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Crashing Sleepovers

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Outside, the rain was coming down in a heavy downpour, the wind billowing so harshly it almost shook the apartment building. Every sane person had taken shelter from the weather late into the afternoon. The clock read 6 00PM. Bakugou Masaru sat on the living room couch, reading the daily newspaper. He actively ignored the sound of teenage boy’s screaming and minor explosions coming from upstairs. By now the man considered himself a master of selective hearing.

Bakugou Mitsuki was in the kitchen cooking her son and his three friend’s dinner. Every move she made was done with harsh, erratic movements. She slammed the saucepan onto the kitchen top, threw the wooden spoon against the sides as she stirred, muttered dangerously as she worked.

“I mean the brat didn’t even tell us they were coming over!” She barked at her husband, who hummed at his wife’s rambling. “He could have at least mentioned it! Three friends! Then I would have at least known to make dinner!”

Every word was said with a shrill growl.

Masaru merely nodded, thinking over the entrance of his son’s friends. He had known, from the very minute they had knocked on their door, that Katsuki had no idea they were popping by, let alone staying the night at the Bakugou’s.


“Open the door, damn brat!”

“I’m already doing that, hag!” Katsuki slammed the door open.

“Bakugou!” A young redheaded boy had yelled as soon as his son had opened the front door.
Katsuki slammed it shut.

“Katsuki! Don’t be fucking rude!”

“Shut it, you old hag!”

The two continued arguing and without a word, Masaru stood from the couch and made his way to answer whoever was persistently knocking at the door. When he opened it, the man was faced with three teenage boys. One with red hair, another yellow, and the other black.

“Afternoon, sir,” the three boys bowed.

Each carried a bag and pillow with them and were dressed in raincoats.

“Good afternoon boys,” Masaru replied, ignoring the shouting match still going on inside the apartment. “How can I help you?”

“We hope you don’t mind sir, but we are here for a sleepover with Bakugou,” the red-haired one said anxiously.

“I’m sure Bakugou told you all about it!” The yellow haired once chimed in.

“What did you say Dunce-face!” His son screamed, cutting off whatever his mother was screaming about.

“Not a word, I’m afraid,” Masaru said politely, as though his son hadn’t spoken. “But don’t let that stop you. Come on in boys.”

He opened the door and the three boys trickled in, taking care to remove their shoes as they entered the threshold.

“I’m Kirishima Eijiro,” the red-haired boy bowed deeply, his backpack sliding off his shoulder slightly.

“Ah, yes, I believe Katsuki has mentioned you before.”

“No, I haven’t!” his son bellowed. A deep red was settling over his cheeks, and he turned his head to hide the blooming blush.

His black-haired friend snickered, before clearing his throat.

“Sero Hanta, sir.”

“Kaminari Denki!” the yellow boy cheered.

“Wonderful to meet you all boys,” Masaru nodded to each. “I saw you all compete at the sports festival. I have to say you all did remarkably well.”

They all chimed in with their thanks, decidedly ignoring Katsuki growling behind them.

“Katsuki, why don’t you give the boy’s a tour of the house. Also, be sure to set up the spare futons so they have something to sleep on tonight.”

“WHAT! I don’t even want them here!”

“BRAT! That is no way to talk to your guests!”

“AGH! Whatever HAG!”

And so, the boys had taken off, his son stomping up away as his friends snickered behind him.

Now, listening to his son threaten his friends upstairs, and his wife banging around in the kitchen, Masaru shouldn’t have been surprised to hear another knock at the Bakugou’s front door. Sure, the fact that his son had three friends wanting to stay over was a shock, another an anomaly. Still, they were teenagers, and it was customary for them to have big sleepovers. He was sure.

Quickly folding his newspaper in half, the Bakugou elder made his way to the door, opening it fully to great whichever other friends his son had.

“Izuku,” he exclaimed in surprise.

To say it had been awhile since Masaru had seen his son’s childhood friend was an understatement. Midoriya Izuku had not been to the Bakugou’s home since before the boys entered middle school. The man knew that was likely because of his son’s behaviour, even if neither boy would admit to it, but still, to see the him here was quite a shock.

“Are you here for the sleepover as well? Come in, come in!”

The man was so quick to usher the small boy in, he didn’t notice the look of confusion cross Midoriya’s face. In fact, if he had of taken the time to properly look, he would have known Izuku was decidedly not here for a sleepover.

Midoriya was absolutely soaked. The rain from outside had drenched through the thin clothes he wore, letting the shrill wind cut right through to his skin. This caused him to shake with thick, full body shudders. The rain concealed but didn’t hide the thick tear stains marring the boy’s face and Masaru knew immediately the shudder of his bottom lip was not from the cold.

