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truly a love story for the ages

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They’d talked about this, many times, prior.

“I’m on birth control, of course,” Wei Ying says, the very first time they have sex. “I mean—I’m only twenty-five, I don’t have plans for a baby. And I’m sure you don’t want children anytime soon, either.”

Lan Zhan calmly agrees, “Of course. I have no plans for that, either. Not until we’re ready to take that step, together.”

“Yeah, plus, we’ve only been dating like a month,” Wei Ying adds. “I know we’ve known each other much longer, but still. Let’s just take things slow. Children after marriage.”

He knows the Lans are traditionalists. They wouldn’t want a child out of wedlock—Lan Zhan is bound to feel the same.

“Children after marriage,” Lan Zhan says, nodding. “And I’ll still wear condoms too, even if you’re on birth control. Just so no accidents happen.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Wei Ying answers back, chirpily. “You never know, you know?”

“Yes, of course,” Lan Zhan says, the slightest hint of a smile on his lips. He’s very loving when he pulls Wei Ying into his arms next, and sinks a kiss into his hair. “We’re on the same page. Nothing done without the other’s consent.”

Wei Ying hums, basking underneath his attention, “Nothing at all.”

Except nothing becomes something as the months go by and Wei Ying becomes highly conscious of the fact that he is dating Lan Zhan—Lan Wangji, the second heir to the Lan empire—and that his man is coveted wherever he goes, and has a constant flock of ladies (and men!) desperate to catch his attention. 

Sure, Lan Zhan had been popular back in school back when they were kids, but it had mostly been admiration and fervid worship from afar—not bouts of romantic prospects lining up for him at parties like they are, now.

Wei Ying knows he has nothing to be worried about. Even from back then, Wei Ying had been the only person Lan Zhan ever chose to talk to; and as far as Wei Ying is concerned, he still remains the only person that Lan Zhan would willingly choose to be with, over and over again. Wei Ying is the centre of Lan Zhan’s life. He knows this. He has heard it many times from the other man; had it repeated it to him in many different variations (both in bed and outside of bed!), even. 

But insecurity is a bitch, and when Huaisang tells him about how he has heard from da ge that Uncle Qiren is setting Xichen-ge up with a politically-motivated arranged marriage, Wei Ying completely freezes up at the notion that this is the way their world works, that people as powerful and wealthy as the Lans have to marry strategically for a reason, and that Wei Ying is… not exactly the finest candidate in Uncle Qiren’s books, for his beloved nephew.

He is crippled by the harrowing fear of Lan Zhan ever leaving him.

That very night, he returns from dinner with Huaisang and empties his cabinets—ones stored full with his birth control pills. He’d always been so anxious, so frantic about taking them on time, but now he throws them all down the rubbish chute, not even blinking an eye as he does so. He gets onto his computer, Amazons the shit out of folic acid supplements—Jiejie took a bunch of them when she was trying to get pregnant, and it’d worked wonders for her—and orders a thirty pack of prenatal gummies just because it’ll be good for the baby. For the incoming baby. The baby that’s bound to enter their lives. Because Wei Ying will get himself pregnant with Lan Zhan’s baby, if that’s the last thing he’ll do.

He knows they’ve talked about this, but it’s not as if birth control was ever a hundred percent guarantee, anyway. Accidents were bound to happen. Mishaps happen. And if poor, poor Wei Ying was accidentally impregnated due to the fault of a malfunctioning pill, Lan Zhan could never bear to abandon him and the child he would’ve sired within Wei Ying. He is a Lan, and very righteously so; and he would, no doubt, take responsibility. 

The Lans are traditionalists, and they would never approve of a child out of wedlock. Wei Ying knows this. Even Uncle Qiren would aggressively push for marriage. 

And Wei Ying will use it to his favour.



Wei Ying is a social butterfly. He always has been. He hangs off Lan Zhan’s arm in every party, dressed to the nines, laughing prettily like his overflowing beauty does not ache him one bit. But it aches Lan Zhan. It pains him. Wei Ying is so beautiful, it hurts.

