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adore you with your hands around my neck

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Namjoon is staring. He’s been staring, all day. Jungkook can’t help the way he revels in it. It feels good, to have eyes on him, to know that he looks good based on the way others around him act. Taehyung had taken one look at him and crowed about how sexy he looked. Yoongi had pinched his cheeks and cooed at him, but this is different. Namjoon is staring. 


His eyes are dark in a way that Jungkook recognizes, and it makes him shiver when he thinks about it too much. He fiddles with the belt around his waist to draw attention to it, knows that Namjoon likes to grab him by his waist when no one is looking, pull him close and whisper things to him, knows that Namjoon is probably thinking about doing just that. Jungkook is thinking about it, for sure. 


Namjoon, though, doesn’t seem to be responding to his flirting. His eyes jump to Jungkook’s waist for a second, but then he’s back up, gaze landing somewhere around Jungkook’s chin. He brings a hand to his face, thinking maybe he has something smeared there, but something sparks in his brain and oh . He had forgotten. 


The corners of his lips quirk up as he brings a hand to the collar resting easy around his neck. It was light, and not unlike any other chokers he had worn before, so after putting it on he had let the feeling fade to the background, not thinking about it any more than the other jewelry he wore for shoots. From the way Namjoon’s nostrils flare, it’s clear that he had not forgotten about it. Jungkook’s heart speeds up a bit as he hooks two fingers under the leather strap in the front, pulling the collar taut around his neck. His throat gets a bit tight, but he can still breathe easily. To anyone else, it would just look like he was maybe adjusting the thing around his neck, but Namjoon knows. Namjoon knows.  


He knows the way Jungkook begs for a hand around his throat every time he’s feeling a bit subby, knows the way Jungkook will take a cock a little too far in his mouth for a little too long, until his head is spinning just a bit, knows the way Jungkook thrusts his face into the pillows when he’s face down on the bed until Namjoon has to yank his head up and force him to take loud, shuddering breaths. So, Jungkook knows what it means when Namjoon’s eyes darken a bit. He’s about to do something about it when Jimin steps in front of him with a raised brow. 


“You two are fucking ridiculous,” he smacks Jungkook’s hand away from his neck, looking a bit exasperated as he fixes the collar. “Are you trying to traumatize the interns?”


“What are you talking about?” Jungkook makes his eyes all wide and innocent. Jimin gives him an unimpressed look. So maybe it didn’t look like he was just adjusting the collar, whatever. 


He laughs as he’s pulled away from the break area, sending Namjoon one last wink over Jimin’s shoulder. 



“You’re fucking depraved.”


Lips crush together, teeth clashing, tongues soothing. 


“You’re the one who dragged me in here.”


Panting, hands gripping at shoulders, waists. 


“I know what you’re doing, and it’s not working.”


“You literally pulled me into a supply closet and your hand is in my pants, I think this one’s on you.”


Jungkook gasps as Namjoon grabs his chin, fingers digging into his cheeks, forcing his lips into a pucker. His dick gets hard so fast he gets dizzy, lurching into Namjoon’s grip. Yes, yes, this . This is what he’s been wanting. Namjoon looks like he might say something, eyes nearly unreadable. Jungkook knows though. He knows his own eyes are all big and needy the way Namjoon likes, and he knows Namjoon wants to scold him, wants to lean in and whisper filth into his ear until Jungkook is squirming and begging to be taken right then and there. He knows. 


He swallows loudly in the quiet that had fallen over them, their harsh breathing the only thing that cuts through the silence. His lips part a bit more, and Namjoon pushes one finger, long and practiced, into the wet heat of his mouth. Jungkook’s eyes close as he tries to suck on it, only for Namjoon to tut and push it down against Jungkook’s tongue. Jungkook’s eyes fly open as he struggles not to gag, hands coming up to grab at Namjoon’s wrist desperately. Tears spring to his eyes and fuck he’s hard, he’s so hard, he needs more. Now. He tries to plead with his eyes, tries to shove his ass back against where Namjoon has his other hand down the back of his pants.


