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Finger Painting

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Life under quarantine has been...well, very different. 

Both Taehyung and Yoongi enjoyed going out and even have their own favorite date spots, but they also rather enjoyed staying inside and cuddling up next to each other under a nice blanket. In fact, sometimes they chose to stay inside instead of going out. 

The operative term being “chose”. 

With a worldwide pandemic and a nationwide shutdown, there is no longer a choice of staying inside or going out. They have to stay inside. 

And in the beginning, that was killing them. 

Now, Taehyung and Yoongi are quite a happy couple. Despite their differences they work very well together and on many levels, they balance each other out. Normally, they’re a very peaceful couple who don’t argue much. 

That is, of course, until quarantine. 

Once they were to be locked inside it was like all hell broke loose. Habits and quirks that were once cute and endearing became annoying and the two frequently found themselves arguing until the early hours of the morning. Certainly, it was an uneasy time for the both of them. 

Matter of fact, the two frequently fretted over whether or not the next fight would be the breaking point of their relationship. 

So, like two mature adults, they got drunk one night and cried into each other’s arms. They professed their undying love to one another and swore that they’d make things right. 

Making things right came in the form of Yoongi moving out of the master bedroom. Well...partially. He still slept beside Taehyung but the two decided that every now and then they would need space from one another so the second spare bedroom would become Yoongi’s place of solitude while the master would be Taehyung’s. 

And after that, things returned to normal. 

No. They got even better. 

Acknowledging that they need their own space and allowing one another to have time alone helped the couple grow even closer together. They argue far less now and, as a reward, the two of them have decided to resume their at home date nights. 

Last week they had a movie night and the week before that they made dinner together. 

Tonight, though, they are painting. 

“It’s gonna turn out like shit.”Yoongi whines as Taehyung excitedly prepares their paint and brushes. 

“Oh hush,”Taehyung responds, moving around Yoongi’s seated position to give him the art supplies. “It will not.” 

“How do you know that?” 

“Because whatever you make will be beautiful.” 

Yoongi rolls his eyes but there is no denying the subtle blush on his cheeks. “You’re just saying that.” 

At that, Taehyung stops and turns to him. He looks directly into Yoongi’s eyes and his expression causes Yoongi’s breath to catch in his throat. Taehyung is looking at him with so much love in his eyes. His smile is soft yet warm and his eyes twinkle and glitter, shaped in the beautiful crescent shape that has become familiar to Yoongi when his lover is happy. 

“I’m not just saying that beloved,”Taehyung says softly. He brushes hair from Yoongi’s eyes and drags his fingertips along his jaw. “I truly believe that anything you create will be beautiful. Besides, art is just like that. Nothing is a mistake because so called mistakes are nothing but accidental gems that will undoubtedly create a masterpiece.” 

Yoongi’s blush grows even more furious and he can’t help but bite his lip. 

Taehyung has successfully embarrassed him into silence, so instead of replying directly to his words Yoongi pulls him down and kisses him. It is a short, yet full kiss and when they pull apart Taehyung is the one that’s blushing. 

God , I love you.”Yoongi says. 

Taehyung offers him another short peck and walks over to his stool and easel. When he’s seated he finally looks at Yoongi once again. “And I love you. Now, let us paint.” 

“Aren’t you going to bring out some kind of statue or model or something?”Yoongi asks, surprised by Taehyung’s rather abrupt announcement. 

His lover smiles and shakes his head. “Nope. We’re just gonna paint whatever comes to mind.” 

“What the hell kind of paint time is this?” 

Taehyung barks out a laugh, one that warms Yoongi’s insides. 

“The kind that is supposed to let the two of us relax. Instead of stressing about whether or not what you’ve painted matches whatever model just do whatever comes to mind.” 

Yoongi mumbles an “I guess…” but doesn’t put up any more arguments. Besides, it kind of does make sense. In fact, it also makes him feel quite a bit better about this date night. 

He’s a creative man, but not in the same vein as Taehyung. Taehyung worked as a part time art teacher in a community center before their country had to come to a stand still. He has even accompanied Taehyung to several exhibitions and art shows where several of his pieces were on display. 

