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small titty slut gets pounded by big dicked boyfriend

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Wei Ying squirms in the seat as she’s driven back to Lan Zhan’s place. The ibuprofen is kicking in, so her nipples aren’t as sore as they were half an hour ago, but they still feel sensitive and tender. She had wanted to get these for a while, but the three to four weeks of down time with no touching allowed, and then a further five months of healing, had put her off them for a while. 


Lan Zhan had neither commented positively or negatively when Wei Ying said she wanted them.


“Do what you want,” Lan Zhan had said, languidly petting at the slight rise of her breasts.


“Even though you can’t play with me for four weeks?” pouts Wei Ying. 


“Maybe three,” corrects Lan Zhan, eyeing her chest before tweaking at her nipples, causing her to moan softly. “I will play with them before to make up for lost time.”


From then until the appointment, Lan Zhan had been relentless with the way he had handled her breasts, massaging them with his large hands and tweaking at her puffy nipples, as well as biting and sucking at them like he wanted to milk her. He had teased Wei Ying until she had cum from just him stimulating her breasts alone, tearfully whimpering as he then spread her thighs and thrust inside her. 


When the day came, Lan Zhan wasn’t able to go into the appointment itself, but had paid for the piercings and picked her up in his car after. The piercings had been quite painful, but once it was over and done with, the piercer had stuck on some dressing and then sent her on her merry way. 


The oversensitivity has Wei Ying rubbing her thighs together, finding that despite herself, she’s getting wet. Her breasts have always been sensitive, and with Lan Zhan teasing them during sex constantly, her body reacts instinctively. She’s sure that Lan Zhan can tell, too, because he always knows when she’s in the mood for it. 


The car stops and Wei Ying follows Lan Zhan inside his house. The door shuts behind her, and she’s bending over to take her sneakers off, giving Lan Zhan a nice look at her round bottom, before a hand slips under her skirt and between her thighs, petting at her through the fabric.


“You’re wet,” says Lan Zhan, rubbing his fingers against her. She moans.


“I’m just sore from the piercings… it’s unbearable… and yet I’m…” She can feel how red her face is. “Lan Zhan, please… my nipples are sore but I...”


Lan Zhan pulls up her skirt and tucks it into her waistband before pulling down her panties, watching as the fabric clings wetly to her crotch before peeling away stickily. He grabs her thighs and lifts her up, causing her to squeal as he carries her to the sofa in the living room. He carefully sets her down on the seat. 


He unbuttons and rolls up his sleeves, revealing muscular and veiny forearms that have Wei Ying salivating.


Spreading those thick thighs of hers, he spreads her with his thumbs, marvelling at her petals coated in her own slick, before licking his tongue over the shiny, sensitive skin. She cries out, grabbing at his hair, and he eagerly eats her out, licking and sucking on her as she leans back against the sofa, sobbing from pleasure. Her thighs squeeze against Lan Zhan’s cheekbones, causing him to groan as he’s caged in, and his fingers dig into her soft skin as he massages them. Her body feels like it’s on fire, and she grinds against Lan Zhan’s face, rubbing her wet pussy all over his mouth. He likes that though, moaning against her as she digs her heels into his back, straining her thighs as she struggles to keep a steady pace. His lips close around her clit, sucking on it.


Sobbing, she cums hard and fast, chest arching and thighs twitching as she sees white. As she comes down from her release, panting, Lan Zhan looms over her.


“Take off your shirt,” he commands, and she complies, slowly lifting the hem up. It brushes over her breasts, and she stifles a gasp. Oversensitive, she carefully removes her top, before leaning forward towards Lan Zhan to reach behind herself and unclasp her bralette, a light blue mesh thing. He likes her in his favourite colour. His eyes are transfixed on her breasts and the pale skin that peeks through the fabric. Gently, she pulls the bralette off, wincing slightly as the fabric brushes against her skin.


