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Therese worked hard the last few Days and eventually herself and Varco had a Day off. Therese's House had no Front Garden but had a Back Garden that was just Grass with a Brown Fence all around it and  Varcos  Kennel. Her house was made of Red Bricks and the Inside Walls were White. The Stairs were Wooden and on the Right Side while the Living Room was on the Left. The Living Room had a Wooden Floor and Two  Two  Seated Brown Couches on the Right. The TV was in front of the Couches and was hanging on the Chimney. The Kitchen was towards the end of the Hallway. The Kitchen was fitted with a Stainless-Steel Oven, Microwave, Refrigerator and Freezer on the Left. They had Square Brown Table and Chairs on the Right that was just underneath a Window. When you go up the Stairs there, the Bathroom is right ahead, it was fitted with a Shower/Bath and a Toilet. On the Left was Therese's Bedroom, she had a Queen-Sized Red Bed. She had a Brown Wardrobe to the Right of the Bed and a Desk on the Left of the Bed underneath her Window with Red Curtains. In between the Bathroom and the Bedroom was the Hot Press. Therese's Parents Room was right across from hers. They had a King-Sized White Bed and Brown Wardrobe on the Left and a White Night Stand on the Right. They also had Grey Curtains. With her Parents working until this Evening, Therese had the House to herself. Therese was wearing her Black Jeans, Pink T-Shirt and Black Boots. After she finished cleaning, she got Varco ready for a Walk.  

"Hey Therese." Jack said as he Walked up Therese's Driveway.  

Jack was wearing a Red T-Shirt and Blue Jeans.   

"Hey Jack, what's up?"  

"Nothing, just this Letter came for you. Who's it from?"  

Jack handed Therese the Red Envelope.   

"I don't know." Therese said as she Smiled and Lied. "Thanks, I'll come back for it later."  

Therese handed Varco to Jack and put the Letter on the Kitchen Table.  

"I know you're Lying." Jack teased her as Therese locked her Door. "Who's it from?"  

"Promise you won't tell?" Therese asked as she took Varco from Jack and began to Walk.  

"I swear."  

"Well I hope it's from Carol. I've Contacted her."  

"You what? Therese, you can't do that."   

"Jack, you should've heard her. She felt so alone and I just know that if I didn't at least try then I know I would regret not doing it."  

"I know Therese but you could lose your Job."  

"That's why you can't tell anyone, please?"  

Jack took a Couple of Seconds to think.   

"Oh alright."  

Jack, Therese and Varco Walked for about Two Hours so they Talked for the entire time. It was almost Dinner Time when Therese decided to Walk Home, she Walked Jack back to his Place and then Walked back to hers with Varco. She saw that her Mother was Home. Therese Walked in her House to see her Mother in the Kitchen, Chopping up the rest of the Vegetables for Dinner. Therese's Mom, Daisy, had Shoulder Length Black Hair that was Tied back and was wearing a Blue T-Shirt and Black Jeans. She was in her Fifties. She had a Heart Shaped Face that was highlighted by her Rosy Cheeks, Baby Blue Eyes and a Pale Complexion.  

"Hi Honey." Daisy said not looking up from the Vegetables. "Where have you been?"  

"Just out with Jack. How was Work?"  

"It was fine, got yelled at by my Boss today though."   


"I don't know. The Computer was running Slow and I got Shouted at. You better take that Mutt Outside."   

"He's not a Mutt Mom but I'll put him Out for now."  

"For the rest of the Night. I hate having him inside of the House."  

"Why? He doesn't do anything."  

"It's because I said so. When you find a Husband, you better get used to taking Orders."   

Daisy's Words stung Therese but she never let it show. Therese felt like she could never really Talk to her Parents, she often tried but it usually failed. Instead of just Talking to her Mom, Therese just put Varco out on a Cold Night.  

"I'm sorry Varco. I'm sure she didn't mean it. She just doesn't understand that you're more than a Dog to me. You're my Best Friend but unfortunately Rules are Rules. When we get our own Place, you'll never have to stay Outside. Just you wait, it'll be you, me and maybe my Partner and a Child for you to Play with. I love you Buddy." Therese said. 

Varco could only Bark at her as he Walked inside his Brown Kennel, he wasn't even allowed to have a Bed for himself but he loved Therese for what she was giving him. Therese Walked back inside her House.

"Can you Peel the Potatoes for me Honey?" Daisy asked.

"Sure." Therese said as she began to do as her Mother asked.

"So how is Jack?" 

"He's doing good." 

"How's his "Roommate"." 

"Phil is not his Roommate Mom. You know that."

"Well I'm going to call him that because I don't agree with that Lifestyle."

"Why not?" Therese asked while annoyed. 

"You know why. It's God's Abomination." 

"God's Saying is Love thy Neighbour. I believe in Love! Phil and Jack are in Love and that's all there is to it!" Therese Snapped.

"Therese! What has happened to you? You're not the Little Girl we Adopted anymore!" 

Therese took a Deep Breath. Therese knew that her Mother would always get her way when she threw the Adoption Story in her Face. Therese was left at an Orphanage when she was Eight and Adopted when she was Ten. Her Adopted Parents couldn't have any Children.

"I'm sorry. I just don't see the Big Issue with it. They're not hurting anyone and they're my Best Friends. It just hurts when you don't support them."

"Well it hurts me when you don't support God."

Therese knew better than to argue with her Mother so she tried to change the Subject.

"Where is the Letter that I put on the Table?"

"I put it up to your Room."


Therese and her Mom finished preparing the Dinner and began to prepare the Table when her Father, Augustus, Walked in. Her Father was in his Fifties, had Grey hair and a Grey Stubble. He had Tanned Skin, Brown Eyes and a Round Face. He was Dressed in a Black Cardigan and Brown Pants.

"How's my Baby Girl doing today?" Augustus asked. 

"Which one?" Daisy Joked as she Kissed him.

"My Daughter obviously." Augustus said as he went over to Hug Therese.

"Hi Dad." Therese said as she Hugged him back.

"She's fine." Daisy answered for her. "She was Talking about the Gays again today." 

"Now Pumpkin." Augustus said as he Faced Therese. "We are all put on this Earth to do God's Work and if God said 'Homosexuality is Wrong' then it must be. You are a Child of God, we can be Friends with Gay People but that's it." 

Therese held back her Tears. 

"Yes Dad."