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The Four Agents

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Splatoon, the wondrous world of inklings and octolings . They can transform between humanoid and cephalopod forms at will. They frequently engage in turf wars with each other and use a variety of weapons that produce and shoot colored ink while in humanoid form, or swim and hide in surfaces covered in their own colored ink while in cephalopodic form.


Agent 7 POV


I am an inkling and my name is Agent 7. I go by 7 but my full name is Agent 7. 


We have a choice when it comes to our ink colour, and I have it orange. Every inkling is born with a certain hairstyle, it’s possible to change it but it’s painful. It’s like changing how your arm looks. 


Mine is the wave style, which flows on my left side. I have bright green eyes that compliments my orange hair. My skin is rather pale.



(^photo of Agent 7)

I tend to wear mountain noritamago and tights on most days, I only change my outfit when I have salmon run shifts. 


Speaking of salmon run, I absolutely love it. Mr. Grizz says I’m his best employee, which is amazing in my opinion. I tend to go in and help other Inklings with their shifts, sometimes I will do shifts by myself, but even I think it’s hard. I ask my friends, Agent 3 and 4 to help out sometimes, sadly they hate salmon run and never want to do it with me. Which I can respect, it’s hard for beginners. 


Also, sense Mr. Grizz loves me, he allows me to use any weapon I want. I use the Grizzco slosher. Out of all the special made weapons, this one is the best. It can destroy the salmonids in the matter of seconds and it can beat practically every boss.


At the start, I hated it and would only use the Grizzco Brella, but eventually Mr. Grizz told me to use the slosher and I never looked back. It’s definitely a hard weapon to use but once you master it, it’s amazing in salmon run. 


In normal turf battles or rank, I use the Tenta Camo Brella with ink mines and the ultra stamp. 


3 uses the Hero Shot Replica (From splatoon 1) and 4 uses the Hero Charger Replica (splatoon 2). 


In turf wars/rank, it's just the three of us. It sounds unfair but in actuality it isn’t. Every Inkling says our team is overpowered and we are too strong, and that’s just the three of us. Who knows what will happen when we find a fourth member. 


The three of us live in an apartment together. We all have our separate rooms etc. It’s a nice house, I like it. I rarely spend a lot of time in it anyway, I’m usually out in Inkopolis square doing something. 


Today, I woke up and did my normal morning schedule. I wash my hair, It’s important to never forget to do that. I ate breakfast and planned my day.


3 had to help Cap’n Cuttlefish with some octarians in Inkopolis plaza, a note explained what she was doing. 4 explained she was going to talk to Marie and Callie in octo canyon. That left me with nothing to do. 


Well that’s a lie, I can do some salmon run shifts or join random turf war battles. 


I finished my breakfast and wrote down the stages of turf war. 


While I was doing that, Mr. Grizz called me. 


I answered and heard a staticky voice. I knew Mr. Grizz is not a bear but rather someone speaking through it. I have never seen what he actually looks like but I respect his privacy. 


“AGENT 7!” 


“Hi Mr. Grizz, are you calling me for a shift for me to do?” I asked 


In his normal voice he explained, “Of course I am! This beginners crew keeps messing up and I’m trying to get my eggs and they're not doing their job. They don’t even know how to do anything! I have them a tutorial and everything, but nope. My eggs are gone….Agent 7, I know for a fact you are the best at slaying salmonids, I need you to help out this crew.” 


I sighed, “Mr. Grizz I have no idea why you need the golden eggs or anything like that, but I will respect it and I will help out that crew. What’s the stage?”


“Marooner’s Bay” 


“That level? The one with the rusty ship?” I grew even more excited every second.


“Yes, the ship one.” 


“Right, just give me 30 minutes to get to you and so you can drive me there...or erm how you do it.” 


“AMAZING! I’ll see you then! BRING ME MY EGGS!” 


He hung up after that. 


I quickly finished my food and got up from my seat. I turned off the lights and packed my bag. My bag has my phone, more food, water etc. 


