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The Pros and Cons of dating Park Jimin

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Con: Jungkook is new at relationships.

Okay, sure. Maybe the first one was more of a Jungkook problem than a Jimin one. 

He couldn’t help it, though. Jungkook had never had a crush this serious before and he was feeling a little overwhelmed. He spent weeks avoiding being in a relationship with Jimin and now he couldn’t bring himself to stop thinking about it. Which, if he was to start pointing fingers, was his mother’s fault to begin with. Sure, she hadn’t said a peep to him since the Christmas party and he was grateful for that, but she hadn’t exactly stopped giving him looks, either. 

This would be their third date — fourth, if he counted that one day they went to Starbucks — and Jungkook needed to calm the fuck down. He tried telling himself he’d be fine if the circumstances were different, if he had time to process Jimin and his sharp smiles and sweet kisses, maybe he wouldn’t be walking around with wobbly legs and bells ringing in his ears. But no, they’d been on three dates in the past week and as delighted as he was to see Jimin every other day, he was worried it would be the death of him. 

The sun had set a while ago, just as Jungkook was leaving his house and avoiding making eye contact with his mother. He sent out a prayer to the gods that Junghyun and Haeun were long gone, off to spend New Years' with her family, otherwise, he’d never hear the end of it. The only reason they were seeing each other today and not tomorrow was because Jimin already had plans for the New Years', a party with some of his friends. 

He actually extended the invitation to Jungkook, but he had some plans of his own, dinner with his dad’s brother and family and all. Not to mention, a party with a bunch of strangers only to end up following Jimin around like a lost puppy? No thanks.

He looked around the street again, just to have a little more time to prepare. There were colorful Christmas lights on almost every window, a few of the shops still open shining with a warm yellow glow, people huddled together to fight off the biting cold. What was once a fluffy white sheet of snow over the streets was now starting to melt and mix with dirt, leaving puddles of dark brown everywhere. Even snow had its cons.

Jungkook checked the address on his phone one last time before pressing the intercom. This was his first time in Jimin's apartment and he was nervous. He didn't want to accidentally press the wrong number and end up with an annoyed old lady yelling at him for disturbing her drama time. 

He pressed the button on the intercom, and it was Jimin's voice that greeted him. Thank god.

"Hey beautiful, took you long enough." He said, the static sound of the microphone failing to make his voice any less dreamy. "Hurry up, it's cold!" 

He opened his mouth to reply but Jimin had already hung up, leaving behind the loud buzz of the front door being opened. Jungkook frowned at the handle, clicking his tongue. He didn't even confirm that it was him and Jimin opened the door, just like that? He could've been a murderer or a person selling kitchen utensils, or something. 

Jungkook shook his head and let himself in, cleaning his boots on the reindeer doormat and making the motion sensor of the lobby turn on the lights. The hot air from the air conditioning washed over his skin like an old friend and it made him shiver the cold from the night.

The building was an old construction, with only four floors and no elevator, a long lobby with a faded dark blue carpet, and a crystal chandelier. It wasn't anything too fancy, the mailboxes on one wall, and a long table on the side with a small Christmas tree and a board with papers pinned to it, mostly ads and notes about the tenants — Jungkook didn't miss the flyer for Little Little, offering a 10% discount for the next visit. 

Jimin's apartment was on the first floor, thankfully, and the stairs were at the opposite end of the entrance. He made his way up in large steps, finding the door he wanted next to a large potted plant and a huge reef hanging above the number thirteen. 

Jungkook barely had the time to lift his hand to knock before the door was pulled open and he found himself with a face full of baker.

Jimin pulled him by the collar of his coat, pressing their bodies together and kissing him without any second warning. Jungkook felt himself melt on the spot, Jimin’s warm skin and soft lips against his, the taste of his cherry chapstick, and little something else he couldn’t quite place. He brought his hands to circle around his waist, the fabric of his sweater getting stuck between Jungkook’s fingers with each breath he lost to the twists of Jimin’s tongue. 

He guessed his suspicions were correct and Jimin was, in fact, trying to kill him.

Well. He lived twenty-one years, that’s a long enough life. If Jimin wanted to suck his life out of his mouth, who the hell was Jungkook to say no?

The kiss didn’t last much longer, probably given that Jungkook hadn’t even been invited in yet, but it was probably for the best. Jimin smiled at him, his eyes sparkling, and let his hands untangle and fall from Jungkook’s jacket to find a fit with his fingers. He took a step back, bringing Jungkook in with him and making sure the door closed with a soft click. 

It was a bit cramped for the two of them at the entrance, with Jimin’s shoes and coats, but he couldn’t bring himself to mind the proximity. Jimin moved back a bit more, stepping up to the wooden floor without letting go of their joined hands. It made them more or less the same height, and that made Jungkook’s heart swell inside his chest. He also noticed the slippers next to Jimin’s feet, pale pink with tiny doodles of carrots that looked suspiciously as if they were his own size, and not the blond’s.

Did Jimin buy those for him, because the first time they met they made a joke out of Jungkook being a bunny because of a mug? That made his heart swell even more. Jungkook looked at their joined hands again, and then at Jimin’s beautiful face, his soft lips and dreamy eyes, and he felt a whole lot of feelings all at once.

He was sure there was a more sensible approach to the subject, other than it being the first thing out of his mouth, blurted out unprompted.

"Are we boyfriends?"

Well. Good job on that.

