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Boston Marriage

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"So this thing where you and Shino-chan are in a Boston marriage with each other will go on for how long exactly?" Ritsuko asked without looking away from her laptop.

Nozomi's brows furrowed. "Huh? Boston marriage?" She carefully pronounced the foreign words while regarding her best friend with bewilderment. "What are you talking about Ri-chan?"

The woman in question heaved a loud sigh before closing her laptop and facing the owner of the house.

"Look, Shino-chan is going to university soon. Have you two talked about what your plans are for that? What university have she chosen? What career is she taking? Wha-"

"Hold on, hold on," Nozomi raised a hand to cut Ritsuko off, "why are you bombarding me with these questions?"

"My brother mentioned something about being jealous of Shino-chan's mature approach towards her future," her best friend shrugged, "so I got curious."

Nozomi arched an eyebrow. "Shino-chan and I talked about her future of course. I told her that I'll support her, as long as it's reasonable."

Ritsuko gave her a pointed look. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means," drawled while she starts to collect the papers on her table, "that I'll help her achieve her goals in any way I can with utmost care and respect, but at the same time I'll make sure that her decisions are rational and certain, not half-baked. You know how that girl gets when she have something in mind." Nozomi shakes her head with a fond smile. "I won't let her strain herself."

The dark skinned woman squints at her. "What if the university Shino-chan chose is very far and she'll want to live in a dorm?"

The teacher scoffed. "Now that is unreasonable."

Ritsuko rolled her eyes. "Non-chan, it is a possibility."

A frown marred Nozomi's face. 

Will Shino-chan really consider something like that? 

Knowing how independent her sister-in-law is, she might. But then Shino-chan will most likely just set it aside for Nozomi's sake. 

That's no good. She's the older sister, she shouldn't let her selfishness drag the younger girl down. 

But can she really do it? Can she let Shino-chan go?  

The thought had her chest clenching unpleasantly. 

A hand on her shoulder snapped her back to reality.

"I'm not trying to upset you, Non-chan." Her best friend assured with a small smile. "I support you and Shino-chan's Boston marriage-" 

At Nozomi's very puzzled expression, the former american worker chuckled before she continues,

"but I want you to find out if it is of mutual consent and if it is healthy."

"Uhm, what?"

Ritsuko gives her a serious gaze . "You and Shino-chan should be honest to each other," the grip on her shoulder tightened, "no matter what. Life will be more enjoyable for you two if you do that."

Nozomi blinked, confusion apparent on her visage. "Oookay?"

Ritsuko suddenly patted her head. "You'll get it someday, young padawan." She remarked with a mysterious smile, then she went back to the sofa to collect her things and headed for the door.

Nozomi scratched her head quizzically. She really can't understand her best friend sometimes. She decided to just shake it off and proceeded to follow Ritsuko to the door. 

A question popped on her mind when the other woman was about to step out of the house.

"Wait! Ri-chan," she abruptly called which caused her former classmate to turn to her.

"Boston marriage," the words rolled off her tongue easily, "what's that?"

Ritsuko seemed taken aback for a second. Then the side of her lips tugged up to form a smirk, eyes sparkling with mirth.

"Search it up through the internet, Non-chan." Was her annoying answer before heading out with a wave.


Later, when she had the free time, she typed 'Boston marriage' on her smart phone and browsed its meaning.

She couldn't stop blushing after reading its several definitions and she started comparing them to what she and Shino-chan have. 

Ri-chan really picked up a lot from abroad. The term kind of applies to her and her adorable sister-in-law.

She doesn't mind being in this "Boston Marriage" with Shino-chan, as a matter of fact, she would love it to remain just her and the precious younger girl; forever, if possible.

But what about Shino-chan? Does she feel the same way?

Guess Ri-chan's right, she does have to find out.

But how?