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Even Losers Win

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~Even Losers Win~




                Imaizumi sighed, placing his hands inside his pocket as he walked silently beside the redhead. He lost another bet against Naruko, and now he had to treat him for lunch. Imaizumi groaned, listening to Naruko as he bragged about winning against him for the nth time that day. Feeling his ears ringing, Imaizumi tried to tune out the blabbering redhead to no avail. Naruko’s voice overpowered everything, and that includes all of Imaizumi’s feeble attempts to block his noisy companion out.



                “Hotshot’s treating me to lunch…Hotshot’s treating me to lunch~” The redhead chanted in a sing song voice, a wide grin spreading on his face as he continued to tease Imaizumi. “Ah Hotshot, why are you being so quiet? Contemplating your loss to the great Naruko Shoukichi?” He laughed, patting Imaizumi on the back a little too strong, it made Imaizumi stumble.



                Imaizumi groaned both from the slight pain in his back and also from annoyance. But Naruko isn’t done just yet.



                The sprinter gave a hearty laugh, seemingly enjoying Imaizumi’s reactions. The young all-rounder is just so fun to mess with sometimes. It gives Naruko his daily dose of satisfaction. Besides, Imaizumi was so stiff sometimes, so Naruko is making sure he lets loose once in a while…by making fun of him, of course. “You’re such a sore loser, Hotshot! But don’t worry I can understand! I know it’s hard for you to admit that I’m so much better than you! Kakaka!”



                “Shut up!” Imaizumi countered, glaring at the redhead half-heartedly. But even with his reactions, he still couldn’t help the corner of his lips from tugging upwards. And even though Naruko wouldn’t shut up about winning their bet, Imaizumi found himself not minding. He had his fair share of victories and he knows Naruko deserves to have them too. He knew how hard the redhead worked for it. So he lets the smaller teen bask in the glory of his victory.



                His fond thoughts however where cut off when he noticed that Naruko was at least a meter away from him, the redhead skipping merrily. Imaizumi groaned again, the redhead doesn’t even know where he will be treating him to lunch. He was going the wrong way too. Walking faster, Imaizumi quickly caught to the redhead, unthinkingly reaching out to grab Naruko’s hand.



                “You’re heading the wrong way, idiot.”



                Naruko flushed, quickly stopping to look down at the sudden warmth enclosing his hands. “Uhm, Hotshot?”



                Imaizumi froze, his heart beating wildly when he realized what was going on. He did it again…hold Naruko’s hand without thinking, that is. He stuttered, trying to search for the right words to say, only to find himself unable to form any coherent sentence, a deep red blush quickly spreading across his cheeks. Hurriedly, he tried to let go of Naruko’s hand but stopped as he felt the flashy sprinter slowly entwining their fingers together.






                Naruko’s face turned a shade redder, though his eyes were shining with determination. “…I’ll get lost if you let go, right?” And he smiled.



                Imaizumi rolled his eyes, and yet his hands tightened around Naruko’s own, all of his worries and embarrassment gone. “That’s because you’re stupid.”



                “What was that?!” Naruko almost screamed, pointing an accusing finger towards Imaizumi, seemingly forgetting about their still entwined hands.



                Imaizumi just grinned, pulling Naruko and ignoring the redhead’s complaints.



                He couldn’t care less of the stares they were getting. He and Naruko were holding hands, and somehow, it makes everything alright.