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The Only Woman That Mattered, Peggy Carter

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It's christmas time, everyone should be together and have fun with their family. But Steve is outside, walking-.. Wandering around in the cold December night air. All alone. He trudges through the heavy white snow towards his apartment. Coming across several houses, inside;behind the glass, he sees multiple people sitting at a table, laughing and giving each other presents. He didn't need the joy not after-...... not after-.... Not-....

Steve arrived soon in his apartment, it were all dark and cold. He had been living here for the past couple of months. No lights were on, He had no need to. The light in his life were taken away. He sighs sadly and walked through the corridor; dropped his keys off onto a table and went to the couch in the living room.

All alone sitting in the living room, looking around in the dark. Did not make him feel better, it made him feel scared and alone and claustrophobic. Flashes of his past played inside his head, his dark past. The kind you know you don't want to talk about but it keeps haunting, every night, every day, in every dream. You know it's there.

This time he saw her again; A beautiful young woman in uniform with brown hair and brown eyes, she stood right in the corner beside the christmas tree. He smiles. Oh he missed her, missed her so much. He still owed her a dance. Laughing softly at the good memory he looked up again. For a long time they stared into each others eyes.

"Steve" she whispers, "it's been a long time. Put on some lights, so I can see you better"

Steve shakes his head, tears coming up in his eyes. "The light has been taken away, why should I?" He shrugs

"Because you owe me a dance, young man" she smiles

Steve again shakes his head, his hand come to his face, wiping away the tears that had been spilling over. He didn't believe it, this were all a ghost he was talking to. A ghost of a woman he loved and cared about. It were nothing.

She crouches down, tapped a button. The Christmas tree enlightened. Bright colours of yellow, white, green, blue and red illuminated the living room. He smiles, seeing she were really standing there. "Oh, Peggy. I have missed you so much" She went over to the couch, elegant and still smiling. "I have missed you too, Steve."

She sits down on his lap and smiles. Steve wrapped his arms around her and lay his head on her chest. Listening to the soft thumping of her heart. He feels happy again being with the woman who mattered most. The only one who mattered to him has come back, finally come back to his life. The only woman named Peggy Carter.


"Steve! Steve! Hey Bud, wake up! Steve! Steve!" James shouts, shaking the man underneath him. "Steve! Come on, wake up!"