He’d been content, at first. He’d been so content, confessing to Wei Ying underneath the stars on a romantic walk out, unable to let his love for the boy stew in him any longer and eat him alive. He’d been so content when Wei Ying confessed the same, that he’d always liked Lan Zhan, that he would love more than anything in the world to give their relationship a try. He was the most content when Wei Ying tipped on his toes and brought him into the softest kiss, and allowed Lan Zhan to wrap his arms around his waist without so much as a complaint. It’d been everything Lan Zhan ever wanted. It’d been everything he’d waited his entire life for.

He’d been so overjoyed, three months in, when Wei Ying agreed to move in with him, and live with him permanently, for good.

But as always, the insecurities creep in. His thoughts get the better of him. When Wei Ying curls up in his arms and falls asleep late at night, Lan Zhan’s fingers thread up his soft, silky hair and fears he might still one day lose this. Forever. That Wei Ying might wake up one day, look at him, and have a complete change of heart. Because that’s what humans are, aren’t they? They’re fickle-minded, they’re indecisive, they’re ever-changing. Wei Ying had been the one constant in his life that he could always count on—but what if? What if things aren’t meant to be?

Lan Zhan doesn’t believe in things that aren’t ‘meant to be’. Lan Zhan will make it such that Wei Ying was always meant to be his.

He places a hand on Wei Ying’s flat stomach, and watches as it cutely rises just a tad bit each time, whenever his smaller lover exhales softly in his sleep. He feels his heart squeeze at the very idea of it ever swelling with a child. His child.

He knows they’ve talked about this, and that Wei Ying isn’t ready yet. We’re only twenty-five, Wei Ying had said. We don’t have the capabilities yet.

That’s not true, Lan Zhan wanted to reply, the very first time Wei Ying had broached the topic. That’s not true, because I have the funds, I have the patience, and I will always be ready to take care of any children borne by you. I am capable, Wei Ying. Or perhaps, you are unable to see this, unless… I show it to you?

When he gets the devilish thought to replace all of the birth control pills in Wei Ying’s cabinet with sugar pills instead, he does not fight it. He goes all out. He meticulously unscrews every bottle in that damned cabinet, empties them all, and fills them back up to the brim with unassuming, similar-looking white-coloured pills. He’d taken great care to find ones of the same size. He knows his efforts will pay off.

He takes out all the boxes of condoms that he has ready in stock, too, and drives a sharp pin through every box, readying them for the next time they have sex.

Wei Ying will not refuse him, once he has been sired with his child. Wei Ying is too pure-hearted, overly kind and maternalistic—Lan Zhan has seen the way Wei Ying gets around Jin Ling—and Wei Ying would keep the baby that Lan Zhan puts in him, for sure. And when that happens, all Lan Zhan has to do is swoop in and take responsibility for everything. All Lan Zhan would have to do would be to lay claim to the child as the father, and take his place as Wei Ying’s rightful husband… and everything will fall right into place.

Wei Ying was always meant to be his.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spots a bottle of gummies on the table. He wonders when Wei Ying began to like candy.




Tonight is the night. Wei Ying had checked his fertility calendar all week, with much anticipation, using the tracker app on his phone; and it’d verified that tonight would be the best time for conceiving. He’d already stopped taking his birth control two weeks ago, but it wouldn’t hurt to strategise a bit more. He needed the extra help. Needed to get pregnant. Needed to trap that sweet, handsome man in a marriage, and lock him down for good, so no one could ever take him away from Wei Ying. Lan Zhan will never embrace another person in his arms again, or so if he can help it.

Wei Ying had it all planned. Enticing red silk nightgown? Check. Lacy see-through underwear? Check. Long hair painstakingly brushed out and swept seductively to the side of his neck? Check. There was no way Lan Zhan would take one look at him and not pounce at him. There was no fucking way. Wei Ying’s very conscious of his own allure; and that’s what agonises him even more—knowing that he’s basically perfect, and yet still having to baby-trap Lan Zhan into a marriage.

After a quick dinner, he gives it about a half-hour before he’s impatiently climbing into Lan Zhan’s lap on the sofa, rubbing his silk nightie all over his… soon-to-be husband.

“Lan Zhaan,” Wei Ying whines out, because he’s already scantily clad in the most scandalous thing known to man, and he no longer knows any shame. “I need you to fuck me.”

“Hm,” Lan Zhan says, amused. His eyes are twinkling as his large hands slide up to feel up Wei Ying’s bare thighs, right underneath his extremely short dress. “You’ve dressed for the occasion.”