Lan Zhan inhales sharply. 


The piercer had put dressing over her nipples, but her entire breasts and nipples still feel warm through the gauze. It’s in the shape of the bandaid with a clear adhesive patch over it, and it looks lurid, barely concealing the shape and colour of her dusky nipples. 


“Beautiful,” praises Lan Zhan, before seating himself next to her and staring at her chest from beside her. He unzips his slacks and pulls his hard cock out of his briefs, before sliding two fingers over her entrance. Her head leans back and she cries out as the slightly calloused fingers rub over her wet, sensitive skin. One of her hands reaches for his cock, shakily wrapping her fingers and palm around the thick, hard shaft before trying to jerk at it. The skin is scalding to touch, and Wei Ying can feel it twitch as she tightens her grip.


“Your hand is soft,” says Lan Zhan, pressing against her side and leaving a kiss on her neck and then her shoulder. “Feels good.” 


Wei Ying shivers and then Lan Zhan’s sucking kisses against her neck and shoulder, while his fingers rub against her lower lips, teasing at her clit and then against her entrance. 


“Lan Zhan, please,” begs Wei Ying, squirming as she feels her nipples tingling slightly, while her breasts themselves seem to feel tender and achy. She feels herself dripping slightly over Lan Zhan’s fingers, and she shifts her hips forward, trying to rub against them. 


“I need to prepare you,” says Lan Zhan, teeth tugging on her earlobe. “You’re tight down here.”


“Lan Zhan,” whines Wei Ying, as one long finger slides inside her easily. Lan Zhan pumps it in and out of her, causing Wei Ying to wriggle until a second finger is inserted. Back pressed against the sofa, Wei Ying shakes her hips, eager to relieve her desire. “Please, please, fuck me, just fuck me already…”


Lan Zhan ignores her, adding a third finger, mercilessly thrusting against her, pressing the heel of his palm to her clit each time he pushes in his fingers to the knuckle, causing Wei Ying to whine and shake. Her free hand comes up to grab at his forearm, trying to leverage herself. It’s at this time she remembers that she became distracted and stopped pumping his cock with her other hand, so starts up again, rubbing her palm against the heated skin. 


“I’ll be good, Lan Zhan, please, I just can’t take it anymore, fuck me please, I want your cock in me so bad please,” she begs tearfully, looking at him beside her with pleading eyes. His eyes are dark, dilated as he takes in her needy expression and the way she bites onto her bottom lip. “The piercings hurt and now my nipples are so sore but I keep leaking down there, please Lan er-gege have mercy on me, my pussy is there for your use, so won’t you use it? Fuck me, please, I’m begging you…”  


Lan Zhan opts to lean in and kiss Wei Ying, silencing her babbling, thrusting his tongue sloppily into her mouth as his free hand presses against the nape of her neck. It’s comforting in how possessive it feels, and Wei Ying moans as his tongue rubs wetly against hers, determined to kiss her demands away. He can feel her pussy clamp down on his fingers, dripping juices onto his palm. It doesn’t matter how much she tightens around him or tries to grind against him, trying to seek her pleasure, because he continues his steady strokes, setting the pace. 


He pulls his lips back, strings of saliva connecting their mouths before snapping, and he admires the way Wei Ying’s eyes are unfocussed, her mouth still hanging open with her tongue outstretched slightly. She looks so debauched, lips swollen and wet. He takes his fingers away and she whines a little, before Lan Zhan grabs her by the waist and lifts her onto his lap, his cock sliding against her warmth. 


“Oh!” she cries out as her back is pressed to Lan Zhan’s chest. He’s still completely dressed, more or less, while she’s wearing only a skirt and her ankle socks and those gauzy bandages on her breasts. Instinctively, she widens her legs, eyes focussed on the large, full length mirror opposite the sofa, mounted on the wall. 


