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Bakugou used to love Halloween when he was a kid. What was there not to love? He donned a pretty, detailed and expensive All Might costume, hand-sewn by a seamstress of his parents’ company, and walked around the neighbourhood, demanding candy like the entitled brat he was.

It was fun. Hell, it was the best fun a kid could ask for.

Now, freshly out of UA and working himself to the bone as an intern, not so much. Listen, he knows fun, don’t ever listen to whatever bullshit Ashido and Kaminari say. He has fun! He hasn’t forgotten what fun is. Maybe he doesn’t want to spend his only free day of the week dressing up, doing makeup, putting in fake teeth and drinking cheap booze on the rooftop of Yaoyorozu’s flat.

He has better things to do. Laundry needs to be done, because he is running out of clean socks, and the bed sheets need to be changed soon. He won’t have time during the weekend. And someone has to do the groceries because his idiot roommates will definitely forget it. There is no doubt about that. And then he’ll have to find a solution, but ‘I’m so sorry, Kacchan!’ and pretty eyes will not make Sunday breakfast.

True, it’s kinda nice to hang out with his late class. Not talking shop, sipping beer, eating greasy fast food, and laughing at Kaminari’s bullshit. Just like they used to back in the dorms.

Ok, sue him, he misses the shared accommodation. It had character. How Kaminari used to announce his presence in the bathroom with a loud fanfare, how Sero wasn’t above taping clothes to the ceiling and forcing the unfortunate victim to make their way back in nothing but a towel. Surprisingly, Todoroki was the usual target – but the moron didn’t mind. He marched back upstairs in nothing but his white towel, uncaring of the greedy eyes following him. Pfft.


To top it off, Yaoyorozu organised a little costume contest – so obviously, Bakugou has to be the best. Otherwise, what’s the point? True, the voting is anonymous, and there is a big hat near the beer keg where people can cast their votes, so it’s nothing serious. The winner will be announced at midnight, and their prize is probably something moronic. Bakugou doesn’t even know. He wants to win for the fun of it. And because last year, Todoroki won with his shitty prince attire. He even melted something wacky black substance on his left side, so he looked hideous and mysterious, and won unanimously. The little shit.

That black muck wasn’t easy to clean up from their bathroom floor, but Bakugou enjoyed every moment of watching Todoroki clean. He refused to help because it wasn’t his mess, and the spoiled winner prince could do it on his own.

Of course, Deku had to step in and help him, but Bakugou still refused. He had to draw a line somewhere.


This year, the competition is tight. Todoroki is dressed as a vampire count (or cunt if you ask Bakugou), Uraraka is a bloody nurse, Iida is Frankenstein’s monster, and everyone else is equally creepy. But Bakugou knows he has a good chance of winning because he’s dressed as a werewolf. And oh, he put in the effort this year, he didn’t don a cape and let his naked chest win for him. No, no. He is wearing fake ears, which blend perfectly in with his hair, artificial teeth that resemble fangs, a collar with a torn chain and loose-fitting, artistically torn clothes.. He painted his nails black, so they look like claws and what’s more important, he has a tail. A long, beautiful, soft tail. Which might not be perfect for this occasion, but by the time the package had arrived, it was too late to do anything but… wear it. Anything for the win. He has to be a little more careful, and not let his face betray him when he sits down or stands up, and it’s going to be alright.

And to be honest, he is having fun. Yaoyorozu is dressed as the corpse bride, her make up impeccable, while Jirou’s dressed as a regular zombie, but they’ve organised the whole party as their fake wedding in the afterlife. They transformed their whole rooftop into a hellish nightmare set for a wedding, and put up heating panels all around, so it’s comfortable to be outside, even in October.

Kirishima is dressed as a ghoul, Ashido is wearing antlers and fake blood, so Bakugou has no idea who she is supposed to be, but he doesn’t care. Ashido has her own personal humour anyway, so he has a feeling nobody knows what she is.


They’re currently playing a game where one of them has to pronounce gibberish and has to find out what exactly they’re trying to say. Which sounds stupid, but after listening to Deku trying and failing to realise he’s been saying ‘double anal penetration’ for the past five minutes, Bakugou is happy to say it’s hilarious.

