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Therese,  Varco  and Jack pulled into Jack's Driveway. Phil was a Restaurant Owner and he was due Home soon. Therese always had an Extra Pair of Clothes in her Car for Emergencies, Varco happily jumped out of the Car when Therese took him out. Therese, Varco and Jack Walked up Jack's Driveway and into his Home. Jack's Home had Grey Walls, a Staircase on the  Left  and the Kitchen on the Right. The Kitchen was Long with Brown Tables and Chairs as soon as you go in and they were seated near the Window. The Kitchen had a Hot Press on the Left along with Light Brown Wooden Cupboards while the Stainless-Steel Cooker, Oven, Sink, Refrigerator and Freezer were on the Right. Therese was a Sliding Door at the end of the Kitchen that led to their Conservatory. Their Conservatory was mostly Glass with Grey Tiles. It had One Singular Black Chair with another Three Seated Chair. At the end of Jack's Hallway on the Left was Jack's Living Room, it had One Reclining Corner Couch on the end of the Left and it Faced the Flat Screen TV hanging on the Right Corner of the Wall. The Floor was Wooden. Therese Walked up the Wooden Stairs to the Spare Room. The Room was White with a White Double Bed, a Brown Wardrobe and Grey, shut out Curtains. Jack had Frozen Pizzas to taken out after himself and Therese got dressed into their Pyjamas. Therese had gotten dressed into her red Pyjamas while Jack had changed into his Brown Pyjamas, Therese had taken Varco's Vest  off of  him and he began to Walk around Jack's House. Therese had gone to the Kitchen to see Jack putting the Frozen Pizzas into the Oven.   

"I am so  Hungry,  I didn't have much to eat all Day." Jack said .    

"I know, it was so busy. I can't wait to Sleep Tonight."   

"I think I Bruised my Leg, I took a bit of a Fall earlier."   

"You mean when that Drug Dealer barely Punched you as you took him down?" Therese asked as she Laughed.   

" .... Maybe ." Jack said as he Laughed and gave Therese a Playful Side Glare. "I have to say though, you and Varco make an Amazing Duo."   

Jack and Therese sat down in the Conservatory, side by side, looking out onto Jack's Back Garden.   

"I'm really Lucky to have Varco, just like you're really lucky to have Phil."    

Phil and Jack have been together for  almost Three  Years, almost  at the same time that  they have known Therese.   

"I am, do you have your Eye on anyone?"   

" .... No. " Therese said as she Blushed .    

Jack noticed her Blushing.   

" Yes,  there is, tell me who he is."    

Therese took a Deep Breath .    

"I'm not attracted to Guys and I only just met her."   

"Therese.... I always knew. I could just tell and I love you either way.  Anyway,  who is she?" Jack asked.   

"I love you too and her name is.... Carol."    

"Carol, I like that name. Wait! Carol's the name of that Woman we just saved! Therese, you can't do that, you could lose your Job."   

"I know but she's the most Beautiful Woman that I've ever seen."   

"Well would she be worth losing your Job over?"  

"To be honest, when Varco Retires, I think I might go too?" Therese wondered.  

"Are you sure? I thought you liked it here?" Jack asked with concern.   

"I do. I love every Minute of it but  I think I  got all I can get out of it."   

" Well,  if you do decide to leave then I'll miss you."  

" Oh,  I'll miss you Guys too."  

"Is that Ms. Therese that I hear?" Phil asked from the Kitchen.  

Neither Jack nor Therese heard him come in. Phil was Jack's Height,  smoothed  over Brown Hair with Hazel Eyes and was wearing a  Navy-Blue  Jumper with Brown Pants.   

"Yes Phil, it's me." Therese said as she ran up to Hug Phil.  

"Jack Messaged me you were staying here Tonight."  

"Yeah, if that's ok with you?"   

Phil decided to be over Dramatic with his Answer.  

"No! Never! I hate you! You must never set Foot in my House again!"   

Therese,  Jack  and Phil burst out Laughing.   

" Well,  I may never come back then." Therese Laughed out.  

"How was Work Babe?" Jack asked as he gave Phil a Kiss.   

"Tiring, I nearly ended up having a Fist Fight with the Waiter because he kept putting Bread Sticks in his Pants instead of the Pocket in the Apron so.... I fired him."   

"Next time you should have a Fist Fight because then we can get called and witness the Fight." Therese Joked.  

"Aren't you supposed to be a Cop? You're not supposed to be condoning this." Phil said.   

"Don't tell me how to do my Job." Therese Laughed.   

Phil went Upstairs to get changed into his Black Pyjamas.  

" So,  what did you Guys do at Work today?" Phil asked as he and Varco walked into the Kitchen.  

"Took down a Drug Dealer, Shoplifter, Drunken Fights and a Domestic Dispute." Jack said as he was taking the Pizza out of the Oven.   

Therese began to help Phil set the Table.  

" Yeah,  and I met the most Beautiful Woman ever." Therese said.  

Phil was a little shocked at Therese's statement.   

"Well that unexpected. Please tell me about her though." Phil said.  

Therese,  Jack  and Phil sat down at the Table while Therese told Phil of Carol. Varco laid down by Therese.  

"It looks like he'll never leave your Side." Jack said while referring to Varco.  

"I hope to never leave his either. What I'm hoping to happen within the next Couple of Months is get my own Place and Adopt Varco if I'm allowed."   

"Do your Parents know?" Phil asked.  

"No, they'd try and Control everything. I just wish I could Talk to them. I haven't even told them that I'm Gay." Therese said while feeling a bit down because of that Statement.   

" Well,  you know you always have jack, Dannie and I. We'll always be there for you." Phil said.  

"I'll always be there for Guys also."   

Varco laid his Head on Therese's Lap as Therese finished her last Slice of Pizza and began to  Whine,  Therese knew what he was Whining about. Therese took Varco out Jack and Phil's Back Garden to leave him do his Business. Therese cleaned up after him, then went back inside to see Jack and Phil cleaning up. For the next Couple of Hours Therese and Varco, Jack and Phil cuddled up on the Couch and watched 'It's A Wonderful Life.' After the Movie, Therese let Varco out, had a Shower and went back to her Room to see Varco on the Bed, almost Sleeping. Therese tried to not disturb him so she Walked quietly around the Room and got dressed. Jack and Phil had a Spare Hairdryer in their Room so Therese began to use that. On her way back to her Room, Jack and Phil came up the Stairs.   

"We're all locked up and going to head to Bed." Jack said.   

"Alright, goodnight. I love you guys." Therese said as she Hugged Phil and Jack.  

"Goodnight, I love you too." Phil said.  

"Sweet Dreams, I love you too." Jack said.  

Therese,  Jack  and Phil went into their Rooms. Varco had now Laid down on the Floor beside  Therese's  Bed so Therese tuned on the Main Light, took the Pen and Paper out of her Bag, took out a Spare Book to help and Laid against the Brown Headboard. Therese sat there for a few Minutes, not knowing what to say and eventually Wrote without a Problem.  

Dear Carol,  

My name is Therese and I am the Cop who helped you out today.  

I hope you  don't  find this weird but I overheard you saying that  you've  never felt more alone.   

I just want you to know that you are never alone.   

I can see that you care very much for your Daughter and hopefully we can sort out your Problem.   

If you need to Talk,  I'm  available. My Friends Address is 8 Sanctuary Road, New York.   

can't  give you my Work Address as I could lose my Job if my Boss ever found out that I have contacted you.   

My Parents would also tell my Boss if they ever found out.  

All the best,