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Bikers and Bright Eyes

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May 29th

“So tonight is a museum gala to raise money for the arts, and since my library is part of the arts, I have to make an appearance and pretend like I’m fundraising.” Tony propped his foot up on the step stool and rolled sheer tights up his legs, concentrating whole heartedly on the task like he didn’t know his Alpha was drooling at him from the couch. “My trust fund dividends actually fully fund the library, but no one else needs to know that. It’s important to remind the wealthy to donate, and honestly the gala is worth attending anyway. The food is always excellent and something scandalous always happens. Librarians are so dramatic.”

The Omega's tunic only went to mid thigh, fitted and not quite sheer in a shade of stunning glacier blue and Tony smoothed it over his hips with a little hum, ignoring the punched out noise from his mate. “Then afterwards I thought we could go get dessert somewhere fun? I don’t ever do much for my birthday, and I’d rather spend the majority of itt sharing ice cream with you than spending the entire evening with a bunch of rich people I can’t stand.”

The worlds fanciest leather jacket went over Tony’s shoulders, and Bucky hadn’t known shoes could make him boner up in his jeans, but there he went anyway nearly popping a knot just watching his Omega bent over and fastening up knee high boots. 

“We only have to make an appearance.” Tony was saying as he pulled a pair of fingerless gloves on and Bucky tried really really fuckin’ hard to actually listen. “No more than an hour top, mkay?” 

It was the most posh biker look in the entire universe and cost more than the mortgage payment on his entire garage but the Alpha loved it, loved when his little mate dressed up in some version of glamorous grunge so they could go riding.

Tony wasn’t even showing any skin tonight, not really. The tights were sheer and the tunic was thin but he was still covered from toes to chin. It was the accessories that really clinched the outfit, fingerless gloves and dark eyeliner against darker red lips that made the Omega looking preppy, prettily vicious and Bucky sure felt vicious acting as a spectator to his favorite show of Tony getting dressed. 

“Come here, babydoll.” when he couldn’t stand it a split second more, the Alpha tipped his head back and wet his lips, flashed his fangs at his mate. “C’mere and sit comfy on my lap for a minute.”

“Judging by the state of your zipper, your lap looks too hard and pokey to be comfy.” Tony replied pertly, nose in the air and little fangs on full, flirty display. “And I still need to go get my perfume. I got a new smell I think you'll like.”

“You know my favorite smell is you scentin' like fuckin' horny when you're covered in me, sugar.” Bucky spread his knees wide and lifted one booted foot, let it drop with a thud onto the floor. “Over here on my lap, mate. Now.”

Tony's eyes flashed in beguiling defiance, but only because he knew his Alpha liked when he played tough and bratty and a little hard to get. Really the Omega was already moving towards his mate, swaying his hips and hiking his tunic up around his thighs so it was out of the way when he straddled up over Bucky's lap and automatically tipped his head so the Alpha would mouth and nibble at his throat.

Alpha.” Tony had been right, Bucky's lap was hard and pokey but it was still comfy in the sort of way that had the Omega moaning quiet and settling firmer over the thick bulge, his core twinging in remembrance of the last time he'd been knotted. His legs shook a little when Bucky swept those big hands up the back of his thighs and over his ass, Tony's entrance still slick and sensitive from this morning when the Alpha had pinned him to the bed and ate sloppy at his rim until Tony had finished with a scream.

“We should take the bike in.” Bucky squeezed at Tony's waist, rolled his hips up and ground into the warmth between Tony's legs. “Get lost for a little bit after the gala, maybe take our ice cream and eat it somewhere under the stars?”

“Mr. Barnes.” Tony sniffed playfully, too busy shivering over the burn of teeth  at his pulse to even be faux offended. “Are you trying to get me bent over the handle bars of your bike again?” 

“Sugar, you offerin’ to assume the position?” Bucky challenged and Tony giggled into their next kiss, teasing at his Alpha’s tongue with the sharp points of his fangs. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” 

“I love you.” Tony whispered when they parted and Bucky rumbled back, “I love you too, Omega. Can’t wait to put my mark on you, you know that? Gonna bite the shit outta you, make sure everyone knows you’re mine.” 

“Already yours.” the Omega corrected immediately, and then with an adorably mischievous scrunch of his nose. “I’m gonna bite the shit outta you too.” 