The more they drink, the funnier the whole thing gets. He’s glad Tsuyu brought some of her own games because this is ridiculous. He doesn’t mind making a fool of himself when trying to say ‘Brazilian wax’, even if his brain needs almost two minutes to make out the foolish words. Everyone is equally bad at this, except for Jirou – she can listen to her words at the same time as speaking, so she’s winning the whole thing.


After he’s exhausted himself, Bakufou stands and takes his cup to walk to the edge of the spacious rooftop, and breathe a bit. Also, the view is something. Makes him want to move to a building like this. Not to host parties, oh no, he’d rather die. But it would be indeed nice to be able to come up and gaze at the city they’ve sworn to protect.


He looks back over his shoulder to the others and watches as they start putting up the beer pong table. Huh, that’s so stupid, but he loves playing it. Maybe too much – he’s been forbidden to play in the last semester because he had a nasty habit of blowing up the whole table.

Jirou told him she’ll throw him off the roof if he creates any explosions.


With a huff, Bakugou turns back to lean on the edge of the terrace. He’s chosen a semi-hidden space behind a large plant. He knows he’ll have to get back to the party sooner or later, otherwise, the noisy extras will come and start looking for him. He needs to breathe a bit, drink his gin tonic in peace. Then he’ll get back and obliterate them in beer pong.

He gets two sips in undisturbed, then the telling swish-swish of a cape is followed by a cold breath over the nape of his neck. “Bakugou.”

“Cunt Dracula,” he clicks his tongue. There goes his chance for peace and quiet.

“It’s Count Dracula to you,” Todoroki says, stepping closer. He radiates cold, for the role, and Bakugou feels goosebumps break out over his skin. He left his jacket on the back of his chair because he thought he wouldn’t need it. There’s a large heating panel on his right.

“That’s exactly what I said.”

“You didn’t.” Todoroki leans closer and pushes his cold nose against Bakugou’s neck. “You smell so… enticing.” Bakugou automatically tilts his head to the side and lets Todoroki nuzzle close. “It’s surprising. I haven’t met a beast who hasn’t smelled like rot before. But you smell so sweet. I might … eat you.”

Bakugou feels the tip of the plastic teeth graze his skin, so he quickly pushes Todoroki’s head away. “Get off me, bloodsucker. Behave yourself.”

Todoroki laughs softly but doesn’t step away. “But you smell like dinner.”

“I smell like someone who’s gonna kick your ass,” growls Bakugou, trying his best to hide his smile. Todoroki’s adapted the vampire persona rather well. And he makes no move to push him away, so Todoroki flattens himself over him, hugging him from behind.

“No, I don’t think so. Everyone knows vampires are stronger than mangy dogs.”

“Mangy,” gasps Bakugou indignantly, but Todoroki merely snickers into his hair. “I thought vampires were supposed to be polite.”

“I’m polite.” Then he breathes again, the cold air tickling Bakugou’s ear. “Just not with you.”

“You’re terrible.”

“Yes, yes, I am. A terrible monster. And I hunger for your blood.” He goes as far as curling his tongue around Bakugou’s earlobe and sucks it into his mouth to bite into it. “I want my feast.”

Bakugou shudders and lets him keep biting and sucking on his ear because it feels damn terrific. Todoroki knows his way with his tongue, and Bakugou feels his stomach tighten. He wants to feel that tongue somewhere else too.

But the noise of his friends laughing in the background hits Bakugou, and he roughly shakes his head. “Get off, you untamed beast. I’m not your chew toy.”

“You’re not?” Todoroki sounds disappointed as his hands sneak up from his waist, and flatten against his chest. “But I wanna bite you so much~”

The promise of that makes Bakugou shudder, because yes, it would be a lot better alternative, this is why he would have preferred to stay in!

“Find someone else,” he hisses and turns in Todoroki’s embrace. When their noses almost bop, he realises his mistake. Facing Todoroki is a terrible temptation. His silly mismatched hair goes especially well with this persona.

“But I only want you,” says Todoroki in a low voice. “Only you, puppy.”

Bakugou’s stomach flips from excitement. Oh, no. Not the pet names. His Kryptonite!

Todoroki immediately senses his hesitation, and caresses his shoulders and back as he leans closer. “Don’t you want to be bitten? I only had good reviews.” He playfully tugs at Bakugou’s bottom lip, and Bakugou feels his knees go weak, but before they can knock together Todoroki swiftly pushes his thigh between them. “Once. Let me bite you once. See how you like it.”

