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Attention (PJM x reader)

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A call of your name, the familiar voice breathed at your ear. You remained impassive, eyes glued to your phone. You could nearly see his shoulder deflate, a sigh at his lips.
Park Jimin did not enjoy being ignored.
Next to you Jungkook grinned, eager to see how this situation played out. He leaned a little closer to you, touching your arm with his hand, an inflammatory gesture.

One thing Jimin hated more than being ignored was having to share.

“Noona can’t you show me that game you were talking to me about earlier?”
“Hm?” At that, you looked up, the spell of your smartphone broken, nearly colliding your forehead with the younger man.
“You know, that game you like, the one like guitar hero but you play it on your phone?”
“Superstar?” You nearly laughed, pulling up the app. “Yeah, I can show you Kookie.”
“Jagiya.” Jimin tried again, eyes narrowing at Jungkook. His hands pressed into your shoulders, trying to pull a reaction out of you. “Dance practice is over.”
“Mmm.” You looked up, just for a moment, sending a smile his way. “That’s nice. Come sit.” You patted the empty spot next to you before turning your attention to Jungkook. Jungkook who was now leaning into you, staring excitedly into your phone, more than violating your realm of physical space.

At least that is what it seemed to Jimin.

The minutes seemed like hours, no amount of him idly running his fingers across the skin of your neck or softly humming in your ears seemed to drag you away from your focus, your fingers nimbly hitting the buttons as you showed the maknae your game.
For his part Jungkook looked enthralled, nearly snatching the phone from your hand at one point, a grin plastered on his face.

Jimin sighed, for perhaps the fourth time, a pout gracing his full lips as he started down at you. A familiar feeling churned in his stomach, shreds of doubt taking over.

Why didn’t you seem to see him? To want him? Jungkook being so close to you, so familiar, it set his blood alight. His frown deepened. He needed to do something.

He needed to-

“J-Jimin?” You gasped as he plopped into your lap, snatching your phone from your hand. His hips fell on either side of yours, straddling you and pinning you down all at once.

“Jagiya, don’t you see me?” His voice was equal parts whine and rumble, breath close to your ear as he leaned in, pressing a kiss to your shoulder “Aren’t I the one you should be keeping your eyes on?”

Though Jimin blocked your view, you could hear Jungkook’s sharp intake of breath, an embarrassed noise leaving his throat as he shifted back, pressed against the end of the couch.

It was hard to think, your words dying in your throat as Jimin pressed closer to you, teeth dragging a tantalizing trail over the sensitive skin of you neck,  you bit your bottom lip, fingers gripping tightly against his arm.

“J-Jimin.” Your breath caught in your throat, his name a hoarse whisper. “Jimin, what are you-“ His hands brushed under the fabric of your top, skimming the skin of your stomach. You whimpered, back arching closer to him as a shudder tore through you.
He wasn’t usually so needy.
Your hands carded through his hair, tugging at the strands. Your sense of propriety faded with every touch, with ever word dripping like honey from his lips.

He shifted, parting your legs with his thigh, till his knee was brazenly pressed against you, till you were gasping under him.

‘W-What about Jungkook?”

‘Don’t worry about him. Just keep your eyes on me, just say my name again Jagi. Let me hear you. I don’t want you to pay attention to anyone but me right now.”  

You tugged on his hair, his motives suddenly open and obvious.

“Are you jealous, Jiminie?” You teased, his pout increasing by the moment. “Is that why you’re acting so needy.”
“Jagiya.” He whined, relishing the way your body tensed under his motions. “Do you blame me?”
A sudden confidence surged through you, hands on his hips as you shifted till you were the one sitting above him.

“Let me fix that.”