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Dr. B. II: New Frontier

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The redheaded man stepped into the store, seeming to instantly fill it up entirely not only with his sheer size but also with a commanding presence that could only be natural to him. He was accompanied by an Indian on one side, and at his other was an enormous wolf.

Murtagh didn’t seem as intimidated as I felt, and merely growled at him and pointed over to the notice board. “Can’t you read?”

Confused, I glanced back at the board, only just noticing that above the board itself was a wooden sign that said, “NO DOGS OR INDIANS.”

“This one’s certainly seen its day,” I clipped, taking the sign down and deliberately avoiding the gaze of the redheaded man.

One of the men who’d been talking with Murtagh, a soldier, stomped over to me and snatched the sign out of my hands. From the corner of my eye I thought I saw the redheaded man flinch. “That’s private property!” the soldier snapped, rehanging the sign.

I was ready to back down. I’d made my point, and it was foolish of me to antagonize the people of this town when I needed them as patients, but the very instant the sign was back on the wall, it was being split in half and knocked right back down by a flying ax.

No…a tomahawk.

The Indian at the redheaded man’s side tensed, and the wolf bared its teeth, letting out a chilling snarl.

The redheaded man strode forward, and I took an involuntary step back. But he only reached over my head and yanked his tomahawk out of the wall.

When he looked down at me, it was with quite possibly the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. They were drawn and flashing in anger, but softened when they turned to me.

Still intimidated, but not quite so fearful, I spun on my toe and neatly stuck my notice on the nail the sign had been hanging on. When I met his eyes a second time, his held something like amusement in them.

“Time to go,” Charlotte said, reminding me of the unbearable tension in the room. “We need to go see about that horse.”

“Horse?” I asked dazedly, following her to the door. “What horse?”

“The one you’re gonna need for your doctoring!”

“Oh,” I turned back, realizing I’d left my purse. I skirted nervously around the wolf and back to the redheaded man, having to reach around him to grab it. “That horse.”

I started to leave, but the redheaded man was blocking my way. I in no way felt threatened, but still my heart rate increased. I could feel warmth coming off of him, even though he wasn’t touching me. I could smell him, horses and campfire smoke and something herbal. I was leaning closer without really meaning to.

“Sassenach,” he said, and I realized he had leaned in too, and his mouth was brushing against my neck as he spoke. I also realized then that it was the first time I’d heard him speak, and his deep tenor and Scottish burr sent a pleasant chill down my spine.

He put his arm around me, and I tried to remind myself that there were other people there. Something long, and hard pressed into my lower back. The handle of his tomahawk?


I moaned as I awoke, stretching my body and arching my neck, to better give my husband access to it.

I couldn’t stop the giggle that rose up out of me, though I covered my mouth with the back of my wrist to try and muffle it.

“What’s funny?” Jamie murmured, nipping me on the shoulder in retribution. 

I rolled my hips back, making Jamie give a moan of his own as I pressed into the tomahawk he was holding against me.

“Oh nothing,” I sighed, liking his response so much I rolled my hips a second time. “I was just remembering the day we met.”

Jamie hummed, and his hand started slowly drawing up the hem of my nightgown. “That was a long time ago, Sassenach, d’ye remember that far back?”

When I rolled back this time, it was with a hard snap of my pelvis, earning a grunt and brief retreat. 

“Are you calling me old , Mr. Mac?”

“Never, Dr. Beauchamp,” his hand finally slid between my thighs, where I was slick and ready.

I rolled over onto my back, looping my arms around his neck, holding him close to me. I raised my knees, and sighed as he entered me.

“Christ, ye feel good, mo nighean donn ,” he murmured into my ear. 

I grinned up at him. “You’re not tired of me, yet?”

Jamie smirked, then grabbed my hands and raised my arms above my head, pinning them there. His eyes drifted downward, to where the position of my arms thrust my breasts upward. 

“I’d sooner tire of breathing, Sassenach.”

He drove into me, and I closed my eyes, giving over to sensation. His mouth sealed over one of my nipples, sucking hard.

“Harder,” I commanded, and his entire body obeyed. 

The flood of warmth inside me sent me over the edge, but Jamie knew to abandon my breast to cover my mouth with his own, to muffle both of our cries. 

He collapsed on top of me, and I kept my legs wound around him to keep him there. He no longer worried about crushing me, since he knew by now that I enjoyed the weight of him, but it never hurt to remind him. 

The house was still quiet, the sky outside still not quite light, and no one was at our door yelling for Dr. B. Time enough to take advantage of the peace and get a little more sleep. 

Jamie was way ahead of me, nestled into the crook between my shoulder and my neck, snoring lightly. I wrapped myself tighter around him, dug my fingers into his hair, and closed my eyes.