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Power loader groaned in pain, his body was stiff and his muscles were screaming like he'd been in one position for too long, he tried to move and found that his arms were chained behind his back. As he heard familiar voices nearby, he realized he was right.
“Look, he's waking up!” Midnight's voice helped pull him towards consciousness.
“Hnng....What happened?” Power Loader's voice was rough from sleeping. He blinked a few times and looked for his companions, Midnight and Ectoplasm were on the floor a little ways away, their arms and legs were bound. They looked beat up but they were alive, and that's what mattered at the moment.
“We got hit with a nullification quirk and they overwhelmed us.” Midnight answered.
“Are you alright? Can you move?” Ectoplasm inquired.
“I'm okay, just sore. Give me a second and I'll help.” With that Power Loader rolled into a sitting position and slipped his bound hands down around his legs until they were in front of him.
“If you can untie us we'll help you look for a key so you can get out of those handcuffs.” Ectoplasm offered.
“Nah, I've got it.” In one motion Power Loader swung his wrists towards his sides breaking the chains with little effort.
Midnight's eyes widened as she exclaimed “Holy shit! I always forget how strong you are.”
Ectoplasm blushed a deep red as his mouth went dry, watching his boyfriend use his strength was always an instant turn on.
“Take me now.” Ectoplasm declared.
“Erm, we kinda need to get back to the fight.” Power Loader responded.
Ectoplasm tried to brush it off saying “It can wait,”
Power Loader balked “No it can't; besides Midnight is right there,” he nodded towards the other hero who was still tied up a few feet away as he started to untie his boyfriend.
“It's okay, she can watch.” Ectoplasm responded easily.
“Yeah!” Midnight cheered, she always supported her coworkers steamy romances and the thought of getting to witness some real action made the current situation better.
“NO” Power Loader blanched, were they out of their minds?! They were being held who knows where and his boyfriend's main concern was getting laid instead of defeating the villains, and Midnight's encouragement wasn't helping matters. Ectoplasm made a disappointed noise as he was freed, Power Loader's brain short circuited, he wasn't just flirting to lighten the mood? Power Loader let out a sigh and said “Maybe after we round up the jerks that did this to us, can you wait that long?” Ectoplasm nodded enthusiastically as he untied his own legs so Power Loader could help Midnight. Midnight squealed at the compromise but her hopes were dashed when Power Loader gave her a dirty look
“You're not invited, this is an A and B arrangement, C your way out of it.”
“Awww, You're no fun,” Midnight pouted as her arms were freed. Ectoplasm handed Midnight her glasses so she could untie her legs has Power Loader stood up to stretch out. As he reached above his head all the muscles on his torso rippled, his arms were sinewy but powerful and his abs were downright sinful; Ectoplasm couldn't take his eyes off his boyfriend. Which of course made Midnight giggle.
“Checking out the goods?” she purred. Ectoplasm shot her a glare but didn't respond as he got up, the sooner the mission was over the sooner he could get what he wanted, more specifically, who he wanted.
By the time the trio escaped and returned to the main fight however, the situation was under control. Detective Tsukauchi was directing squads of officers and the villains were being loaded into transport vehicles in cuffs. The moment the detective spotted them his face lit up and he approached them.
“Ectoplasm, Power Loader, Midnight! Are you all okay? We were looking for you.”
They all made affirmative noises as Principal Nezu showed up, thermos full of tea in hand.
“There you all are, would you like some tea?” as he proceeded to pour some into the removable cup. Even though it seemed he was only offering them tea they knew he was asking if they were alright.
“We're okay Sir, nothing's seriously injured but our egos, it's all just bruises and bumps.” Power Loader responded. Nezu nodded and drank from his cup.
“Very well, if you're sure you aren't hurt then you're all free to go, just have an incident report for me before the end of the week.”
“Yes Sir” They chimed in unison as the principal walked off.
As the commotion was dying down Power Loader started rolling his neck and shoulders, he was going to be so stiff tomorrow. Warm breathe cascaded down his neck as a half naked body pressed against him.
“You said we could have some fun after the villains were rounded up, does that offer still stand?” Ectoplasm nuzzled the crook of Power Loader's neck, hoping to get a specific reaction. When shivers ran down the smaller mans body Ectoplasm hummed.
“I would love to, but we're not exactly prepared for that right now,” Even as he said it a light bulb went off in his head. “Actually, wait right here, I have an idea.”
“Hurry back” Ectoplasm rasped as Power Loader headed towards a specific person.
“I can't believe I'm asking this but Midnight do you have any-” he was cut off by her throwing a pocket sized tube at him and winking.
