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make it soft

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Spock is on a video call with Amanda. He is not quite looking at her.


The hesitation is barely there but it's unusual enough coming from Spock that he's got her full attention. His cheeks are a little bit green, and the bridge of his nose.

"I require a new sweater."

Amanda is fine with this. She likes knitting and she's always been very interested in Vulcan fashion and textiles. And really, her fingers have been itching to make Spock a new sweater anyway. The old one was, well, old, and a little small for him.

But she's very curious about these sudden circumstances. "What happened to your old one?"

Spock looks off camera for a moment. His cheeks get a little more green.

"Doctor McCoy likes it. It is... soft."

Amanda does not ask, but she is very curious to know exactly what Spock is looking at. She agrees to make the sweater.

A few days later she receives an image message from Jim Kirk. It shows Doctor McCoy snuggled up on a couch with a coffee cup and a PADD, wearing Spock's sweater. The shoulders are sitting a little funny because he's got the sleeves pulled down over his hands so he can bury his face in them while he reads. The only other part of the message is a heart-eyes emoji.

Amanda knits two sweaters. She makes sure the one for Doctor McCoy has extra long sleeves.