Bakugou finds Todoroki impossibly alluring when he gets like this. When he’s more direct, and clearly says what he wants. Bakugou is weak for Todoroki on a good day but like this? He’s powerless. But he has to stay strong because he won’t be caught with his pants down behind a decorative bush! He has a reputation to uphold. Even with Todoroki’s stupid pretty lips caressing his in an almost-kiss, he has to stay vigilant.

Kacchan,” pleads Todoroki with a low whisper, and honestly, Bakugou would like to say otherwise, but that’s all it takes. He falls forward into the kiss that’s all teeth and tongue and rocks into the thigh between his knees. He’s hard, and he wants to relieve some of his tension. And it’s one kiss, and they’re hidden, so it can’t hurt.


Todoroki kisses back with the same ferocity, and then he palms Bakugou’s ass, pulling him roughly onto his thigh, massaging his flesh like it’s his to play with. Which is… totally true.

And Bakugou’s clear-headed, he knows what he’s got himself into, right until the moment Todoroki gently tugs at his fake tail.

Bakugou whimpers into the kiss, and he wants to take it back, he does – but he can’t.

Todoroki pulls away from the kiss and gazes straight into Bakugou’s eyes. There is a small crease between his eyebrows, which shows that he’s trying to work his useless brain, and Bakugou wipes his mouth and averts his eyes. Shit.

“Bakugou?” asks Todoroki slowly, all seriousness. His fingers trail over the small of Bakugou’s back, but he grabs his wrist before he can mess with the tail again. “What’s going on?”

Bakugou knows he’s red as an overripe strawberry, and he hears Ashido and Uraraka laugh from somewhere behind the tall plant, and he can’t risk this. He … can’t. Nobody knows about this, nobody can know about this – their career and their lives cannot take the toll of the rumours, and they don’t want the focus to be on their personal lives. Bakugou doesn’t want it.

“Get off me,” he growls, and Todoroki senses his seriousness, because he immediately backs away, with his hands raised. “I’m going to the bathroom,” he says as he pushes himself away from the railing. “Downstairs,” he adds with emphasis, then leaves Todoroki to stand there dumbly.


As he steps out of the little, cosy nook, he catches sight of Uraraka and Ashido giggling on a swing bed, obviously too focused on each other to care about the outside world. Bakugou tries to sneak past them, but before he can, Ashido reaches out and almost grabs his hand. He gets away in time, but Uraraka’s foot stops him.

“Hi, there, Blasty,” says Ashido brightly. “Have you been lurking in the shadows all this time? Brooding all alone?”

Bakugou is very thankful for his costume choice because it makes it impossible for them to see the evidence of how much he hasn’t been alone in the past couple of minutes.

“Yes. Howling at the moon,” he adds.

“You won’t catch Little Red Riding Hood like that,” tuts Uraraka.

“Maybe he wants to be caught by Little Red—” giggles Ashido.

“You guys are hilarious tonight,” Bakugou drawls, and hopes the weird fluorescent fairy lights hide his flushed face. “I’m going to go now.”

“No, no, wait,” tries Ashido, but he gently smacks her wandering hands away.

“I’m going to piss, fuck off.”

“The second bathroom is way nicer, if you ask me,” calls Uraraka after him. “More spacious~” she sing-songs, and Bakugou flips her off. “Boo!” This is their own friendship language, which nobody understands, but works perfectly for them.


Bakugou goes downstairs into the flat, and quickly finds the second bathroom. It is bigger, and of course, Yaoyorozu has two bathrooms. He does take a piss, it wasn’t all bullshit, and when he’s washing his hands, he keeps wondering if he’s been too cryptic or not.

When there’s a soft knock on the door, he gets his answer. “Come in.”

Todoroki pops his head in, and when Bakugou nods at him, he slowly walks in. “I’m sorry, did I go too far?”

Bakugou rolls his eyes. “Which part of ‘not in public’ don’t you understand?”

“We’re not in public. We’re in Yaoyorozu’s home, and… and there was a large plant behind us.”

“It’s public enough for me.”

Todoroki’s face falls as he stops in front of him. “So I can’t kiss you in front of our friends?”