So yeah...Yoongi had been a bit nervous about this particular date night. 

They’ve been dating for several years now but he has never stopped wanting to impress his lover and his worries that his less than stellar artistic abilities would finally be put forth had him stressed. 

Of course Taehyung saw that. 

Of course he did. Because he knows Yoongi like the back of his hand. Just like Yoongi knows him like the back of his own hand.

Taehyung connects his phone to the bluetooth speaker and presses play on a playlist with soft, melodic music. He jumps into the activity far faster than Yoongi does, but the two of them end up falling into a nice, relaxing silence. 

With nothing to guide them, the two paint to their heart’s content. 

Yoongi can’t see what Taehyung is doing. But by the way that his lover is muttering to himself and bouncing around, using various colors and even dipping his fingers into the paint, he can tell that Taehyung is thoroughly enjoying this. Which is good. Yoongi is glad that he’s enjoying this so much. 

He is too...but now that he looks at his canvas he realizes that he’s been painting it blue. Just blue. Nothing else but blue. So in an attempt to amend this blue catastrophe, Yoongi begins adding black. 

In his efforts to better his piece, Yoongi gets lost in it. He stops thinking about what it is lacking and instead focuses on what else he can add to it and once he does so he really begins to have fun. Like, lots of fun. 

“That looks gorgeous.” 

He jumps in his seat and accidentally drops his hand into his paint. 

“Ah shit.”He mutters. Then he turns around to look at Taehyung, “Baby what the hell. You scared me.” 

Taehyung has an ashamed look on his face as he stares at Yoongi’s paint slathered hands. “Sorry I suddenly got so quiet and when I looked up you looked like you were really concentrating. I wanted to see what you were doing.” 

“ least announce your presence.”Yoongi replies, though he is pouting and is not nearly as upset as he would like Taehyung to believe. 

His boyfriend pecks him on the lips, “Aww, I’m sorry hyungie. I just really wanted to see what you were doing.” 

Yoongi’s brow quirks up and he leans over to kiss Taehyung once again. “You were so lost in your own painting. What happened to that?” 

“S’fine. I think I like yours way better.” 

Yoongi rolls his eyes and stands up, fully intending on walking over to Taehyung’s canvas to see what he has done so far, but he’s blocked by his stupidly tall boyfriend. 

“Taehyung-ah, move outta the way. I wanna see what you’ve done.” 

“No.”Taehyung petulantly replies back. And true to his words, he remains blocking Yoongi’s path. Rather than getting upset though, Yoongi is amused. He tries to maneuver around Tae but he is as tall as he is broad. Normally Yoongi loves that about him, but right about now he’s cursing it. 

“Tae-ah, baby move.” 

Taehyung pouts and shakes his head, “No way. Yours looks better, just accept that fact.” 

Yoongi smirks and tries to get around him once again but instead of blocking him again, Taehyung outright sits on his lap. His legs wrap Yoongi’s waist and his arms rest on his shoulders. 

“Tae-ah,”Yoongi says with a laugh, “C’mon...get off my lap.”

But of course he refuses.

Yoongi is endeared by the way his boyfriend pouts, sticking his bottom lip out and sporting his always adorable puppy dog eyes. “Hyungie...I don’t wanna.” 

There’s a stirring in his gut because Taehyung knows what that nickname does to him. It’s normally cute and endearing and makes Yoongi blush, but when he speaks like that it takes on a whole different feeling. Especially when they’re this close. 

“But we’re supposed to be painting baby.” 

Taehyung licks his lips and leans closer, “What if I said I didn’t wanna paint anymore?” 

Yoongi’s throat goes dry for a second as he thinks about what it is that Taehyung is implying. He’s a horny motherfucker so Yoongi isn’t entirely surprised by how spontaneous this is, but he is surprised by how forthright he’s being. Taehyung is usually a bit more shy about fooling around. Even after all this time. 

That must mean he really wants it. 