“What’s wrong?” Masaru light toned dropped, suddenly serious and stern.

“I-I’m sorry,” Midoriya’s lip wobbled further. “I d-didn’t know where else t-to go.”

“What happened?” Masaru demanded.

Midoriya head hung as he studied his red, waterlogged sneakers. Water was dripping from his frame. It was soaking into the Bakugou’s white carpet, leaving a dark stain. As he stood there shaking, he tried to tell the man in front of him what was wrong, his stuttering breath betraying him. In the end, all he could manage was four whispered words.

“My Dad came home.”

The kind concerned face Bakugou Masaru expressed completely dropped. His eyes went wide, his mouth pressed thin. In the kitchen, his wife continued ranting about her son’s behaviour.

“Mitsuki,” he called out. When she continued monologuing, Masaru raised his voice, letting a firm, sharp shout. “Mitsuki!”

Instantly, his wife stopped talking. She turned around slowly, a deadly expression on her face, ready to attack her husband for daring to take that tone with her. At least, that was before she took in the sight in front of her. Katsuki’s childhood friend stood shaking and wet in the doorway, his green hair splattered to his face, clothes dripping on her expensive white carpet. She looked to her husband for an explanation, demanding an explanation, only to find him staring at her with the most serious expression she had ever seen.

“Mitsuki,” her husband didn’t need to shout to have her attention now. His calm yet serious demeanour sent chills to her spine. “Hisashi is back.”

The world stopped. For a short, tiny second, Mitsuki, the women who screamed at pro-heroes herself, froze. The moment that second was up however, she was in action. The pots on the oven slammed against each other as Mitsuki threw them off the hotplate and turned off the stove. She grabbed a cloth to wipe her hands and ran towards her husband.

Without hesitation, she reached out to Izuku, grabbing the boy and pushing him over to sit on the couch, uncaring of the wet stains he left. She then placed her hands on his cheeks and raised his head so she could make eye contact.

“Izuku, honey, listen to me. You need to stay here!”
The fear in his eyes showed and Mitsuki felt her heart squeeze, like too much blood was flowing through it all at once. The young boy opened his mouth to protest.

“No! You need to stay here. Masaru and I are going over to your house now. How long has Hisashi been home?”

She was shouting at him, but she needed him to answer and fast.

“He just got here,” He whimpered. “Mum told me to stay in my room, but then I heard shouting and I knew I had to help, but she made me promise not to come out of my room and my door was locked! I didn’t know what to do, so I went out the window and ran here!”

Fear rolled in Mitsuki’s stomach like a snake twisting and coiling to prepare for an attack.

“Honey, you did exactly what you should have,” Mitsuki felt her husband drape her red, designer raincoat over her shoulders. “You to stay here, Izuku. Promise me you won’t leave!”

It was a demand, a tone she often used with her own son with little results. Katsuki would merely roll his eyes and yell back his own demand. This was Izuku however, and the sharp, serious tone had always been much more effective on the quieter boy. With another wobble of his bottom lip, the boy nodded a single, teary eyed nod, and the slightest feeling of relief flooded Mitsuki’s chest.

“We need to go,” Her husband moved to open the front door, his raincoat hanging over his arm. “Izuku, we will call you as soon as we can, but for now stay here. I mean it!”

In a normal situation, anyone would know the harsh, demanding tone of Masaru’s voice was uncharacteristic for the quiet, mild-mannered man. However, this wasn’t a normal situation. Without another word, the two parents rushed out the door, which left a resounding thud as it was shut behind them.

Midoriya sat in the living room of the Bakugou’s home, still dripping and shaking from the rain, unmoving apart from the shudders that rushed through his body.

“Why the hell are you idiots here?” Bakugou scowled.

His arms were crossed as he sat on his bed, watching the three idiots that called themselves his friends set up futons on the floor of his room.

“We wanted to see what your house looked like!” Kaminari exclaimed, shaking out his sleeping bag. “And we were like, what would really annoy Kaachan? A sleepover!”

Kaminari ducked as Bakugou launched a small explosion his way. He grinned as it comfortably missed, sure it was a sign the explosive boy was only kidding.

“I thought it would be super manly to have a sleepover with our best mate,” Kirishima chimed in. “I know we all stay at the dorms now, but how often do we actually hangout for a sleepover? Never!”

“Never,” Bakugou grumbled in agreement. “And that’s for a reason. I don’t like any of you.”