Bakugou growls and pokes Todoroki’s chest. “You didn’t kiss me, did you?”

Todoroki smiles a bit and shakes his head. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gone overboard.” He feels no remorse and he doesn’t even try to hide this fact as his hands go to Bakugou’s waist. “But you’re extremely cute like this.”

“Pfft. Save your flattery to someone who cares.” Bakugou tries not to preen under the praise.

“You’ve left so early, we couldn’t even look at your costume properly. Can I?”

Bakugou reluctantly nods and lets Todoroki turn him around slowly as he looks at his costume in the bright light. And then he’s turned around, and he puts his hands on the marble counter, as Todoroki hums and cards his fingers through his tail.

“This is so silky, I wonder if—” He falls silent when Bakugou moans a bit when he tugs at the tail. “Bakugou,” he starts, speaking in a hushed tone as his fingers sneak into his pants. “Don’t tell me.” He tries to catch Bakugou’s eyes in the mirror, but Bakugou lets his head hang low. “No underwear?”

His pants are already low on his hips, so Todoroki has easy access. Without underwear, nothing is stopping the curious fingers from slipping between his cheeks.

“Is this,” asks Todoroki, suddenly breathless. “Bakugou,” he whines, as his finger finds his sensitive rim. “Is this a butt plug you’re wearing? Seriously?”

Bakugou takes a sharp breath in. “Yes.”

Todoroki laughs and kisses the back of his burning neck. “Why?”

“I. I ordered it online, I thought it was a costume piece. I didn’t… I didn’t know.”

“And you still went along with it?”

“I had no other costume! And you guys insisted we should come.”

“That’s so dirty,” murmurs Todoroki. “Can I see?”

Bakugou gulps and unbuttons his pants. They fall to his ankles easily, and Todoroki hums in appreciation as he widens his stance to make it easier for him to look.

“It’s not that big, so I thought it would be fine,” explains Bakugou.

Todoroki kisses his neck while he wickedly twists the plug, making Bakugou’s spine arch from the sudden stimulation.

“You don’t want to be kissed in public, but you’re okay with wearing a toy all night?”

Bakugou bites his lips and shrugs. What the fuck can he say to that?

“Or were you expecting this?” Todoroki pushes the plug in deeper, and it’s not enough, it’s even more teasing, and the toy’s been inside long enough. Bakugou is desperate for any kind of touch at this point. “You dirty puppy,” he breathes against Bakugou’s neck, and suddenly he’s biting the sensitive skin, the plastic fangs digging deep into Bakugou’s flesh. They’re not sharp enough to leave a mark, but they show the intent.

“What would your innocent Little Red Riding Hood say, hm?” Todoroki pulls the plug out, almost completely, then pushes it back in. Bakugou sees stars, but it’s nowhere near enough to get him off. “If he knew his precious Kacchan is wearing a plug, ready to be fucked by any monster who’s willing to do it?”

Bakugou bristles. Not any monster, not anyone. It’s always been the two of them. Nobody else.

“Shut up,” he snaps, turning back to catch Todoroki’s lips. He’s successful, but the kiss is cut short by Todoroki pulling away, but keeping him on the spot by twisting the plug until it shyly grazes against his prostate.

“I should tell him.”

“N-no, don’t tell Deku!” The dirty nerd would definitely get too touchy, and then they’d be forced to leave. Bakugou doesn’t want that. Not that he’s averse to the idea of finally getting railed by a Deku who’s wearing a cute red outfit, but he knows how much Deku wanted to hang out with everyone. “Don’t tell him.”

Even if Bakugou wants nothing more than to let Deku have his way with him as the Big Bad Wolf. Little Riding Hood taming the beast. The ultimate fantasy.

“What’s in it for me, I wonder,” asks Todoroki, his warm left-hand sneaking under Bakugou’s shirt to reach his nipples. “Why shouldn’t I tell him?”

“B-because he’s having fun, you’ve seen him.”

“He’d have a lot of fun with you too, puppy.”

Bakugou can’t argue with that. “Have fun with me, instead. Who knows if Deku’s going to let a nasty bloodsucker like you touch his pet?”

Todoroki makes a show of mulling it over, as he licks Bakugou’s throat. “Will you let me bite you?”

“Yes, fuck, yes, you can bite me, whatever.”

