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Therese Belivet is a Twenty One Year Old K9 Officer just on her way back to her Office for her next call out. Her Partner In Crime was a Nine Year Old Brown German Shepherd named Varco. Varco weighed as much as a Petite Therese but she was Strong. Therese got back to her Office and went to the Bathroom, Varco followed her in. Therese walked out of the Stall and saw Varco waiting for her by the Sink. Therese walked over to the Sink, washed her Hands and then began to check herself out with nothing but a Frown on her Face. She traced her Hands through her Chin Length Brown Hair to underneath her Summer Green Eyes, she then traced her Hands to her Prominent Cheekbones and to her Soft Thin Lips. Varco kept looking at his Handler with a bit of Confusion, wondering why she was looking at herself that way. Varco gave Therese a Nudge with his Nose. Therese Knelt down to Pet Varco.  

"Oh Varco, you did such a good Job during the Drug Bust. Do you think that my Parents will be Proud of us this time? I hope that they are. We almost have our Dream Place but you know that when you Retire, I have to fight for you to come home with me. I really want you with me, let's get you fed."  

Therese went back to her Office that she was sharing with her Friend Jack. There was Two Desks on wither side, a Door in the Middle of the Wall, a Window towards the Back of the Wall and a Bathroom towards the other. Jack and Therese each had their own Computer and Filing Cabinet. Jack wasn't in the Room so Therese had a bit of alone time with Varco. Therese got out Varcos Food and Water from underneath her Desk. Therese sat in her Chair while Varco took his time eating and drinking. Therese then reached into the Drawer in her Desk and pulled out his favourite Toy, his Tug Of War Rope. Therese played with Varco until Jack came into the Office. Jack was About Six Foot with Brown Hair and Brown Eyes, he was wearing the same Uniform as Therese, except he wasn't a K9 Officer.  

"Hardly Working I see Belivet." Jack Joked. 

"We all need to relax once in a while Jack. We can't all be such a Stiff like yourself." Therese Joked back. 

"You heading back to your Parents Tonight?" 

"Yeah, I'm hoping to move out in a Couple of Months." 

"Well Phil and I have an extra Room in our Place if you need a Place to stay?" 

Therese's Parents were hard People to get along with, they were usually very Critical of her and that Affected Therese with her Relationships. They became even more Critical of her when they found out that she had broken it off with Richard a few Months prior. They loved Richard no matter how much he didn't make Therese Happy. He was never really a Bad Guy, he just never made her Happy.  

"Thanks, I'll keep that in Mind."  

Jack and Therese heard their Names being called by Dannie, Dannie was an Officer and was just Over Six Foot with Short Black Hair and Brown Eyes. 

"Belivet! Taft! Let's Go!!" Dannie shouted urgently. "Domestic Violence, let's go now." 

Therese, Varco and Jack ran to Therese's Car. Varco was quickly put into the Back before Jack drove. Therese began to Radio to Dannie for Information. 

"We need more Information now." Therese demanded.  

"Domestic Violence at 101 Gramercy, Man and Woman with Possible Child involved. Will Update as soon as I get more Information."  

"It always makes me feel Sick when I hear there's a Child involved." Jack said to Therese. 

"A Child has no Place being in the Middle of any Domestic Dispute no matter how much the Parents get them involved." 

"McElroy to Belivet, come in." Dannie demanded. 

"Go ahead." Therese said. 

"Gunfire was heard in the Background of the Call, where are you?" Dannie asked. 

"Right around the Corner." Therese said. 

"I'm here, follow Hester and I up."  

Officer Lorelai Hester worked alongside Dannie, she was Taller than Therese with Short Red Hair, Blue Eyes and in her Forties. Once Jack and Therese arrived, Therese took Varco out and ran after Jack. Therese and Varco ran up the Stairs of the Apartment Blocks until she saw Dannie, Lorelai and Jack holding out their Guns. 


Silence followed Jack's demand so Dannie kicked open the Door. In the Apartment Stood a Man, wearing a Black Tuxedo with a White Shirt, Brown Eyes and Black Sleeked Hair. pointing a Gun to a Woman in a Black Dress. Once Therese entered the Room all she could notice was this Woman. The way her Fair, Sandy, Messy Blonde Curls reached the end of her Neck. The way her Icy Blue Eyes had a Frightened Look that highlighted her Boastful Cheekbones that were covered in smeared Make Up. Her Sultry Lips was lightly covered in Deep Red Lipstick, while her Dress highlighted the Curvature of her Breasts. Her Dress lightly flowed to the end of her Knees. The Apartment was Small, it had Living Room in the Middle with a Three Seated White Couch looking at a Flat Screen TV. The Kitchen was to the Left while their Bedrooms were on the Right. The Floors were Wooden, the Walls were White and the Bathroom was down the end of the Hallway. Therese was in a Daze looking at this Woman but it was Varco's Barking brought her Back.  

"BELIVET GET IN HERE!!" Dannie demanded. 

