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It was a Few Weeks since the Incident that Carol had decided to return to her Apartment. She and Rindy had been staying at Abby's with Abby's Girlfriend Genevieve (Gen). Gen was Abby's Height, With Short Red Hair and Blue Eyes. Carol was  very nervous  to return to her Apartment in case that Harge would show but she knew she had to get a Couple of things. Harge was staying at his Parents until the Court Date. Carol got dressed into her Red Shirt, Blue Jeans and Blue Cardigan. Rindy was at School when Carol decided to leave, Rindy was always asking Carol to not go back to the Apartment in case her Father was there. Harge had been trying to  get in Contact with  Rindy over the last few Weeks but he was given an Order to stay away from her and Carol until the Trial. Abby and Genevieve were at Work so Carol took this as an Opportunity to go back to her Apartment. Gen had given Carol Keys to her Grey Toyota Corolla. Carol nervously  drove  to her Apartment, constantly on the Lookout for Harge. Carol parked the Car and made her way to the Apartment. Carol opened the Door and looked around at the mess that was never cleaned up. Carol  immediately  Walked to her Room to gather some the rest of her Clothes that she began to pack into her Bag, she  didn't  even know that there was Post that was on the Floor. Carol felt sick to her Stomach being back in the apartment so she wanted to get out as soon as possible. Just as she was about to leave, something caught her Eye. Carol bent down to pick up the Post, she saw her name on the back of a Red Envelope and felt Butterflies in her Stomach. As she was about to open it, her Cell Phone rang.   

"Hello?" Carol asked.  

"Mrs. Aird, this is Principal Hudson. Rindy is complaining of a Headache and Stomach Ache, is there  any way  that you can  come and get  her?"   

"Yes, of course. I'll be there in about Fifteen Minutes."  

Carol quickly gathered everything and headed out the Door,  still keeping  a watchful Eye out for Harge. Carol hopped into the Car and drove to get Rindy. Rindy had been having a Tough Time at School since her  Parents'  Divorce last Year, the Teachers were keeping an Eye out on her but nothing seemed to be working. Carol arrived at Rindy's School, she began to Walk to the Door and Principal Hudson came to the Door. Principal Hudson was wearing a Blue Suit, in his late Fifties, had Brown Skin and Grey Beard.   

"Hello Ms. Aird, can I see you in my Office for a Moment?" Principal Hudson asked.   

"Yes Tom, of course. Also, please call me Carol."   

Carol walked into the Office, it had Grey Walls with Pictures of Past Pupils on the Walls. It had a Brown Desk in the Middle with Two Grey Filing Cabinets on each side of the Room. Carol sat on one Side of the Desk while Principal Hudson sat on the other.   

"Carol, I did call you here to collect Rindy but I need to tell you how she's doing."    

"Has she done anything bad?"   

"No, she is one of our most  well-behaved  Students but she is Failing in a lot of her Classes. Unfortunately,  that's  not the only problem. Rindy is experiencing some problems with other Classmates, they have been calling her names and picking on her because of your Divorce. Has Rindy ever said anything like that to you?"   

Hearing those Words made Carols Stomach sink.  

"No." Carol said with shame. "Only with the fact that she was having Trouble with some Subjects but that's it."   

"We think that she might have to speak to a School Counsellor, we have made the Classmates Parents aware but this has been happening only the  Past  week."  

"I will have a Talk with her today and see what she says."   

" Well,  you have my Number in case you decide to go through with Counselling. Rindy is in the Nurse's Office."   

Carol knew just where to  go,  she made her way down the Hallway to the Nurse's Office. She knocked on the Nurse's Door and saw Rindy sipping a Glass of Water. Rindy was wearing a Brown T-Shirt with a Grey Skirt that went down passed her Knees. Nurse Angel was right next to her. Nurse Angel was in her Early Twenties with Tanned Skin, Long Brown Hair and was wearing a White Nurse's Suit.   

"Hi Mommy." Rindy Quietly said.   

"Hi Baby, what happened today?" Carol asked as she picked her up.  

"I'm Sick."  

"She really is." Nurse Angel said. "Her Fever is 101 and she threw up in the Bathroom about five Minutes ago."   

"Ok, thank you."  

Carol picked up Rindy's pink Backpack and left. She put Rindy into the Backseat of her Car and began to Drive back to Abby's. Rindy noticed her Clothes in the front of her Seat.  