And who is Yoongi to deny him what he truly wants? 

With the hand not covered in paint he rubs Taehyung’s back, pulling him in closer. He runs his lips along Taehyung’s jawline and licks his neck. The mewl that tumbles from Taehyung’s lips is enough to push him further. 

It seems to do the same to Taehyung as well. 

He’s slow at first―hesitant really―but his movements are not imperceptible. Yoongi can feel the way Taehyung begins to ride his lap, grinding himself into his lover’s growing erection. 

“You little minx.”Yoongi says with a smirk. 

Taehyung runs his nose along Yoongi’s jawline and leaves a kiss at the base of his ear. “You know what I’s your fault for trying to play hard to get.” 

“ ‘Hard to get’ huh?”

He lifts his hips up, meeting Taehyung’s cock with his own. 

The two of them moan together, falling into bliss. 

The stool squeaks and creaks beneath the two of them and so, despite being caught up in Taehyung, Yoongi decides that it will be better if the two of them didn’t break the chair and possibly their backs. 

So he wraps his unsoiled hand around Taehyung’s waist and with the other he grabs a towel to clean his hand off. Once his hand is clean enough Yoongi wraps the other around Taehyung’s waist and guides the two of them down to the floor. 

Taehyung sits on top of him and looks down at him with a smile. 

“You look so good.” 

“Are you saying that because I genuinely look good or because you like the way I look underneath you?” 

“Is there a third option?”Taehyung asks with a smirk on his face. 

Yoongi rolls his eyes but isn’t upset at all. It’s not often that Taehyung gets on top so he decides to keep from complaining or teasing lest he accidentally talks him out of it. 

You look good.”He says instead, rubbing his hands up and down Taehyung’s sides. His hands slip down his waist and rest on his ass. “Fucking perfect actually.”

At that, Taehyung bites into his bottom lip. He’s blushing a bit and is clearly trying hard to hide it. His efforts are in vain but nonetheless adorable and Yoongi can’t help but find himself endeared by his boyfriend. 

“Hyung...”Taehyung says as he wipes his paint stained hands on his already stained shirt, “It’s hot in here...don’t ya think?” 

Yoongi smirks but rather than tease him, Yoongi tightens his hold on Taehyung’s hips. He licks his lips and checks Taehyung out, letting his eyes wander down from his face to his hands, then to his crotch. Slowly he drags his eyes back up to look at him. “I’m thinking whatever you’re thinking Tae-ah.” 

His hands slip under Yoongi’s shirt. They’re a bit shaky and his fingers tremble as they glide along Yoongi’s abdomen. 

“Why so shaky baby? You’re acting like a blushing virgin.” 

Taehyung’s fingers edge Yoongi’s shirt up until it is bunched up underneath his armpits.“I’m  trying to be delicate here,”He says. “Because I…” 

He doesn’t have to finish his sentence for Yoongi to know what he means. He decides to help Taehyung along and takes off his own shirt. Yoongi watches the way Taehyung eyes him, all but drooling on himself as Yoongi throws his shirt off to the side. 

“C’mon now Tae-ah, I’m not that good looking.”He says jokingly. 

Taehyung leans forward and plants his lips on Yoongi’s neck, leaving a trail of biting kisses down until he reaches his nipple. He takes the pink bud into his mouth, rolling his tongue around it. Softly―carefully he nibbles on it, causing Yoongi’s back to arch off of the floor. 

“You’re the most handsome man I’ve ever laid eyes on.” 

His words cause Yoongi’s face to heat up and he just knows that he’s blushing now. Taehyung does well to complement him frequently, but the look in his eyes and the level of seriousness in his tone keeps Yoongi from making some kind of lighthearted comment or joke. 

Instead he grips Taehyung’s hips tighter and thrusts up, grinding his erection into Taehyung’s. 

A mewl falls from Taehyung’s lips. 

It’s hot. Really hot, but Yoongi knows that he can make him louder. He knows that he can make him sound even more lewd and sexy. 

