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To say Sykkuno was nervous was an understatement. No, his mood at the moment was holy-crap-is-this-really-happening-I-feel-like-I’m-about-to-puke with just a hint of excitement. This day had approached faster than he expected and he desperately wished he could turn back the clock. He was sure if he was ready for what comes after and with everyone else chatting excitedly around him, he felt he was entirely unprepared. 

Yup, today was graduation day. 

They were lined up alphabetically backstage of the stadium the big day was being held at. That means Sykkuno wasn’t by his friends, the people he desperately needed to see at the moment. It took all of his strength not to have a panic attack this morning but now it was impossibly hard to prevent it. He remembered it clearly; his mom woke him up at 7 to get ready. Early that month, they had gone shopping for his graduation outfit and decided upon a lime green long-sleeved button-up tucked into a nice pair of black trousers. A black belt and black dress shoes put it all together. He, of course, wore the forest green robe zipped up completely over his outfit. 

Corpse had been there, of course, getting dressed up himself for the occasion. Sykkuno thought he looked absolutely dashing. He was wearing actual dress pants that definitely didn’t hug his rear with a button-up similar to Sykkuno’s except black tucked into the waistband. His curly locks were pulled back into a man bun, the first time he’s ever seen Corpse’s hair in that style. He liked it very much. Very, very much. 

And the best part? Corpse wasn’t wearing his facemask. He has long since ditched the piece of fabric about two months ago around their friends, however, today would be the first time he didn’t wear it in public. Sykkuno hadn’t asked it from him and he assured Corpse that he didn’t have to for his sake. But the mute man insisted, signing that he wanted to. Though he didn’t explain why that was and the brunette couldn’t find it in himself to push the topic further. 

Since their first date months ago, Corpse has taken to wearing more eyeliner. Mykie and Rae practically jumped at the opportunity to teach him how to put it on and they learned he was a natural. To this day, the look of it still made Sykkuno’s knees weak. But now, he was able to appreciate the make-up with the addition of a maskless face. Most times, he wonders how he was able to snatch up such a perfect human being before anyone else. 

The moment he spiraled into a panic attack, Corpse was there with his soft eyes and warm hands to lull him into a calm state. Sykkuno focused on the way his boyfriend’s arms held him right, the sound of his heartbeat against his ear bringing him back to reality. This wasn’t a big deal; he could graduate and he will be successful in life. He had Corpse by his side after all. 

Corpse signed to him that he would be okay, and he believed him. Now, he was clinging onto the memory of what those hand motions looked like, the quivering in his body slowly dissipating. If only Corpse could see him right now, but he knew he’d be watching him from the crowd. As juniors, his boyfriend, Rae, Michael, and Mykie wouldn’t be graduating. The four of them would be waiting for the rest of their group, screaming at them as they walked the stage and hugging them once they found each other outside. He would miss them but since he wasn’t going to a college very far from here, he’d see them often. 

“Sykkuno?” The brunette in question opened his eyes at the sound of a female voice, meeting the friendly face of his grade’s counselor. Mrs. Rynearson was holding a bowl full of plastic gold coins, placing it on his outstretched palm as she smiled once more. She was about 6 months pregnant, her maxi dress unable to hide the bump. “It has been a pleasure to be your counselor. You have a very intelligent mind and I know you’ll do well after today. Good luck.” 

Sykkuno accepted the hug she gave and watched as she moved onto the person after him, telling them something that was unique to them. She was honestly the best staff member at the school; she took the time to get to know the students assigned to her and she actually cared about their wellbeing. Whenever he was unsure about what he wanted to do, she was there to help him figure out what kind of person he wanted to be. 

It wasn’t long before he heard the music fill the stadium, the students around him quieting down as the teachers began to direct the students. He took a deep breath, grabbing the sides of his robe as the line began to move. The lights of the well-lit area momentarily blinded him, barely able to follow the person in front of him to their row of chairs. He was relieved that he got there without tripping over himself (the real challenge would be walking up to get his diploma) and managed to sit down successfully, flicking his green and gold tassel away from his face. A few rows ahead of him, Poki turned around in her seat and waved to him, her gold robe making her look gorgeous. Her hair was pulled back into a french braid and her make-up was done naturally to compliment her already flattering features. He waved back with a shy smile. 