“Oh, sure you do,” Kirishima responded.

Bakugou ground his teeth, a permanent scowl painted on his face.

“What about you, huh?!”

“Who, me,” Sero asked, looking around, obviously playing dumb. “And miss this train wreck? Not a chance, mi amigo.”

“I’m going to kill all of you.”

“Ha!” Kirishima laughed. “Good one.”

“Yeah, haven’t heard that before,” Kaminari muttered.

“Tch, whatever. Just shut up and make your beds already. After that you can entertain yourselves. The old hag will have dinner finished soon.”

“Oh, thanks Bakubro!”

“You know,” Kaminari fluffed his pillow before placing it at the head of the futon. “You and your Mom are like crazy similar.”

“You take that back PIKACHU!” Bakugou exploded.

“Jeez, man, chill,” Sero said, attempting to sound serious. The snicker he let out derailed that effort.

“Yeah, man, I’m just saying. I mean, I can hear her shouting right now, which totally explains why you are the way you are.”


Explosions sounded. Kaminari simply held his hands up in surrender and the three finished setting themselves up, each taking turns to snicker at Bakugou’s behaviour. Bakugou’s room was what you would expect of a typical teenage, if a little bare due to him mostly living at the dorms. His bed was pushed against the wall opposite his bedroom door, and it was lined up to face the small television. There was a small game console beside it, which the boys knew they would be taking advantage of later that night, but overall, nothing too embarrassing they could tease the other boy about. To say Kaminari and Sero were a little disappointed was an understatement.

After a while of lounging around, Kaminari’s stomach started to grumble, which quickly reminded the others that it was almost dinner time.

“Hey, Bakubro, when did your Mom say dinner would be ready?”

“Tch, how would I know? She usually just screams until I come down.”

The boys all paused, waiting to hear the shrill shouts of Mrs. Bakugou. Instead, they heard only silence.

“Maybe we should go and check?” Kaminari’s stomach gave another wail.

Bakugou merely rolled his eyes before standing up.

“Whatever, extras.”

Making their way downstairs to the kitchen, the boys were surprised by how quite the house was. Even Bakugou looked uneasy, his shoulders tenser than they had been when the boys first arrived. When they finally reached the bottom step, Kirishima tried to step into the main room, but was stopped by Bakugou shooting an arm out, pulling him back.


The blonde was silent, eyes scanning the space of the room they could see. His friends noticed from his hard eyes and squared jaw; he was squaring up for an attack. Instantly the others were on high alert. Sero raised his arms, getting his tape ready, Kaminari charged up, and Kirishima hardened his skin. None knew why the blonde was on high alert, but they knew by now to trust his gut instinct. Without another word, Bakugou jumped from into room, setting off explosions, screaming.


He was met with utter silence.

The group of boys scanned the deserted room, confused at the absence of the Bakugou parents. Katsuki’s eyes scanned over the kitchen, taking note of the mess his mother had left, something he had never known the woman to make in the past. Just as he was about to scream out for his mother, Kirishima spoke.


Bakugou whipped his head around, and sure enough, there sitting on his couch, looking utterly pathetic and shaking, was Deku.

“What the hell are you doing here shitty nerd!” He bellowed. “No way in hell are you staying over!”

“Hey man, that’s not very nice,” Kaminari muttered.

“Like I care! Which one of you idiots invited him here?” He glared at the three boys, who all resoundingly shook their heads. “Tch, I bet you invited yourself over, shitty nerd. Get lost Deku!”

Bakugou barely looked at Deku, too furious the other was in his home without his knowledge.

“Um, Bakugou,” Kirishima whispered.

“What! He isn’t staying!” He said resolutely.

Bakugou turned to give the redhaired boy a stern look, only to see Kirishima’s face filled with complete concern and worry. He snapped his head over to follow his friends gaze and found his eyes locked on Deku.

Deku was wearing a thin blue shirt and black shorts that were completely soaked. His hair was matted to his face and his skin was pale, almost blue from the cold. He sat on the couch shivering violently as droplets of water dripped from his hair and clothes, dampening his skin further. The most concerning thing of all, however, was the way his gaze was locked on the front door, unwavering in its stare.

“Deku,” Bakugou’s voice dropped to a normal level. It made no difference though, and Deku still acted as though he hadn’t heard the other.

Taking a few steps towards the other, Bakugou tried again. Worry was making his chest ache, like a boulder was crushing it, constricting his airways. Never had he seen the other boy look so defeated, and it pained him to admit, it scared him. His mind immediately went to potential villains attacking the boy.