“For the fucking? Yes,” Wei Ying says back, eagerly. He pushes a knee into Lan Zhan’s crotch, feels it hardening right beneath him. He’s well-pleased by the reaction. “You haven’t said anything about it. I’m hurt.”

“Was going to show you my appreciation, via action, later,” Lan Zhan hums. One of his hands moves quickly to the back, and palms roughly at one of Wei Ying’s round, jiggly ass cheeks. “Wei Ying is unusually excited today. It must be one of those… fertile days.”

Huh. He knows.

“Oh, you keep track?” Wei Ying laughs aloud, hoping it’ll hide his nervousness. “I didn’t even realise.”

Wei Ying has been checking his tracker daily for two weeks straight.

He’s so caught up in his own horror of being caught, he does not catch the brief panic that shows on Lan Zhan’s face.

“...Was a lucky guess,” Lan Zhan says, lips in a tight line. “I don’t keep track.”

“Haha, I’m sure,” Wei Ying laughs again, anxious to change the subject. “It’s not like it matters, anyway. I’m on birth control, remember?”

Lan Zhan answers smoothly, without a hint of uneasiness this time, “Yes.”

His hands trail up to his waist, and fastens a firm grip around Wei Ying. He picks Wei Ying up easily from his lap, and carries him just like that, relying purely on his own arm strength. Wei Ying laughs as he’s manhandled so easily in Lan Zhan’s hold, and he’s slowly brought to their bedroom, where Lan Zhan lowers him carefully back down against the bed, ensuring he doesn’t let go of Wei Ying until Wei Ying’s head is lying back down nicely, against the pillow.

Oh, Lan Zhan, always a gentleman. He’d make the perfect father for his child. Wei Ying wants his babies, so bad… 

When Lan Zhan leans over and kisses him, Wei Ying wraps his arms around his neck, breathing in every bit of his alpha’s scent. He smells so good, so great, so masculine, so protective of him. He’d take good care of Wei Ying. Wei Ying has no doubts about it.

Things are always hasty and hurried with them. They kiss for a grand total of a minute before Lan Zhan is ripping himself away and lowering his head in between Wei Ying’s thighs, yanking at the lacy panties using his bare teeth and pulling them down mid-thigh. Wei Ying’s legs fall open wider, acting on sheer instinct, tilting his hips up to allow Lan Zhan easier access to his hole—which has now already become wet and slick with arousal. 

Lan Zhan pushes his head forward and his hot, pulsing tongue sinks in, and Wei Ying’s mouth staggers open in the loudest moan.

“Fuck, Daddy…”

God, they have such good sex. He could live with this forever.

When Wei Ying cums—so easily, just under two minutes, because he’s so sensitive when he’s at his most fertile—Lan Zhan finally allows himself to have his turn at being pleasured. He pulls himself up from the bed, hands lazily reaching for the box of condoms Wei Ying had already lay out on the dresser, and pulls out one to use.

Wei Ying’s eyes flicker to the condom in hand, hiding a smile. He’d made sure to make little rips in every one beforehand, using his bunny teeth. 

“We can’t forget the condom, of course,” Wei Ying re-affirms, with a straight face. “Very important.”

“Very,” Lan Zhan nods. He does not let his smugness show. He rolls it onto his hard dick very prudently, even makes an entire show out of it to ensure Wei Ying sees he has a condom on. “Wouldn’t want any accidents to occur. Not when you’re most fertile. The chances are… very high.”

“Wouldn’t be ideal,” Wei Ying says, nodding even harder.

“Yes, wouldn’t be,” Lan Zhan parrots.

Wei Ying still reaches for a pillow anyway, and places it underneath his hips. Lan Zhan lifts a brow—Wei Ying hadn’t ever done this before.

“My back hurts,” Wei Ying whines, hands purposefully clutching at his waist. “I think it’s sore from all the running I did the other day. Sorry, can we just stick to missionary today?”

His explanation makes absolutely zero sense, but Lan Zhan doesn’t even bat an eyelid.

