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Ordained [podfic]

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Title: Ordained

Author/Reader: Tenoko1

Rating: PG-13

Length: 4 hrs 45 mins; blooper reel included

Pairings: Destiel; others

Summary: There’s one born to every generation. Joan of Arc was the first Ordained. The first of the archangel Michael's Chosen bloodline to protect humanity from Hell and monsters during a time when Earth faced unprecedented threat. Fast forward to present. Dean is the current Ordained, complete with costume change and masked allies. Mostly? They're like regular supernatural hunters who spend their nights going after whatever tries to munch on the student populace, and occasionally taking on petty crime to help out the cops. Okay, so maybe juggling double-lives, college, and romance is easier on TV, by a lot, but Dean's determined to have some semblance of a normal life while they can.

Then demons and angels start showing up and it’s up to the masked warriors to stop Hell from literally being unleashed on Earth. This was NOT part of the plan.

Files: mp3 l m4b

NOTE: 1) I am going to do a REWRITE of this fic, expanding on it, so SAVE THIS VERSION if you like it. ALSO!! I am considering doing a SEQUEL so if you enjoy this story, please let me know. Also, all feedback is welcome and extremely appreciated. Fic writing and podficcing are very, very time consuming to do. There's about 20+hrs invested just in the podfic, not considering the writing and editing part.