“You sound so sweet like this,” murmurs Todoroki, and he starts circling the plug, his warm fingers teasing Bakugou’s nipples under his shirt. “Alright, deal. I won’t tell Little Red.” He kisses Bakugou’s neck wetly, and he arches into the feeling, but for some reason, the whole thing feels like he’s made a deal with the devil.

And he loves it.

Todoroki pulls him away from the counter. “That rug looks soft. Get down on it.”

Bakugou follows the instruction and finds that the rug is soft under his knees. Todoroki keeps close to him, pulling his ass up in the air while he pushes his chest down on the rug.

“Let me look at this pretty plug.”

Bakugou enjoys this mock-cruelty. Todoroki twists and plays with the plug, and he feels ready to burst at the seams, he wants to be touched or bitten or whatever. Todoroki’s palms are hot and cold on the back of his thighs, as he spreads him open, and Bakugou feels him blow cold air against his rim stretched out over the plug. He doesn’t expect the wet tongue, but he should have foreseen it – Todoroki likes to play dirty.

And before Bakugou can wonder if Todoroki’s going to bite him or not, he does – he bites his ass, the sensitive spots on the back of his thighs, everywhere he can. Then he laps over the bites to soothe the numb pain, and Bakugou feels he’s slowly going mad from it.

When a finger slips inside him alongside the plug, Bakugou feels his lungs empty with a loud noise.

“Let me fuck you, puppy.”

On one hand, he wants that. On the other hand, it’s Todoroki – and he loves to deny him.

“No. No, absolutely not, you just want to mess me up.”

Todoroki whines and flattens his body over his as he kisses the back of his neck and shoulders. “I could plug it back up, and nobody will notice.”

“Deku will!”

“Only when we’re back home,” promises Todoroki with a low whisper. “Come on, don’t you want to feel good? I promise it’s going to feel good.”

Bakugou knows it will, he loves it when Todoroki gets this obsessed with his ass and offers to fuck him. Most of the time Todoroki whines and complains until he gets the dick he wants inside him. Greedy bastard.

“I don’t know,” mumbles Bakugou, feigning disinterest as he grinds his ass against Todoroki’s groin.

“It’s going to be rough and quick, I promise. So rough, but I’ll finish fast so you won’t get too bruised.”

Too bruised huh? Just as Bakugou loves it. Todoroki’s playing his game – he prefers slow, dragged out making out followed by (occasionally) rough sex. But quick? It’s Bakugou who likes to get off quickly between important things – before they get dressed for their day, before a big speech at a press conference, before they have to get back to a party with all of their friends.

“Fine,” he says with exasperation. “But be quick, okay? They’ll notice that we’re missing.”

“I will, I will,” promises Todoroki and he turns Bakugou’s face to kiss him once. “Be quick, I swear.”

He sits back on his heels, and Bakugou watches behind his shoulder as he opens his trousers, and pushes everything off his hips. The fact that they’re mostly dressed moves something primal in Bakugou.

“Let’s get this beauty out,” murmurs Todoroki, and he eases the plug out and discards it somewhere on the side. “Relax, puppy.”

Bakugou tries, but it’s so much better to have Todoroki inside him instead of the plug. He fists his hand in the towel and bites back a moan. At least tries to. Todoroki is pushing into him slowly but relentlessly and keeps a tight hold on his waist.

“I wish I could have you like this at every party we attend together,” murmurs Todoroki as he slaps his ass suddenly. “What about that charity dinner next month?”

“Keep on dreaming,” huffs Bakugou. The thought leaves him hot and bothered. To think about getting fucked in one of the dark corners is truly mesmerising. “Deku would never get on board.” He totally would.

“He doesn’t have to know about it.”

Bakugou groans. To keep secrets from Deku! To sneak around and have sex without him knowing or being present, like they’re doing it now, it so dirty and unimaginable, it leaves Bakugou even more breathless. And Todoroki does his best to keep him like that – he fucks him rough and quick, as he promised, and Bakugou’s eyes cross from the pleasure. It’s exactly what he needs after a long boring day. To feel those plastic teeth scrape and nibble on his skin, to feel Todoroki’s fingers dig deep into his waist and slap his ass.

He blindly reaches out and tears off some of the toilet paper.