“Izuku,” Katsuki would deny his voice trembling over the unfamiliar name. “What happened?”

Midoriya snapped out of his trance. Ever so slightly, his eyes slipped from the door, and towards his Kacchan.

“What happened?!” Bakugou demanded again. Fear was racing through his veins, causing a cold sweat to break out over his skin. He made note to control his quirk with more care until he had a chance to wipe off the excess sweat.

Finally, Midoriya looked at him with wide, bloodshot eyes, the sight hitting Bakugou like a blow to the chest. Slowly, the trembling boy opened his mouth to respond.

“My D-Dad came back.”

Bakugou rushed forward. His friends threw their arms out to stop him, aware that Midoriya was in no state to fight the clearly furious, red-faced Bakugou, but their attempts were futile. Ignoring the shouts of Kaminari and Sero, Bakugou reached the shivering boy in seconds, a look of thunder across his face. He stood in front of Midoriya, towering over him as he glared at his fragile form.

Then, Bakugou did something that completely surprised, shocked, and somewhat frightened Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero.

With firm hands, he reached up and grabbed Midoriya’s cheeks, rubbing his thumb against the cold, pale skin. Slowly, he raised the others face until green eyes met red.

“Are you hurt?” he murmured.

Midoriya shook his head, and simply closed his eyes. Bakugou knew this was all the answer he would get. Despite the other boy’s annoying ability to mutter incessantly for hours, when things were really troubling him, he could turn scarcely silent. Without asking, Bakugou began scanning Midoriya’s face, twisting his head so he could angle it better and view every inch of skin. When his face was deemed mark free, he shoved the other boys head down, grabbing the collar of his shirt so he could see his neck and back.

“Kacchan, I’m fine,” the whispered words carried across the silent room.

Still, Bakugou continued checking for injuries. Sides, stomach, arms, back and face again. Anything Midoriya’s father may had access to grab or hit. When he finally deemed Midoriya to be bruise free, he moved his hands again, so they were placed on his plump, pale cheeks once more.

“Tch! You idiot. How can you be fine? Your fucking freezing and your clothes are soaking wet.”

Finally opening his eyes, Midoriya looked at Bakugou. His pained, vacant expression stabbing at Bakugou’s stomach.

“You’ll get hypothermia! Get up, we need to get you warm now!” Despite his words, Bakugou made no move to grab Midoriya and haul him up from the couch. He merely moved his hands, until they were under the other boys’ armpits, gently nudging to encourage him to stand.

The steadying hands were all Midoriya needed to lift himself up. His stiff joints cried out as he wobbled, before finally he settled against Bakugou, his face falling against the blonde’s neck.

“Come on, you need to shower,” he murmured against green hair.

Still, he made no move to force the other boy’s movements. Simply waited, as Midoriya rested against his side.

“What the fuck is happening?” A loud whisper broke Bakugou’s attention.

He snapped his gaze up to face three dumbstruck classmates, each with gaping mouths and wide eyes.

“What are you extra’s looking at!” He barked.

Stuttering followed. None of the boys knew what to say, their eyes stuck on Midoriya who was actively cuddling the explosive hothead of 1-A, and Bakugou who was letting it happen.

“Shut up and make dinner you idiots!” he turned to look at Midoriya. “Come on Deku, we need to get you warm.”

He wrapped his arms around the frozen boy and began guiding him to the staircase the others were standing in front of. He glared as they approached, and his friends were quick to jump out of the way.

“Don’t fucking burn anything!” He shouted over his shoulder.

It was only when they heard the slam of the door, and the beginning of the shower, that the trio moved.

“What the fuck was that?” Kaminari asked.


In the bathroom, Bakugou made quick work of stripping Deku of his wet clothes. It may have been awkward, if the other boy were acting normally. However, his vacant stare and stiff movements showed that Deku was completely lost in his mind.

“Under the water. Now,” he directed, pushing Deku into the shower that was warm but not too hot.

The other boy simply went with no complaint. While he stood, unmoving, under the stream of water, Bakugou quickly dashed out of the bathroom and into his room. There he grabbed a spare pair of sweats, and the largest, most comfortable jumper he owned. It was an All Might hoodie, and he would never be caught dead wearing it by his friends, but Bakugou knew Deku would appreciate the comfort, which was all he cared about right now. When he rushed back into the bathroom, he wasn’t surprised to find Deku had not moved.

“Out,” he dumped the clothes on the counter and moved to turn the shower off.

Deku merely blinked, before stepping out into the open bathroom. Without a word, Bakugou draped a towel over his shoulders.