"Mommy?" Rindy asked.   

"Yes Baby?"   

"Where did you go today?"   

Carol knew that she  couldn't  lie to Rindy.   

"I went back to the Apartment today to get us more Clothes.  Don't  worry Darling, I was extra safe. I promise."  

"What if Daddy turned up?"  

"I wouldn't have let him do anything."   

Carol turned up to Abby's House and helped Rindy out of the Car.  

"Can I have some Medicine Mommy?"   

"Of course, I'll put you right to Bed first and then I'll give you something."   

Abby and Gen's House had a Big Front Garden and a Driveway. Her House was Brown Bricks with Cream  Coloured  Walls. As you go in her Hallway, her Kitchen is to the Left. Her Kitchen had Brown Cupboards on the Right with a Stainless-Steel Oven, Refrigerator, Freezer and a Microwave on the Left as you go in the Door. Further down the Kitchen was her Brown Table and Chairs. On the Right Side of the Hallway was Abby and Gen's Living Room that had Two Brown Three Seated Chairs that faced a Fireplace. The TV was hanging up above the Fireplace and right in front of the Couches was a Red Rug and Black Coffee Table. As you go up the Wooden Stairs at the end of the Hallway, there are Two Bedrooms, a Hot  Press  and a Bathroom. Abby and Gen's Room was on the Left, it had a Purple Double Bed in the Middle, a Brown Wardrobe and Night Stand on either Side. Their Bedroom had an En-Suite. Across from their Bedroom was the Spare Room that Carol and Rindy were sharing. Their Double Bed is Cream Coloured with a Brown Wardrobe and Night Stand on either Side. Carol carried Rindy up to be, she got her dressed into her Pink Pyjamas and Laid her down in Bed. Carol made Rindy some Toast, Water, Medicine and brought her up a Bucket. Rindy sat up in her Bed and began to lightly eat her Toast and Drink her Water.   

"Thank  you Mommy ."   

"You're welcome Baby. Now Rindy, Mr. Hudson had a Talk with me and he said that your Classmates are calling you Names. I need you to know that you can Talk to me, are they picking on you?" Carol asked.  

"Yes, but only recently."   

"Why didn't you say so?"   

"I was scared."  

"Of what?"   

"I don't know."   

Carol took Rindy in her Arms.  

" Well,  you should never be scared, you're the  bravest  Girl that I know and you can do anything that you want."  

Carol felt Rindy getting Sleepy so she gave her Medicine, Kissed her on the Head and tucked her into Bed. Carol Walked Downstairs to the Kitchen to read through the Letters that she had brought in. As she sat down at the Kitchen Table, she realised that they were mostly Bills until she saw Therese's Letter. She read through the Letter with Attention to detail as she got Butterflies in her Stomach. She ran her Fingers slowly through the Letter as her Heart Raced in Expectancy for something to come out of this. She decided to follow her Instinct and Write to her back. She found a Blank Page, Envelope and Pen, she then sat back down and began to Write.


Dearest Therese,

I have never forgotten your Face since that Day.

Your Letter has lifted my Mood.

I'm sorry that it took so long to get back to you but I haven't been to the Apartment since that Night.

Rindy and I left with my Friend Abby that Night.

I would love to continue Talking to you if it doesn't cost you your Job. 

That wouldn't be fair to you. 

Rindy isn't feeling very well at the Moment and I've been keeping busy at Work. 

I Work at Art's Furniture Store with Abby. 

I do hope to keep Talking to you and love to hear from you soon.


Carol! X 


After a few Minutes of rereading the Letter and looking for a Stamp, Carol was eventually able to Post her Letter in the Postbox across the Street. Gen Walked up the Driveway the same time as Carol. Gen worked as a Waitress in a Restaurant about Fifteen Minutes away from her Home. Gen was wearing a Black Shirt with a Black Pants. 

"Hey, how are you feeling?" Gen asked Carol.

"I think I feel a little better today, although Rindy is very Sick. She had to come Home early from School so I gave her Medicine and put her to Bed. How was Work?" 

"Good, we had a good Day today but we weren't that busy, that's why some of us were able to leave a bit early. Abby should be Home soon too."  

"We've been so busy these last few Weeks, I was hoping that we can have a Girly Night Tonight?"

"I would love that."