The principal began her speech but Sykkuno couldn’t pay much attention. His eyes were scanning the crowd of people in the stands around them, hoping for a glimpse of Corpse. He didn’t have any luck, which was expected, and soon enough the Soluduatorian took the state to give her speech. He didn’t know who she was really, only recognizing her as the quiet girl in the back of the classroom. Her speech was a little awkward but he had to give her props because he would be dying if that were him. 

And then, Toast took the stage. He was the Valedictorian of their year with a GPA of 4.45. To this day, Sykkuno still doesn’t understand how he was able to get his grades that high and no matter how many times Toast explains it to him, he still wouldn’t understand. Sykkuno was there when his best friend wrote his speech, they all helped on it as a group, and it came out a good mixture between comedy and sentimental. When he was done, Sykkuno made sure to cheer as loud as he could with the rest of his friends, Toast sticking up a peace sign as he took his seat once more. 

Then, the names began getting called. Starting with Toast, the Salutatorian, and then going down the list of the top 10% of their class. After that, it was alphabetical order. Like they practiced at the school, once the teacher at the end of your row rises, the students sitting there would as well, following the teacher up to the stairs where they would wait for their name. Sykkuno was a ball of nerves at this point, fiddling with the plastic coin in his fingers. 

“Natalie Sade.” 

Deep breath in. 

“Hector Serenor.” 

Deep breath out. 

“Austyn Shade.”

Deep breath in. 

“Sykkuno Shao.” 

His mind hyper-focused on the stairs, making sure his usual clumsiness wouldn’t embarrass himself in front of thousands of people. The sound of his friends screaming his name barely registering in the back of his mind. Thankfully, he successfully made it up the stairs and looked up from the floor to meet the eyes of the four counselors, vice-principal, and principal. He shook the hands of the counselors first, offering the shyest smile he had. As the vice principal was the one reading off the names, he only gave him a friendly nod before finally meeting the principal. 

“Congratulations, Sykkuno. It’s been a pleasure to have you at school.” She pulled him into a hug, accepting the small coin afterwards as he gave her attention to the next student. He exhaled, descending the stairs with ease and finding his place in his row once more. Poki gave him a thumbs up from the row and he giggled, the weight once crushing his chest gone. 

Soon enough, all of them received their diplomas and the principal began giving her closing speech, giving them luck for the things they will do in life from now on. The venue fell silent, anticipation clawing at everyone as she asked all the graduating students to rise. With one last congratulation, a cheer erupted from everyone as hats flew about. Sykkuno felt a laugh leave his throat and for the first time in a long time, he didn’t feel embarrassed about it. 


Words could not express how proud he was of Sykkuno. The month leading up to graduation, he had never seen his boyfriend so scared and Corpse could do almost nothing to help him feel better. And he understood because this was the start of his adult life. It was a lot to take in and Corpse knew that he wouldn’t be any better a year from now. 

Seeing the brunette after the ceremony, the biggest smile on his face that he didn’t even cover, it made his heart flutter. The second he reached their group, Corpse scooped him up in a hug and spun him around; the laugh that left him gave him new life. His feet touched the ground again and they were pulled into a group hug by Rae, Michael, Mykie, and his parents. And soon enough, there was Poki, Toast, Sean, Felix, Scarra, Lily, and Leslie were there to rejoice through a lot of tears that even Corpse couldn’t keep back. 

A party between just them was thrown at Sykkuno’s house. With permission from all their parents, they were allowed to drink alcohol under the condition that they couldn’t leave the house until the next day (car keys were given to Mr. Shao upon arrival). It was the most fun Corpse has ever had, watching Sean and Felix get into a heated beer pong battle that Felix definitely lost. Toast, Lily, Michael, and Rae all played Beerio Kart and Corpse had to say that the losers were equal amongst the four. Toast turns into a disaster player when he’s drunk. 

Sykkuno, Poki, Mykie, Leslie, and himself decided to get drunk over a game of Uno. Corpse would be lying if he said he wasn’t targeting Sykkuno because he was just the absolute cutest when he wasn’t sober. The brunette was a very touchy drunk but only with him. Every time he turned to face him, he would be attacked with hugs or kisses; Sykkuno would drag him to the couch downstairs to just lay there and cuddle. Of course, Corpse made sure to cut off his alcohol supply at some point (the pouting was hard to resist but he didn’t want Sykkuno to puke), and somewhere around 4 in the morning, his boyfriend had passed out on the floor. 