Lan Zhan had ensured one would be there for this very reason. He can’t get a clear view of her pussy thanks to the skirt, and it’s pressing into him, which means one more barrier between him and his Wei Ying. So he grabs the skirt and tears it clean off Wei Ying’s hips, causing her to squeal indignantly at the ripping fabric. She notes to ask him later to buy another one for her. 


Lan Zhan likes the weight of Wei Ying’s bottom pressing down on his lap, and he spreads her thighs as wide as he knows is comfortable for her. His own cock blocks the view of between her thighs, and Wei Ying rubs against it eagerly. Lan Zhan groans, fingers digging into her skin and she wriggles in his grasp, panting. 


Both of them are fixated on their reflection, the way they both look flustered, the contrast between Lan Zhan being fully clothed and Wei Ying being quite naked... the way Lan Zhan’s long and thick cock, tinted purple and with veins lying underneath the skin of the shaft, is pressed against Wei Ying’s tummy as a form of measurement. He’s reminding her how far he’ll be inside her when he fills her. 


“Ride me,” says Lan Zhan. Wei Ying whines in protest, knowing she’s being teased. She sets her socked feet on the edge of the sofa, lifting herself up. Lan Zhan’s hands, on her thighs, carry most of her weight, ensuring she doesn’t slip or fall, and also guiding her slightly. She positions herself against Lan Zhan’s tip before he catches sight of her mischievous grin in the mirror. Rolling her hips slightly in his grip, she presses her wet entrance against the tip of his cock, his precum rubbing into her.


“Lan Zhann,” she sings. “I’m just a silly little thing who can’t figure out where your delicious, thick cock goes? My pussy is kinda small, after all, so you might have to help me~” 


She hums as she rubs against him several times, and Lan Zhan does nothing. He waits until there’s the slightest amount of give and then he slams her down onto him and she throws her head back and screams as she’s filled. Her head falls back against his shoulder, eyes wide as the breath is knocked out from her and she’s spasming around him, her legs collapsing and feet sliding off the sofa. She lies limply against Lan Zhan as he drives up into her, enormous hands supporting her thighs, groaning at how tight and warm and wet she is around him. He pushes repeatedly past a ring of muscle that only just lets him through, and then tip of his cock is pressing against what is surely her cervix every time he bottoms out inside her. She makes soft strangled moans every time he thrusts into her, her mouth hanging open as she stares, unseeing, towards a corner of the ceiling. She knows it’ll ache later, but for now she enjoys the way it presses there. It doesn’t hurt, drowned out by the delicious way his cock drags against her walls, reminding her that she’s being filled completely.


“Does Wei Ying understand now?” asks Lan Zhan, punctuating each second word with a thrust, “where my cock goes?”


Wei Ying gasps, nodding as she tries to turn to face Lan Zhan’s neck. “Y-yes!” 


“And where is that?”


“Lan Zhan’s thick cock goes in Wei Ying’s little pussy,” she says, voice hitching. “Does Lan Zhan like it?”


Lan Zhan presses a kiss onto Wei Ying’s neck, murmuring, “very much.”


She squirms at the praise, trying to roll her hips in time. 


“Look in the mirror, Wei Ying,” says Lan Zhan, and she does, meeting his eyes in their reflection momentarily before gasping at the way his cock spreads her pussy open wide. Her clit is full and red, instinctive reaction to her getting roughly fucked by such an enormous cock, and her belly has a bulge from the size of it. Combined with her tender breasts, covered by gauze, and her flushed face, she looks perverted. 


“Oh,” gasps Wei Ying, pressing her hands onto her stomach. “Your cock is breeding me, wants to make me into a mummy…”


“Shall I?” asks Lan Zhan, catching on. “Fuck my child inside you?”


Wei Ying clamps down, waist twitching under Lan Zhan’s large hands as she squirms. 