“Don’t make a mess, Kacchan,” tuts Todoroki, and he grabs the paper from his hand, and reaches under himself. “So soon, puppy? Damn, you must have been getting desperate. Are you in heat?”

Shuddup,” gasps Bakugou.

Todoroki laughs against his ear, tongue lolling out to lick into his ear. “It’s okay, I love it when you are.” His clever fingers curl around Bakugou’s dick, and he can’t even try to stave off his orgasm – even his toes curl, and he comes with a soft sound. He doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction to scream.

Todoroki fucks him through it, then sits back on his hunches, and fucks into him roughly. “I guess it’s my turn now. I wish we didn’t have to go back, I wanna do this all night~”

Bakugou loves it when Todoroki keeps on going when he can’t even raise his head. His whole body feels like a live wire, and only Todoroki’s touch connects him to the real world. Otherwise, he’s floating away, happy and high on endorphins.

A sudden knock on the door shatters Bakugou’s happiness, and before they can say anything, Deku walks in.

“W-what are you guys doing,” he asks, his voice hushed and scandalised as he promptly locks the door behind himself. “Shouto, why are you fucking Kacchan in the middle of the bathroom?”

Todoroki slows down but remains balls deep inside Bakugou. “Because he’s so pretty.”

Deku scoffs, and it’s apparent he’s not happy. The short skirt and the red cape don’t help his case – he looks ridiculous. “That’s your excuse?”

“The tail’s a plug! I couldn’t help myself.” Todoroki’s hand caresses over Bakugou’s back.

“Is it?” asks Deku, looking straight at Bakugou as he comes closer. “Did you come with a plug in your ass, Kacchan?”

Bakugou gulps and glares at him. “Yes.”


“It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Deku throws his hands up in the air. “Guys, I had to lie to my best friends about going out with you two, and this is how you’re spending your bathroom breaks?”

“I thought I was your best friend,” pouts Todoroki.

“I mean Uraraka,” says Deku and crosses his arm. “Come on, hurry up and join the party. This is suspicious enough as it is.”

Bakugou pushes himself back on Todoroki’s dick. He has a better idea. “Why don’t you come here? Let the Big Bad Wolf eat you.”

Deku turns red but refuses to come closer. “I’m serious, guys. Finish up and come back. I’m not taking part in this debauchery.” He gently combs his finger through Bakugou’s hair and leans down to kiss him chastely. Then he kisses Todoroki too. “I’m waiting.”

And then he stands and leaves them with a final glance and a quick photo with his phone. “For my notebook,” he mumbles, then goes out to the corridor.

“Dirty nerd,” sighs Bakugou, then clenches around Todoroki.

“A-alright, alright,” chokes Todoroki, and continues moving. “Fuck, you’re still so impatient.”

Bakugou wants to taunt him further, but Todoroki grabs his hair and wrenches his head back. It’s amazing, and Bakugou doesn’t have any complaints as he lets himself relax and be used as a pretty toy.

After Todoroki finishes inside, he quickly inserts the plug back in. “A little gift for Izuku,” he whispers lowly, and Bakugou shivers. Oh, the nerd will love this.

Todoroki then turns him on his back and kisses him, uncaring of being on the floor. He kisses Bakugou long and hot. “Come on, let’s go back to the party.”

As he helps Bakugou pull up his pants, he keeps planting kisses on his face and neck and his collarbone that peeks out from under his oversized shirt.

“You know what,” asks Bakugou. “Let’s hunt.”

Todoroki frowns at him, but it’s obvious he’s interested. “And what’s our prey?”

“Little Red Riding Hood.”

Todoroki snorts and leans closer to rub his nose against his. “You’re crazy, he’s already mad at us.”

“Are you in or not, princess?”

“Of course, I’m in, you fluffy idiot.” He grabs the front of Bakugou’s shirt and pulls him against himself. “You know I don’t care right? I’d shout it from the rooftops that I’m with you.”

Bakugou knows he would, and he knows he can’t ask it from him. “Hmpf.”

Todoroki smiles a bit, his rare, honest smile, and Bakugou knows what he’s going to say before he does it. “I love you,” he whispers and kisses Bakugou’s lips softly.

“I do too,” murmurs Bakugou, kissing him again. “I love you, Shouto.” Then he adds his collar and steps back. “Now let’s go out, and hunt down our pretty little Riding Hood.”