Taehyung scrambles to take off his shirt and once it’s off he’s wiggling out of his sweats too. To Yoongi’s surprise, he’s not wearing any underwear at all. 

“Need you. Need you so bad, hyungie.” 

Yoongi gulps. 


“Turn around for me baby,”Yoongi says. 

Taehyung readily obliges, turning around so that he is all but sitting on Yoongi’s face. 

He’s so needy that Yoongi almost doesn’t feel like teasing him. Almost. Because as he licks a stripe up Taehyung’s hole he is suddenly hit by the urge to have Taehyung screaming his name. Preferably as he cries for more. 

He flicks his tongue against his hole which causes Taehyung’s hips buck. He lets out a whimper and tries to push his ass further onto Yoongi’s face. He doesn’t mind, of course. In fact, he welcomes the idea of Taehyung sitting on his face. 

Fuck,”Taehyung exclaims as his legs tremble. “You’re tongue. I―” 

Taehyung isn’t able to finish his sentence. Yoongi doesn’t let him as he spreads his cheeks further apart and plunges his tongue further into his tight opening. 

Yoongi’s tongue circles around his twitching hole teasing it, causing Taehyung to moan. He’s teasing him on purpose―enjoying Taehyung’s reactions. The way he whimpers and moans, letting small cries out as he tries to keep himself from fully sitting on his face. 

Taehyung pushes Yoongi’s shorts down his legs and stuffs his mouth with Yoongi’s cloth covered cock. He licks at the patch of precum that has leaked through his underwear. It’s not enough though so he engulfs Yoongi’s cock, sucking on it despite it’s cloth covering. 

The taste of his pre cum is faint, masqueraded by his underwear but that does little to keep Taehyung from being turned on. 

“C’mon Tae-ah, are you gonna suck me off or are you just gonna play around?”

Taehyung frowns at that, annoyed by his teasing but rather than say anything he pulls Yoongi’s cock out from his underwear and wraps his lips around his sensitive tip. 

Yoongi lets out a hiss. 

Good. Payback. 

His tongue circles around the head of Yoongi’s cock, digging into the slit to retrieve every last bit of his precum. As he busies his mouth with Yoongi’s dick, Taehyung’s hands rub along his thighs inching closer and closer to his balls.  

Slobber dribbles down to Yoongi’s balls and as he watches a particular bead of slobber slip between his balls, Taehyung lets out a whimper. 

Slowly Taehyung releases Yoongi from his mouth only to swallow him again. He bobs up and down slowly, teasingly and Taehyung feels a sense of pride swell in his chest the moment Yoongi lets out a drawn out moan. 

“Fucking shit.” 

He thrusts his dick up and further down Taehyung’s throat. For a brief second, his throat closes up and he chokes. It burns a bit―his throat―but that only makes him even harder.   

Yoongi burrows his face between Taehyung’s cheeks and drives his tongue into his hole. 

Taehyung’s concentration, which had been solely on swallowing Yoongi’s cock, is ruined as his mouth falls open and mewls tumble out. 

“Hyungie, I―”He says, though his words are interrupted by another moan. “Please. I need you. Need you so bad.” 

Yoongi delivers a quick, stinging slap to his ass. “Then hop on my dick, Tae-ah.”

He says it with that voice of his. His deep, smooth voice. Gravelly and melodic. It drives Taehyung absolutely insane. His cock jumps, only affirming to himself that yes —he desperately needs Yoongi’s cock and he needs it now

So Taehyung turns around, careful to not hit Yoongi in the head as he throws his leg over his head and positions himself over his lover. Taehyung carefully lines up his cock to his hole and slowly descends. 

But Yoongi thrusts up, forcing his cock deep inside Taehyung in a way that stuffs him full too much, too fast. 

And Taehyung loves it. 

“Fuck.”He groans out as he grinds down on Yoongi’s dick. “So good Hyungie. So fucking good.” 

Yoongi doesn’t give him much time to rest as he grips his hips and lifts him from his lap only to forcefully bring him back down. His pace is slow, leisurely, but that only causes Taehyung’s mind to grow even hazier. 

