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An Angel on Princess Street

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Some may call it a mistake

Something that could lead to heartbreak.

But me, I prefer to call it fate.

The first of many, lovely dates.


Just as Arthur had promised, the hotel was only a short distance away. Luckily, despite both of them being drunk out of their minds, they managed to safely make their way to it without getting hit by oncoming cars in the street. Arthur put his card key in the door’s mechanism and opened it with a yawn. “Please, after you Hana-chan.” He insisted sleepily, rubbing his eye with a free hand. Hana smiled gingerly, bowed her head and sauntered inside.

“Thank you.” She said in Japanese, heading inside the room and pulling apart the screen door that separated the sitting room and the rest of the bedroom. The bed looked majestic and soft, but she wanted to get one thing over with before she fell into those sheets in exhaustion.

“Hana-chan.” Said Arthur softly, closing the door behind him as he entered.

Hana looked back, wanting to ask him something, but not wanting to be impolite. “Yes?”

“Do you want to take a bath?” asked Arthur.

Hana smiled. Arthur had completely read her mind. Baths were what she looked forward to most when she came home from work, but she didn’t think it would have been okay to just waltz right into the bathroom without his direct permission. She gave a gentle nod and went into the bathroom, wondering about Arthur. Despite being from The West, he was just so kind and considerate. She turned on the water for the bath and started to think about him some more. It occurred to her that he was charming, handsome, intelligent, and a great many other collection of qualities that she liked. He seemed to care about her needs before even his own.

As she dove into the warmth of the bathtub and turned off the water, Hana realized something. She liked Arthur a lot. Of course, she wondered for a fleeting moment if this was only the effect that the alcohol was having on the two of them. She wondered if the barriers would be back up by the next morning, with each one repressing their real desires once more.

Hana’s body felt sticky from the sweat that had built up that day from working so hard and was pleased to feel that most of the sticky gross feeling melted away as she soaked in the water, allowing her to feel nice and fresh. She took a washcloth from the side and dipped it in the water, along with some soap, so that she could scrub at her face, the warm water relaxing her even more.

Hana placed the wet washcloth on her head and laid back in the tub, taking a deep sigh as her mind wandered. She hadn’t felt this stress free in…ages. She really was drunk out of her mind. Her father would have flipped Mt.Fuji if he even had an inkling about what she was doing right now, in the hotel room bathroom of a foreign stranger.

She sighed as her previously carefree mind was clouded by thoughts of him. Despite the fact that she had not dishonored him by showing up at his doorstep drunk, he would likely still demand an explanation for her absence. Her stomach churned at the thought. Maybe it would be best to thank Arthur for his hospitality and do her best to sober up before she went home alone. But by this time, her father would start wondering why she had gotten home so late. She frowned and felt her forehead crease in worry, distressed that her wonderful soak had been interrupted by a reality check.

Sighing, Hana stood up in the bath and took a hotel towel to dry off her body, stepping out. The bathrobe provided was shorter than she would have liked, but it did provide her with ample enough privacy of her body. Her hair dripping a bit, she opened the door and found herself right in front of Arthur. She flushed hard and quickly averted her gaze downward. “S-Sorry! Were you waiting? I am so sorry, Arti-kun.”

“Huh- Oh no need.” Said Arthur. “I only just got up.” He said with a smile, moving so Hana could go past him. “Feel free to just relax.”

“H-Hai, Arti-kun.” She said with a bow, but found that Arthur had already closed the door. She stood there awkwardly for a moment before she realized with a start that she hadn’t drained the bathtub when she got out. How terribly rude of her- she should have gotten down on hands and knees and scrubbed it clean for him, Arthur deserved nothing less.

As she fretted, Hana ended up taking Arthur’s advice to relax and went over to the bed, despite her plans to sober up and take off. She sat on the edge, her heart hammering loudly as she waited for him with a blush. Now would have been a great time to drink some water and sober up but…her body simply felt so heavy. With a swoon, she leaned back and closed her eyes, laying against the soft mattress.

It was then that Hana realized that she hadn’t heard any water running in the bathroom. Was…Arthur cleaning himself in her old bathwater? She shuddered, eyes widening at the thought as she felt her whole body growing warm. Since the water had been against her own naked body and was now being soaked into his, it was almost as if he was pressing himself into her, wasn’t it? But perhaps the truth was more that Arthur was too drunk to realize that he was bathing in her old bathwater, yes that seemed accurate. Hana was just as hammered.