I always found it funny that Inklings can drink water but we will die if we fall in it. I never know the science behind it, maybe I should ask Marina sometime. 


Oh yeah, I met Off The Hook before, they're amazing. 4 had some business with them when she retorted the Great Zap Fish. 3 and I got to meet Pearl and Marina. 


Once I finished packing, I swung my bag onto my shoulders and left my apartment, I locked the door and left.


When the three of us were choosing an apartment, we wanted one that is even length from Inkopolis square and plaza. 3 likes to travel there and talk to the people there, so we thought it was smart to have it like that. 



It took me around 20 minutes to take the subway and to arrive at the square. I go through the building near the crust bucket, I have to go up stairs and through the door. 


The plaza is filled with Inklings, some were talking, some were walking around. 


My phone buzzed indicating it was the rotation for the new stages. Humpback Pump track and Inkblot Art Academy for turf wars, Port Mackerel and The Reef for Clam Blitz. 


I hope I could do some Clam Blitz with 3 and 4 later on, it’s my favorite rank mode. I like how it’s so similar to salmon run. Chaotic. 


I avoided the many Inklings who stopped to stare at me. I hated it. I know Team Agents is the strongest team, but I just hate being stared at. 3 usually tells everyone off, but she isn’t here right now. It’s just me. 


I rushed towards Grizzco Industries and walked in. 


The usual messy store front is here, stone flooring, metal pieces and items from the humans who died a long time ago. If it was up to me, I would have cleaned it all up. But of course I can’t do that.


The sewer grate was in the middle with Mr. Grizz on his usual platform- a cooler. 


“Ah you made it, come on, you got work to do.” I nodded and picked the radio up to get to the boat. 


Mr. Grizz has so much trust in me that he lets me pick “him” up. 


I go through the doors to the docks. The oddly shaped boat floated on top of the water. I saw four Inklings sitting on the ground in uniform. 


They saw me and stood up. I nodded towards them and climbs onto the boat with Mr. Grizz. I placed him at the boat controls and sat down watching the water. 


The four inklings trudge their way onto the boat and get their equipment ready. 


I tend to wait until I get to the stage to change into uniform. I watch the four inklings get prepared and fiddle with random items. Nervous was a understatement. 


I could tell they were happy I am helping them but they also look like they envy me. They probably wanted my strength for when it comes to salmon run or turf wars. Made sense why. 

After an hour trip, we arrived at the stage. I found it interesting how the water would go from clear to a murky green. Salmonids probably cause it anyway. 


Marooner's Bay features a large ship marooned on a sandbar. Its stern has three ramps down onto the beach where there are three piers on the starboard side. During low tide, a sandbar rises behind the ship, revealing a large ring of land and one smaller protrusion. This stage contains propellers which we can use to power lifts that rise from the ground.


It’s a nice stage, it is always chaotic when it’s high tide. I don’t think I have ever had a shift of salmon run without it being chaotic. The salmonids are the stressful part.


Luckily, I can relax with this shift because the 4 other inklings are beginners, the quota is only 5 golden eggs or something per wave. Which is such a difference compared to my usual 20 golden eggs per wave. 


I change into my proper uniform and get my equipment, one of the inklings sits out while I join in with the crew. I left the control room and came out to the open part of the boat. 


The three looked at me with confused faces due to my Grizzco Slosher. I rarely see anyone use it so I see why they’re giving me looks of confusement. 


We get ready and Mr. Grizz starts the countdown. 


We squid jump onto the stage, the boats peak. I see the quota is 6 and the weapons. One has the Grizzco Charger and the other two has the Grizzco Brella. 


“Hey! It’s going to be fine! I’m here, call me if you need anything.” I gave them a smile of encouragement and the three looked more confident. 


“WE CAN DO THIS!” I yelled at them and they all gave cheers. 




This is going to be fun!




Golden eggs here I come!




No Salmonids stand a chance against us!