“Yes,” she pleads. “Fuck a baby into me, then when I give birth, fuck me again. I don’t wanna go for a week without your baby inside me, breed me, I’m just gonna be a slutty mummy with a litter of babies and when I can’t give birth anymore just keep me as your cockwarmer, please…” 


Lan Zhan hisses into her ear, biting into her neck and she screams, rocking her hips. He thrusts up into her, becoming more frantic and she’s moaning and babbling in delight how hard his cock is, stretching her open. The weight of his cock naturally presses against her g-spot, while the blunt tip continues to grind against her and she bounces feverishly, biting down coquettishly on her bottom lip. Lan Zhan gazes at her reflection over her shoulder, rapt by the display.


“Lan Zhan, fuck, fuck! Your cock feels so good, my pussy’s addicted to your huge cock ah I can’t have sex with anyone else again, I’m completely dependent on your cock, Lan Zhan,” she wails, her hands bracing behind her on either side of them. Her breasts shake as she rides him. “I’m just your fuck toy now, look, my boobs are so sore… but it feels so good my pussy is still leaking. I’m so sensitive everywhere, ahhh Lan Zhan, won’t you have mercy on me? Let me cum on your cock now, please?” 


He grits his teeth before burying himself inside her and spilling right into her. His cum splashes against her cervix and she sobs. 


“Oh, Lan Zhan, I’m definitely gonna get pregnant, oh god… I’m gonna have your babies, Lan Zhan…”


Rubbing one hand on her hip, he ghosts the other over her breast, causing her to whine. 


“Ahhh… your hand feels so nice… my skin feels warm, won’t you relieve it some more?” 


He gently presses his fingers into the sides of her breasts, causing her to moan and clamp down on him. He’s still hard inside her, and as she grinds down against him while arching her chest into his hands, he rests his chin on her shoulder.


“Wei Ying looks happy like this,” he says. 


“Yes!” she agrees, looking at how wild her eyes are in her reflection, the way she’s shaking her hips.


“Lean forward,” he instructs her, and she does so. He rubs his palms along her sides, causing her to shiver, and she watches mesmerised as his fingers dig into the skin of her thighs and bottom. She knows he loves to squeeze her here, entranced by how his fingers sink into her softness. She squirms as he gropes her, wanting to move. The large cock that’s still inside her presses into her tummy and she wants to relieve the pressure. 


“Can Wei Ying ride your cock please?” she asks, giving him her best puppy eyes through their reflections in the mirror.


He ignores her. 


“Please, Lan er-gege,” she begs, wriggling her bottom as well as she can in his grip. “Wei Ying will be good!”


He grabs both her wrists, pulling them towards him so they’re angled slightly behind her. From this, she’s essentially restrained.


“Then ride,” he says. 


“Lan Zhan!” whines Wei Ying, but she complies, trying her best to lift herself off his lap and then seat herself on his cock. Her face is red with the effort, as it’s rather difficult, but she knows that if she doesn’t try she won’t be allowed to cum. The sound is rather lewd, her round bottom slapping onto the fabric of Lan Zhan’s pants, which she’s sure is stained with her juices anyway, while his cock enters her wetly. The way his cock drags against her inner walls feels so good, but the pace she can go at doesn’t feel satisfying at all. 


“Wei Ying’s pussy feels so good,” he murmurs, leaning forwards to press a kiss to the base of her neck. She shudders. 


“Lan Zhan, I wanna cum,” she says, wriggling her bottom. Lan Zhan watches, mesmerised at the way the globes of fat squirm and shake on his lap. Letting go of one wrist, he slaps a palm down on it, causing the skin to ripple and Wei Ying to sob. A red mark is left behind on the skin, smarting. “Lan Zhan you’re meannnn!” 


He digs his fingers into the large, splotchy mark, sinking into the fat, before he lets go and slaps it again, eliciting another squeal from Wei Ying, who bounces a little more enthusiastically. Changing hands, Lan Zhan does the same to the other side of Wei Ying’s bottom, before alternating between the two until her skin is marked with red handprints. Satisfied by this, he grabs her by the waist before shuffling them forwards until she’s on all fours in front of the mirror, looking at herself and the way Lan Zhan looms over her from behind her. 