When Arthur finally came out of the bathroom, Hana felt as though everything was going in slow motion. She squinted blearily at the figure before her, who seemed to be bathed in a dazzling light. He was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and Hana could see the shine of water droplets reflecting on his body. She stared almost hungrily at him in a daze. Beads of water dripped from his hair down his neck, and he brought a hand up to run fingers through his shaggy hair and making it look even more rogueishly disheveled.

Arthur stared at her for a moment and she stared back. Hana was getting tired of exchanging such polite formalities, especially when she couldn’t think of anything well mannered enough to say in this situation. In fact, according to her ethics and moral code as a lady, this situation should have been a nightmare, but in fact was just Hana’s idea of a perfect heaven.

Moving slowly and deliberately, as though she really were in a wet dream, Hana started to undo the knot on her bathrobe with shaking hands. She kept her eyes trained on Arthur the entire time and saw his eyes widen and a small gasp escape from him when she pulled the robe apart, revealing small, pale breasts. Arthur’s cheeks started to flush a magnificent magenta, and she smiled thinly, her cheeks a rosy tint as well.

“Hana-” said Arthur quietly, starting to approach, still keeping a tight hold on his towel, though Hana could see a tented bulge that had started to grow as soon as she had exposed herself.

“Arti-kun…” said Hana just as softly, swallowing hard.

Arthur reached out to touch Hana’s chest with a shaking hand. “May I?” he whispered.

Hana nodded and as soon as she had given him her blessing, Arthur cupped her soft right breast, rubbing her nipple between his thumb and index finger. The sweetest moan Arthur had ever heard escaped Hana, who leaned forwards into his touch, melting like putty in his very hands.

She was already so damp, not to mention sensitive. Despite the fact that alcohol was supposed to dull the senses, hers seemed almost heightened, as though she had never been embraced like this by another person before. Arthur slid his finger up along a wet slit and let it linger on her clit, applying light pressure and enjoying the feeling of her folds twitching against his fingertip. Hana arched up, certainly wanting more of what Arthur had to offer to her.

Arthur held his towel in place as he started to put his weight onto the bed, feeling it creak and sink beneath him. Hana opened her eyes, finding her prince lowering his head to take her lips for a kiss. A weak moan escaped her as she tried her best to return the deep, longing embrace Arthur gave her, finding her body getting more and more squirmy and needy with every moment that passed while their lips were locked.

When Arthur finally pulled back for a breath of air, Hana refused to let up, cupping Arthur’s face in her hands and tonguing him again. She wasn’t used to this feeling and so wanted to explore it more, experience the full intensity of the shudders that rattled through her as a result of these kisses. Arthur shifted, trying his best to keep up before he finally tore his face back with a gasp.Cooing, Hana closed her eyes and panted as well, giving both of them the opportunity to catch their breath, spreading her legs open a bit more in a silent invitation for Arthur to touch her more.

“Is this…okay?” he asked, pressing on her slick pearly button again, tapping it in a soft rhythm that made Hana bob her hips in need.

“Yes…” she said in a desperate moan, tossing her head back as Arthur pressed his whole hand against her, his hand becoming drenched in her stickiness. Her excitement was literally rubbing off onto him. The erotic display Hana was giving off brought up deep urges within Arthur, who soon found himself struggling to remove his towel in a haze of lust.

He let it fall away in a clump on the bed, his own anticipation clear as day with his erect length. Still, as painful as it was to ignore his own needs, Arthur could tell even through his drunken stupor that Hana wasn’t ready yet. She was a petite girl after all, most likely a vrigin.

Hana looked up at him, gasping as she felt the finger pressing down against her clit start to slip inside of her. She squealed at the intrusion, squeezing and relaxing her muscles over and over again, experimenting with how it felt, trying to get used to the feeling. More of her sticky desire spilled forth, coating Arthur’s finger. He was so happy to see that she needed this just as much as he did.

“More…Arti-kun.” Whispered Hana. Confident that she would be able to handle more since she had spoken up for it, Arthur pulled his first finger out, only to switch positions, sliding his ring and middle finger in horizontally to stretch her out more, his palm pressing against her clit.

Hana’s reaction was subdued but heavenly, her meekness only making it seem twice as erotic. A sharp sigh escaped her as she tossed her head back, hips shivering and small breasts bobbing from her movements. She brought her hand up so that she could nibble on the back of her wrist. The pleasure was so overwhelming her first instinct was to pull away, but she didn’t want to give the wrong idea that she wanted any of this to stop.