Namjoon scoffs a bit, tilting his head. He presses his finger more, harder, watching as a single tear spills over Jungkook’s cheek. All too suddenly, he pulls his finger out and wipes the saliva on Jungkook’s face, and then he’s gone, leaving Jungkook shaking and desperate in a fucking supply closet


His head is spinning, he’s panting, trying to blink away the tears. He’s gonna have to go get his makeup fixed and everyone’s gonna know and fuck . He touches his throat once more, fingers sliding over the metal links, warm from his skin, tries to will his glaringly obvious hard-on to go away, giggling a little bit. If this is the reaction he gets from Namjoon for some light teasing, he’s gonna have to do it more often. 




“What the fuck happened to-- nevermind, I don’t want to know.”


“I was-”


“Not another word, demon!” 




Jungkook is on time out for the rest of the shoot, which is completely biased and unfair, when it was Namjoon who shoved him into a closet and- 


“I can hear your impure thoughts. Shut up,” Seokjin flicks Jungkook’s forehead. Jungkook flinches away with a huff, pouting as he rubs the red spot on his forehead.


“I haven’t done anything!” 




Jungkook sticks his tongue out at Seokjin and gets another flick to the forehead for his trouble. Biased and unfair. 




Jungkook may be a worldwide famous heartthrob in a boy band, but what he definitely is at this point in time is a thief. He could say he didn’t mean to, or that he forgot about it, but that would be a lie. Sometime between changing into his own clothes and piling in the car to head home, a certain leather collar had found its way into his bag. And sometime between dinner and bedtime, Jungkook finds himself in front of the mirror in Namjoon’s room, collar clasped tight around his neck. 


He stares, the way Namjoon had earlier in the day. He stretches his neck out, long and unblemished, moves his head from side to side. He looks at it from every angle, feels it, the way it moves, the way it doesn’t. He has it on tighter than it was in the shoot, but he can still get two fingers between the leather and his neck. It looks better this way, clinging to his skin and staying mostly in place when Jungkook moves his head around. It had hung a bit loose during the photoshoot, worn purely as an accessory, but this. Like this. Jungkook tugs on the leather again and shudders slightly.


Seeing himself like this, feeling the fabric around his neck--it has him a bit spacey already, dick half hard in his boxers. He’s shirtless, standing there in just boxers and a collar, waiting for his boyfriend, and fuck if that doesn’t do something to him. He doesn’t know how to describe it, but he knows that the arousal is mixing with something inside him, and going straight to his head. 


He can hear the sounds of the others out in the main living area, laughing and teasing one another about something. They must all still be together, because when they all hang out separately or by themselves it’s much quieter. Jungkook makes his way back over to the bed, where he had laid out the second part of his plan. He reaches his fingers out and brushes them over the smooth silk, the fabric cool against his skin. Anticipation thrums through his body, teeth digging into his bottom lip as he slides out of his briefs. While he may be getting dressed up (dressed down) for Namjoon, to get a reaction from him, it doesn’t mean that Jungkook is completely unaffected. 


As he pushes his arms through the loose armholes, the way the fabric slides over his body leaves goosebumps on his skin. His nipples harden, and the silk caresses them so gently he might not have noticed if he  wasn’t so aware of everything right now. The collar is a weight around his neck, the silk robe an extension of his skin. 


He burns when he looks in the mirror again, after tying the robe loosely around his waist. The ‘v’ of the front gapes a bit, showing off his chest. His dick is very clearly hard just under the cinch of the string, the black silk rubbing against the head every time he shifts, which makes him squirm, which in turn has the silk shifting over him again. It’s like a torturous, horny cycle that he can’t break or look away from, watching as a dark spot starts to form in the silk where it's getting stuck to him with precum. 


