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if only the shortening of daylight hours actually meant that the day didn't feel so long. these days you spent the cold darkening early evenings hold up in your shared apartment. normally, winter wouldn't bother you so much, it was your second favourite season after the calm poise of autumn. yet spending days quarantining, not able to leave your home unless it'd be for your once a week lectures, was really starting to take a toll on you.

and that's how you end up here.

in the closest mini mart to your block of apartments, dressed in an oversize hoodie that wasn't even yours and leggings that were god knows how old with your glasses perched on the bridge of your nose, steaming every couple of seconds as you tried your hardest to breathe slowly. the tips of your fingers that could just about scrape the cloud of fluff that wrapped around your body grazed a couple of items, flinging them into your trolley as you leaned into it, your body weight pushing it along the isles and not even your arms. you let out a sigh staring at the piled packets of ramen, knowing that it had been long since you had eaten a home cooked meal. these days you could only count on your peach flavoured milk, cup noodles and 3am pizza delivery binges to get you through the hard courses of uni. to say you were stressed would be an understatement. it had been so long since you saw your other friends, yes you called and face timed and each of you spammed the group chat- each of you minus jungkook, the graphic designer by day and overwatch killer by night who never seemed to be online, or maybe he was and just didn't respond. it had been the longest while since you had been home and seen your parents and hugged them oh how much you craved physical affection. it wasn't just lack of physical attachments, god help your mental health as that one lesson lecture in uni had been utterly useless, after all you spend all your hours rewatching the videos, searching online, completing assignments and prepping for exams with yourself only. you might as well just not turn up to your friday lecture, i mean you were teaching yourself the entire course anyway. a slight tap of the shoulder popped your bubble of contemplation and brought you back to reality.

there in the middle of the frozen foods isle was your best friend; arms wrapped around you like a koala, tingling breath on your neck as he breathed into his infamous back hugs-the only thing getting you through the lockdown period. you pause for a moment and let the cloth of your hoodies- his hoodies- tangle themselves, basking in all his warmth and familiarity. truth be told, you don't know what you'd do without park jimin. the light of your life- no he was your life. there for you at four am where you screamed at your computer, or there for you at 4pm lifting your drunk and limp body to your bedroom, not before brushing the cheap grocery store wine out from your teeth. sometimes you genuinely think that park jimin was too good to be true, to good to be in your life and the only reason why he happened to be there at every moment in your life was the fact that he was your roommate. he had no choice to stand you because he lived with you and had been living with you for the past two years.

a whine escaped your pale, chapped from the cold lips and a chuckle from his berry ones as he shifted his weight from off your back and leaned on the trolley, taking the cart away from your hold and stacking his items in delicately.

"what have you picked minnie?" and even in the dripping dim white light of the mart, you could still see the small smile that played upon his strawberry lips.

"just some fresh vegetables and sauces, thinking maybe instead of takeaway we could find a recipe online or something?" the huskiness in his voice did not allow you to miss the fatigue that was laced in his words, that and the fact that it was one am and both your online lectures start at eight. he glanced at you, his warm copper eyes finding yours and he smiled.

"let's pay and head back home yeah?" the mask muffling a few of his words but you understood, you had always understood him. you both passed the next few isles, one hand of his pushing the cart and the other wrapped in yours, fingers and hearts intertwined. small talk wasn't needed and at this time, with the both of you drifting in and out of sleep, fighting with the bleaky lights to stay awake, this comfortable silence was enough for you.

"wait here a second babe," he called out to you, and you lazily looked up. a neatly arranged row of hair dye boxes lay in front of you, a range of shades of all colours yet your gaze fell short once it reached the central tones of pink. the same box that jimin had already had in his hands. your fingers called out to his now dark hair and caressed the strands slowly, you always had been in love with dark tones on jimin, the contrast between the black and the sweet honey of his kissable skin.

"pink?" you questioned, quietly trying to imagine the pastel painted on his head. jimin paused and stared at you, your attention busy on running your hands through his hair. he watched you silently, for his heart was loud enough to shatter the glass doors. he watched as even on the verge of falling asleep, the stars in your eyes sparkled. that even when you complained how dry the harsh winter was making your skin, it was still soft when he cupped your cheek with the palm of his hand. that even through your hardest moments and your excessive lip biting, he wanted to so badly kiss away the doubts that spilt from your lips and then plant a slow peck on your forehead, encouraging you that whatever was on your mind he wants to know- he wants to share. he wants you.

"why pink?" you asked, now turning your attention on to him and for several moments, his heart stopped and thumped and then slowed. irregular beats matching his incapability to gather his thoughts and form a single coherent sentence.

because it's your favourite colour. it's the colour of you favourite strawberry lipgloss, your stupid peach milk that takes up all the space in his fridge, your fluffy sweaters that feel like a cloud when he 'accidentally' falls asleep and cuddles into you, the colour of your blushing cheeks whenever you see something you love, whenever you see him and try and hide your flustered state that he loves to see. its the colour of your beating heart that he wants to hold and make his own.

because you are pink and he loves you.

the two of you make it home, running in the cold and out of breath. you dye his hair the same night and he loves the feeling of your soft fingers in his hair so much that he decides that he's going to dye his hair more often for moments like this. and when he washes it all away and catches you struggling to stay awake despite his desperate attempts to get you to sleep before another hard day.

you stop and stare at him in awe. the blush that hugs his soft waves, it's wet each strand is but you can still see its vibrancy that lights up your small living room. the rosiness shining a perfect shade against his milky skin. he notices that its been a good few moments since he had showed you and since then you havent stopped smiling, your eyes havent stopped twinkling. in fact your smile widens at your favourite colour on his hair and jimin knows that he wants you to always smile like this, smiling because of him just makes his heart jump to cloud nine and make a home there.

"how do i look?" he asks after what seems forever in a few unspoken moments. "beautiful," you whisper loud enough for only him to hear and let out that breath that you seemed to be holding in.


and yes, you are beautiful.