“Come on shitty nerd, dry yourself and don’t make this weird,” the words lack their usual heat, but they did get Deku to move.

Slowly he began to dry himself while the other looked away. Once Bakugou deemed him dry enough, he helped the smaller boy into the clothes he had gathered. Midoriya’s hair was still soaked once he was dressed, and Katsuki took care to sit the other on the edge of the bath, before tipping his head forward so he could run the towel through it, catching droplets of water from dripping onto the dry, warm clothes. When he was finally finished, the towel too damp to be effective, he dropped it to the bathroom floor. Deku’s hair was slowly beginning to return to its fluffy mess, though it was still slightly damp. Katsuki couldn’t stop himself from running his fingers through the tangled mess. He pushed the green locks away from Deku’s forehead, ignoring the hum the other boy let out.

“Have you eaten?”

Deku shook his head.

“Shitty Deku,” he murmured, his voice soft. “You need to eat.”

Midoriya only nodded, barely comprehending the words.

“Come on. The idiots should have been able to handle dinner by now.”

Bakugou turned to walk away, reaching for the door handle, but was stopped by the sudden yank at his shirt. When he turned his head to look, he wasn’t surprised to see Deku’s hand curled in his shirt, the boy’s eyes turned to the ground and fixated on the bathroom tiles.

“Come on, Deku,” He grabbed onto the others wrist, pulling him up but not dislodging the hold on his black t-shirt.

Together they walked down the stairs, Deku holding onto his shirt the entire way, the too large hoodie dwarfing the already shorter boy, making him look even smaller. Katsuki kept his hand closed around Deku’s wrist. When they got close to the Kitchen, they could hear murmuring.

“It’s weird, right,” Kaminari whispered.

Sero hummed in agreement.

“Guys, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just personal. They used to be super close right?” Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck.

“Dude, still. If it has Midoriya this freaked out, do you think we need to call in the pro’s? He wasn’t even this scared during the U.S.J break in.”

“I’m with Kaminari, this seems serious.”

“Would you extra’s stop talking about us!” Bakugou barked, announcing their presence. “No Pro’s!”

His loud tone caused Deku to flinch slightly, but he remained silent. Bakugou growled at the guilt that gnawed at his chest. The three boys in the kitchen looked red, and cast their eyes to the ground, stewing in the guilt of being caught talking about their classmates.

“You idiots have dinner sorted or what?”

“Totally Bakubro! We hope it’s as good as your Mom makes.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and led Deku to the dining table. He lowered himself and the other boy to a kneeling position. The entire time, Deku held on to the back of Bakugou’s shirt, even as the three boys platted up the food, brought it over, and settled themselves down around the table. Kirishima, at least, was trying to keep his eyes averted to save his friend from some embarrassment. Sero and Kaminari however, were actively staring at Midoriya’s hand attached to Bakugou’s shirt.

“Shut up and eat, dammit!” Bakugou began platting up food with his chop sticks, before placing the bowl of rice, meat and vegetables in front of Midoriya.

The Greenette simply picked up his chopsticks and began eating as though the blonde hadn’t just served his food to him. Without a word, Kirishima reached over and dropped some meat into Midoriya’s bowl, earning himself a small, miniscule nod from Bakugou. The other two quickly jumped in, placing their own additions to Midoriya’s bowl. He sniffled, looking through his lashes with teary eyes to shoot a grateful look to the group around him.

They ate in complete silence, the only noise in the room the sound of chopsticks ticking against the porcelain plates. Despite the concerned and confused looks he received from his friends, Bakugou simply ate with his head down. He could still feel Deku’s hand fisted in the fabric of his shirt.

When everyone had finished, Kirishima jumped up and began clearing the table. Sero was quick to join in helping, using his tape to wrap Kaminari and pull him into the kitchen to help. Bakugou watched for a moment while Midoriya stared vacantly at the now clear table.

“How about we go up to my room and watch The All Might Movie?” Bakugou murmured into Midoriya’s ear, his breath tickling the green locks.

Midoriya nodded. The beginning of a small smile graced his lips. The sight felt like someone had reached in and squeezed Bakugou’s heart. He ground his teeth and bit back a yell of frustration brought on by the stupid feeling.

Together they stood up. Bakugou holding Deku’s elbow to keep him balance.

“Oi, extra’s. We are watching a movie upstairs. When you’re done, come up.”

The pair received a thumbs up from Kirishima, and quickly made their way up stairs to Bakugou’s room ahead of the others. Inside, the floor was covered in the guests sleeping bags, pillows, and bags, every inch of flooring covered by the mess.