Just as Jungkook is about to completely forget about his plan and give in to touching himself, the chime of his phone cuts through the sexual tension between him and his reflection. He flushes a bit, swallows thickly, and then has to catch his breath when he realizes that he can feel the way the bob of his throat catches ever so slightly on the collar around his neck. 


From: <namjoonie3


where are u?


To: <namjoonie3 




From: <namjoonie3



what are you up to 


To: <namjoonie3 


come find out hyung <3


Jungkook’s stomach flips and he refrains from giving a little squeal as he throws his phone aside and jumps onto the bed. He has to remind himself to calm down as he crawls to the end of the bed to wait, not wanting this to be over before it even starts. Sometimes he gets too excited, too overwhelmed, and he’ll send himself into a frenzy before Namjoon can even get his hands on him. Namjoon refuses to have sex after Jungkook forgets to breathe, which is stupid, but Jungkook always gets extra cuddles, so he usually doesn’t mind. Tonight, though, Jungkook will get fucked. He’s already showered and he didn’t sneak a douche in and out of the bathroom for nothing. Plus, he hasn’t stopped thinking about the way Namjoon had stared down at him in that closet, finger stuffed in his open mouth. 


Jungkook shivers just as the door clicks open. 


“Koo? I brought you-” Namjoon’s words die on his tongue when he gets his eyes on Jungkook on the bed. He has a little dessert in his hand, since Jungkook had left before Hoseok had finished preparing them, but it quickly becomes clear to him that dessert is not what’s on Jungkook’s mind. 


“Hyung,” Jungkook feels breathless already. He wants to reach out, to bring Namjoon closer to him, but he’s held in place by Namjoon’s stare. His neck feels like it’s burning, tingling from how hard Namjoon is staring at it. 


Jungkook sits pretty on his heels, hands pressed gently to his thighs, eyes hooded where his head is tipped back to gaze across the room at his boyfriend. He smiles a bit at Namjoon’s reaction, giggles a little bit, and oh . That’s what does it. Namjoon shuts the door behind him resolutely, moving calmly to the dresser to set down the little dessert, then he rounds on Jungkook. He still moves slowly, unhurried, but Jungkook feels something giddy and warm bubble up into his throat. He squishes it back down.


Namjoon’s finger comes up to caress Jungkook’s cheek, and for a moment Jungkook thinks he might get the same harsh treatment from the closet, forced to open his mouth and gag on whatever Namjoon decides to give him. Then, Namjoon’s other hand is untying the robe, peeling the silk away from Jungkook’s skin and tutting at what he sees there. “Look at you,” he speaks for the first time since the doorway, “Messy.” 


Jungkook looks down and whimpers at the sight. His cock is shiny with his own precum, a little string of wetness connecting the inside of his robe to the tip. He’s made a complete mess of the robe, and the sight of it just makes more wetness bead at the tip. He whimpers once more, quietly, looking back up at Namjoon with big eyes. 


“What’s got you like this, baby?” Namjoon’s voice is gentle for a moment and Jungkook makes a soft noise, tries to lean forward into him. It happens quickly, the hand that had been caressing Jungkook’s face suddenly has two fingers hooked around the back of the collar, keeping him from moving forward any further, causing him to gasp and reach out flailing arms for Namjoon. He pants heavily even though Namjoon isn’t really cutting off his air, his cock drooling precum yet again, hands gripping at Namjoon’s biceps tightly. “S’it this? This is what has you so worked up?” 


Jungkook drools a bit, eyes still a bit big as he nods. He can feel his heartbeat in his dick, that’s how turned on he is. He swallows thickly, watches Namjoon raise an eyebrow, then takes a shuddery breath when he realizes. “Yes,” he chokes out, needing to remember how to use his tongue first, “ yes .” 


“Got all hard just from wearing it? Hyung hasn’t even touched you yet,” Namjoon reaches out a single finger, trails it from the base of Jungkook’s cock up to the tip. Jungkook shivers. 