“If Wei Ying’s back is sore, then we should use a pillow,” Lan Zhan agrees. He props Wei Ying higher up on the pillow, pulling his legs wide open and ensuring his ass is in the air. “Wei Ying should lay on his back. It helps with c—” and then he stops himself, like he’s just realised he’d let his inner thoughts slip. “It’ll help alleviate pain for your back.”

“Ah, Lan Zhan, always so thoughtful,” Wei Ying says, gleefully. He flutters his eyes, looking to him under hooded eyelids. “So good to your wife—” Wei Ying pauses. It seems he’s also jumped the gun on this one. “So good to me.”

“Wife,” Lan Zhan chuckles out, because he’d caught it. “It seems Wei Ying wishes to role-play tonight.”

“Oh, yes, role-play,” Wei Ying laughs, nervously. He’s glad Lan Zhan always liked him too much to ever think Wei Ying could manipulate him otherwise.

Then he leans right into it, in a sickeningly sweet purr. “Husband.”

“Mn, my wife,” Lan Zhan returns a smile, back.

He takes a firm hold of Wei Ying’s two legs that have been elevated high up in the air, and hooks them over his shoulder. Wei Ying’s body has been molded into a perfect forty-five degree angle—extremely perfect for conception. 

The stars have aligned for him today, Lan Zhan thinks.

When Lan Zhan fucks deep into him, Wei Ying is whimpering, legs weakly shivering as he clutches at the cotton bed sheets. Lan Zhan is so big and he always makes Wei Ying so tight, always stretching him and spearing Wei Ying open like it’s nothing. Wei Ying’s seen the aftermath of Lan Zhan’s orgasm plenty of times—and he’s confident that even just half of the load of his cum is enough to impregnate Wei Ying, even if only in just one round. God, he can’t wait to milk the shit out of him. He can’t wait for it at all.

Lan Zhan grunts with every thrust he delivers to Wei Ying, holding Wei Ying perfectly still even as he writhes and squirms underneath him. Wei Ying’s legs tingle with every forceful pounding, dainty feet curling as he gasps out every filthy thing he can think of in his instinct-driven brain. He just wants to be used for the omega that he is, used for the womb that he carries but has so painfully denied the pleasure of harbouring life all these while. 

“Oh, fuck me Daddy, use me, breed your small omega wife,” Wei Ying begs, meaning it a bit more than he should. 

He clenches his inner muscles around Lan Zhan with every movement, sucking him even further in and attempting to milk his cock dry.

Surprisingly, Lan Zhan takes very well to tonight’s dirty talk.

“Wei Ying, I am breeding you,” Lan Zhan huffs, exhaling out deeply. “I am going to fill you up with my cum, make sure you take every drop. Make sure you have my baby.”

“Yes, Lan Zhaan!” Wei Ying lets out a strangled cry, lust overfilling him. 

He lifts his hips even higher, making sure Lan Zhan’s dick drives into the furthest, hard-to-reach spots within him. Wei Ying’s incredibly greedy—he wants to absorb even the pre-cum, wants it all to trickle right down inside of him. Anything at all that will increase the chances of pregnancy—he wants.

“Wei Ying, you will be my wife,” Lan Zhan growls out, at the height of his pleasure. 

He’s uncharacteristically feral, canines fully showing as he dips his head down to bite at Wei Ying’s shoulder. Wei Ying’s been marked so many times by him by now, but this—oh, this is different. Lan Zhan wants to own him. As Lan Zhan sinks his sharp teeth in, overwhelming pleasure spreads from his neck all across the rest of Wei Ying’s body.

“Yes, alpha,” Wei Ying screams out, in acceptance. “I’ll be yours, forever.”

Lan Zhan rams in even harsher this time upon hearing that, hitting all the right spots that he’s long memorised like the back of his hand; and Wei Ying is sobbing when he cums for the second time, arching his back off the bed and squeezing so wonderfully around Lan Zhan’s cock that it brings forth Lan Zhan’s own orgasm as well. 

For the first time, in all of their couplings, Wei Ying feels the warm gush of cum flooding his mushy insides, and Wei Ying instantly knows his ruse worked. At the violent rate that Lan Zhan was fucking him anyways—almost as if he wanted the condom to tear even more—the condom must have shredded into pieces, because Wei Ying can hardly feel the sensation of anything else left around Lan Zhan’s cock. He only feels fresh, hot cum, filling him up.

