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second honeymoon

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Chu Wanning woke up one day to find something was missing.


He stirred beneath the blankets slowly, feeling a pleasant ache in his thighs that triggered a memory involving the man sleeping beside him, and how he’d practically folded Chu Wanning in half mere hours ago. Mo Ran still tended to get a little extra worked up the night before the other guy’s turn in his body. No matter how sweetly he behaved, he was almost as greedy as the Venerable One who took his place every few days. Sometimes he’d keep Chu Wanning up past midnight, wringing out every last second of his own time before Chu Wanning felt his body stall, momentarily dazed, and Taxian Jun appeared. He would be smug and overjoyed at such a rare gift from his counterpart, to awaken to consciousness while buried inside his beloved, already unraveled and gasping beneath him.


They’d gone to sleep at a reasonable hour this time, however, even though it took two rounds (three orgasms for Chu Wanning) before Mo Ran was satisfied. As Chu Wanning felt his face heat up at thoughts of the previous evening, he also felt a twinge of something wholly unfamiliar between his legs.


Suddenly he was more awake than he’d ever been in his life. A dizzying series of emotions wheeled through his mind - confusion, panic... perhaps a small, insignificant, totally non-horny and definitely scientific amount of curiosity. He frowned.


Something is wrong. Something is different. Something is... not there! And something else is!!!


His first instinct was to throw the covers off and immediately investigate himself, but he was hesitant to wake up Mo Ran just yet. He had no idea how a more unpredictable side of Mo Ran would react, not to mention he’d probably get carried away right off the bat. Part of Chu Wanning was worried he might even feel disgust.


Moving slowly, and listening for any change in Mo Ran’s breathing, Chu Wanning slid a hand into his inner robe. Sure enough, nestled below a neat patch of coarse hair was no longer the organ he’d had all his life, but a pair of soft lips, covered with soft, sparse hair. He stared at the canopy above him, three fingers resting on those two lips, in disbelief and entirely unsure of what to do next.


Suddenly, he remembered something that had happened the day before, and knew exactly how he came to be in this predicament. A strange flower spirit they’d encountered deep in the forest, who seemed to speak in several voices at once... they had sensed the bond between him and Mo Ran somehow, and offered a ‘blessing.’ Mo Ran had been amused with this mysterious blessing offered by the mischievous spirit, while Chu Wanning was wary of anything without knowing its effects. With laughter in their odd, shifting voice, the spirit had assured them that the blessing was reversible.


Relieved, Chu Wanning let out a sigh. He simply had to pay that spirit another visit and have them remove this peculiar ‘blessing.’ 


Chu Wanning was only touching himself out of pure curiosity; he had no idea what would constitute touching his cunt the proper way, yet he still felt that mound grow warmer under his hand. His heartbeat quickened as he let his fingers explore the folds between his legs. It felt so, so tender and delicate, different from the spongy, springy texture of his cock. Poking and prodding at himself wasn’t doing much, but stroking a finger lightly along the seam of this new pussy made him feel like a small candle had been lit inside him. He felt an involuntary clench. That was... good.


Some tension in his limbs started to melt away. He remembered something from an anatomy manual he’d studied once and reached for the little bud that peeked out near the top. It felt like the softest, most sensitive part, and as he lazily pressed it with his finger, it seemed to evade him coyly. Chu Wanning could immediately tell that there was a right way to handle this little bud. He felt a hunger build, the sudden needy feeling of wanting to travel to the peak of pleasure. He let out a shaky breath and adjusted his legs a bit -


To his dismay, Mo Ran grunted and began to stir beside him.



Taxian Jun first felt fury. What sort of shameless tricks was Mo-zongshi dabbling in?! How dare he play around with such a lewd spell on his precious shizun, and more importantly... why didn’t he share the knowledge? Taxian Jun searched his mind for the memory of any such spell, but could not find a trace. Either Mo-zongshi had gone to great lengths to conceal the spell, or it had come from elsewhere - a demon, spirit or demonic cultivator? And if Mo-zongshi wasn’t responsible for the spell itself, he was only responsible for letting such misfortune befall Chu Wanning! Taxian Jun’s temple throbbed with anger.


It had been so many years since Taxian Jun had messed around with anatomy such as this, and of course Chu Wanning had no experience whatsoever - save for perhaps illustrations in medical manuals. Something dawned on Taxian Jun, though. Although he and Chu Wanning had fucked countless times, learning each other’s bodies across two lifetimes, taking pleasure from one another over and over... Chu Wanning could never have been touched like this before.


