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If someone were to describe Teh and Oh-aew's relationship. It would be a full circle. They never acknowledge the feelings between them, never talk about their relationship, everything is in the air. The both of them know how much they mean to one another, it's amazing how they haven't even clarified what they think of each other to their friends.

But it's not surprising when Bas hears how Oh-aew is starting to get tired of the unsaid feelings between him and Teh. He wants to make it official. He wants Teh to be his and vice versa.

Oh-aew has been brainstorming about how he should confess to Teh and how to approach the topic without scaring the latter away. His heart thumps loudly yet steadily albeit a bit faster than usual whenever he imagines what'll happen when he finally lets the words out to Teh. His mind empty except for his imagination going nuts making him think about how he can finally tell people that Teh is his boyfriend without having to doubt what they are whenever someone asks regarding their relationship.

  1. One month letters as it leads to him making Teh go on a treasure hunt to confess directly was a good idea, but Oh-aew doubts that Teh would go and do the treasure hunt because a damn letter made him do that, thus he scrapped the idea.
  2. Give Teh flowers for a whole month until he gets a bouquet-like roses and tell him on the last day of the month that he likes Teh? Maybe when they've finished college and have stable jobs. It can be their anniversary idea, though, so he'll make a mental note not to forget about the brilliant idea.
  3. Just tell Teh that he likes the elder. That's probably the best.

Where could be the perfect place to drop the bomb to Teh? Oh-aew still don't know about that. He also still doesn't know when to confess and make it official—if Teh wants them to be as well. God, Oh-aew hopes that would be the response he'll get from his best friend.

Maybe he should wing it now? Take him wherever he has in mind? Take a drink of their last hours, minutes, as best friends before they either become boyfriends or fall out. That could work.

Oh-aew punches Teh's number on his phone. The other picks up fast per usual. "Hey, Teh. Do you want to go to the beach near the resort?"

"Hey. When?" Oh-aew can hear the confusion laced on his voice. It's stupid how he can perfectly see the image of Teh with his eyebrows furrowed and looking all addled.

"Do you think you can come now?"

It's also stupid how he's already sitting on the hammock they sat on when they were vacationing while study Mandarin, but it's nothing other than a coincidence, okay? He's not like that. (Deep down he knows how much the adrenaline made him come over to the beach unbeknownst to himself.)

After a few dots of silence from the other line, Teh breaks it by saying, "Sure. I'll be there in 20 more or less."

"I'll see you then." The way Oh-aew's heart bumps should be concerning he could probably get a heart attack if it keeps it up.

Breathe in, breathe out. Nothing is wrong. He's only meeting his best friend like usual, what's there to be scared about? Nothing can harm him anyways, except for heartbreak and a rejection from Teh.


Oh-aew doesn't know how long he's been daydreaming as he stares out to the sea and constantly goes on his phone to scroll through Twitter and Instagram, but he notices that Teh is already standing beside his head.

Teh looks breathtaking as always. His slicked up hair and the blue hibiscus shirt that adorns his body even more, and his usual black shorts. To anyone other than Oh-aew, he probably looks like a normal kid going to the beach, but to Oh-aew he looks appealing; making Oh-aew want him even more than before.

"You're here," the younger can't help but breathe out the words from his mouth as he sits up on the hammock from his sleeping position.

Teh nods as a response. "Of course I'm here, you asked me to come. Don't be stupid."

You asked me to come.

Fuck, that sentence shouldn't make Oh-aew's heart palpitate hastily. It shouldn't make his breathing even worse. Shit he's really in this deep.

"Oh... yeah, you're right. Do you want to swim?" Oh-aew manages to assemble a coherent sentence even with his scattered thoughts inside his head.

Again, Teh only gives the younger a nod as a response, but that's fine.

Both boys takes off their shirts. Not wanting to look flustered and embarrass himself in front of his crush, Oh-aew takes off first without waiting for Teh who's shouting to wait for him. Oh-aew doesn't want his head to be even more scattered and fill itself in with how he's going to be confessing after this.

They laid on their backs like old days, albeit it was harder because Oh-aew almost drowned from a bit of the water going in his nose. Overall it's relaxing like they were the only ones present in the world; free from the heavy problem called reality, only the two of them in their shared bubble.

Oh-aew takes the lead to submerge himself in the clear salt water, Teh following after him. They're truly alone now. No one to interrupt, disturb, or watch them, except for the living creatures of the blue sea. Peace and calm, just what Oh-aew needed to push himself and hold Teh's shoulders, their mouths inching closer and closer like two magnets attracted to each other.

The kiss was amazing despite it being cut short, for they could've lost their last breath and not be able to swim up to get air. It had no fireworks, no explosions, it felt as if his insides bloomed from the touch of Teh's lips. It has always been electricity zapped through his whole body whenever Teh touches him. The kiss felt pretty so to say and Oh-aew is addicted to it.

He wants more.

Thankfully, Teh hadn't shown any signs of discomfort after they got out of the waters and back in their clothes. Perhaps this should be the right time.



"Oh? You go first then." Oh-aew gestures to speak first.

Nodding, Teh continues, "I... How should I say this? I really like you. You take my breath away every time I see you. I never knew that my heart could beat this fast because of someone, but you're the first to do that and make me realize that maybe I've been waiting too long for this. I've always liked you and I still do. I just... had to let it all out before it eats me out alive. I hope you don't feel revolted after hearing this."

It's astounding how Oh-aew didn't die of a heart attack right there upon hearing Teh's confession . He expected a lot, but he didn't expect this to happen, at all.

"Shit. I don't know what to say..." Oh-aew trails off, still trying to fathom the fact that his crush also has a crush on him and had just confessed.

"You don't have to say anything..."

That's not what I meant, dummy. "I—Honestly Teh? I asked you to come here because I wanted to say that I have a crush on you and that I really want to tell—boast to—everyone that you're officially my boyfriend." Oh-aew's head down watching his feet and hands twiddle with themselves as a form of nervousness.

Disbelief warm on Teh's face as he processes the words that came out of Oh-aew's mouth. "Oh..."


Oh-aew feels fingers lifting his head up from staring too long at his twiddling hands and feet. The soft yet stern look on Teh's face has taken over and he seems to be more determined now.

Palm still atop of Oh-aew's jaw and thumb stroking circles on his cheek. Teh leans in to give a butterfly kiss Oh-aew's left cheekbone, soft as cotton and heartfelt.

To say that Oh-aew's ecstatic was understandable, for he almost blew Bas' phone from all the notification he got the night after the whole confession and making things official happened.