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Carry On My Wayward Boys

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Justin: Our next letter says - "brothers, please tell me your feelings on Destiel. I am very upset and need validation. Also, I think I might literally be living in Super Hell."

Travis: Oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Definitely. Destiel is... very important. Definitely important.

Justin: You don't know what that is, do you?

Travis: JUSTIN! How dare you suggest that I would lie to our fans. Now, about that whole Super Hell thing...

Justin: Wait - no - you don't get to do this. You can't just run away from this.

Griffin: Okay - okay. Super Hell. Here's the thing -

Justin: I'm listening.

Travis: I'm listening.

Griffin: Is there a Super Heaven?

Justin: Yeah it's actually the same place.

Travis: Yeah it's the - It's the same place.

Justin: That's the funny thing about it!

Griffin: That is - that is funny.

Travis: Unless....

Griffin and Justin: UNLESS....

Travis: Unless it..... isn't.

Griffin: You're blowing my mind, Trav.

Justin: You're both idiots.

Travis (cutting across Justin): Unless what we understand is just Purgatory 2, and no one has actually seen Heaven, and so what we would underSTAND as super heaven is simply, Heaven

Justin: [indistinct noise]

Griffin: That's it! That's it, we solved it! We solved Heaven! Eat it Dante!

Griffin: Alright, Travis, I guess since we have to talk about Supernatural on air now I can ask you this question.

Justin: I feel a sense of illness and foreboding. 

Travis: Hit me, Griffin!

Griffin: What in the god damned fuck is Wincest?

Travis: Well, you see, Griffin - 


Travis (attempting to speak over Justin): - in the early days of tumblr - [inaudible] - knotting - [still inaudible] - and then I believe once - [justin is still yelling]

Griffin: I've muted both of you because I regret my life decisions immensely.

Griffin: Now, I can tell you all about [musical transition] THE MONEY ZONE



Griffin: Okay. Okay. Alright. We're back from break. 

Griffin: I've - 


Justin: Hello, idiots. 

Griffin: I have unmuted my brothers.

Griffin: Travis, I have a less loaded question for you. 

Justin: Y'know, Griffin? I don't trust you with question-asking privileges. 

Travis: I uh- 

Justin: Not at fucking all, my dude.

Travis: I have to agree?

Justin: Also - you both know we never actually answered their questions, right?

Justin: Like... either of them.

Travis: I don't feel like we need to talk about that!

Griffin: No listen, trust me on this one.

Griffin: Please explain the musical episode to me.

Griffin: Alright, so one of the characters is named Dean, and one of them is named..... Bastille?

Travis: Like the band?

Griffin: Shouldn't you know?!

Justin: I feel like it's important we address the second part in particular. In a serious way.

Griffin: The super hell part?

Justin: The super hell part.

Travis: Well, you know...

Justin & Griffin: Yes?

Travis: You know you're in super hell...

Justin & Griffin: YES?

Travis: ...because that's where the Super Devil is.

Justin: That's enough, I'm cutting your mic again.

Justin: here's my question.

Travis: What is your question Justin

Justin: why does it look like doctor who though

Travis: uh-

Justin: The tunnel he falls in that all the teenagers have been putting in gif form and exploding my tweets with. Why does it look like doctor who?

Travis: Well I don't know, Justin, I can't go on Twitter right now because someone sent hordes of teenagers to my mentions!

Justin: I was just asking a simple - [starts laughing] I was just trying to get an answer to a question since you [snorts] since you obviously don't know the answer! 

Travis: Justin, I know you know what Twitter teenagers are like - 

Justin: No, no no no, you don't get to pin this on me, you've been live-tweeting about watching this goddamned show for months - 


Griffin: I haven't been on Twitter since 2014.

Justin: I fucking hate you both.