He chuckled, holy shit it actually made a noise , and picked up Sykkuno bridal style. Corpse had made sure to have the least amount of alcohol compared to the rest of his friends. He’s been drunk before and he knows how much it sucks when no one is able enough to take care of the other. So, he took that role upon himself. His feet were steady as he ascended the stairs to Sykkuno’s room, placing him in the bed ever so carefully. He mumbled, and Corpse smiled, pulling the covers up to his shoulders and making sure the box fan was set on the highest speed. 

Corpse grabbed the pile of pillows and blankets set by the stairs and stopped at each of his sleeping friends. He would gently lift their heads, sliding the pillows under them and covering their bodies with the blankets. There was just enough for everyone and when he felt that they would be good enough, he retrieved the bottle of Advil from the bathroom nearby and set it on the counter. In case they woke up before him, he wanted them to have the option of taking a pill or two with the hangover cause lord knows they’ll need it. 

He was relieved to finally be able to sleep next to Sykkuno, his shirt and pants coming off to just leave him in his boxers. The funny thing about alcohol: it’s consumption makes you feel incredibly hot and not in the good way. He sighed, pulling the covers to just his waist. Corpse was laying on his stomach, his head resting on his arms folded together. He wasn’t quite tired yet, slowly coming down from the tipsiness he felt earlier. The angel sleeping next to him seemed to wince at something in his dream so Corpse only did what was right; he reached over to run his fingers through his hair and down his back. He wanted to wish sweet nothings to him but whispering was something he could not do yet. The last thing he wanted was to wake him up. 

But Sykkuno didn’t rouse any further, a content smile crossing his lips. Corpse grinned, pulling himself closer to the brunette in case he got any more nightmares. He recognized the fact that watching Sykkuno sleep was probably considered extremely creepy, and maybe it was the alcohol speaking, but he was entranced by how soft his boyfriend looked. How carefree he was when he slept. A hand came up to push the fluffy locks of hair out of his way, pressing a small kiss to his forehead.

“Mmmm...Corpse.” Sykkuno groaned, wrapping his arms around his bare torso. This wasn’t the first time he’s seen him shirtless and this most definitely won’t be the last. In the dark, Corpse could make out those doe brown eyes peering up at him, those beautiful lips smiling ever so slightly. 

“Thank you for taking care of me.” His voice slurred, from being drunk or tired, he didn’t know. There was no point signing back, he wouldn’t be able to see it anyway, so Corpse opted to run his hand up and down the curve of his spine. Sykkuno hummed, and the white noise of the fan fell over them like a comfortable blanket. Corpse’s eyes slid closed, finally feeling as if he could fall asleep. But Sykkuno seemed to have other plans. Because all of his focus was locked onto the feeling of his boyfriend’s lips leaving kisses all over his chest. 

He sucked in a breath, his hold on Sykkuno only tightening. Corpse liked drunk Sykkuno. He liked him a lot. Slowly, his hand slid up his back, coming to rest in those gorgeous locks. Corpse knew the game Sykkuno was playing and he was more than willing to fight back. 

Corpse tugged at his hair, a dirty mewl left Sykkuno’s lips at the action. Corpse growled, he honest to god growled, and latched onto the soft, porcelain skin of his boyfriend’s neck. Any alcohol in his system was gone, the blood rushing elsewhere as he sucked, bit, and licked the skin he had access to. The noises Sykkuno was making were not helping his case what-so-ever. 

But he knew that he couldn’t take advantage of him when he was drunk. So, he detangled his fingers from Sykkuno’s hair, the man whining at the sudden lack of contact. Instead, Corpse gently rested his hands on his hips. He wished he could tell him why, but his voice was failing him due to the earlier consumption of alcohol and it was too dark for him to sign anything Sykkuno would be able to see. However, like many times in the past, Sykkuno seemed to understand what was causing his hesitation. 

“Corpse,” He said softly, his fingers coming up to play with his hair. “I promise I’m not doing this because I’m drunk. I...I want this. I’ve wanted this for the longest time.” Corpse pressed their foreheads together, exhaling in a fashion that he hoped conveyed how unsure he was. He feared that when Sykkuno woke up, he would regret all of it. 