“Go and hop into bed. I’ll set up.”

Deku made a noise of protest but was quickly silenced by a look. He squeezed Bakugou’s shirt once more, before shuffling with his head down over the mess of sleeping bags to reach the others bed. Without hesitating, he pulled back the plain black covers and settled into the corner, tucking himself against the wall. He watched as Bakugou began rifling through his draws to find the old DVD they had watched together hundreds of times as children. Once he found it, he turned on his TV and got to work setting up his gaming console to play the movie.

“What are we watching?” Kaminari bounced into the room, causing Midoriya to jump slightly.

Without pausing, the blonde made his way to sit at the end of the bed. Despite the carefree way he held himself though, they all noticed how he lowered himself down on the bed, rather than dropping hazardously as he usually would. He also made sure to keep his distance from Midoriya, to keep from scaring the already fragile looking boy.

“The All Might Movie,” Bakugou didn’t look up from the TV.

“Oh, no way! Which one?”

“The first one. Duh!”

“Oh, I loved that movie as a kid,” Kirishima entered with less flair than Kaminari, and simply settled on his sleeping back, throwing his hands behind his head in a stretch.

“I mean who doesn’t love that movie,” Sero sat beside him.

“That’s the one where he’s in America right, with his sidekick?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure!”

“Wait which sidekick?”

“Shut up! I’m about to press play.”

“B-but Kacchan…”

The whispered words got the attention of all four boys. Midoriya had tucked himself so tightly into the corner it was hard to make out his small frame. His knees were hugged to his chest, and the hoodie was covering his head, leaving only a small part of his face visible.

Bakugou groaned. His cheeks were tinted red.

“Yeah, yeah, hold on.”

Without another word, he stomped to his walk-in closet and disappeared inside.

While they waited for Bakugou, Kaminari leaned over so he was laying on his stomach and poked gently at Midoriya’s leg, hoping to unravel the boy at least slightly. Without a word, Midoriya untucked an arm and reached out to hold Kaminari’s hand. The blonde’s eyes widened, his body stiffening in surprise. Still, he made no move to remove the others hand, and eventually interlocked their fingers together. The visible parts of Midoriya’s face turned red.

“I don’t want to hear a fucking work from you three extra’s, ok?” Bakugou growled as he emerged from the closet.

In his hands he held a withered red, white and blue blanket, and an honest to god All Might plushie. Both were raggedy and worn but were handled with absolute care by Bakugou. His face was bright red.

Kaminari gasped, his eyes widened with delight. He looked absolutely ready to rip into Bakugou and his hidden treasure but stopped when there was a gentle squeeze to his hand.

“Thank you, Kacchan,” the words were whispered again.

Bakugou growled but stomped over and handed the childish items to Midoriya, who quickly let go of Kaminari’s hand to grab the blanket and plushie. He made quick work of spreading out the blanket and tucked the plushie into the crook of his elbow, before once again snatching up Kaminari’s hand.

Bakugou actively ignored the snickers of Kirishima and Sero who were both covering their mouths with both hands. There was no way they would ever forget finding out Bakugou had a blanket and teddy in his closet. They knew; this knowledge would come back to haunt the fierce blonde.

Bakugou’s face was still red when he walked over to finally press play on the movie. Just before he could though, he was once again interrupted.

“Oh, what now!”

Bakugou ripped his phone from his back pocket, the buzzing item ringing in his hand. His face changed when he saw the caller.

“I need to take this. Stay there Deku, I’ll be back.”

Midoriya went rigid, and made to sit up, the hoodie slipping to reveal wild, frightened eyes.

“No, stay there! Everything is fine, I’m going out into the hallway, Dunce-face and the extras are staying here with you, so stay there and don’t be weird!”

Without another word he answered the call and stepped out into the hallway. Silence filled the room.

“Don’t worry Midoriya. Whatever is wrong, we will help you,” Kaminari squeezed the hand he was holding again, taking care not to accidentally shock the other.

“Yeah, man, we have your back no matter what.”

“And if you need us to beat up anyone, we totally will,” Sero nodded.

Midoriya’s bottom lip wobbled and he ran a hand across his face to wipe away the tears leaking down his cheeks.

“I-I’m sorry, you guys.”

“Hey, don’t be, man,” Kirishima was quick to reassure. “We don’t know what’s going on but we’re with you no matter what.”

Midoriya let out a choked sob but managed a strained smile that he directed to all the boys in the room. They waited a few minutes while Bakugou spoke on the phone in the hallway, his words a whispered murmur, to quite to make out.

