Jungkook’s family clearly enjoying the new setting. Nearing his father, he plays a look of pure innocence and is quite excited to continue the same lie he’s said for years. However, the situation seems different this time, he can feel it in the air. His heart sings it, he breathes it.


This time there is love. Inevitable love between two rivals. And his Kim-hating family stands in the middle of the dance floor, celebrating the new air.


“Hello, father.”


“Ah, the man of the beautifully decorated house, Jung-”


He smiles to himself while looking down, still lost in thought. Almost missing the way his father pulls a face of complete and utter disgust.


A loud shatter.


Jungkook jerks when he looks up at his father, the man who’d just thrown a glass on the ground in anger with the crowd watching. He pulls a face of hatred, gripping the boy’s collar in an instant and Jungkook almost gapes at the indifference. How easily the head vampire can change his demeanour from a proud one to… to this.


“F-Father, what-”




He swallows, hard.




“Remember the story I told you about our great ancestors? I’ve finally traded blood with them.” Jungkook gapes now, his entire body becoming tense at the next words.


“That m-means…”


“Yes, you negligent, incompetent boy. I can read your filthy mind.”


The entire bar is silent at this point, searching around and whispering quietly to others for answers. Though they remain oblivious for the moment.


Jungkook’s throat feels constricted, though not in a good way. His legs feel weak again and his heart is starting to drain but…


It’s fine. It’s okay.


Taehyung is intelligent, he knew well.


He smirks at his father, knowing he can hear his next thoughts. Though it’s not his own words he imagines, it’s his lover’s. His lover’s words from just a moment ago.


The older male grips Jungkook’s collar hard enough for the fabric to tear when he takes in the thoughts.


Our family should care for us, they’ve watched us grow, been through all sufferings with us. They should always respect our decisions.


But if they are to find out and choose to defy us and what we are, my love…


Then we shall run. Far.


“You can fucking try.”


Jungkook cocks an interested brow. He’s aware his father can’t say or do anything in the moment, knowing well of the crowd surrounding them. Because if the rest of them were to find out about the affairs between Kim Taehyung and his own son , well, there’d be bloodshed between their own family.


“Oh?” He sounds amused, feels a sudden warmth envelope him, bringing him a higher amount of confidence. Taehyung is watching.


“For love, I will.”


And it’s true, it was almost concerning how easily it was for the young vampire to choose between his love and his family. He looks down, giggling as he bites at his bottom lip, his father growling between gritted teeth.


“Just watch me.”