Please.”He says. But please what? What is he begging for? Taehyung doesn’t even know, can’t even think straight as he relishes in the way Yoongi fucks him. 

Yoongi knows it too. He can see it on Taehyung’s face that his question wasn’t going anywhere. That, like always, he loses himself to pleasure and forgets all else. 

He loves it. Loves the way Taehyung’s head falls back and his mouth hangs open, whimpers and moans tumbling from his pretty lips. Taehyung has always looked absolutely gorgeous to Yoongi, but there’s something to be said about how he looks when he’s getting his brains fucked out. How slobber dribbles from his mouth unconsciously and his cheeks grow a rosey pink. 

It, truly, is a sight to behold.

So Yoongi purposely avoids fucking into Taehyung’s prostate—intentionally avoiding the one spot that will have his lover gushing ropes and ropes of cum from his sensitive cock. 

“Please.”Says Taehyung, followed by a pitiable whimper as his hole clenches around Yoongi. 

And this time Yoongi knows exactly what he’s asking for. Yet he still ignores him. With each thrust up he avoids Taehyung’s prostate, only this time he makes it a point to graze it. To reach it, but only slightly. Just enough to have Taehyung gasp and then choke on that very gasp. 

“You’re the one who begged for my cock Tae-ah.”Yoongi teases. “You’re the one who turned our date night into a slutty fuck fest, didn’t you?”

Taehyung bites into his bottom lip to muffle his whimper. He shuts his eyes tightly and tries to follow Yoongi’s thrusts and ride him, but with Yoongi’s hold on his waist that is impossible. 

“That’s not a rhetorical question.”Yoongi tells him as he leaves a short lived, but sharp slap to Taehyung’s ass. “Answer me Tae-ah. You’re the one who couldn’t keep it in your pants, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Yes, I was. I need you so bad. You looked so good while concentrating and I just couldn’t help myself. Wanted your cock so bad, Hyungie.”

That’s what Yoongi wanted to hear...but it’s not like he’s going to do anything about it. He just wanted Taehyung to admit how much of a cockslut he is. Mission accomplished. 

Adorably, Yoongi can see the surprise dawn on Taehyung’s face when he realizes his motive for interrogating him. His jaw drops and his eyes widen. The mixture of pleasure and surprise on his face makes him all the more sexy and truthfully, Yoongi reaches a bit of his own breaking point. 

He angles his hips and thrusts upward, stabbing his cocks right into Taehyung’s sweet spot. 

Taehyung’s fingers dig into Yoongi’s biceps as a yelp tumbles from his lips. His legs tremble and shake, but what causes Yoongi to let out a hiss is the way his warm, throbbing hole clenches around his cock. 

One look from Taehyung and Yoongi immediately releases his hold on his waist, allowing his lover to ride him the way that he has desperately been wanting to. 

He bounces on Yoongi’s cock, raising himself up so to the point that his dick nearly falls out, before slamming his hips back down to take him back in completely. 

It’s a lot for the both of them. Curses slip from Yoongi’s mouth but Taehyung—precious Taehyung—he can’t help the way his voice grows loud. His moans and mewls bounce off the walls and reverberate back to the couple. They only turn Yoongi on even more. 

Taehyung is partly embarrassed by just how debauched he sounds. But, the desire to feel his lover cum shoot up inside of him, and to feel his own orgasm, makes it easy for him to ignore and push down his shame. 

He releases Yoongi’s biceps and instead shoots his arms out behind himself to get more leverage. Accidentally, he bumps into Yoongi’s easel which causes his paint palette to fall onto the floor. Taehyung pays it little mind, even when both hands accidentally fall into the wet paint. 

In fact, he rests his hands directly on the palette as he works his hips to ride Yoongi. 

“Hyungie, I—”

Yoongi, who had been simply enjoying the show, decides to help Taehyung, who is struggling to retain strength in his legs. 

The two work together to bring each other closer to their orgasms. As Yoongi’s cock angles straight into Taehyung’s prostate, Taehyung clenches around him.  