“Would I be half as awesome if I didn't?” He gave a dry laugh as he caught the bottle, her costume wasn't just for show after all.
“I appreciate it,” His face suddenly became serious “You're still not invited though.”
“That's fine, as long as I can harass Ecto for the details later I don't mind.” She quipped as she sauntered away. He shook his head, that woman was something else entirely. He headed back towards his boyfriend and gave a slight nod as he headed for a more secluded location, indicating that he should follow. It didn't take long to get back to the room they'd broken out of, but should they really be in here when other people were around? No. Would that stop them from having sex at a crime scene? Also no. Let's face it, back up was actively looking for them and they hadn't found this room so it was good enough for now.
The moment the door was closed they were all over each other. Power Loader latched onto an available patch of skin and began sucking a mark, he liked it when Ecto couldn't change in the locker room without people snickering, he wanted everyone to know their relationship was alive and well. Ecto made a choked moaning sound as he threaded his fingers into his boyfriend's hair “Higariiiiii”
Power Loader released the trapped skin and smirked up at Ecto “Yes, Echo?” He acted like he wasn't as desperate as he felt, truth be told he wanted to throw Ecto down and bury himself as deep inside him as possible until they were too sore to move. Unfortunately they weren't at home where all of their supplies were, sure they had lube but that was the most basic need and they couldn't- wouldn't- proceed without it.
Power Loader deftly ran his fingers up and down Ecto's ribs in a massaging pattern, causing him to shudder. While Ecto was temporarily distracted he looked around the room, eyes landing on a dust cloth that was covering something, that would work.
“Hang on a second, okay?”
Power Loader's warmth disappeared which caused Ecto to come back to the moment, he made a confused noise until he saw Power Loader taking a dust cloth and spreading it over a crate. He turned back to Ecto, taking him by the hand and leading him towards the makeshift surface.
“It's definitely not a bed but it will work for our purposes.” Power Loader smirked as he lifted Ecto off the ground and gently laid him out on the crate, causing him to gasp quietly, he knows how to turn his partner on. He reached for the waist band of Ecto's costume, opening it with ease and removing his pants and boxers in one motion. God, he could see Ecto naked everyday for the rest of his life and he'd never get over the sight. His shoulders were broad which lead down a muscled chest and abdomen to a trim waist and powerful thighs. If you asked him which part he liked best, it would be Ecto's thighs, they were toned but still gave way when pressed on; Power Loader reached out and ran his hand up the outside of Ecto's thigh a grabbing handful of the part in question, flexing his fingers on tender skin. Ecto let out a whimper and they locked eyes for a moment before Power Loader stepped between his thighs, smoothing his hands up to Ecto's hips and rubbing small circles in the hip joint with his thumbs as he took Ecto's hard cock into his mouth.
It took serious effort not to yell as Higari's mouth enveloped him, Ecto felt like their were sparks dancing across his skin everywhere Higari made contact with him, all pulsing towards his cock. He burrowed his hands into Higari's hair as he was swallowed down to the root before a curious tongue swirled around his shaft, massaging tense veins and flicking against the underside of the head. “haah..ungh” Ecto tried to hold back his noises but damn, this was amazing. Higari started bobbing up and down in a steady rhythm, occasionally rubbing his tongue along the slit at the tip, causing Ecto to buck upwards, “mmm..ngh!”
Thankfully Higari had a hold on Ecto's hips which kept him from choking. Causing Ecto to writhe in his grasp turned Higari on like nothing else, he was hard and leaking but he didn't touch himself, not yet. One of his hands popped the lid on the lube and spread it across his fingers, warming it before he began teasing Ecto's entrance, swirling around before lightly pushing in causing Ecto to keen and bow his back. Higari released his cock with a light pop, his breathing a little ragged.
“Easy Echo, you're alright, just relax babe.” Higari murmured as he began rubbing at the entrance, trying to loosen the ring of muscles. As Ecto's breathing deepened he opened up, letting Higari get a finger all the way inside, gently pumping in and out in a circular motion, Ecto was trembling and whimpering as Higari smiled sweetly at him.
