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BTS!High School AU - OT7

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Hoseok sighed and hugged his pillow harder, putting his head into the soft fabrics. He cuddled it and leaned on the couch. His hair was a mess and he was only wearing Jungkook's baggy hoodie and his boxers. He had a fleece blanket draped on his body. He was alone in the living room, as it was only 5 in the morning and they didn't have to be awake until 7 that morning for school. Hoseok was tired, and he was sad. He didn't completely know why.

He thought it could be seasonal depression, but he couldn't be sure yet; as its only been 2 weeks of autumn. He hoped it wasn't anything serious, as he didn't want to worry his friends. He could feel himself slowly falling asleep again, he tried to fight it, as he knew he could stay up until 7, but darkness clouded his vision and he eventually fell asleep again.

2 hours later and the members were just waking up. They didn't want to go to school, but it was Friday, which means its the last day of the week until the weekend. They had plans to go to the mall and go to the movies, so the 7 friends were very excited for that.

"Jungkookie, you have to wake upppp," Jimin whined to his friend, flopping onto his blanket burrito friend. Jungkook groaned and buried his head further into the blanket. Jimin could faintly hear a little 'no' come from inside the blanket.

Taehyung and Namjoon were in Taehyung's room doing each others hair. They were trying something new and different today. They had tiny little pigtails and butterfly clips in their hair. It was all Taehyung's idea, but Namjoon thought it was too cute to say no to. So, Namjoon was going to wear his hair the same as Taehyung's, so he wouldn't be alone.

In the other room was Yoongi and Seokjin. They were already done getting ready, so they decided to make breakfast for the others. But, all of the members forgot to check up on Hoseok. They thought he was getting ready, as they haven't gone into the living room that morning, but he was still sleeping. He didn't have his phone on him, and that was his alarm.

When all of the other members were done with getting ready, they all met up in the kitchen, except for Hoseok. They all for about 5 minutes acted like all was normal, until Yoongi spoke up.

"Hey, has anyone seen or talked to Hoseok this morning?" All of the members shook their heads. Yoongi got up without a word and headed up to Hoseok's room to look for him. Jungkook went to follow him, but Jimin grabbed his arm, pulling him back to sit. Jimin squeezed his arm.

"Let Yoongi go alone, if either of them need us we can follow them." Jimin said and the others agreed. Jungkook nodded and hugged Jimin.

Yoongi wandered up into the hallway where their rooms are and knocked softly on Hoseok's flower printed door. He waited a moment... Nothing. He slowly opened his door and saw Hoseok's messy bed, his favorite pillow and favorite blanket missing from his bed. He walked out of Hoseok's room and closed his door behind him. He then walked to the living room and found Hoseok passed out on the couch, his face buried into the pillow and his body half covered by the blanket.

Yoongi softly 'awwed' at the sight and decided that he should try and wake up his friend. He held his hand and rubbed his thumb on his soft, warm hands. Yoongi ran his fingers through Hoseok's hair, kissing his forehead. He usually wouldn't do this kind of thing, but he didn't want to scare his friend awake. He then kissed his ears softly and nibbled too.

"Hobi, you have to wake up, we have school," explained Yoongi, whispering in his friends ear. Hoseok stirred in his sleep, slowly waking up.

"Don't wanna..." Hoseok whispered with a deep husk to his sleepy voice. Yoongi smiled softly and shook his head.

"I know, I didn't want to either, but you have to. It's Friday, then you have the whole weekend to nap and be lazy," Yoongi said, trying to bribe Hoseok to wake up. It didn't work.

"By the way... How come you weren't in your bed? Why are you out here sleeping? You could've came into my room, you know," said Yoongi. Hoseok nodded and sighed.

"I know... I just woke up early because I was overthinking. I think I'm going through seasonal depression. I've been sad and lazy. I'm suppose to be the happy-go-lucky member and be positive, but it's so tiring. I'm sad," Hoseok vented what he had been holding in to Yoongi. Yoongi nodded in understanding, not trying to interrupt his emotional talk.

"I just, I don't know what to do to make me like myself again. This winter and autumn is going to suck..." Hoseok shakily breathed and used his sweater paws to wipe his watery eyes. Yoongi hugged his friend tightly and kissed his cheek.

"Hey, it'll be okay... Do you need anything?" Yoongi asked with a little bit of worry in his voice. Hoseok breathed softly and nodded.

"I need the others... Please..." Hoseok asked, pleadingly. Yoongi let go of the hug and patted Hoseok's head. Yoongi walked to into the kitchen and all the members looked his way.

"Hoseok needs you guys, so I came to get you," Yoongi said and Jin was first to say something.

"Is he okay? Did someone hurt him? Who do I need to beat up???" Jin said and Namjoon held him back.

"I am sure that if something or someone did something, he would tell us," Namjoon said and Yoongi spoke up.

"Nobody did anything to him. He is okay. He just thinks that he is going through seasonal depression," Yoongi started, "and I have an idea to help him feel even just a little better."

"Well, tell us what it is then!" Taehyung exclaimed. Yoongi smirked and told the others the plan.


The other 6 friends followed Yoongi into the living room where Hoseok was laying. Yoongi was first to walk in and signaled for the others to wait outside of the living room. Yoongi walked towards the big couch Hoseok was laying on and got up next to him. Hoseok didn't know how to react at first, but a moment later wrapped his arms around Yoongi's waist. Yoongi snuggled into Hoseok's neck, the scent of his friend and the warmth comforting him.

A few moments later and Yoongi heard the others walk in. He could feel the smile radiating off of Hoseok's soft skin. Jungkook walked over to Hoseok first and started to give him head pats and run his tattooed hand through his soft, brown hair. Jungkook knows that's his favorite thing to make him comfortable. Jimin layed on the other side of Hoseok, holding hands with both Yoongi and Hoseok.

Taehyung, Namjoon, and Seokjin smiled softly at the sight in front of them. Taehyung went over to Jungkook and started to run his fingers through Hoseok's hair as well. Jungkook smiled at Taehyung and they both blushed cutely. They continued to play with Hoseok's hair. Both Jungkook and Taehyung kissed Hoseok's ear and whispered sweet nothing into it. Hoseok got shivers down his spine and a blush that was very apparent on his tanned skin.

Seokjin and Namjoon were watching how cute they were being. They pulled out their phones and took pictures. After the little photoshoot, the 2 members decided to head out and clean up the mess from breakfast, saving a plate for Hoseok.

Yoongi was smart and brought Hoseok's downstairs from his room for him. He handed the phone to his cuddly friend and he turned on the screen. Hoseok gasped when he saw the time. His phone flashed 08:45.

"Shit, you guys! We're gonna be la-" Hoseok started and Jungkook softly put a finger over Hoseok's mouth. He smiled at Hoseok.

"We can be late for today. You're more important than stupid school, Hobi," said Taehyung and Yoongi hummed in agreement.

"Yeah. Don't stress it. It'll be okay," added Yoongi. Hoseok sighed, almost like he relieved some stress.

"Exactly, we can just be an hour late or something like that," Jungkook added onto Yoongi. Hoseok smiled softly and cuddled into Yoongi. Yoongi kissed Hoseok's neck cutely.

"Can I take a nap, please? I didn't get much sleep last night..." Hoseok frowned, a slight whine in his voice. Taehyung chuckled.

"Of course, Hope," Taehyung replied. Hoseok could already feel his eyelids getting heavy. Taehyung and Jungkook continued to pet him and run their fingers through Hoseok's hair.

"We love you, Hope. Forever and always. We will always be here for you," Jungkook said softly and right before he fell asleep, he heard the others hum in agreeance.