“I’m gonna head to the bathroom really quick,” Kirishima stood. “Won’t be long. Promise.”

His departure didn’t seem to worry Midoriya as much as Bakugou’s did, so he quickly made his way to the hallway and closed the bedroom door behind him. In the hallway, he made no move to head to the bathroom. Instead, he watched his friend talk on the phone, his back to Kirishima. He could tell from the way he stood, shoulder tense, fist clenched, voice a low growl, that whatever was being said was serious.

“Yeah, I got it Hag. We won’t leave the house,” he paused, listening to the response. “You just look after Auntie Inko. I got Izuku, alright?”

With a final few word, Bakugou hung up the call.

“Hey, bro,” Kirishima tried to announce his presence without freaking the other out.

Bakugou’s shoulder drew even tighter, the only indication he was caught by surprise.

“What do you want?”

“Look, I don’t mean to intrude or anything. I know it’s not my business,” he rubbed the back of his neck. “But, do we need to be worried? This all seems really weird and Midoriya isn’t acting like himself. I’m getting a bit freaked out, man.”

He kept his voice low so the others in the room wouldn’t hear. Bakugou growled, his teeth grinding together so violently it was almost audible. He looked like he was gearing up to attack, and Kirishima readied in case he had to use his quirk and deflect the other boy’s blasts. But, as immediately as he wound up, the fight left Bakugou with a deep, shuddering exhale.

“Your right, shitty hair, it is none of your business,” Bakugou’s voice lacked its usual fight.

Kirishima nodded, ready to leave it alone. He turned to head back into Bakugou’s room. He was stopped by his friend’s words.

“His Dad came back,” Bakugou was staring intently the floor, hands in his pockets, shoulders hunched. Kirishima turned and took a few stepped so he was closer to his friend.

“Why is that bad?” Kirishima scratched at his hair.

Bakugou scoffed, and looked at his friend with pained, hurt eyes.

“The last time he was around, he put Izuku in a fucking coma. That’s why, shitty hair.”

Kirishima felt like his blood was being replaced with ice, the cold blooming through his chest, and to his limbs. His breath felt like it has left him.


Bakugou shook his head.

“Stupid Deku got in between his parents while they were fighting. He was fucking four, quirkless and still trying to play the hero. It only took one hit from his Dad, and he hit the
wall and …”

Bakugou took in a deep, shuddering breath.

“He was fucking four,” he repeats, his voice cracking on the last word. “Auntie Inko called Mom from the hospital. I don’t even remember much about that day, except that I was being a fucking brat. Refused to get dressed, made it difficult for my parents to get in the car… I didn’t even notice how serious they were, how freaked out they were. I just remember thinking, no way in hell am I having another playdate with that damn nerd today’.”

He shook his head in disgust, his lip grimacing. Kirishima stayed eerily silent, letting his friend speak in a way he usually never let himself. Open and vulnerable.

“Anyway, we finally get to the hospital and I think, fucking great Deku’s hurt himself again. Probably tripped or something dumb like usual. Auntie was crying like he was dying but I didn’t think anything of it, you know? She’s always been like that. Then we were in the hospital room… and there’s fucking Deku hooked up to all these fucking machines and his head is fucking bandaged. Didn’t wake up for three days.”

Bakugou’s eyes were alight with a fight he couldn’t act on. His lips trembled like he wanted to yell. He stayed silent.

“What happened to his Dad?” Kirishima wasn’t sure he wanted to know, but it was the question that slipped out.

“Skipped town,” it looked like the words physically pained Bakugou to say. “Mom made Auntie get a restraining order. Turns out it wasn’t the first time he’d hit her, but it was the first time he hurt Izuku, so she took it pretty seriously. She probably locked Deku in his room the second she saw his father today. She’s been a bit over-protective of him ever since.”

“Is she ok now?” Kirishima implored, somewhat alarmed to know the woman could be hurt.

“Yeah, yeah, Mom and Dad got there before he could get violent. Apparently, he left before the police could get there but they doubt he will come here. He’s too scared of Mom to try anything. I bet he’ll slink back to America before he is caught. Fucking coward!”

Silence filled the hallway as Bakugou finished talking. Kirishima could feel the horror of the story rolling through his stomach, making him regret eating so much for dinner.

“Man, I’m so sorry that happened to you both.”

“Not like the asshole hit me! I would have killed him for even trying!”

Kirishima shrugged.

“Still, you two were friends and you had to see Midoriya hurt like that. It would have sucked, man.”

Bakugou clenched his jaw and looked away.