The idea of taking Chu Wanning’s first time once again made Taxian Jun burn. He could be the first to touch Chu Wanning there, he could make him feel ecstasy in an entirely new way - and if he could find a way to reverse the spell before the end of the day, he could be the only one.


Taxian Jun’s resolve was set. He would keep Chu Wanning in bed until he’d thoroughly satisfied himself in every possible way inside his shizun’s perfect, pretty, virgin pussy, then demand to know how to reverse the spell before Mo-zongshi’s return.


Normally, Taxian Jun was a brute. Although he had some experience with pussy, he’d only ever selfishly shoved his cock right into various willing and unwilling holes, hardly caring to pleasure and prepare his partners (few that there were besides Chu Wanning), never kissing and caressing them with his mouth like that lovey-dovey idiot Mo-zongshi. But this time he was determined to make Chu Wanning experience every possible sensation that could be lavished upon his new equipment. He would make Chu Wanning’s pussy take its first finger, its first tongue, he’d make it quiver and drip bittersweet nectar, and he’d definitely make Chu Wanning shake and come before even putting his cock inside. Then he’d pound Chu Wanning’s sweet, wet hole until he begged and begged for mercy.


“What are you waiting for?” Chu Wanning snapped. Mo Ran seemed to be staring intently into his pussy. He met Chu Wanning’s eyes finally, pupils dark beneath his thick eyelashes. Chu Wanning was already flushed, mortified at being exposed and examined like this, yet his face managed to redden more. Mo Ran licked his lips.


“This venerable one is pleased. He is going to show Shizun so many ways to feel good.” Truthfully, he hardly knew what he was going to do, but Taxian Jun’s arrogance was potent. He had no doubt that he would fulfill such a promise.


For the first time in a lifetime, he was determined to go slowly. He let his lips brush over Chu Wanning’s inner thighs, biting here and there, trying to hold back the ravenous hunger that surged inside him like a storm. Chu Wanning never complained about pain, but he hissed and tensed when Mo Ran’s teeth sunk deep. Mo Ran loved testing his tolerance; Chu Wanning’s stubbornness only made Mo Ran more determined to make his cold countenance shatter.


Mo Ran studied the neat little cunt peeking from between Chu Wanning’s legs. He stroked the folds feather-light with his fingertips; he nuzzled into it with his nose, taking in Chu Wanning’s scent; he sent warm breaths across his lover’s hot skin, making it damp. For Chu Wanning, touching himself had been one feeling, but the first contact of Mo Ran’s curious fingers on his sensitive skin after so much anticipation made him gasp. He bit his lip as Mo Ran gently spread his petals apart, and let out a shaking breath as quietly as he could as Mo Ran’s fingertip dipped into his entrance. He could feel his own wetness coat that fingertip, and he shuddered. It felt like that spot between his hips was opening up, blooming like a flower, asking for more.


“Already getting wet for me. So good, my Wanning. I can feel how much you want this. Your pretty pussy wants to be filled up.” Chu Wanning swallowed a moan as Mo Ran’s breath settled over his cunt. He felt himself throb. Mo Ran himself was harder than he remembered being in decades, rutting slowly into the mattress and thinking darkly to himself, his spoiled shizun had better return the favor to this venerable one afterwards for being so patient and attentive!


Chu Wanning choked on a whimper at the first touch of Mo Ran’s firm, wet tongue. Mo Ran traced his every contour until he was slick all over. When his tongue dipped inside, just barely, curiously, Chu Wanning’s hips jerked forward to chase it. Mo Ran chuckled against Chu Wanning’s flesh, kissing and tonguing it like it were the lips on his face. Feeling that ring of muscle with his tongue had almost broken him, and he ached to stuff his cock inside that soft, wet channel right away.


“Be patient,” Mo Ran commanded, to his own twitching member as much as to Chu Wanning, digging his fingers into those soft white thighs. This Mo Ran was certainly not as sweet as his counterpart. But Chu Wanning’s expression was exquisite. His dagger-like eyebrows and shining black eyes were steely and frigid, yet with frustration and arousal and petulance - and Taxian Jun’s favorite, a hint of fear concealed by defiance - all just beneath the surface.


