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How to Seduce a Respectable Husband

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Ji Ho twirled her hair absently as she sat at the low table in her room. It was mid-morning, so Se Hee had already drunk his cup of Americano and left for the day, and she was all alone.

Just then there was a loud purr from Kitty, and Ji Ho snorted. So maybe she wasn't really alone.

"I envy you sometimes," she said, picking up the cat for a cuddle. Kitty settled into Ji Ho's lap and mewled softly, accepting ear scratches before closing her eyes for a nap.

Ji Ho sighed, as she glanced at her laptop firmly closed in a corner in her room, and then down at the empty page of her opened notebook. Apparently old fashioned writing was not helping her writer's block. But how could she create anything when Nam Se Hee and their contract marriage was on a perpetual loop in her mind?

Se Hee's face first thing in the morning, still soft with sleep. His delighted smile when he greeted Kitty. His solemn nods when he greeted her. 

Her chest tightened as Jung-Min came across her mind. She wouldn't admit it out loud, but she couldn't help but be envious of Se Hee's past with her. She couldn't help but feel like the second best, the runner up in the prize of Se Hee's heart. Jung-Min was an actual writer with a real career. Jung-Min had already touched him, kissed him, and laid with him. Hell, Ji Ho was living in the house Se Hee bought because he left his father's house over Jung-Min.  They'd been lovers in every sense of the word and almost had a child.

And just as the envy had crept up, it disappeared, now replaced by guilt that she was thinking about herself when both Se Hee and Jung-Min suffered a tragic loss.

"Poor Se Hee," Ji Ho blinked back tears as she continued stroking Kitty. The pain from his past couldn't stay there, it bled through to their present. "How can we even have a  future?"