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Marked for Evil

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This type of play was heavily negotiated between you two. It also was heavily tested. At first it was small things. He’d brainwash you, get you into a nice trance, and then bring you back out. Check in. Everything was good. Then, try a little more. He’d ask you if you were ready to go, and as long as you said “yes”, he would put his quirk to use. Hitoshi was cautious. His quirk was already viewed with contempt by many – imagine if they knew he used it on his partner.

And now things were getting intense. This wasn’t simple mind control anymore. Not simply “say yes for me” or “don’t move”; what you both had in mind for today was different. Hitoshi resented being treated like a villain in his normal day to day life, but the thought of being your villain was exciting. Should he feel bad about that? Should or shouldn’t, that line of thinking wasn’t going to help him, or you. After all, you consented to this.

The scene starts with you knocking and holding up a fake warrant when he opens the door. “Sir, I need to investigate your apartment. You are under suspicion of possessing illegal weapons.”

Hitoshi grins widely, “Of course, Officer. There’s nothing to hide here.” You nod and then step through the doorway hearing the door shut and lock behind you.

“Can I get you anything? A glass of water maybe?” He asks you. But you don’t respond and instead continue to look through the apartment, making your way to the kitchen. “Oh, come now, are you scared of my quirk?” You know that responding to him when he asks a question will make you fall into trance and your goal is to resist as much as possible.

With your silence, you feel him come up behind you and grab your chin, tilting your head slightly back as he whispers in your ear, “I asked you if you’re scared of my quirk.” Thank goodness, a statement.

“I am just doing my job, sir. I was briefed on your quirk before they assigned me. It’s nothing personal. Now if you could please back away from me so I can continue my search.”

Hitoshi moves away from you, “I’m sorry, Officer. I was getting ahead of myself, wasn’t I? Well when you’re done in here, I’ll show you the bedroom and that should conclude your search. As I already told you, I’ve got nothing to hide.” He flashes another grin at you.

“Alright, Mr. Shinsou, if you could let me see your room, that would be appreciated. But I warn you against any funny business. I have a team at the ready if I need them.” You point to your waistband where there was a walkie-talkie snapped on.

Hitoshi nods and leads you to his room. You had been in there many times. In fact, you were just there this morning. But when you enter, it doesn’t look the same. Where did his bed go? The carpet? The floor was now concrete, the walls looked bare except a collection of knives you had never seen before. Honestly, it was outright disturbing. “Hito- Shinsou, sir, this is your bedroom?” You try to keep it together.

“Ah, what’s wrong with it, Officer?” He asks matter-of-factly like this was how his room always looked. No, there’s no way you are in his room, he couldn’t have possibly changed everything around in a couple of hours. What was going on? Were you actually at Hitoshi’s place? Your head starts to spin.

“It’s just I…” You start, but before you could finish, his quirk works its way into your mind. You feel your body tense up, rigid, your muscles frozen, blank stare. There’s a small part of you that’s conscious of everything that happens during his brainwashing; normally you enjoy that feature, but now you’re not so sure.  

Hitoshi smirks, “I thought you said you were briefed on my quirk. Doesn’t look like they train you damn cops very well these days. So let me ask you again, are you scared of my quirk? Answer me.”

You don’t have a choice, the word tumbles out of your mouth without you thinking about it, “Yes.”

Hitoshi laughs and shakes his head, “And you said it was nothing personal. Cops are liars, aren’t they?” He comes towards you and finds a pair of handcuffs on you, just like they should be. Then, he moves your hands behind you, feeling no resistance, and snaps the cuffs on. “I’m going to ask you some more questions and you’re going to answer them truthfully. First up, who ratted me out to the police?”

“No one.” It was true, since this was all a scene, there was no one who ratted him out because he wasn’t actually being investigated. But it was a clever question since it made you sound like you were hiding something. Hitoshi lets out a low growl and makes his way over to the wall where you watch him pick up a knife. When did he get those knives?

When he comes back, you feel the knife press against your throat, “Are you lying to me? Are you somehow resisting my quirk? Because I don’t buy it for a second. Tell me who ratted me out.”

Again, you have no choice; your mouth is under his control, “Uh, there was n-no one who ratted you out. This is all just a scene.”

“A scene? Like we’re in some kind of a play? No, this isn’t. This is real, and I’ll get the information I want. Even if it takes me all night and it takes you a lot of pain.” Hitoshi leaves and comes back with a folding chair. He sets it up in front of you and sits down. “Get on your knees.” At his command, you sink to your knees, your hands still cuffed behind you.

“Now let’s begin.”