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Monthly Dose Of Boys Love With Levi-kun

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Heading to the classroom after having sent a letter to the person he wishes to talk to, Eren can't help but feel a mix of excitement and nervousness. Today he will definitely do it. Standing in front of the closed classroom door Eren takes a deep breath and slowly exhales it in an attempt to calm his nerves. He places his hand on the handle and after a second of hesitation, he opens the door, finding his target standing by the window back to the door, looking out towards the student filled fields seeming to be observing something.

He enters the room, closing the door behind him and heads towards the figure that doesn't seem to have noticed his arrival yet. He takes a deep break once again to steel his resolve. 

''L- Levi.'' Eren stutters out, catching Levi's attention.

Levi turns around, facing Eren. ''You--'' Eren cuts him off. 

''I L-'' He pauses, his mind going black. He takes another deep breath, closes his eyes and shouts ''I'm a really big fan of yours!!!'' 

A few minutes of silence pass with Levi looking at Eren and Eren looking at the floor.

''Ah.'' Eren looks up upon hearing the sound, seeing Levi look as if he has figured something out. Levi turns towards his desk and starts going through his bag. He takes out what looks like a frame, along with a black marker, writes something on it and hands it to Eren.

Eren looks at the object that had been handed to him, his eyes widening and his face paling. Staring down at his hands where currently resides an autograph. He stares at it some more, hoping his eyes were deceiving him. Indeed I did say I was a fan but this...

''Um... Levi...'' Eren starts but gets cut off by Levi. What Levi says has Erens jaw almost dropping to the floor.

''Do you want to come to my apartment?''

''Eh?'' Eren found himself replying, that sound being the only sound his poor brain managed to come up with at the time.

''Do you want to come to my apartment?'' Levi repeats.




''Take your shoes off by the door, the living room is that way,'' Levi says.

Eren does as Levi says, takes off his shoes and places them in the entryway by the door and then heads in the direction Levi pointed him in.

''Would you like something to drink?'' Levi asks, Eren nods in response. ''Tea, coffee or juice?''

''Tea, please. Thank you'' Eren replies smiling. Levi gives him a nod signifying that he heard him then heads to the kitchen. Eren sits on one of the sofas and waits for Levi. A few minutes later Levi walks back to the living room with two cups of tea and a plate of chocolate cake on a tray. He sets the tray on the coffee table and sits right next to Eren on the sofa. He takes one of the cups and a plate of cake and places them in front of Eren.

Eren takes the cup with a murmured 'thank you' and takes a sip,

The tea tasted like heaven on his tongue making him let out a small moan. Realizing what kind of sound came out of his mouth, the set the cup back on the table then he slapped a hand over his lips, blushing furiously. In the next instant, he felt a cold hand on the hand settle down on the hand covering his mouth, moving his hand away while another hand started creeping up his thigh. His eyes widened and he turned to look at Levi.

Levi moved forward, raising his hand from Erens thigh to his shoulder and pushed him down on the sofa and moved his leg between Erens thighs, leaning over him. Face getting closer to his-

His fantasies ended with a start upon having fingers snapped in front of his face, he looked down to see Levi looking at him expectantly.

Eren blushed ''Ok.'' he replied to Levi's invitation. Levi nodded and brushed past Eren heading out of the classroom and towards the lockers. He put on his outdoor shoes, closed the locker then followed Levi as he left the school and started heading towards his apartment.

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Eren stared at the papers set in front of him silently, unsure what it meant or how he was supposed to react.

"Um, Levi...?" Eren starts hesitantly, lifting his gaze from the papers and directing it towards Levi who was looking at him with a blank expression.

"Yes, Eren?" Levi replied patiently.

"What are these?" Eren asked, motioning towards the papers set in front of him.

"These are manga manuscript papers." Levi clarified matter of factly, gazing at Eren with his head slightly tilted in confusion.

"No, I can see that," Eren replied bluntly. "I meant, why did you set manga creating tools down in front of me."

“I set them down in front of you so that we can start working on the manuscript.”

 “What manuscript?” 

“The one for my upcoming yaoi manga.”

“Wait, you’re a mangaka?” Eren asked, his eyes wide in shock. “And a yaoi mangaka at that?”

Levi’s brows furrowed further in confusion. “I thought that was obvious,” Levi replied dryly. “I don’t know why you’re so shocked, you did say you were a fan.”

“That’s not…” Eren trailed off. ‘That’s not what I meant.’ Eren screamed internally. 'Now that I think about it, I did find that the name he had signed the card with felt familiar...'

“I was just surprised as I had been under the impression that yaoi manga was a thing created solely by women and for women.”  He settled on asking in the end, letting out a disappointed sigh at his inability to clear up the misunderstanding and confess his feelings properly.


“Oh, no.” Levi nodded in understanding. “While that used to be the case in the past, nowadays men create yaoi mangas as well.”


“Um, Okay. So, uh... So what do you need me to do?” Eren asked carefully.


‘Oh well,’ Eren thought. If he is going to be working with Levi, he is bound to have many more opportunities to confess his feelings. For now, he just had to be patient and find the right timing to do so.


That should be so hard, right?