“We should get back in there. Deku is probably freaking out.”

Kirishima nodded and the two made their way back into the room without another word. Inside, Kaminari and Sero were talking quietly while Midoriya stared intently at the door. He sat up straight once it opened. His eyes locked on Bakugou.

“Auntie is fine.”

Midoriya’s entire body sagged, his head falling back against the wall with a thud.

“Hitashi left before the police could get there, but they have patrols out looking for him. My bet is he’ll be back in America the second he gets a chance.”

Midoriya nodded, before bringing his hands to his face. He scrubbed his eyes violently, and he began breathing heavily, his chest heaving in uncontrolled bouts like he was either laughing or crying. No one doubted it was the later.

In no time, Bakugou crossed the room and slid onto the bed next to Midoriya. He quickly wrapped an arm over his shoulders and tucked his mouth against the others ear to whisper reassurances.

“I’m sorry,” Midoriya gasped. “I’m sorry. I just – just left her. How could I just leave her?”

“Don’t!” Bakugou snapped. “Don’t you dare do that!”

“But I-”

“No! I don’t want to fucking hear it, Deku. You’re about to go on about how you’re a shit hero that couldn’t protect his Mom, even though she would have locked you in your room and forbid you from leaving it. Rightfully so! Your Dad was a piece of shit that put you in a fucking coma when you were fucking four!” Bakugou felt some guilt saying all that in front of his friends but refused to look away from Midoriya to see their reactions. “You don’t get to do that! You are a fucking hero and if you want to argue with me on that, how about I give Eri or that brat that punched you in the dick a call? Let’s see what they have to say, huh?”

“That’s different,” Midoriya choked out, his throat closing around the words.

Bakugou took a deep breath.

“Yeah, it was different. Tonight, you did everything right, because you didn’t get hurt and neither did your mom. You came and got help like you were fucking meant to. So, don’t fucking start with me, alright nerd?”

Midoriya shook his head and honest to god pouted. His bottom lip stuck out and shuddered as he fought to control his tears. He averted his eyes from everyone, and hunched over himself, pulling the withered All Might plushie onto his lap to hug. He trembled slightly. There was something about his small frame and pout made him look so much younger than he was. Dare anyone admit it, given how serious the current situation was, but Midoriya looked positively adorable.

The sight drew a strangled noise from Kaminari. He tried to hide his face behind his hands to keep the blush from showing and ruining the moment, but it was too late. Bakugou’s attention focused to him, and Kaminari was faced with a glare had become all too familiar with. The ‘I’m one word away from blowing up and frying your ass’ look.

“Should we put the movie on?” Sero asked before Bakugou could go off.

His own face was slightly pink, and he was shooting worried looks to Midoriya. However, the group knew better than to prod the boy, who only 30 minutes earlier was practically mute.

“Tch, whatever. Dunce-face,” Bakugou kicked Kaminari of the bed. “Go press play and turn off the lights!”

“So mean,” Kaminari whined, rubbing his bottom as he stood from his fall.

He shuffled over to the tv, quickly surveying the room to check everyone was ready for the movie to start. Sero shot his tape and turned off the lights, while Kirishima punched his pillow into shape. Bakugou was right out cuddling Midoriya to his side, his arm slung around the boy’s shoulders, the other wrapped around stomach, and though Midoriya was still sniffling, there was no denying he was leaning into the touch. Kaminari turned around to start the movie and made his way to his own sleeping back before the opening credits could begin. He sat just as the theme music began.

“Stop pouting, damn Deku,” Bakugou whispered into Midoriya’s ear, his breath tickling his cheek. “Just relax and watch the movie.”

Midoriya glanced at him out of the corner of the eye. Finally, he unwound leaning fully into Bakugou’s touch, laying his head on his shoulder. He scooted so he was even closer, his legs resting over the others, and wound his hand back into the fabric of Bakugou’s shirt.

The adrenaline, panic, and fear that had plagued him throughout the night was finally seeping from his body, and with its departure, Midoriya grew more and more tired. A deep exhaustion was settling in, and he struggled to focus on the bright glare of the television, as it played his favourite movie. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply the smell of caramel soaked into Bakugou’s shirt.

“Thanks, Kacchan,” the murmured words were nearly swallowed by the sound of the movie, but Bakugou could hear them. “I’m sorry I ruined the sleepover.”

“Don’t be fucking stupid, Deku,” he glanced down at the exhausted boy.

He shifted them slightly, so they were laying down, keeping Midoriya’s head tucked into his neck.

“Go to sleep, damn nerd. I’ve got you.”