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Kiht'a peers through the rain, as if his eyes might see someone in pursuit. The rain falls harder.

"Hold onto my arm, and I will guide you to shelter in Bentbranch Meadows. I know the woman who raises chocobos there, and am certain we can get you someplace dry and warm." The stranger takes his arm, and the two walk through the pouring rain toward the Moogle's Gift Mounts. Keitha should be able to provide space in the stables to dry out and wait for the storm to pass.

"What is your name, and how long have you been running?"

"M'kal Tia" comes the hesitant reply. "I was making my way from Gyr Abania to the Black Shroud when I encountered ... problems".

Kiht'a thinks the stranger must be a really young, or injured, Sun Seeker if the strength of the hand on his arm is any indication.

"I understand. You're a long way from Baelsar's Wall now, perhaps your pursuers have given up. This part of the Black Shroud is a bit more dangerous for Garleans in pursuit."

M'kal stumbles at this point, and Kiht'a grabs hold to keep him from falling into one of the pools of rainwater collecting on the ground. The ... boy? ... is so cold, and shivering.

"Take care, we're almost there".

As they approach the stables, he smiles as he spots Keitha. She looks at the two of them and nods, indicating a stable door that will get them into a dry stall. "Still picking up strays, Kiht'a?" she asks.

"Never stopped" he replies. "This is M'kal. Thank you for the space."