Mo Ran was the infuriating kind of guy who could be good at anything he tried. So although he had no experience and even less patience, it wasn’t long before Chu Wanning’s head was thrown back into the pillow as Mo Ran buried his face between his thighs like he was born to be there. Mo Ran’s tongue went from delicate flicks to laying flat, punishing pressure against Chu Wanning’s clit, and his fingers teased in and out of that slick hole, sometimes one, sometimes a few, sometimes alongside his tongue, always just on the edge of not enough. He felt every tremor in Chu Wanning’s body through his lips and tongue, drank in every soft sound he made, and responded accordingly.


Chu Wanning’s hips rocked feverishly into Mo Ran’s face. He knew what pleasure felt like - he’d experienced it plenty, right here in this very bed. (And all over Sisheng Peak, and several secluded places around the mountain they inhabited. And that inn, with Mo Ran on the other side of the wall, the first time he… never mind.) But this was new. Building and kindling and chasing this pleasure came with a different set of rules and tricks, and with every new sensation and discovery he felt more depraved. He curled one hand tightly in Mo Ran’s messy hair while digging his teeth into the heel of his other hand. His pussy throbbed incessantly, and he glanced down just in time to catch Mo Ran’s heavy, dark eyes and the way a dimple danced on his cheek every time he lapped at Chu Wanning’s sensitive, hungry cunt.


Chu Wanning’s first orgasm rippled through his body with two of Mo Ran’s thick fingers inside him and Mo Ran’s hot mouth around his clit. He desperately tried to take it with grace, but his legs shook like leaves in the rain. He felt tears slide down his temple onto the pillow.


“Don’t cry, Wanning,” Mo Ran said, more mocking than comforting. He rested his chin on a propped hand, showing those lovely dimples. “Did you think we were finished?”


“Mo Weiyu, if you ever stopped without satisfying yourself, I’d assume something was terribly wrong...” Chu Wanning replied, slurring a little but chilly and haughty as ever.


Mo Ran slapped the heavy head of his cock against Chu Wanning’s tender pussy. It absolutely shocked Chu Wanning, and he couldn’t stifle the cry that came tumbling out. Mo Ran rubbed his cock over Chu Wanning’s oversensitive clit, letting it glide up and down between those wet lips before slapping it down mercilessly several more times. Chu Wanning panted and gasped, his traitorous legs twitching, spreading wider, inching closer, welcoming Mo Ran. Everything was slick with Mo Ran’s spit, Chu Wanning’s juices, and now precome.


“Mo Ran,” Chu Wanning breathed urgently, but didn’t know what else to say. He couldn’t fathom what to ask for; every option coming to mind was too filthy and shameless. And yet, exactly what he wanted - what he needed more than anything.


“Wanning,” his spoiled disciple replied smugly.


Chu Wanning felt the burning hot head of Mo Ran’s cock nudge against his new entrance and trembled, afraid he could fall apart. Right now, there was nothing he wanted more than for Mo Ran to rock forward fully and sheathe himself inside this shizun’s pussy for the first time in his life. The desire knocked the wind out of him. He could barely breathe. 


“Wanning,” Mo Ran repeated, drawing out the last syllable.


Chu Wanning twisted his fingers in the sheets, but didn’t say anything. He looked furious.


“Do you want it?” Mo Ran purred. He continued to tease against Chu Wanning’s cunt, pressing and pressing. It felt like it could slide right in, the only thing preventing that being Mo Ran’s top-ranked size.


Chu Wanning refused to answer such a stupid question. He wanted Mo Ran’s everything, now and forever. More than that, he wanted everything and anything Mo Ran wanted. 


Mo Ran slapped his cock down again, hard and ruthless against Chu Wanning’s clit. It hurt, and Chu Wanning’s expression tightened.


“...Put it inside!” Chu Wanning finally whispered with trembling lips. “Please...”


For once, Mo Ran decided not to bully him further. After all, he was just as desperate to surge forward inside Chu Wanning’s warm, slick channel and feel how perfect it was for himself. His blood ran as hot as magma. With Chu Wanning’s legs gathered in his muscular arms, Mo Ran leaned down.


“You’re so cute when you’re frustrated, I almost want to keep you waiting all day. But you’re even cuter when you’re taking my cock,” Mo Ran murmured into Chu Wanning’s neck, just below his ear where that perfect little mole lay. Chu Wanning tasted himself on Mo Ran’s warm, swollen lips and sobbed as Mo Ran finally pressed in.