“Oooh I love it when you talk dirty.” Bucky patted at Tony’s booty then motioned for the Omega to slide off his lap. “But first, I got you a little something for your birthday. It’s down in the shop and I think--” 


Tony was off his lap and gone like a shot so Bucky finished to the empty room, “--you’ll really like it. Put a lot of work into it. Think it’ll be perfect for you.” 

“Alpha! Hurry up!” the Omega bellowed up the stairs and Bucky grinned to himself, took his sweet time sauntering down the stairs so he could listen for the exact moment when his now rarely shy mate found the present waiting for him.


Tony was exactly where Bucky knew he would be, right smack in the middle of the garage staring at the little motorcycle he’d discovered months ago in the dusty corner of the shop.

Except instead of faded paint, now the bike boasted a beautiful candy apple red coat, instead of chipped racing stripes there was brilliant, sparkly gold flames. A brand new seat and custom handlebars fit just right to Tony’s reach and just -below the gas cap sat an interlocked Alpha-Omega symbol Bucky had welded together from a repaired piece of the 1932 roadster grill. 

“Alpha.” Tony said again, softer this time, hands over his mouth and eyes wide in disbelief. “What…? What is this? What did you do? What did you make me?”

“I know you had your heart set on going to this fancy gala tonight, but I figured we’d go in and get pizza for your birthday instead.” Bucky shoved his hands in his pockets and tried for nonchalance, tried to act casual like his heart wasn’t pounding out of his chest. “Good messy pizza, you know? The kind you like with all that cheese and the breadsticks that make ya moan all pretty? Then we can take our bikes up the mountain and chase the moon risin’ till we find a good place to pull over and watch the stars come out.”

“The bike is--” the Alpha cleared his throat. “-- well it's sorta a bonding present too. I don't wanna take away from your birthday at all, and I know it's an early bonding present since your heat isn't on for another few weeks, but I just couldn't wait to see you on it, baby. I thought givin' you somethin' I built myself, somethin' we can use to spend time together... I thought it was a good present?”

Bucky's voice trailed off uncertainly when Tony just kept staring. “Tony if you don't like it, just let me know. I'll figure something else out for a bonding present, I promise. I just thought--”

“You built this for me?” Tony whispered, and Bucky nodded slowly. “Picked out this shade of red cos I said I liked sparkly things? Gold because you like the glitter I use on my cheeks? A piece of the roadster-- the first car I ever got to work on ever, and the first car we worked on together-- you welded that onto the tank in an Alpha Omega bonding symbol?

“I--” Bucky licked over his fangs nervously. “Yeah. Yeah Tony, I sure did.”

“Bucky.” Tony ran to him, threw his arms around the Alpha’s neck and dragged him down for a long kiss, pressed tight into a strangling hug. “Alpha. This is incredible. You are incredible. I can’t believe you put this much thought into a present for me. For my birthday and for our bonding, it's perfect. You're perfect.”

There were surprised tears in the Omega’s eyes and Bucky cup Tony's chin and crooned quietly, “No no, none of that bright eyes. You’re a bonafide biker now. We wear leather and pound beer and don’t tear up over sparkly presents.” 

“The hell we don’t.” Tony sniffed, and stood up on his toes to give his mate a much gentler kiss. “I'll tear up over whatever sparkly present I want!”

And then after another long kiss, "Can I-- can I go sit on it?"  

“It’s yours, sugar.” Bucky dropped the keys into Tony’s palm and closed slim fingers over them. “Go on and get her started. Make her purr.”

Tony gave an excited little shriek and skipped back over to the bike, plopped down on the seat pert and pretty and pleased as hell and Bucky thought he’d actually die when Tony leaned down to kiss the Alpha Omega symbol. 

“When we bond for real, we can get the date etched on there!” he called and his Omega squealed all over again. “You’re gonna kill me that noise, babydoll! Have mercy!” 

Tony called something back about never having mercy if it meant Bucky got him presents like this and Bucky grinned so hard his cheeks nearly cracked. 

A cough to his side and the Alpha pivoted around to find Natasha and Clint watching with raised eyebrows and equally judgmental expressions. 