And god, it’s a lot.

He’s so happy with the product of his efforts, he almost wants to cry. He’ll be impregnated, for sure. There’s no way he won’t get a baby out of this one. Lan Zhan is so young, so hot-blooded and virile, and he fucks him with such vigour that it’s hard for Wei Ying to imagine his sperm to be anything but healthy. 

Perfect. Everything had gone according to plan. 

He takes a sly peek at Lan Zhan, and wonders if he knows what he has done.

Lan Zhan’s eyes are still closed, his mouth hanging slightly open as he fucks the last of his orgasm into Wei Ying. His fat cock twitches non-stop inside of Wei Ying, still coming down from the insane wave of pleasure from before. He stubbornly keeps them locked in their positions, until he has fully emptied himself out inside of Wei Ying.

Good. Just the way Wei Ying needed it to be. He’s never been more thankful for Lan Zhan’s creampie kink.

Poor, poor Lan Zhan, so foolishly ignorant of what Wei Ying has brought down upon him…

If anything, Wei Ying will have to just blame it on Lan Zhan’s aggressive sexual habits. How can the sweet, innocent omega that is Wei Ying ever be at fault for this?

When Lan Zhan finally pulls out of him, Wei Ying’s reluctant to lower his legs too soon, remembering that he’d read somewhere that it was best if he remained in this position for a good couple of minutes more to ensure sperm would reach his egg.

Luckily for him, Lan Zhan offers up the perfect excuse for him to do so.

“Since Wei Ying’s back is sore, let me massage Wei Ying’s legs,” he says, gently, after he’s cleaned himself up.

It’s yet another flimsy excuse, but Wei Ying doesn't even notice, too happy to even have a reason.

“Yes!” Wei Ying agrees, though he cringes when he realises he’s coming off a little too excited.

Lan Zhan only smiles patiently, and takes Wei Ying’s feet into his hands.

The feet massage gives Wei Ying another solid fifteen minutes of remaining in that godforsaken position, which is more than Wei Ying could have ever asked for. 

Oh, Lan Zhan. So sweet and earnest, you fall exactly right into every one of my plans, Wei Ying thinks, feeling sorry for his overly virtuous boyfriend. And to think someone else, as conniving as me, could have trapped you, just the same…

Lan Zhan catches Wei Ying an hour later, chewing upon his prenatal gummies. They’re really not that bad—Wei Ying’s never been a fan of overly sweet things, but these are just right for him.

“I didn’t know Wei Ying liked sweets,” Lan Zhan says.

“They’re health supplements,” Wei Ying offers the half-truth, cheekily. “Good for the baby.”

Lan Zhan’s ears tint. “Baby…?” 

“Me,” Wei Ying laughs, saying. “I’m the baby! They’re multi-vitamins for me.”

“Oh,” Lan Zhan says, more sullen than usual. “Yes, my baby.”

Wei Ying wonders if that’s disappointment he sees.



Wei Ying comes to him, two weeks later, with a pregnancy stick in hand.

There are glistening tears decorating his eyelids, his pouty cheeks having turned puffy from all the crying. He’s a complete mess, with his hair having been pulled out of the ponytail he usually keeps tied so high. Wei Ying’s long, luscious wavy locks fall all over his face, shaping his small face and rendering him even tinier in Lan Zhan’s sight.

His act is so deliberate—and it captures his victim, oh so nicely.

My pretty Wei Ying, Lan Zhan immediately thinks, quickly pulling his lover into a firm embrace. 

Even prettier when he’s crying over me.

“Lan Zhan, I don’t know how it happened, I swear,” Wei Ying hiccups, looking absolutely adorable as he does so. He rubs at his red eyes over and over again, doing it so woefully that Lan Zhan has to clutch at his wrists and pull his hands away. “I don’t know how the birth control failed. But I’m pregnant! Lan Zhan, what will we do? I know we talked about this…” 

Perfect. Everything had gone according to plan.

Oh, his sweet Wei Ying, so innocent, so precious, so unsuspecting. And to think you could have fallen into someone else’s trap like this, just the same…

“We were so careful, with both the condom and the birth control,” Lan Zhan begins, with a sorrowful look on his face. He has to play the part of the confused, flummoxed boyfriend, because surely this accident should not have happened? Surely they took all the necessary precautions? “It’s not the most ideal situation, for sure.”

