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How To Finish Your Bucket List Before You Die- A Guide From Kaeya Alberich

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So there’s a few things I want to chit-chat about.

I got a question about the between two gods line and I included it because I loved the idea that Kaeya, being from Khaenri’ah - the land where the gods’ gaze does not fall, managed to live such a life where despite being born to no god, he’s able to gracefully walk to his death whilst being escorted by Barbatos and Morax.


Diluc: subconsciously, he knew something was off. But he’s like any other person who ignores that tiny niggling feeling of unease and tries to either justify why everything is off, or deny that anything terrible is happening, at least until the truth is before his eyes and he can no longer deny it, hehe.

Jean: I wonder how she felt, with her last words being so harsh~ Kaeya specifically did all of his paperwork to make it easier on her when he passes, he even wrote out a will and set all the official business in order, even assigning a successor to the Cavalry Captain title.

Razor: I really liked the idea that as someone who had lived wild and dipped so far in nature would be able to take a single look at Kaeya and realise, ah yes, something unnatural which must be returned back to the normal order.

Kaeya: seems like the type of character to show love through actions rather than words. He tried words once, and look how that ended for him, Diluc bitter and betrayed and raging. Understandable, have a nice day.

Klee: “Mister Diluc is so grumpy, he should smile more. When Mister Kaeya comes back, I’m sure he’ll be happy again.”



Klee, only a few years older now, knocks on the door of the Angel’s Share. The usual patrons are familiar with the little girl and make space for her to peep over the counter of the bar. Diluc stares down at her, “What do you want, Klee?”

“I want the blue crayon,” Klee says, “and a red one, too.”

The blue crayon is a dark navy, Klee tends to use it only when she draws Kaeya, it’s barely a stump nowadays, but she stubbornly tries and tries to use it, even when she struggles and has to drag it across the paper with her forefinger. Klee and Diluc get the red crayon, Lisa is purple, Jean and Barbara a light blue, Noel and Albedo are orange.

Diluc pulls open the cupboard that used to hold the spirits, but is instead filled with slowly aging papers, and hands over the requested colours.

“What are you going to draw today?” He asks and Klee pushes an adventurer from his stool to take his seat. Kicking her legs, “I’m going to draw Mister Kaeya, and Klee, and Mister Diluc. I drew Miss Lisa with us yesterday, so today is your turn.”

“I see,” Diluc says and returns his attention to wiping away any water stains from a wine glass.

“Mister Diluc,” Klee pipes up, “You’re going to save this one in your cupboard too, right? For when Mister Kaeya comes back home, right?”

Diluc wets his lips, “of course I will, your room is too full now and that cupboard never held anything too important.”

Klee hums and turns back to her drawing, she’s gotten better at drawing lately, Diluc notes. Suddenly, she stops and stares, looking at her forefinger stained blue and the crayon she was using gone, nothing but a little dark fragment against her skin. She hunches in on herself, gaze drifting to the half finished Kaeya on the page, he looks a bit like an egg with a dark top and an eyepatch and she says, “Mister Diluc, I think I need a new crayon.”

He sighs and reaches back into the Klee cupboard, handing her a fresh navy blue and she grips it tightly with both hands.

“Mister Diluc,” She says and when she brings her gaze to meet his, red and red, tears brim and overflow, “for some reason, I can’t remember what Mister Kaeya looked like.”



“He’s not coming back, is he?”



Ehe ;)

Klee: Mister Kaeya will definitely be back before I finish using up this crayon!



While I am really proud of this work and the suffering I had to go through to write it, there’s one part that I really wanted to share and I just…. I really wanted to write it into the fic but I couldn’t fit it anywhere and it wouldn’t flow well enough so I scrapped it.

It was supposed to be me dipping my little nasty fingers into the concept of family, where Kaeya, in those few last days, goes searching for an Abyss Mage to have a last conversation with someone with the fellow experience of Khaenri’ah. The idea was meant to be that in their shared suffering of the land, all the citizens of Khaenri’ah had become closer than family, thus why Kaeya referred to Dainsleif as ‘Uncle’.

There was supposed to be a funeral for Kaeya, which three Abyss Mages would crash, representing the role of ‘father’ and ‘mother’ and the rest of the ‘family’, give their prayers and passing gifts on behalf of Kaeya’s family who couldn’t make it.

But I couldn’t fit it into the main story because I really wanted the story to Mondstadt focused and I felt that bring up Khaenri’ah too much would cause the characters to call Kaeya’s loyalties into question and that it’s cause the story to be stuck far too much into the past.



SCREAMS @frozendxwn on twitter did an amazing comic hhhh my heart exploded when i saw it!!!