“What?” he asked defensively and Natasha shrugged out a casual, “Oh nothing. It’s just-- you know you’re fucked, right? In a sort of embarrassingly obvious way?” 

“Leave me alone.” Bucky waved the other Alpha off and looked back at Tony still exclaiming over the color and lines of the bike. “I’ll be smitten if I want.” 

"Yeah!" Tony cried cheekily. "He'll be smitten if he wants!" 

Bucky laughed over at his mate and Clint elbowed Tasha, "How come you don't build me bikes? I could get all cute and smitten for you like that.”

"Now what on earth would you need a bike for?" Natasha's smile was sharp, all fangs and naked intent. "When it comes to you and I together, am the one doing all the riding, isn't that right?”

"Yeah." Clint looked pleased as hell. "Ain't that the truth." 


They got pizza at Tony's new favorite place, ate the greasy, dripping slices with garlic sauce and marinade and way too many bread sticks. Then there was ice cream, sharing Tony's favorite flavor back and forth and kissing the cold treat from each others lips as they walked downtown beneath the lights and held hands as the sun went down.

The clouds were already glowing pink and purple when they got back to the garage and wheeled Tony's new bike out onto the road, and by the time Bucky made sure his mate remembered everything he'd learned at the lessons and made sure the bike was sat right and perfectly sized for the Omega, the same clouds were rolling dark purple and indigo blue and the moon was just starting to rise.”

“Go on, babydoll.”  Bucky let Tony take the lead out into the hills, keeping a sharp eye out for each turn or potential hazard, listening to the sound of the Omega's laughter over the roar of the engines when they hit the open stretches and Tony could open up the throttle and really feel what his bike could do.

It was perfect, and Bucky couldn't think of anything more perfect than this sorta moment right here.

A few months ago a mate hadn't even been on Bucky's radar but now all the Alpha could think about was when Tony's next heat would come along, when he'd have an excuse to take his Omega out to one of the beautifully romantic heat hotels. They could lock them selves behind closed, scent blocking walls and he could lock Tony onto his knot and finally finally put a mark on the Omega's perfect throat.

Bucky couldn't wait, but for now, moments like this were pretty damn perfect too.  

Up at their favorite look out spot, the moon was rising silver over the valley and scattering shadows all over, and Tony slowed to a stop so he could stare out at the beauty for a minute while Bucky made it up to the look out too.

“Sure is pretty out here tonight, baby.” Bucky turned his bike off and leaned it to rest on the stand, shrugged out of his leather jacket and left it draped over the seat so he could shake his arms out and roll his shoulders. Tony had been hilariously honest about exactly how much he liked Bucky's left arm and the way the tattoos looked against the silver, so the Alpha had just started wearing tank tops all the time and tonight Tony's eyes brightened in excitement when he saw the muscles on full display.

“Sure is... pretty.” Tony repeated, biting at his bottom lip coyly and being immediately rewarded with a rumble from his mate. “Want to stay for a little bit? Find something to do?” 


The Omega giggled to himself, rocked his bike onto the kickstand but didn't turn the engine off, planted his feet on the ground and his hands on the gas tank and shot his Alpha a look over his shoulder, back arched and booty wiggling as the rumble from Bucky turned into a full throated growl.

“C'mon, Alpha.” Tony teased breathlessly, squeezed at the throttle until the bike vibrated beneath him, propped his knee on the seat and leaned over the handlebars so he was on full display for his Alpha, hips up and head down and fangs flashing in a coaxing, hungry smile. “Come on, let's stay for a little bit.”

“Horny Omega.” Bucky's pale eyes dipped red with immediate desire even as an adoring smile curled up around his fangs. “Fuckin' beautiful.”

“Horny Alpha.” Tony returned just as adoring. “You know you only planned a ride so I'd get up and present like this.”

“Fuck, I do like it when you present for me.” Bucky dragged his right hand down Tony's back, quieted the Omega's appreciative whine by slipping silver fingers between Tony's lips and ordering him to “Suck, baby doll, get 'em good and wet so I can open you up.”

“Ohhhhhh.” Tony groaned around the Alpha's fingers, hollowed his cheeks and sucked hard at them, slid further into the submissive position on pure instinct and rubbed against Bucky's lap as his mate moved behind him to straddle the bike too.