Wei Ying wails even harder in his arms, now paranoid of what he hears to be—regret?—in Lan Zhan’s tone. “Lan Zhaan! You won’t leave me, will you? I can’t do this on my own, and we can’t possibly get rid of the child, it’s ours…” 

Lan Zhan turns absolutely fierce, upon knowing that Wei Ying even entertained the idea of an abortion. “No, Wei Ying. I am the father of this child, and I will never let you abort it. It’s ours, like you said. I love you, Wei Ying… I’ll never forsake you.”

Wei Ying sniffles, doing away with the last of his tears, and blinks up to Lan Zhan with the softest doe eyes, like he can’t believe it. “You’ll… you’ll take responsibility for this? And… and marry me?”

Lan Zhan can hardly contain the grin that wants to unveil itself on his face. Wei Ying’s even insisting on marriage. Lan Zhan hadn’t even needed to pull that card out, himself.

He makes sure to keep his face grim, though, with firm conviction. “Yes. I will marry you. There was never another option. Tomorrow morning first thing, we’ll go to the doctor’s, and then we’ll let uncle and brother know. Your family, too. I can imagine they’ll all want to know, when a marriage is in order.”

“Aah, Lan Zhaan,” Wei Ying cries harder. “I knew I could trust you…”

Poor Wei Ying, Lan Zhan thinks. He must be so relieved. He must have been so scared I wouldn’t step up to the task, and that I would abandon him and our child out of fear, instead.

Lan Zhan leans forward and kisses his temples comfortingly, wiping at his tear-stained cheeks. 

So beautiful—and now the mother of my children.

Mine to own, forever.

“Wei Ying, whatever I do, I do for us,” Lan Zhan says, softly, in a murmur, even if he knows Wei Ying won’t understand it. He presses Wei Ying close into his chest, wraps his arms around him possessively, with no intention of ever letting go, from now on. He finally lets his triumphant grin show, when he knows Wei Ying isn’t looking. “For our future. For our forever.”

Wei Ying’s rosy red lips, similarly, pull apart into the most devious smile to himself, as his fingers clench around Lan Zhan, even tighter. “So do I, Lan Zhan… More than you’ll ever know.”

Fuck yes, they both think, simultaneously. It worked.



Ten months later, at A-Yuan’s full moon celebration, Nie Huaisang once again gushes over the unlikelihood of it all.

“I still can’t believe you—of all people—would have a shotgun wedding!” 

Wei Ying cradles baby A-Yuan in his arms, ever so thoughtfully, his long hair done up prettily in a bun behind him. His cheeks are healthily flushed, and the meat on his arms indicate he’s been eating well. The Lans have been feeding him well, indeed—and not only, because they’ve been clothing him well, taking care of him so well, even hiring two nannies to help him with A-Yuan in the big Lan mansion he now lives in with the rest of the family. (Uncle Qiren had personally requested—or rather, begged—Wei Ying to move in; he’d wanted to be able to see his delightful grand-nephew on a daily basis.)

Wei Ying has never lost sleep because of the baby. Not even once. Just as Lan Zhan promised, Wei Ying never had to suffer. And definitely not once he’d delivered a potential heir to the Lan throne.

“Oh, well, accidents happen,” Wei Ying casually plays it off, smiling as he pokes playfully at his baby’s nose. All around him, people are swarming to get a closer look at little A-Yuan. “But A-Yuan’s the best accident of them all.”

Wei Ying might have only had marriage in mind when he’d first conceived of this baby-trapping plan, but he genuinely loves Lan Zhan, and he genuinely loves A-Yuan. He’s the product of their love, after all, as cleverly devised as the... baby-making may have been.

And A-Yuan’s now the best thing that has ever happened to them.

“Yes, it wasn’t the most ideal situation for Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan carefully adds—with the private knowledge that it had been the most ideal situation for him. He gazes at Wei Ying cradling their newborn, with the happiest, most affectionate look on his face, like he still can’t believe his luck. My sweet Wei Ying and A-Yuan… “But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“So romantic,” Nie Huaisang sighs out, so desperately envious of the perfect couple standing before him. “Truly a love story for the ages.”

If only he knew.