Even though Chu Wanning’s body was supposedly more welcoming now, soft and wet, the fact remained that Mo Ran was huge. Mo Ran groaned into Chu Wanning’s neck as the head of his cock pressed through the tight, slick ring of Chu Wanning’s entrance. That burning hot shaft split a path into Chu Wanning, settling perfectly into him like hand in glove, filling him with delicious pressure. Chu Wanning’s delicate hands flew to Mo Ran’s sculpted, sloping back.


Just like before, it hurt. Just like before, the stretch was exquisite, and addictive.


With all of Mo Ran finally buried inside him, Chu Wanning’s clit was trapped against the trail of hair on Mo Ran’s hard stomach. His hips twitched involuntarily, his body greedily seeking friction, and suddenly Chu Wanning was moaning, squeezing around every inch of Mo Ran’s thick cock as another orgasm crashed over him. He was mortified - Mo Ran hadn’t even begun to move, and Chu Wanning had come so loudly just from being filled to the brim once. He couldn’t bear to look at the smug expression he was sure Mo Ran was wearing, and covered his face with his hands. “Oh my...” Mo Ran drawled, dragging his cock in and out in short, lazy movements as Chu Wanning gasped for breath. “Wanning’s pussy really loves being stuffed full after all...”


They spent most of the day in a frenzy.


Chu Wanning rode Mo Ran’s cock with his hands splayed across broad, tan chest muscles, shuddering at the feeling of wetness spreading all over his inner thighs. Feverishly trying to savor every inch and ridge of Mo Ran, he still humiliated himself, collapsing and clenching around Mo Ran in barely two minutes as his clit throbbed against Mo Ran’s belly.


Mo Ran flipped Chu Wanning over and planted his feet on the bed, jackhammering down into Chu Wanning so hard and deep he couldn’t hold back his voice anymore, screaming brokenly and drooling into the sheets. He didn’t beg for mercy, for mercy was the last thing he wanted.


“This greedy cunt, who does it belong to?” Mo Ran growled, not slowing his pace one bit. Chu Wanning’s hands shook, curled tightly into the sheets. “Who?” A loud, heavy slap fell on Chu Wanning’s backside.


“Ah, ah , Mo Ran, Mo Ran!”


It wasn’t as if any of the positions they tangled in were brand new, but each one felt like the first time again. After so many nights of learning the best angles, this was like a thrilling new puzzle. Mo Ran tried different speeds, angles, depths, teasing in and out with the head of his cock until Chu Wanning panted softly, then slamming back in. He manhandled Chu Wanning across the bed, positioning his legs wherever he pleased, leaving small bruises like footprints in the snow from his punishing grip. He studied the set of Chu Wanning’s eyebrows, the way he bit his lip, the curve of his back and the desperate roll of his hips for every sign that he was hitting it right.


And throughout most of it, Mo Ran talked. About how much wetness Chu Wanning was making, how obviously desperate he was to be filled over and over, how he’d like to show this sight to everyone they knew - the sight of their shizun, the Yuheng Elder, Beidou Immortal, the infamous Chu Wanning, with a scarlet pussy made for taking this venerable one’s cock. He talked about breeding Chu Wanning’s hungry cunt, knocking him up and having there be no doubt how disgraced and defiled this lofty immortal had become. The endless stream of filth from his wicked mouth destroyed Chu Wanning’s composure.


Chu Wanning laid with his hips sprawled over Mo Ran’s lap as he lazily rocked into him. Chu Wanning was boneless, utterly fucked out, yet his pussy still worked to meet Mo Ran’s thrusts. The feeling of each stroke of Mo Ran’s cock against a particular spot inside him was so divine, his needy body couldn’t help but reach for it again and again. Mo Ran’s huge, hot presence above him made his head spin in the humid air.


“Touch yourself,” Mo Ran commanded. Chu Wanning groaned, but moved a limp hand to his battered, drenched cunt. He felt where Mo Ran’s cock plunged into him, decorated with a band of sticky come that had gathered around its base, milked out of him. His fingers settled in a V on either side of it while putting pressure on his clit. After coming a few times, it was harder to climb the peak, but feeling that thick shaft sliding in and out between his fingers as Mo Ran fucked into him sent another orgasm racing towards him. Mo Ran murmured something as the tremors overtook Chu Wanning, but he couldn’t hear over the sound of his own shameful wails.