Namjoon takes the tip between two fingers, pinching just enough to have Jungkook moaning into the open air, hand leaving Namjoon’s bicep to cover his mouth. “Move your hand, Jungkook. Louder, I want them to hear you. They should know, don’t you think? What you really left dinner early to do?” Namjoon’s voice is stern, and he moves his hand from the chains around Jungkook’s neck to pull his hand from his mouth. When he pinches again, much harder than before, something close to a sob is torn from Jungkook’s throat, and his legs shake. “There you go, baby.” 


Jungkook’s body relaxes the second Namjoon’s hand is off his cock, and he falls back to sit on his heels once more. “Hyung, please, will you please fuck me?” He has to try, because he’s so overwhelmed already, and he just doesn’t think he can wait any longer. He turns before Namjoon can answer, grabbing Namjoon’s hand and bringing it to his ass, where he’d already prepped himself after the shower. The robe slides off his shoulders to rest in the crooks of his elbows, his free hand holding the bottom up to give access.


Baby .” Namjoon sounds devastated, and two fingers sink into Jungkook easily. Jungkook is about to ask for it again, but a hand presses between his shoulder blades and shoves hard. Before he knows it, he’s face down on the bed, Namjoon’s fingers twisting inside of him and fucking into him relentlessly. “Look at you. What would everyone say if they knew what a slut you are for me?”


Jungkook’s brain short circuits, it’s the only explanation. He usually has to beg Namjoon to go this hard, craving the release that only comes from getting dommed into oblivion. Now, Namjoon only slows to add some more lube, making the slide of his fingers easier, then he’s right back at it. Jungkook’s desire burns deep inside of him, the collar drags him down, deeper into his headspace. “Please, please, hyung, I’m good, I’m ready-”


“Oh, you’re good? Do good boys tease their hyung all day? Do good boys steal collars from set?” Namjoon adds a third finger, curls them all against the spot that has Jungkook wailing into the sheets, punctuates every question with a pointed jab. “Do good boys skip dessert to finger themselves in the shower?” 


Jungkook is a mess, sweating and crying on the bed, squirming from the way Namjoon is working him over so thoroughly. He’s so worked up from before, too, feeling dangerously close just from remembering the sight of himself collared and dripping precum in the mirror. It must be obvious in the tremble of his legs, the tautness of his back, the way his moans grow higher and higher. Namjoon gets a hand on his cock, twisting his hand over the head once, twice, and Jungkook can’t hold it anymore. He comes hard with a loud cry, Namjoon’s name pouring from his lips over and over again. 


“Do good boys come without permission?”


The glow is short lived, dread spreading through him before he’s even done shaking. He must look pathetic, eyes unfocused and limbs shaky as he tries to get up from the bed, tries to crawl around to face Namjoon. “S-sorry,” the words stick in Jungkook’s throat, the pleasure still simmering down his legs. “Couldn’t help it- Sorry, I’m-”


He hears the loud smack ring out through the room before he feels it, moaning belatedly as he lurches back into the sheets, face pressing into them hard. Namjoon brings his hand down on Jungkook’s ass again, and it’s not even that hard, it’s just a warm up, Jungkook knows that, but he cries out all the same, made more sensitive from his orgasm. He can feel his cock between his legs, and he’s hard again already, maybe never got soft, feeling like he didn’t even get his release in the first place. It makes his head spin, the way his body is trying to fall into the post-orgasm loose-limbed relaxation, and how Namjoon isn’t letting it. Jungkook is worked up again before he even has time to come down from his high, still trembling and whimpering. 


Namjoon reaches up and grabs Jungkook by the hair, yanks his head up and back, forcing him to breathe. “Say thank you for each one or we’ll start over.” 