“I promise.” He whispered, emphasizing the state with a passionate kiss. The raven-haired man got the message; he could feel the desire through every moment their lips connected. He was Sykkuno moaned into his mouth when he tugged at his bottom lip with his teeth drove Corpse over the edge, pressing Sykkuno back into the bed as he trapped the older male beneath him. Never once did their lips disconnect and for once, Corpse allowed himself to let loose. 


Bonus POV Switch: 

Sykkuno’s head was spinning, the world around him unstable the second he opened his eyes. It took several minutes to get used to the bright light filtering in through the window, the sound of the box fan whirring next to him, and it took him even longer to process the figure standing next to his side of the bed. He could make out the familiar outline of Corpse’s curly hair. 

When his surroundings came into focus, his boyfriend helped him sit up and handed him two white pills. He picked up a bottle from the nightstand, the label reading ‘Advil’ and Sykkuno smiled at the notion. Corpse really was just a big, edgy, teddy bear. 

“Thank you.” He coughed, accepting the glass of water as well. Corpse left shortly after, and only then did he register the delicious smell hanging in the air. His stomach growled and he quickly downed the medicine, getting himself out of bed and totally not almost falling to change clothes. After finding a pair of gray sweat pants and a white v-neck shirt, he entered the adjoining bathroom. His hair was a mess, of course, and as he was in the process of squeezing the toothpaste to brush his teeth, he noticed the purple peeking out of the side of his collar. And the memories of last night came rushing back to him. 

Sykkuno didn’t regret it, not one bit. And at least Corpse marked him in an area he could easily cover. Though, the entire time he was doing his morning routine in the bathroom, his eyes were glued on the mark. 

By the time Sykkuno joined everyone downstairs (wearing one of Corpse’s black hoodies), they were already happily chowing down on pancakes. His boyfriend was at the stove, finishing up the last batch of breakfast while a plate sat next to his mom for him.

“Good morning Sykkuno!” She chirped a little too loudly for him but he reluctantly sat next to her with a groan. His head hurt so much. Perhaps he shouldn’t have had that much alcohol considering it was his first time. But at least his friends were suffering just as much as he was. “Corpse was up and making everyone breakfast before I even left the bed.” She giggled, getting up from the table to make sure he didn’t need any help. 

He got lost in the taste of these heavenly pancakes, cementing in his mind that Corpse was absolutely perfect in every single way. He cooked for him a few times but most of the time he was too anxious that he’d mess it up, so Sykkuno never pushed it. But now, he would have to try harder to drop the subject a lot more. 

Sykkuno was happy to hear that no one ended up puking last night. He would’ve felt terrible if his parents had to clean that up plus he couldn’t imagine how embarrassing that would be. Throughout the day, they slowly dispersed as their hangovers either improved or their parents picked him up. They made the promise of hanging out a ton over summer before college and when Toast left at around 3 pm, it was just Corpse and Sykkuno in the house. His parents had since gone grocery shopping meaning they’d be gone for at least three hours. He’s never met two people who enjoyed grocery shopping more than them. 

“Finally. I love our friends but with a hangover...they can be a little much.” Sykkuno sighed, slumping down on the couch. He pressed the palms of his hands into his eyes until he saw white, the feather-light touch of Corpse’s fingers brushing against his elbow captured his attention as it always does. 

Water and a cold towel were offered to him, which he took graciously, and the second Corpse was settled on the couch, Sykkuno rested his head upon his wonderfully comfortable thighs. The towel came to sit on his forehead and he would occasionally sit up to drink water but other than, he was completely content just laying here, running his finger along the thin scar on Corpse’s palm from when he cut it. 

“I love you so much, Corpse.” Sykkuno smiled up at him, those dark brown orbs stealing all of his attention. Everything about him was mesmerizing and Sykkuno had no idea how to control himself around the man. “I don’t know how I would’ve survived senior year without you.” The corner of Corpse’s lips curved upwards, those amazing sexy hands caressing his cheek ever so softly. 

“I love you too, Sykkuno.” And while those words sounded so incredibly strained, he heard them loud and clear, the deep rumble in Corpse’s chest bringing him so much comfort. Yeah, high school was rough, but when you have a cute, selectively mute boyfriend, it makes you feel like you can conquer just about anything.