Smiling gently, Arthur lowered his head, kissing at a soft black bushel of hair she had on her pubic bone, earning an embarrassed squeal from Hana and another moan. “Aaahh…Arti-” she huffed, blushing furiously.

“You’re so beautiful…” said Arthur, moving up to kiss her chest and letting his free hand run through her hair, tousling it almost as much as his. Hana closed her eyes, shuddering in delight at how those words made her feel.

“Tell me more.” She said, addicted to the emotions that were welling up inside her.

“You’re so lovely…and charming.” Said Arthur, interjecting his adjectives with a gentle kiss on her body each time. “Wonderful, Glorious, Perfect.”

“Art…hur…” said Hana, trying to pronounce it properly.

Arthur leaned in close, brushing their lips together, bumping noses. “Yes, Hana?” he whispered, taking his fingers out of her, dripping in her essence.

“Take me…” she said, spreading her legs apart and touching Arthur’s cheeks with her hand, eyes sparkling. “Take me right now.”

“Are you sure?” asked Arthur, wanting to know if it was really alright. Hana swallowed hard and nodded fast, kissing him for a long time and giving him another nod.

“I know…I want you.” She assured him. Arthur grinned in delight, trying to get in position without actually leaning back. He lowered his head to see what he was doing as he pressed the tip of his length against her. Slipping and sliding up, Hana moaned. “Y-You’re teasing me…” she whined, trying to shift and help him.

“It’s…” said Arthur trying to get his booze soaked body to cooperate.

Finally, he felt himself start to slip into her hole and held on as he started to slowly fill her up. Hana whimpered at first, moving her arms to claw at Arthur’s shoulder. Arthur ground back at her, huffing and panting hard. Suddenly, almost as though the invisible barrier had vanished, Arthur started to slide the rest of the way inside.

Hana was speechless, gasping hard she felt herself being stretched. She was surprised that she didn’t feel any blood lost in their union, as it was her first time, but the thought quickly passed as she panted, spreading her legs a bit further as Arthur pushed the rest of the way inside.

“H-How am I doing- Arti-kun?” she asked with wide eyes. Arthur smiled and kissed her forehead.
“You’re doing amazing, and I wouldn’t waste your time with anything less than the truth.” He said, going in to pepper her face with even more kisses. “Are you alright?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Said Hana with a smile, nodding up at him before sighing. “Please…show me.” She said, rocking her hips on his cock in an alluring manner, so that Arthur would not be able to resist obeying her commands. Slowly, he rocked his hips forward and pressed his body deep within her, earning both of them a slow and soft groan before he started to pull back out. She was such an exquisite woman to make love to. Constantly twitching around him, making sweet coos that stirred the fire in his loins to blaze ever hotter.

Arthur moved slowly and deliberately, the frame of the bed gently thudding against the wall from their steady rhythm and Hana found herself feeling this golden warmth coiled up from beneath her belly button start to unfurl like the rise of a sleeping dragon. She felt it penetrating every inch of her being, enlightening her. It was a hot fire that made he grind her hips up against the other, panting harder and wanting more every second, keeping up with Arthur as he felt the same excitement.

“Arti-kun.” She gasped, her hands sliding down to his hips and feeling his movements as he ground against her, earning hard groans from each of them in turn. “I feel…I-I feel…”

“I feel it too.” He gasped, gripping into the sheets and working harder. Hana screamed out in delight, digging her nails into Arthur’s back as her gasps came harder and faster. She could feel every inch of his warm cock inside of her. Her body seized and she felt that golden warmth rush down only to explode, an electricity surging through every part of her body at once.

For the first time in her life, Hana had experienced an orgasm, felt it surge through her body with intense magnitude, like a hurricane, earthquake and tornado all shaking within herself. She gasped hard as her body convulsed around Arthur in reaction to this wonderful feeling.

Hana clamping down upon him was too much for Arthur and he too felt a warmth spreading through his body. With an airy moan, he wrapped his arms around Hana, spilling his seed deep inside her, filling the young woman up with the literal essence of his pleasure.

Hana moaned once more, feeling the gush of hot liquid deep within sent more sparks flying, prolonging her pleasure. Her lower body trembled from the stimulation and she sought to release this pent up emotion by kissing Arthur, never having felt so satisfied.

He kissed her back, connected in an embrace that felt as though it could last forever.