“Oh,” says Wei Ying, voice breaking, and then Lan Zhan snaps into her with the full force of his hips and the noises she makes are strangled. The world shrinks to where they’re joined. She can feel how her own pussy stretches around his thick girth, how it rubs against her g-spot with each thrust in. She loves the way he fills her, fucking her wide open with powerful strokes, and she can feel the mix of her warm juices and Lan Zhan’s cum sliding down her inner thighs. The sound is slick and debauched, and when she looks up at her reflection again, only then does she realise she’s drooling, some of it dripping onto Lan Zhan’s nice carpet. She also thinks that her expression is embarrassing, half-lidded eyes with a slack jaw, but Lan Zhan’s eyes are trained on it through the mirror, staring intensely at how ecstatic she looks. His eyebrows are furrowed as he keeps one hand clamped onto her hip, the other brushing over her breast, causing her to squeeze down. 


“I’m sensitive!” she whines, and his thumbs rub circles into her soft skin, comforting her. “Lan Zhan I can’t hold back… I’m gonna cum… gonna squirt all over your nice carpet, Lan Zhan…”


“Do it,” growls Lan Zhan, fingers tightening over her hip bone, sure to leave bruises tomorrow. 


It takes a few more minutes of Wei Ying sobbing as she’s pushed into, before her thighs tremble and then she’s too tired to resist the orgasm that sweeps her body. She can feel liquid splash out of her and she cries out, clamping down around Lan Zhan’s cock. He grunts, spilling inside her. 


When he pulls away and sets her on the sofa again, she’s mortified to see that even his trousers are stained with her liquid, but he doesn’t seem bothered, sliding them off completely and then kneeling down between Wei Ying’s legs. He cleans her up with his tongue, and she yelps as he does so, hands lightly wrapped around her ankles. She can feel his tongue prod into her pussy, and she wonders if he’ll get some of his own release in his mouth. 


“Wei Ying is delicious,” he says mildly against her, and she cups his face with her hands as his tongue moves quickly over her sensitive skin. Having cleaned her pussy and thighs, he moves up to mouth over the underside of Wei Ying’s breast, the tips of his fingers ghosting over the sensitive skin in slight circles. Wei Ying squirms as he does so. “Does Wei Ying feel better now?”


Wei Ying pouts. “No, still sore and achey…”


Lan Zhan’s hands come up over the smaller ones resting on his face. His eyes are soft as he looks at Wei Ying, and then they glitter.


“Then we must continue.”


He unbuttons his shirt, revealing his muscular chest and sculpted abs and Wei Ying bites down onto her bottom lip, trying to stifle a moan. Wei Ying’s hands come down to play with herself as she watches him strip out of the shirt, and then he’s caging her in with his limbs. She can feel his cock, coated with her own slick, press against her thigh, and she whimpers as she thinks about how it’ll be back inside her, stretching her nicely again. The cool air of the room makes her conscious of how empty her pussy is right now. 


“Lan Zhan,” she says, looking at his lips. He slides into her, watching her expression change, her eyes rolling back and mouth falling open around a moan as he bottoms out inside her. He presses his wet mouth to hers, kissing her again and she can taste herself. He swallows her soft cries as he rolls his hips, intent on chasing another release.



Several hours later, Lan Zhan gently showers Wei Ying and wipes her down, and removes the dressings from her breasts. He marvels at the way the small metal barbells protrude from her puffy nipples. Gently, he cleans them with cotton swabs soaked in saline. Pressing a kiss to the underside of each of her breasts, he sets her down on a thick pillow to prevent her from rolling onto her side. 


“Rest well,” he murmurs, before lying down beside her, watching her peaceful sleeping form.