“C'mere sugar, I want you like this tonight.” Bucky took a moment to ogle the curve of Tony's ass before he reached to gently, easily manhandle the little Omega around to face him, taking Tony's slight weight without even flinching and situating his mate back on the bike so Tony was propped up on the gas tank, fingers clutched round the handlebars and knees on either side of Bucky's waist.  

“Like this.” Bucky ran his hand up the underside of Tony's thigh and lifted one long leg up over his shoulder, fit tighter into the vee of Tony's hips and turned his head to mouth kisses along the sheer stockings and nuzzle at the sensitive skin around Tony's knee. “Yeah, baby right here. Got plenty of room for me right there, don’t’cha?”

“I got plenty of room for you right here.” Tony hooked his other leg around Bucky's waist and dragged himself closer into the Alpha, let his tunic ride up to his waist until there were only nylons between himself and his Alpha.  He smiled, knowing and pleased when Bucky made a desperate, hungry sort of noise at the sight of his mate wearing no skirt, no panties, just sheer, thin material already tenting over the Omega's cock and staining dark where the seam rubbed at Tony's entrance.

Mine.” The Alpha snarled, red eyed and fangs out, and Tony just mewled, whimpered, spread his legs and arched his back and gasped yes as silver fingers tore at the thin material, spread over his leaking hole and then pushed inside.


“I love the way you moan.” Bucky didn't let up with his fingers until his left hand was shining slick, until his mate was sweating and writhing and the tights were soaked and slippery wet on the bike seat. “Fuck, I love how you say my name, baby doll, love how you call me Alpha. Lemme hear you, c'mon.”


“That's right, beauty.” the Alpha sat up and yanked at his pants, got himself free and stroked his dripping hand over his cock just once before lining the fat head up with his mate's center and shoving forward.

Tony rarely cursed, but he cursed now, dragged his fingers down Bucky's thighs and grabbed for his Alpha's hand as he was opened full and then fuller and then almost painfully pushed to his limit as his still tender insides stretched to accommodate his mate.

Bucky was big, he was so big that sometimes Tony thought he could feel the hard set thrusts in the back of his throat but that didn't stop the Omega from bracing himself and hissing for more, canting his hips and taking Bucky deeper, further with each stroke until the bike started rocking on its stand and Bucky had to slow down so they didn't topple right over.

The Omega was sopping wet and begging for more more more so Bucky didn't bother waiting to knot his mate, didn't stop long enough to make sure Tony finished at least before he was even close. Not tonight, not when the moon was bright and stars were shining in Tony's eyes, not when they were going to be bonded soon and Bucky would have decades to take his time with Tony and wring every drop of everything from his mate.

Not tonight, not when Tony was half out of his mind with pleasure, vanilla and rose scent like a potent drug clouding up the Alpha's vision and racing his heart faster and faster until all Bucky knew was the taste of Tony on his tongue and the rippling, clenching heat wrapped around his cock and milking at his growing knot.

“I'm coming--!” Tony cried out to the empty sky, squeezed at the throttle hard and the bike roared beneath him, sent him over the edge with a core vibrating rush and Bucky jerked forward, jerked deeper and locked up tight inside his mate until he was coming too, drawing blood from Tony's mouth when he bit down too hard, moaning into a messy kiss when Tony grabbed him tighter and bit him right back.


...there was soft kisses and low conversation afterwards, teasing nuzzles and adoring touches, and Bucky set up the locking mechanism in his arm so he could balance them and the bike against the guardrail with one hand, and hold his mate tight with the other.

“I love you.” Tony's leg was still up over Bucky's shoulder, tights ripped down to his knees and tunic stretched up at his waist. His lipstick was smeared, eyeliner smudged at the corner and the spray of glitter over his bonding spot had faded up his neck and dusted specks at Bucky's mouth. “My mate, I love you.”

“I love you too.” Bucky leaned down to capture a slow kiss and the sound of his mate purring in pure, sweet satisfaction, then sat back up to look at the Omega in awe.

“...What?” Tony turned a little shy when he caught his Alpha's gaze, flushing prettily and plucking uncertainly at the torn edges of his tights. “What are you staring at?”

“Just you, Bright Eyes.” the big, bad Alpha biker whispered.

“...just you.”