Jungkook whimpers, feeling his cock twitch where it hangs heavy between his legs. “Thank you, thank you,” he gasps out when Namjoon pulls his hair harder, a thank you for each spanking he’d already gotten. 


Namjoon lets go of Jungkook’s hair so that he can sink back into position, pushing his ass out and making sure to keep his face out of the sheets this time. It was something they’d had to talk about before, because Jungkook would sometimes hide until he couldn’t breathe anymore, and it would really scare Namjoon sometimes. Especially when one time Jungkook just went limp in the middle of everything, Namjoon had colored out, and they both cried a lot that night. Jungkook has to remember not to lose himself, and Namjoon is better at making sure Jungkook is fully present when he’s face down on the bed. Or that he at least has his head turned so he can breathe, when getting his brains fucked out of him is the goal. 


Jungkook is pulled out of his thoughts by another smack, and he pushes his forehead into his arms where they’re folded just beneath him, gasping out a quick, “Thank you.” 


Namjoon really starts to get into it, spanking him hard, the sounds ringing out in the room, followed by Jungkook’s loud cries, and his stuttered thanks. His face burns along with the heated skin of his ass, his toes curl. He loves this part, the way Namjoon will alternate between giving him steady spankings, to lifting his hand, just to pause and watch Jungkook flinch from the expectation, the cry he’d been ready to let out melting into an almost embarrassed groan. 


He knows that they can be heard, knows that’s Namjoon’s intention, and he leaks all over his belly just thinking about it. The fact that he’d been obvious in his arousal all day, had disrupted their photoshoot over it, had to have his makeup redone, and this was his punishment for it. Not just the spanking, but the embarrassment, the way everyone would know exactly what they were up to, exactly what Jungkook was thinking of when he pulled on that collar that morning, and just exactly who Jungkook called- 


“Baby,” Namjoon’s voice is gentle, right next to him now, hands rolling him onto his back, pushing his hair from his face. “Hey, hey, color. Right now.” 


“Green,” Jungkook sobs out, and oh, he’s crying. A lot. He sucks in a shuddery breath and blinks open wet eyes to look up at Namjoon, pouting a bit. “M’okay. Kiss?”


Namjoon’s smile is brilliant and he pulls Jungkook into his warmth, kisses him deeply, even though Jungkook’s been drooling a bit. “Look at you,” he hums, pulling back to smear Jungkook’s spit into his tears, and fuck . “Can barely handle it, but this is what you wanted all day.” Jungkook’s arousal spikes again. He’d said green, so they aren’t done. Namjoon kisses him one last time. Jungkook misses his warmth immediately, despite the fact that his robe is stuck to him with sweat. 


“I can handle it, want it. Want more,” Jungkook grins, feeling a bit cheeky after his little break for kisses. He spreads his legs as he props himself up onto his elbows to watch Namjoon push his sweatpants off. As soon as Namjoon’s out of them, he walks back over, shoves Jungkook’s leg up the bed and slaps the inside of his thigh, hard enough to leave a red handprint on his tanned skin. Jungkook’s back arches up off of the bed, his cry louder than any of them before. 




Jungkook nods, gets another smack for his trouble, one that has him shaking all over again. He’s still whimpering when Namjoon grabs his chin, forces him to look up into Namjoon’s eyes. “And what do you say?”


“Thank you, hyung,” Jungkook says, breathless, a single tear streaking down his cheek, collapsing back onto the bed the second Namjoon lets go of him. He wipes his face a bit, clears away the tears as he sits up, watching Namjoon slip out of his briefs. His stomach swoops a bit, and the realization that he’s pretty much naked and has already come once while Namjoon has been fully clothed this entire time hits him hard.


“Cleaning your face up? Guess I’ll have to get you messy again, huh?” Namjoon smirks, and Jungkook is never going to get over this, never, because Namjoon is hooking a finger under his collar and pulling , practically dragging Jungkook off the bed by it, and Jungkook is about to start crying purely horny tears. 


