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A new adventure

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Karkat tiredly looked at the only clock in the computer room, which simply read DAWN. He was pretty sure Dave put it up to be 'ironic', but he had no solid proof. Ever since John helped stop the various meteor killings everyone had been tense and Dave had decided to use his time powers to mess with things. Karkat, Kanaya,and Rose had come up with a plan to keep track of everyone with a series of cameras and special bracelets connected to an app. The bracelets both kept everyone on the meteor and the three planners had the login for the app and would be alerted if anyone got too stressed.

GA:You Need To Come To The Library
GA:We Have A Situation

Karkat scowled at the message while he walked to the transportalizer. He knew Kanaya wouldn't text him after a night shift unless it was important.
The library was absolute chaos when he transported in. The Mayor was drawing on a tablet and everyone else seemed to be arguing over it.
"The Mayor Has Been Drawing To Someone On The Tablet And We Can Not Agree On What To Do About It"
"Rose Is Convinced She Saw Blood Splatter On The Reply Drawing And Tried To Get The Mayor To Give Her The Tablet" Kanaya sighed and rubbed her temples,"Dave Then Walked In And An Argument About What To Do Started And The Others Decided To 'Share' Their Individual Opinions On The Matter"
"ARE YOU SHITTING ME? THESE IDIOTS CAN’T EVEN MAKE A DECISION ABOUT AN ALLEGED BLOOD SPLATTER! " Karkat captchalogued a pile of horns to create a card safe that smashed into the ground, effectively shutting everyone up."MAYOR, PLEASE GIVE THE TABLET TO ROSE SO SHE CAN FIND OUT WHO'S ON THE OTHER SIDE."
Everyone crowded around Rose as she typed in the chat box.

Hello, my name is Rose. I see you’ve been drawing with the Mayor for a while. I would like to know how you were able to connect to him?

A quick drawing of the Mayor appeared with an exclamation mark, then the typing dots appeared. It took a few minutes for the reply to appear.

Hi, my name is Harry! This tablet appeared next to me in my cupboard and the Mayor sent the first picture. He's very good at drawing space and making up aliens!

"what does he mean by *his* cupboard?"

I see. That must have been frightening. Although I feel I must tell you that the Mayor is not creating aliens. I'll show you.

Rose opened a camera and quickly took a photo of the group. She quickly wrote everyone's name above their head and frowned at Gamzee's ripped up shirt before sending the pic to Harry.

Wow, that's amazing! Me and Gamzee match!

The picture they got in return was shocking. A young emerald eyed boy in a small room held up his overly large shirt, showing off his thin frame which did in fact match Gamzee. Old and new marks wrapped around from his back and his black hair was cut in a choppy manner. Rose quietly handed the tablet back to the Mayor, then she slammed her fist into the table.
"He's being abused! Why would Paradox Space send him to us? We're stuck on this meteor with no way to help him!
"C4LM DOWN. W3 H4V3 4 W4Y TO CONTACT H1M SO W3 C4N H3LP H1M." Terezi leaned against a bookshelf. "W3 N33D TO ST4Y C4LM 1F W3 W4NT TO 4CUR4TELY 4DVISE H1M WH3N H3 N33DS 1T."
""Terezi's Correct. We Can't Scare Him With Our Anger Even If It Is Warranted" Kanaya glares at the more rowdy trolls of the group, "No One Is To Contact Harry Alone He Is A Young Boy And We Are Not Going To Mentally Scar Him"
A round of grudging consent came from the group and everyone went to their comfort spots, trying to wrap their heads around what had just happened.