Jimin had the ghost of a greeting still on his lips. He blinked at Jungkook, letting their hands go and his arms fall on his side, with a slight frown appearing on his forehead.

"The fact that you even need to ask," he said, after a few seconds. "Should be answer enough, beautiful." 

Jungkook felt his face scrunch up in regret and he wondered, yet again, why he had no brain to mouth filter. The fact that he still wasn't clear on what the answer was only made him feel more and more like an idiot.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" He tried, hands flinging around. "I didn't mean it like that, I don't even-!"

"Where's this coming from, anyway?" Jimin interrupted him before he could spiral even further down. The tone of his voice was light, he didn't look mad at all. If anything, he was slightly amused. 

(Granted, Jungkook had never seen Jimin mad, but he wasn't planning on starting today.)

Jungkook stared down at his feet, rubbing the sole of his shoes over the floor. "I don’t know, just kept thinking about it on the way here," he admitted. The jacket was starting to pull his shoulders down. “And you know, there’s the whole deal with my mom, it’s kind of been cooking up in my head all month.”

Jimin listened with his bottom lip stuck between his teeth, looking from the scarf he had given Jungkook a couple of days ago to the shoes and coat he was yet to remove. 

"I mean, isn't it a little too soon for us to be talking about boyfriends?" He said, his shoulders moving as if this wasn't as big of a deal as Jungkook was making it out to be. Still, he managed to emanate a calming energy, talking sweet and warm. "I thought you'd wanna take things slow."

Quite honestly, Jungkook thought so too. He wasn't one to date, never had been, and Jimin's tight relationship with his family put things into a much bigger strain. But on the other hand, hearing that he wasn't, in fact, Park Jimin's boyfriend put a much heavier cloud above his feelings than he anticipated.

Jungkook was sure that, by now, he would sound like a kicked puppy. "So, you're not my boyfriend?"

Jimin tilted his head towards him, eyebrows furrowed just slightly. "Do you want me to be?" 

His cheeks were on fire at this point, and he had failed to notice until then. "It would be really fucking lit, hyung, I'm not gonna lie," he mumbled out, almost incomprehensible. "You're like, the coolest person I ever met in my life."

With his eyes still glued to the floor, Jungkook saw the tips of Jimin's red and white wool socks first when he stepped forward. Second, he felt the warm tips of Jimin's fingers on the side of his jaw, and third the warm puff of his breath on his cheeks.

"Then just ask me." 

He felt his entire breath get stuck in his throat. None of this was planned, obviously, and Jungkook still wasn’t used to how easy Jimin made things seem. He didn’t beat around the bush for anything, he didn’t hesitate and, unlike Jungkook, he didn’t seem to chicken out of a situation. He looked so sure, calm even, standing there with not more than a whisper between them, his warm eyes glinting with something unknown. 

Jungkook’s mind felt a little hazy, as if he was surrounded by grey clouds, surrounded by the heavy unsettling feeling of an upcoming storm, sparks of electricity prickling his skin. 

Scared shitless, but excited as hell. He supposed that wasn’t the first time, and surely it wouldn’t be the last, that Jimin made him freeze and burn up at the same time. 

He swallowed down, trying to fix his dry throat. His heart was beating so loud the neighbors were probably calling the police. With a bit of a shudder, he let his fingers intertwine with Jimin’s free hand. 

Might as well finish what he started.

“Will you be my boyfriend?”

It was almost as if a switch had flipped, a sliver of bright, warm sunshine slashing through the loaded clouds when Jimin’s lips curled into a smile.

“Yes,” he said, squeezing Jungkook’s hand in his own. “I would love to.”

And then he leaned in to give him a peck on the lips, nothing more than a feathery touch, gone before he could think about it. Jungkook felt a shaky breath he hadn't even noticed he was holding escape his lips. 

Holy shit.

His reaction made Jimin giggle. 

“You need to relax, beautiful.” He said, coaxing Jungkook with gentle rubs over his jacket, up and down his arm. “It’s okay. You’re cute and I like you. We’ll figure it out.”

"Okay." He replied. It was a funny feeling, bubbling in his chest. A funny, terrifying feeling. "Okay. I like you, too."

Jimin smiled at him again, his fingers clutching the ends of Jungkook's scarf. "Okay. Wanna take these off so you can come inside, properly?" He asked, but waited for no reply, pulling it off and reaching for the zipper of Jungkook's jacket, too. "I can make you some tea, give you some cake, and then if you're still cold,” Jimin tilted his head, a different glint to his eyes. “I'll make out with you until you're warm." 

A chill went down Jungkook’s spine. He used his own feet to get the boots off, stepping over the heels until they fell to the side, not really caring about being neat. Jacket and scarf gone, in his socks and hoodie, Jungkook snaked his arms around Jimin’s waist. 

“It was so cold outside,” he said, his lips close to Jimin’s jaw, feeling the low rumble in his throat when he giggled. “I’m freezing, you know?” 

“Come in, then.”

He followed Jimin in a bit blindly, following the shape of the sweater around his shoulders rather than the carpets on the wooden floor. The lighting inside was dimmed, nothing but the warm blinking lights of the tree and a fancy crystal lamp, painting the living room in pinks, reds and blues. Some candles burned but he smelled more than saw them, mixed with the unmistakable smell of gingerbread cookies, still warm.

Jimin’s apartment felt almost magical, not unlike the man inside it.

At that point, Jungkook was more than ready to start believing in Christmas Miracles.

* ✲ ⁎ ⁎ ✲ *