He scrambles to follow, getting down on his knees in front of Namjoon, and only wincing slightly when his heels brush against the raw, heated skin of his ass. He makes sure to stay up on his knees, not sitting back on his heels, mouth opening easily as he leans in for what he’s been waiting for all day. Namjoon tuts and holds Jungkook back once more, his knuckle digging into Jungkook’s neck where he keeps him from moving forward. Jungkook moans unabashedly, looking up at Namjoon with big eyes and an open mouth. “Please?” he asks, doing his best puppy eyes. 


Namjoon lifts Jungkook’s chin with two fingers, then presses them into his waiting mouth, a repeat of the closet scenario, and Jungkook’s cock jumps very slightly. He closes his mouth around the digits, doing his best to show Namjoon why he should be allowed his cock, tongue working over them as he sucks hard. “There you go,” Namjoon presses his fingers deeper until Jungkook is gagging, eyes watering once more, then he presses down, forcing Jungkook’s mouth open. The effect is instantaneous. Drool and spit spill out over Jungkook’s chin, making his face burn with humiliation, but his belly with arousal. “Now you’re ready.” 


Jungkook gasps when Namjoon pulls his fingers away, only to immediately replace them with his cock, a pleased noise leaving his lips. Yes. Yes , this. This is what he’s wanted all day. He takes it in stride, closing his mouth around the tip, tongue pressing into the slit immediately. Jungkook puts his hands on Namjoon’s thighs, caressing gently while he presses his tongue up against the underside and sinks down further. His mouth might be all eager and sloppy, but Jungkook relishes the feeling of Namjoon’s skin beneath his fingers, takes his time feeling over the strong muscle there, how he clenches when the tip hits the back of Jungkook’s throat. 


Jungkook looks up at Namjoon then, feeling a hand in his hair. Namjoon still has the one finger hooked at the front of the collar, and Jungkook nods just slightly. He’s being pulled forward then, trying to relax his throat as Namjoon slides deeper, enters his throat. What Jungkook doesn’t expect is to feel the collar tighten around his throat as he does, Namjoon’s finger pressing tighter against his skin, the chains digging just slightly. His eyes must widen comically, fingers digging into Namjoon’s thighs at the way his brain just short circuits. He tries to moan, the sound almost muffled completely, and it makes him gag, pulling off with a cough. 


He gasps as his hands move to his throat. “I could feel it, it- Oh my god, hyung, it-” He stammers over his words, his thoughts, unable to think straight. “Fuck.” And then he dives in again, desperate to feel it again. 


Namjoon swears under his breath, using his grip on the collar and Jungkook’s hair to guide Jungkook’s movements. He doesn’t quite let him get to that point yet, pulling him back before he can deepthroat him properly, and if he’s trying to work Jungkook up, it’s very successful. Jungkook grips Namjoon’s thighs tighter, tries to suck harder, looking up at his boyfriend with desperate eyes, does the thing with his tongue that always makes Namjoon lose it and fuck his face until he cries. 


It works. Every time.


Fucking ,” Namjoon groans and lets go of the collar, putting both hands in Jungkook’s hair to hold him in place while he jerks his hips forward. Jungkook moans loudly, opening his mouth up wide for Namjoon to take. He doesn’t go easy either, fucking into Jungkook’s mouth hard, the sounds obscene as Jungkook moans and gags around his cock. Tears spill out onto his cheeks again, sliding down to his chin and mixing with the mess of drool there, and he just knows he looks an absolute wreck right now, but he loves it. 


Finally, Namjoon pulls Jungkook close as he shoves his hips forward, cock sliding deep into Jungkook’s throat, holding him there while Jungkook whimpers and squirms, breathing harshly through his nose. He can hardly breathe, the cock in his throat tightening the collar around his neck, both of them and the sensation making his own dick harder than he thought was possible. “Look at you, choking on hyung’s cock. Know that you love that, huh? Such a slut, baby,” Namjoon’s voice is low, only for Jungkook now, and Jungkook nods when Namjoon lets him go, gasping for breath as soon as he can. He’s pulled back just as quickly, though, his moan cut off in his throat as he feels his lips brush the base of Namjoon’s cock. “God, look at how wet you are. You’re dripping, baby.” 


