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Therese had moved into Jack's and Phil's Place but not without a Fight from her Parents. Daisy had decided that Therese should not have Contact with her Parents but Gus did not agree to that. Her Parents were obviously hurt but Therese couldn't live with all of that Negativity anymore so she decided to try and take the Future into her own Hands. Varco was more than Happy to start Sleeping indoors. Therese, Varco and Jack just came Home from a long Shift to find Phil had already made them Dinner. Phil was wearing a Black Jeans and Black T-Shirt.   

"It smells delicious Babe." Jack said as he gave Phil a Kiss.   

"What are we having?" Therese asked.  

"Chicken and Chorizo Jambalaya. It's almost done so start grabbing Plates." Phil said. "Oh and Therese another Letter came for you today. I put it on your Bed for you."  

"Thanks Phil." Therese said as she took off Varcos Uniform.   

Therese put Varcos Uniform into her Bedroom and then saw the Red Envelope on her Bed. She decided to not open it until later. Therese made her way back down to Phil, Jack and Varco.    

"I got your Dinner up Therese." Jack said as Phil was getting the Drinks.  

"You Guys are too much." Therese said Happily.  

"It's not much at all. We love to have you around. Have you Talked to your Mom yet?" Jack asked.  

"Not since I moved out last Week. To be honest, I think I'll be glad to not talk to her for a while." Therese said as she sat down at the Table.  

Phil gave Therese and Jack their Waters, then sat down with them for Dinner.  

"What about your Dad?" Phil asked.  

"He Messaged me to come back a Couple of Days ago but I just said 'No'. He hasn't Messaged me since then."  

"Well we're glad that you could get out of there." Jack said.  

"Me too but...." Therese started.   

"Yes?" Phil asked.   

"I'm just wondering if I made the right choice." Therese wondered.   

"We think you did. Your Mother is constantly undermining you, belittling you and bullying you. Your Father just stood back and did nothing. We think you're better off without them. We know you're hurting but you're so better off right now." Jack said.  

"You're right Jack. I love you guys so much." Therese said.   

"We love you too." Phil replied.    

Varco came over and contently laid his Head on Therese's Lap.   

"Yes Varco, I love you too." Therese said as she rubbed his Head.   

"How long has he got left until Retirement?" Phil asked.  

"Only a Couple of Months left. If I can get a Photography Job then I'll be going too. I hope I can keep Varco." Therese said.  

"What about the rest of your Life?" Jack asked.   

"Well maybe one Day be Married to the Woman of my Dreams. We'll have a House of our own, I'm not sure about Kids but I know that I want you Guys, Danny and Varco there by my Side. What about you Guys?" Therese asked.  

"Well we are hoping to get a bigger Place one Day. Maybe after we're Married?" Phil wondered.

"When will that be?" Therese teased. 

"We've only being going out a few Months." Jack Laughed. "Let's give it a while."

"Yeah, it's not like you moved in Two Weeks after getting together." Therese Laughed.

"Yes but at least we have somebody." Phil Joked. 

"Oh now! That was a Low Blow!" Therese Laughed.

"Speaking of, have you thought about meeting up with Carol?" Jack asked. 

"I've thought about it but I've never asked her. I'm scared but I really want to do it." Therese said as she gave some of her Leftovers to Varco.

"Why are you afraid?" Phil asked. 

"I'm afraid that if my Boss found out that he would fire me. I'm not sure if it's illegal but it's frowned upon to get romantically involved with a Victim. I'm afraid then I won't get Varco anymore."

"I'm sure you will get him." Phil said as he, Jack and Therese began to clean up after themselves. "I better go up for my Shower." 

"Enjoy Babe." Jack said as he gave Phil a Kiss. 

Therese let Varco out for a little bit and then took him in for the Night. 

"I'm so looking forward to my Day off tomorrow." Therese said to Jack.

"You're so lucky. I feel like I need it. I'm Exhausted. Mine is in a few Days." Jack said. 

"Then I'll be complaining in a few Days." Therese Joked. 

"Phil is out of the Shower. I'll go in for mine now." Jack said as he left the Kitchen.

Therese and Varco went up to their Room. Therese sat on the edge of her Bed then picked up the Letter and Varco laid on the Floor. Therese began to read the Letter. 


Dearest Therese, 

You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to these Letters. 

Rindy is still thinking of your Dog.

34 St. Lucas Road is my new Address. I need you to start Writing to that Address now, it is Abby's.

I'm afraid that Harge will find out and out you. 

I'm afraid that he will use our Letters to get Rindy too so he can never know. 

 We are safe for now. I hope that you are too with your Friends. 

Please Write back to me soon.

- Carol! X 


Therese found a Letter and began to Write.

Dear Carol, 

I really enjoy getting to know you through these Letters.

Maybe one Day, when we are ready, we can meet up? 

 Rindy is a very Beautiful Child. 

I am very safe here with my Friends Jack and Phil. 

Unfortunately my Parents do not support their 'Lifestyle'.

You see, they are Gay and so am I but I am not out to them,

Which is why I had to leave. 

I hope that Rindy can meet Varco one Day. 

I'm sure that they would love that.

Therese! X