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[Podfic] Dark Prince

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Title: Dark Prince
Author: Spiced_Wine
Reader: Chantress
Fandom: The Silmarillion/The Lord of the Rings
Pairings: Morgoth/OC, Sauron/OC, Maglor/OC--and others mentioned, implied, or downright USTing up the place ;)
Rating: Mature
Length and format: 00:31:24 (Chapter 1 + intro and content advisory), mp3
Warnings: Rape, dubcon, violence, torture, incest, slavery, sexual content, and Elvish as rendered by an over-enthusiastic Mortal.
Download the mp3: Here
Reader's notes: Available here. (Length: 00:14:23)

This podfic is a work in progress, obviously, which will likely scare some people off. I have a good chunk of the fic recorded already, though, and plan to post a new chapter once a week--or possibly more often, if I've been particularly productive! With any luck, this will encourage me to make steady process on this project, instead of just letting it languish unfinished on my hard drive for decades, as I'd be wont to do otherwise. :P

Huge thanks, as always, to Spiced Wine for allowing me to play in her sandbox. It's truly an honor. :)