One of Namjoon’s thumbs smooths from the tip of Jungkook’s nose to the bridge, “Wonder what that pretty little cock would look like if hyung held your nose, too?” 


Jungkook’s eyes practically roll back in his head at the implication, and moans loudly, choking as his throat constricts again. Namjoon pulls him off, making sure that he’s okay before he’s helping Jungkook up, pushing him onto the bed again. “Get up here, come on, on your front,” and Jungkook does, scrambles into position, head still spinning. 


There’s the sound of the lube bottle again, then the robe is pulled from his body and tossed aside while Jungkook gets on his hands and knees, and then Namjoon’s pressing inside easily, Jungkook still open from before. Jungkook keens loudly, finally, finally getting what he’d wanted all fucking day. He shoves his hips back against Namjoon, gets a slap for his efforts, the sting rolling up his spine deliciously. “Fuck,” he whimpers.


Namjoon pulls out almost all the way, then slams back in, forcing a cry from Jungkook’s lips. He’s so fucking big, every time, and Jungkook can feel him in his guts , and he doesn’t go easy, not that Jungkook wants him to. The pace Namjoon sets is brutal, and Jungkook loves it, lives for it, wants more. 


His arms give out quickly, breathless “ ah, ah, ah ”s leaving his mouth as the pleasure builds in his gut. Namjoon reaches out though, grab’s Jungkook’s collar and pulls him back up, up, until his back is arched like a bow, a single hand wrapping around Jungkook’s throat to keep him like that. It gives him less leverage, but every thrust takes him from deep to deeper , the force making Jungkook’s eyes cross.


“Hyung, hyung !” Jungkook’s pathetic little cries fill the room, the angle changing completely and sending Namjoon’s cock driving into Jungkook’s prostate every time. 


Namjoon also gets one of Jungkook’s arms behind his back, holding most of his weight up there as opposed to his neck. 


It’s still enough, though. Jungkook is reeling from it, Namjoon’s fingers over the collar making his head spin. He’s getting louder and louder, and he can’t help it at all, can’t think about anything other than hyung, want, need, fuck . “Louder,” Namjoon’s lips are right by his ear, Jungkook’s face burning brighter at the attention called to his cries. “Go on. S’why you’re wearing this huh?” A gentle squeeze to his throat. “‘Cause you wanted them to know, right? Whose does this make you, huh, Jungkook? Say it.”


“Yours!” Jungkook sobs, his thighs shaking almost violently. “Yours, yours, I’m yours, hyung!” 


“That’s right. You’re mine, baby. You’re my baby,” Namjoon nips at Jungkook’s ear, kisses his shoulder. With his free hand, Jungkook tries to grab at his cock. He’s so fucking close, so desperate, just needs something to push him over the edge, but Namjoon catches his hand easily. “Ah- Come on, baby. You know better. Who decides when you come?”

Jungkook chokes on another sob, tears spilling over his cheeks yet again. “You do, hyung,” He cries, arm twisting around to rest against his back with his other one. 


“And hyung wants you to come just like this.” 

“I- I can’t- can’t-”


“I know you can, baby.”


“Hyung, need- I need more-” 


Normally Jungkook can, he’s come untouched multiple times on Namjoon’s cock, but not after he’s already come once. If he could, he would have already, and that’s a promise, because he feels like he’s actually on fire, his whole body alight with pleasure. 