“You're doing great, you'll be ready in no time, I promise.” Higari placed a chaste kiss on one of Ecto's thighs before taking him back into his mouth and applying a little suction. Ecto was certain his eyes went crossed as Higari added another finger while sucking him off again, this man was going to be the death of him; but what a way to go. As fingers scraped across a sensitive bundle of nerves Ecto's mouth opened wide in a silent scream as his head dropped back, body forming an arch. Higari hummed around the cock in his mouth, there was something addictive about seeing someone special to you come unraveled by your touch, it was so....perfect. While Ecto was on cloud 9 Higari got a third finger in, slowly twisting the digits around to make sure he would be ready, Higari may be short, but he wasn't small by any means. Once Ecto could take the fingers all the way inside himself Higari removed them, standing up and pulling a condom out of his pocket before putting it on. Ecto couldn't help it, he had to tease his boyfriend, “Oh, were you planning to ravish me in public all along?” He smirked as Higari rolled his eyes and laughed “Not quite, I just like to be prepared.” Ecto hummed as Higari slicked himself with the remaining lube and lined up, they locked eyes and Ecto gave a slight nod before Higari pressed forward slowly. Higari bottomed out in one smooth motion, forcing a deep moan out of Ecto as they both trembled with how smooth the initial thrust was.
“Leave it to Midnight to have the best lube,” Higari laughed shakily, trying to stay still so Ecto could adjust, “How are you doing sweetheart?” he asked as he leaned forward to cup Ecto's face in his hand.
Ecto leaned into the contact as he let out a sigh, “I feel full, but in a good way, like we're puzzle pieces.” Higari ducked his head suddenly and before Ecto could say anything Higari started thrusting in short, fast strokes, it ignited a flame throughout Ecto's body, he couldn't do anything but throw his arms around Higari and hold on.
“Uuungh! Higaaaahhhhh! Higari, Whaa-what are you doooooing?!”
Higari didn't slow down but his strokes became longer as he leaned in close to Ecto's ear,
“How-haah, do you expect me to hold it together when you say something- ungh- so devastatingly sweet? I'm only a man, uuuunnn- I'm not immune to my lover's encouragement.” Higari turned his head to press a kiss on Ecto's temple as he started to jerk him off slowly but firmly, giving Ecto conflicting sensations that would drive him closer to the edge.
Ecto melted in his lover's arms, how could someone be so serious and tender at the same time? It wasn't fair, he wanted Higari to feel as blissful as he did so he moved one of his hands to Higari's chest, massaging the area around one of his nipples and scraping his nails over the bud before rolling it between calloused fingers.
“hmmm!” Higari's rhythm faltered for a second at the contact, his nipples were sensitive when it came to sexual stimulation and Ecto knew just how to push his buttons. Ecto leaned into Higari's chest and laved at the opposite nipple as his hand continued it's sensual torture of the first, swirling his tongue around it before lightly flicking across it back and forth repetitively.
“Ehh, Echo, if you keep doing that I won't last much longer,” Higari was approaching his climax fast and he didn't want to come first and leave Ecto unsatisfied; but he didn't have to worry about that apparently because Ecto's cock was leaking all over his hand and he was meeting him thrust for thrust, rocking into his hand, riding Higari's cock towards his completion.
“Me too, I'm almost there, don't stop!” Ecto had stopped his active assault on Higari's chest but he was open mouthed panting, hot breathe causing his nipples to tingle and damn if that wasn't amazing too. Higari grunted as he shifted impossibly closer, dropping his head onto one of Ecto's shoulders and practically laying on him, changing the angle of his thrusts as he vigorously pumped Ecto's cock as it pulsed in his hand, signaling that he was nearly there.
Ecto suddenly tensed up, becoming a vice around Higari, his cock spilling all over Higari's hand with some dripping onto Ecto's stomach as he clamped his teeth onto the shoulder next to his head to muffle a scream. That would definitely leave a mark but it didn't matter right now because he was floating as his body filled with endorphins and a warm body dropped on top of him.
The moment Ecto came Higari was relieved, he could chase his peak without worrying, he'd satisfied his lover and now it was his turn. As teeth bit into his shoulder he let out a cry, it was just what he needed to fall over the edge and join Ecto in a post coital haze, he collapsed on top of Ecto as he tried to catch his breath. Ecto started petting Higari's back in a smooth back and forth motion as they went through aftershocks together, every muscle spasm causing them both to shudder.
“That was intense” Ecto commented.
Higari chuckled still trying to breathe, “Yeah it was.”
Once they were ready to move Higari slid out of Ecto, which caused him to wince at the dragging sensation.
“Sorry Echo, I got a little carried away.” Higari blushed and scratched the back of his head.
“Nah, you're alright, I enjoyed it; a lot.” Ecto winked at his boyfriend causing his blush to deepen.
Higari cackled “ Oh really? Does that mean you'd enjoy an encore once we get home?”
Ecto pretended to think about it for a moment, “Only if you carry me across the threshold and into the bedroom.”
Higari kissed Ecto's pulse point and spoke against his skin, “You've got yourself a deal.”

Ecto laughed as they got ready to head home, he had a serious thing for strong men and this particular man drove him wild, thankfully the feeling was mutual.