“Oh, Wanning,” Mo Ran sighed, thrusting shallow as Chu Wanning cried out and clenched weakly around him. “That’s it. You’re just a slut for cock after all, getting off on grabbing it while I fuck you… Really, who would have thought this high and mighty immortal had such a slutty, greedy pussy...” 


Mo Ran pulled out, ignoring Chu Wanning’s whimper and moving to flip him over one more time. Chu Wanning was shaking, disoriented, thoroughly cock-drunk but managed to stay up on his knees, hugging the pillow and trying not to sob.


Mo Ran drove his cock inside in one deep, sure stroke, splitting Chu Wanning open once again. They had lost count of how many of these first strokes, how many times he or Chu Wanning came, how many positions they’d fallen into.


Mo Ran’s big hands traveled over the tight muscles in Chu Wanning’s back and he worked up a rough pace. As his balls beat against Chu Wanning’s clit, they could both feel how wet they were, coated in the creamy fluids steadily leaking out of Chu Wanning and dripping down. 


Everything was so wet. The pillow beneath Chu Wanning was damp with his tears and drool while  drops of Mo Ran’s sweat splashed onto Chu Wanning’s back. Chu Wanning felt more wetness - and a sound from Mo Ran’s mouth confirmed that Mo Ran had dropped a thick bead of spit onto his neglected asshole.


“This hole has served me so well,” Mo Ran said lowly, spreading it around and pressing his thumb against the dusky, puckered hole that he’d be filling up any other night. He bounced Chu Wanning’s hips back against his cock, controlling his body with one hand, his thumb threatening to press inside. “Maybe I should show it some attention as well.” He brought his other hand down, both thumbs pressing into Chu Wanning’s glistening hole while his fingers dug into that pliant ass, like he wanted to rip Chu Wanning open like a fruit. “I think you’d like that. I know you would.” Chu Wanning made sure his face was completely muffled by the pillow and sobbed, because Mo Ran was right.


Pleasure was pleasure, hand in hand with pain as it often was with Mo Ran. In his hazy, intoxicated brain, Chu Wanning couldn’t say if he preferred it one way or the other. He couldn’t think or even speak. He didn’t want to give up on that thing he was born with, but he couldn’t bear the idea of stopping just yet. He wanted to challenge Mo Ran’s stamina as much as Mo Ran wanted to see him fall apart and succumb again and again.



An exhausted and sticky Chu Wanning and Mo Ran went to bathe around mid-afternoon, ended up having sex in the bath, bathed quickly again and dressed. Afterward, they set out on unsteady legs to find the flower spirit from yesterday in order to exchange Chu Wanning’s now thoroughly used and thoroughly enjoyed ‘blessing.’ It was sunset when they reached the part of the mountain where the flower spirit lived. The trees were all oddly short and twisted and a fairy circle of bright blue mushrooms bloomed on the ground.


“Friends,” came the spirit’s voices before their body appeared. Chu Wanning recognized the very spirit from the day before. He felt a bit conflicted - was he supposed to be grateful or upset with this benevolent mountain spirit? While he wished he could have known what he was getting into, it was an understatement to say the experience had been enjoyable.


“Remove your curse from this venerable one’s shizun, demon!!” Mo Ran ordered, arrogant as ever. Chu Wanning wanted to strangle him. This demon basically let you experience a virgin Chu Wanning again, show some respect...


“Mo Weiyu!” Chu Wanning glared at him, but he just fell silent. The spirit floated back and forth in front of them, seemingly unoffended. Chu Wanning cleared his throat.


“With thanks, this master would like to return your... blessing. We are grateful for… your wisdom in choosing us to bestow it upon. While this master can... see some benefit, this master prefers the humble form with which he was born.”


The spirit trembled happily. “I see! Of course, of course, zongshi.” They flitted between a few trees and then produced a perfectly proportioned, perfectly round blue mushroom, handing it to Chu Wanning. 


“Simply inhale its aroma, and the next time zongshi sleeps, you’ll certainly wake in your original form.” Mo Ran leaned over to inspect the mushroom but Chu Wanning had already tucked it in his sleeve. The spirit twirled playfully around one of the twisted trees. “You can visit this lowly spirit any time you’d like another blessing.” Chu Wanning completely ignored the heat that rushed to his face, the bubbling of relief and excitement he felt at the thought of being able to dabble in this ‘blessing’ any time he wanted.