“Fuck, you feel so good baby.”Yoongi says as he groans. “Love the way you ride me.” 

The praise causes Taehyung’s cheeks to brighten once again. And so, not wanting to disappoint, he picks up his pace with Yoongi following right behind him. 

Taehyung plants his hands on Yoongi’s bare chest, wet paint staining his pretty skin. As his hands drag along, a trail of colors follow. It’s a pretty mixture of colors—one that would normally cause Taehyung to stop and stare if he were in a museum or gallery—but his stomach tenses with pleasure. 

His walls clench around Yoongi’s cock and he tries desperately to keep himself together. He desperately wants to drag this out longer, but then Yoongi is pulling him down and kissing him. He coaxes his tongue into Taehyung’s mouth as his hand grabs hold of his hips once again, guiding him down onto his dick. 

“—much. Too much.”Taehyung groans.

But Yoongi pays him no mind, instead fucking up into him with even greater force. His cock nestles deep within Taehyung before he pulls all the way out, only to force Taehyung back down, swallowing him completely. 

Taehyung’s legs, which had already grown weak from riding Yoongi so fiercely, shudder and tremble as small fireworks run up and down his muscles. He can’t help the way his hole throbs around Yoongi, greedily taking him in more and more as his orgasm quickly approaches. 

“Come for me Tae-ah,”Yoongi mutters through his gritted teeth. “Come for hyung.” 

His muscles seize, locking him in place. His vision goes white, for a brief moment, before Taehyung is seeing stars. His untouched, sensitive cock spurts jets of cum across Yoongi’s chest and on his hands. 

Taehyung feels the strength leave every muscle in his body but rather than fall forward like he’d wanted to, he instead keeps himself upright, using his hands on Yoongi’s chest for support. 

It’s the way Yoongi continues to fuck into him though, stabbing into his tired, sensitive hole. 

His teeth dig into his bottom lip, trying to force down the whimper that topples from his lips anyway. “No more.”He whines. “Hyungie, please. No more.”

“Just a little more, baby. Just a little more.” 

Taehyung’s hands slips across his lover’s chest, spreading a bit of the cum in with the paint, as another orgasm hits him. This one is small—pitiable and pathetic. It hurts a bit but it’s so delicious. 

And then Yoongi is tensing. His movements become sporadic as he sloppily thrusts up into Taehyung. Curses are muttered under his breath, but as his orgasm hits him he lets out the most debauched moans. His nails dig into Taehyung’s hips, assuredly leaving bruises in their wake. 

Hot, thick cum fills him. 

It makes him so warm. 

So full. 

Taehyung is about to collapse into Yoongi’s arms. Yoongi is waiting for him with open arms, but rather than do that he stares down at his chest. And then, much to Yoongi’s surprise, his eyes are brightening and a smile is stretching across his face. 

“Oh my god hyung, don’t move!” 


Taehyung hops up, letting Yoongi’s dick fall out of him without a care. Some cum drips out and falls immediately onto the floor while some, instead, slides down his leg. 

This, too, Taehyung does not pay attention to. 

Instead he runs over to his easel and removes the canvas he had been working on and replaces it with a blank one. 

Hyung.”He says again as he positions his things right above Yoongi. “Seriously, don’t move.” 

“Taehyung. I have cum and paint on me. It’s drying and it feels gross.” 

Taehyung looks at him from behind the easel. Or rather, he looks at the gross concoction on his chest and stomach. “Hyungie, please.” 

Yoongi’s brow twitches. Of course his beautiful, artsy boyfriend would find some kind of inspiration in the cum and pain fusion on him. Of course . Because it wouldn’t be a night with Yoongi and Taehyung if there weren’t something a little weird or crazy going on. 

But then he looks at Taehyung’s concentrated face and sighs. 

“Thirty minutes. I’m only giving you thirty minutes to get as much as you can from this before I’m leaving to take a shower.” 

“That’s all I need.”Taehyung replies, and then he sends Yoongi a shy smile and adds, “I’ll make sure to join you for that shower.” 

That gets Yoongi to smile.