Therese had not realised that she was standing in the Doorway while Jack, Dannie and Lorelai were already gone in. 

"PUT THE GUN DOWN!!" Lorelai shouted at the Man.  

"GET THAT DOG AWAY!!" The Man demanded.  

"When you put the Gun down, we will take the Dog away." Therese said as she tried to reason with the Man. 

"If you don't then we will shoot." Dannie said. 

"I can't, she took my Child away from me." The Man said.  

He had a look of Determination in his Eyes.  

"If you shoot then she will lose both of her Parents." Therese said. "Where is the Child?"  

"I don't know, she ran when I pulled out the Gun." The Man said.  

"Harge please." The Woman Pleaded. "If you put the Gun down then I will tell the Courts to give you Joint Custody."  

The Woman's Voice made Therese's Heart Race more, Varcos Barking began to annoy Harge more.  

"CAN THAT DOG SHUT THE FUCK UP?" Harge Screamed.  

"No! Now put the Gun down!" Therese demanded.  

"Please do as they say Harge, Rindy will lose her Father if you shoot." The Woman Cried. 

Harge took a few Deep Breaths and eventually set down the Gun to his Right. Dannie kicked it over to his Side. The Woman sat against the Couch trying to catch her Breath. Dannie and Phil both took down Harge, while Lorelai took the Woman to the Side while Varco and Therese searched around the Apartment. As Therese searched Rindy's Room she heard a Nervous crying coming from underneath the Bed. Varco scratched at the end of the Bed until Therese pulled up the end of the Covers to reveal Rindy. She had Chin Length Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, was wearing Pink Pyjamas and was clutching to her Brown Teddy Bear. 

"It's alright Sweetheart, Varco won't hurt you. You're safe now." Therese said as she bent down to help Rindy out. 

"No." Rindy Cried out. 

Rindy refused to come out from underneath, she continued to Cry. The Woman ran through Rindy's Door, Crying when she saw her Daughter. Therese saw The Woman and pulled Varco aside. 

"Oh my Darling." The Woman Cried as she lifted her Daughter into her Arms and held her tightly. "It's ok, it's all over now. He won't hurt us." 

The Woman opened her Eyes to see Therese giving Varco a Rub on the Head. Carol had not noticed Therese when she came in but found it strange that she didn't. Therese was never like any other Woman that Carol had ever seen. Therese was Beautiful to her and she wanted to Talk to her but her Daughter was her first priority. 

"Carol?" A Woman called out from the Living Room. 

The Woman was Abby, Carols Best Friend. Therese instantly locked Eyes with Carol as her name was called. They couldn't look away until Abby barged into the Room. Abby was wearing Black Jeans and a Purple T-Shirt, she had Wine Red Wavy Hair that went to her Chin.  

"Abby, oh my God." Carol said as Abby ran to her for a Hug. 

Therese decided to give them Privacy so she took Varco into the living room and saw that Jack, Dannie and Harge had already left. Lorelai was still there, waiting to get more Information from Carol and Rindy so she called them in. Lorelai gathered more Information from Carol, Therese leaned against the Wall as Rindy slowly Walked over to her.  

"What is his name?" Rindy asked as she looked at Varco. 

"Varco but you can't pet him now. He's a Working Dog." 

"Oh, what does he do?"  

"He sniffs out Bad Things and helps us find Bad Guys."  

Lorelai Walked over to Rindy. 

"Excuse me Rindy, can I ask you a Couple of Questions?" Lorelai asked. 

"Yes." Rindy said as she took Lorelai's Hand.  

Abby took Carol over to the Kitchen and began to make them Coffee. 

"Would you like a Coffee?" Abby asked Therese. 

"No thank you." Therese replied. 

"Oh Abby." Carol Cried out but tried to keep as Quiet as she can as to not worry Rindy. "He just came at me, as much as I have you and Rindy, I've never felt so alone." 

Carol didn't know that Therese could hear her Heartbreaking Words. Therese almost Cried but she had to keep Professional. Lorelai finished up with Rindy so Therese and herself knew it was time to go. Therese took out her Flip Up phone to see a Text Message from her Mother.  


Can you stay at Jack's tonight?  

Your Father and I need some time alone.  

- Mom  

Therese gave Jack a Message and he confirmed that she could stay.  

See you tomorrow then.   

- T   

Before Therese left, she looked back at Carol who had her Head in her Hands while Abby was holding Rindy. Therese knew she couldn't Talk to Carol but as much as she didn't want to leave but she knew she had too. Lorelai, Varco and Therese were on their way back to their Offices when Therese had an Idea. The Idea was that she would Write a Letter to Carol in hopes to get to Talk to her. Something Inside told her that she should. Jack and Dannie had already booked Harge in for the Night. Therese had Taken an Envelope, Pen and Paper from her Desk and was going to wait until tomorrow to Write it. Therese, Varco, Jack, Dannie and Lorelai had all Clocked out. Jack drove Therese and Varco to his Place, for some reason she felt Safer with Jack and Phil than with her own Parents.