“Jungkook, come ,” Namjoon grunts, and then his finger is at the back of the collar again, pulling it tight against Jungkook’s throat. The effect is immediate, and although Namjoon isn’t cutting off his air supply completely, it’s enough. Jungkook’s brain goes a bit fuzzy, the pleasure spikes everywhere, and he comes harder than he ever has in his life , gasping and shaking through it. 


It comes in waves as Namjoon fucks him through it, as soon as he thinks it might be done, he’s thrown up against a wall of pleasure again, moans pouring from his mouth. He barely registers Namjoon finishing inside of him, just the warmth that fills him and pushes more come from his spent cock. 


He blinks dumbly as he sinks into the bed face first, Namjoon quick to guide him onto his side. He blinks again and Namjoon’s petting his hair back, whispering sweet things into his ear, giving him gentle kisses all over. He blinks once more and there’s a water bottle pressed to his lips, which he gratefully drinks half of before he even thinks of stopping. He whines when he feels Namjoon trying to take the collar off, shaking his head with a pout.

“Kook, you have to, baby, come on,” Namjoon says gently, sighing at Jungkook’s unrelenting pout. “I’m being serious, you need to give your throat a rest.” A pause. “What if hyung holds you? I’ll hold your neck if you let me take the collar off.”


Jungkook finally agrees and they settle back down on the bed like that after Namjoon puts the collar aside, Jungkook with his back against Namjoon’s chest, and Namjoon’s hand cupped very gently around Jungkook’s throat, just providing warmth and comfort at this point. Namjoon continues giving Jungkook kisses and whispering praise to him, until Jungkook makes a quiet noise, turns in Namjoon’s hold. He takes the hand that was on his neck and kisses it gently, smiling sheepishly up at his boyfriend. 


“Back with me?” Namjoon smiles back, not a trace of anything other than love in his expression. Jungkook really lucked out with this one. He nods, turning his face up for a kiss, which he gets easily. “How do you feel?”


“...Really fucking good,” Jungkook hides his laugh in Namjoon’s hand, then gets distracted and kisses it again, still feeling clingy in the afterglow. “Umm, I really liked it. All of it. Especially the collar, and you know. All that.” 


“Yeah, I gathered,” Namjoon teases lightly, kissing Jungkook’s forehead. “No, that’s good. I know we’ve been talking about your little choking obsession recently, and I was a bit nervous, but I think it went well. I don’t want to do it all the time, though. You were down for a while afterwards.” 


Jungkook knows this part is important, the most important part, but he hates to talk about it so… objectively. Namjoon would chide him though, and remind him that if he can’t talk about it, he shouldn’t be doing it. He’s right, of course, and breath play is… it can be scary. So they need to talk about it, though all Jungkook wants to do right now is curl into Namjoon’s warmth and sleep for a million years. “It was perfect, Joon-hyung, thank you. I love you. I think we don’t have to do it all the time, either. And only when you’re comfortable, and we don’t have to perform after.” 


Namjoon opens his mouth to say something, but Jungkook remembers something else, jumping in quickly. “And you absolutely didn’t hurt me once, at least not any more than I wanted you to, and I felt safe the whole time because I knew you would take care of me.” Namjoon’s expression just melts at that, and he pulls Jungkook close, showering him with kisses. 


“Look at you, and all your positive communication. Proud of you. You did so well tonight, I love you so much,” Namjoon presses one last kiss to Jungkook’s lips, then starts to pull away. “Come on, let’s shower. We’ll clean you up and get some lotion for your butt. And then you’re eating dessert, no excuses.” 


Jungkook might let out a put upon sigh, but his cheeks and belly are warm with affection, and he lets himself be pulled from the bed. They get decent enough to make their way to the bathroom, only to be stopped by a note on the door. 


“Bang PD called and said to let you know you’re fired, he hates you, and you have the worst sex noises in the world. You kinky fucks will never rest another day in your life, and you better learn to sleep in shifts. This is not a joke, you are not a part of the band anymore and we hate you forever. 


With love, 


The remaining five members of BTS.”