“There is,” the spirit continued, “just one more small condition, in addition to the mushroom’s aroma.”


Mo Ran was impatient. “Tell us now!” he barked. The spirit giggled. “Zongshi really loves the original form! Ah, anyway, the other condition...


“You must dual cultivate.”


An awkward silence fell in that forest thicket brimming with spiritual energy.


“How vulgar,” Chu Wanning said stiffly, even as some of Mo Ran dripped out of him.


“This venerable one will make sure it is done,” Mo Ran said solemnly, still tasting Chu Wanning on his tongue.



Of course, Chu Wanning did not go right to sleep upon their return.


Mo Ran fucked him against the door of their house, before they even got inside. The way that Mo Ran could take him anywhere with little preparation made Chu Wanning’s heartbeat frantic. Since Mo Ran hadn’t spent half an hour opening Chu Wanning with his tongue first, the friction was different. Mo Ran’s cock caught on sore skin and Chu Wanning winced, squeezing his thighs around Mo Ran’s solid waist. But the slight pain of resistance was followed by the feeling of Mo Ran carving up into Chu Wanning’s soft warmth, still slick from Mo Ran’s leftover come.


They made it to the floor inside after Chu Wanning started to shiver. Chu Wanning was forced on his hands and knees, fucked so hard he moved across the floorboards. Fingernails scraped against the wood as Mo Ran’s cock pulsed inside him and the heat of his seed spread against Chu Wanning’s inner walls. Even after doing this so many times, even in two lifetimes, that searing, throbbing, messy feeling still thrilled Chu Wanning the most, whether with his current ‘blessing’ or before.


Chu Wanning tried to suggest they stop and eat, so Mo Ran fucked him slowly on the low table while feeding him sweets and swirling his tongue around Chu Wanning’s nipples. Their hands touched, one broad and rough, the other delicate and pale, while feeling the bulge of Mo Ran’s cock moving in Chu Wanning’s abdomen.


Mo Ran buried himself in Chu Wanning until that time in the evening came, forgetting all about Taxian Jun’s plan to selfishly hoard Chu Wanning’s altered body all to himself.


Of course, this Mo Ran deserved the privilege of playing with his shizun’s pussy as well, even if it was just for a few more hours.


“You should see yourself down here, Wanning.” Once again, Chu Wanning was faced with his disciple, lover, captor, soulmate, husband, dutifully examining the pussy that had appeared suddenly on his body nearly a day ago. “It’s red, soft, shiny with dew... like a flower… in the morning.” Chu Wanning blushed, and also wanted to die. His Mo Ran was such an idiot...


“You were always awful at poetry,” Chu Wanning sighed as Mo Ran mouthed at his clit gently, rolling it over between his lips. Mo Ran had awakened inside him, continuing to plunge his cock in as soon as he had permission, and was now tasting himself on Chu Wanning’s poor abused pussy. “Mo Ran,” Chu Wanning began. He chewed on a question for a little while in silence.


“Do you... like it better?” He held his breath for some reason. He wasn’t sure why he was asking. He didn’t really want to know the answer, but if Mo Ran did find this more appealing than his cock, he would hate to disappoint him.


Mo Ran tongued at his pussy thoughtfully. “No matter what form, you’re perfect, baobei.” He licked again, harder, more slowly. His eyes fluttered closed. “I’ll always want you. I’ll make sure you feel good either way.” He flicked his tongue back and forth over Chu Wanning’s clit, making him twitch and sigh. “Though if you didn’t change back... I would miss sucking your cock.” His violet-black eyes flashed up to Chu Wanning again as he raised one of his handsome dark eyebrows.


Chu Wanning smiled, a small, quirked thing that he hid immediately. He settled back into the sheets and felt the weight of exhaustion press at his entire body. “Mo Ran... I’m so tired,” he complained.


Mo Ran climbed swiftly up the bed, laying Chu Wanning’s thighs across his and nestling the head of his cock so invitingly against his husband’s pussy for the hundredth time that day. His eyes were full of stars. Chu Wanning was so weary of holding in his emotions at that point that he just groaned. Mo Ran grinned, both dimples flashing on his perfect bastard face. If he had a tail, it would be wagging.


“Sorry, baobei... you can’t sleep just yet.”