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Therese's main Feelings around her Parents were usually Awkward and Uncomfortable when she started figuring out that she liked Girls. She tried her best to cover up her Sexuality but sometimes she just wasn't able to hide them.  

"What time do you have to get up for Work tomorrow Honey?" Daisy asked Therese as she ate her Dinner.  

"I have Work at Six so I'll probably be up at Four Thirty. I'll be Heading out to Play with Varco and then for a Bath soon."  

"That's quite early to be getting up." Augustus said.  

"I know but it's what I have to do." Therese shrugged.  

"Maybe you should try and do something more Productive with your Life?" Daisy wondered. 

"What's that supposed to mean?" Therese asked. 

"Well you make about Sixty Five Thousand a Year and the average House Costs Two Hundred and Twenty Six Thousand to Buy." Daisy said as she began to get Snarky. "The average Mortgage Costs is One Thousand Two Hundred and Seventy Five. Also with your Mutt Costing so much, how are you going to afford all of that?" 

"Well I wanted to be a Professional Photographer but you had to have your say in that." Therese said as she began to Boil over. "They make over Seventy Thousand a Year. I have been saving up on my Odd Jobs growing up since I was Fourteen, I didn't go to College to be a Photographer because I wanted to have a Job where I thought that you could at least be the least bit Proud of me. Also, Varcos not a Mutt, he's my Best Friend who treats me with more Respect than you do."  

Therese got up and stormed Outside to Varco. 

"Maybe you overstepped it this time?" Augustus wondered.  

"She needs to know where she stands Gus. I am her Mother, I need to teach her how to live a proper Life." 

Therese had Tears going out to Varco and as it was a Dry Night, she sat next to him. He placed his Head on her Lap as he sensed that she was Upset. Therese began to rub his Head.   

"Someday.... Someday Varco, we will have our own Place. We won't be put down or Judged and we can love who we want too. I just don't know if my Parents will be there, I really want them to but I don't know if I can live with them anymore." 

Varco let out a little Whine. Therese felt like she couldn't let Varco be Sad so she reached into his Kennel and got out his favourite Tennis Ball. She Played Fetch with him for about an Hour until she felt that he got Tired so she put him to Bed. Therese saw that her Parents were still in the Kitchen so she Walked right passed them without making Eye Contact. She began to Run a Bath for herself and went into her Bedroom. She saw Carols Letter on the Bed so she sat on the edge of the Bed and began to read it. She ran her Hand through the Letter and her Heart Raced. The Noise of the Water running made Therese snap out of her Dream. She undressed herself and took the Towel from the Side of her Bed. She Walked into the Bathroom, turned off the Water and got into the Bath. 

"I don't know what to say Daisy, I mean she's her own Person." Gus said as they both Walked up the Stairs unknowingly that Therese could hear them.

"Yes but it's our Job to guide her. She needs Guidance, I hope Danny, Phil and Jack are not putting these Ideas in their Heads. I swear that she will have to stop seeing them."

"We can't make her stop seeing her Friends, even if they have different Beliefs. She needs them."

"No! She needs us! Why can't you see that?" 

"I do see it but we can't deprive her of Friends. We just have to calmly Talk to her." 

"She's breaking our Hearts." Daisy said as she gave Gus a Hug.

"I know, I think I should go and Talk to her Tonight." 

"Oh my God." Therese whispered Quietly to herself.

Therese couldn't hide the Tears that were Showing. It made her very Upset that her Parents would think that way. It made her a little Happy that her Dad would not try and keep her from her Friends but still never understood why they were the way that they were. Therese could hear her Parents Walk around for the last Half an Hour and when they stopped, that's when she took the Opportunity to Walk quickly to her Room dressed in her Towel. Therese quickly dried herself and put on her Black Onesie. She began to dry off her Hair when her Father came into her Room. 

"Can we Talk?" Gus asked after Therese dried her Hair. 

"Yeah." Therese said as she sat at the Top of her Bed with her Legs crossed. "Dad, I overheard everything you and Mom said Outside the Bathroom, I was in the Bath."

"Oh, I thought you were in your Room then. Listen, you have to know that your Mom loves you very much, she's just not very good at showing it."

"I mean, I love her too but it's only because she's my Mom. I don't like the way you both think of Jack and Phil. They're my Friends."

"I know but that doesn't mean that God loves them."

"If God didn't love them, he wouldn't have created them. I just can't believe my Parents ever had a Hateful Heart for People that they don't even know." 

Upon hearing what Therese just said, Gus began to get Angry. 

"Therese, we took you in when your Parents didn't you, not even when the Nuns at the Orphanage wanted you and this is the thanks we get for instead of leaving you to fend for yourself? You're being so ungrateful. Besides, you're just a Child, what do you know about Love?" 

"I'm Twenty One and I know I didn't Love Richard and you Guys didn't support me when I broke it off."

"He was perfect for you and if you really wanted to start acting like an Adult you'd take off that stupid Onesie, get a Partner and settle down." 

"I was not put on this Earth just to Obey Men, have Children and not make anything of myself. I don't want to Talk to you anymore. Can you please leave?" 


Gus left very Angrily and slammed her Door. Therese held her Stomach trying to catch her Breath. She grabbed her Phone sand began to Text Jack. 


Hey Jack,

Please Text me back when you can.

I can't Ring you now as my Parents will be able to hear me.

I can hear them arguing about me now.

- T 


What's up?

- Jack


I need to move out soon. 

Is it ok if Varco and I move in with you and Phil for a while? 

- T 


Of course.

We're always here for you.

- Jack


Therese looked around her Room and found a Pen and Paper, then she began to Write to Carol.


Dear Carol, 

I'm glad that you enjoyed my Letter.

I understand that it's hard for you to return back to the Apartment,

So it doesn't matter how long these Letters get to me.

I hope that you and Rindy are safe and I'm glad that you are staying in Abby's.

I'm leaving my own House to live with my Friends for a while.

I think I know Art's Furniture Store? I'm sure my Parents have been there. 

Please Write back when you can. 

- Therese