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Certain as the Sun

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Lan Wangji likes to think he's a fairly patient person, but this bus ride has tested the edges of that patience. He was lucky enough for the seat beside him to be vacant, but even so, two hours in a bus full of hormonal teenagers in stop-and-go traffic is quite enough for him, thank you very much. He spends as much of the drive as possible studying, but there's only so much Dramamine can do for his motion sickness, so he's incredibly grateful when the bus lurches to a stop in front of a blue and gold illuminated sign just as the sun is setting.

There's a lot of whooping and celebrating going on as they all spill off of the bus, no small amount of it coming from Wei Wuxian, who has one arm looped around his brother's neck as they wait for room assignments.

Lan Wangji waits quietly as his brother gives a brief speech on the evening's curfew and when the park opens in the morning, then zones out again as he begins calling out names for room assignments.

That is, until he hears his own name, along with Wei Wuxian's.

No. No, that cannot be right.

He hurries up to his brother, who hands him a keycard without looking up from his clipboard.

"Brother, I believe a mistake has been made. I assumed I would be rooming with you."

Lan Xichen looks up, raising his eyebrows. "Me? No, I'll be rooming with Nie Mingjue, as we're both chaperones. Students don't room with chaperones."

"But you're my brother," Lan Wangji says, almost desperately, as he sees Wei Wuxian approaching, his usual bright smile firmly in place. "And Wei Wuxian is… is…"

"Aren't you two friends?" Lan Xichen asks, smiling innocently, the absolute menace.

"Lan Zhan!" Suddenly there's an arm around his shoulders and a warm presence pressed against his side, and Lan Wangji can only stare at his brother, who smiles pleasantly at Wei Wuxian as he hands his keycard over. "I'll take care of your brother, Lan Xichen, don't you worry!"

"I'm sure you two will have fun," Lan Xichen says pleasantly, before looking down at his list again. "Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang!"

Wei Wuxian chatters the whole way to the room, then spends a solid ten minutes darting around the room cooing over all the "Disney touches", from the towels folded into Mickey Mouse heads on the bed to the same mouse stamped into the bar of soap on the bathroom counter.

While Wei Wuxian waxes poetic about every detail of the room, Lan Wangji sets about unpacking, folding his clothes carefully into the three drawers of the right side of the dresser, leaving the left for Wei Wuxian.

Just as Lan Wanji is exiting the bathroom after a quick shower, there's a knock at the door.

"Brother," Lan Xichen greets him cheerfully. "Just doing a curfew check. Is Wei Wuxian here with you?"

Suddenly there's a warm weight across Lan Wangji's shoulders.

"Xichen-laoshi!" Wei Wuxian leans around Lan Wangji, his arms draped casually over his shoulders. Lan Wangji stands firm to support his weight and very firmly does not look his brother in the eye. "We're still getting settled in, but this room is great!"

"I am glad to hear you like it," Lan Xichen says, and Lan Wangji can see his lips twitching with silent laughter. "It is almost curfew, so I just wanted to check in. Do you two need anything?"

"No," Lan Wangji replies, just as Wei Wuxian says, "Just for tomorrow to get here faster!"

Lan Xichen does chuckle this time. "Well, I won't keep you, then. Have fun tomorrow, and remember to text Nie Mingjue or I if you need anything."

"We will!" Wei Wuxian promises before disappearing back into the room. Lan Xichen watches him go, then raises a curious eyebrow at Lan Wangji.

"Good night, brother," Lan Wangji says stiffly.

Lan Xichen grins. "Good night, Wangji. Enjoy yourself."

Lan Wangji shuts the door just a bit too firmly.

"Okay, so." Wei Wuxian flops onto the bed closer to the window. "I probably owe you an apology."

Lan Wangji turns, frowning. "Why?"

"It's… probably kind of my fault we're rooming together. See, Jiang Cheng has had a massive crush on Nie Huaisang forever, and I convinced him that this trip is the perfect opportunity to do something about it. So he requested to room with Huaisang, and I requested you. The fireworks and the castle all lit up at night, super romantic. Brilliant, right? You're gonna be more fun to hang out with, anyway," he says, grinning.

For a moment, Lan Wangji wonders if this is a prank, because no one has ever once described him as fun, but he writes that off almost immediately; Wei Ying may be shameless and a little wild, but he is not cruel. The pause must be enough to worry Wei Wuxian, though.

"I mean, not that you need to hang out with me just because we're rooming together! I just figured I'd give Jiang Cheng some space, but you probably don't want me ruining your Disney time, so I can entertain myself, it's fine." He's still smiling, like he's always smiling, but it looks slightly less genuine than it did a moment ago, more like a mask, and Lan Wangji finds himself disliking that immensely.

"You will not," Lan Wangji says, probably too quickly, because Wei Wuxian looks a bit startled.

"I… can, though," Wei Wuxian says, laughing in a self-deprecating way that makes Lan Wangji's skin crawl for reasons he's not ready to examine just yet. "I mean, I know it seems like I might die if I'm not constantly annoying someone, but I can handle some time to myself," he promises.

"No, I mean—" Lan Wangji takes a breath, taking a moment to gather his words. "You will not 'ruin my Disney time'. I have no actual plans for the next two days. You can stay with me, if you like."

The smile that splits Wei Wuxian's face is like the sun coming out, and Lan Wangji has to turn away to resist the urge to bask in it.

The next morning Lan Wangji wakes early and goes for a run, then returns to the room to shower and dress. He's packing his backpack when Wei Wuxian finally wakes around 7, his phone alarm a chipper K-pop song cutting into the quiet morning. He flails his way out of bed and into the bathroom, emerging 20 minutes later looking far more awake in a Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and just a hint of eyeliner.

Lan Wangji looks pointedly at his watch as Wei Wuxian moves around the room, adding some rings, a studded leather wristband, and a flannel shirt around his waist to his ensemble. He stuffs some cards into his back pocket and his phone into a front pocket, then turns with his arms splayed in a "ta-da" gesture.

"Alright, I'm ready! One thing, though — do you have the Disney app?"

"Yes," Lan Wangji says. "It seemed prudent to have a map on hand."

"Great!" Wei Wuxian says brightly. "We need to link our accounts so we can get fast passes together!"

It takes some finagling, but ten minutes later they have linked accounts and twin fast passes for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, at Wei Wuxian's request. Wei Wuxian stuffs his phone in his pocket victoriously, then blanches when he sees the time on the hotel clock on the table between the two beds.

"Shit, Lan Zhan, come on, we're gonna miss the gate rush!"

They do not, in fact, miss the gate rush, though Lan Wangji wishes they had when they arrive and Wei Wuxian dives headfirst into the crowd. Lan Wangji hangs back, repelled by the noise and closeness of the crowd, but within seconds Wei Wuxian has returned, bright-eyed and excited.

"Everything okay?"

"I don't like crowds," Lan Wangji admits, eying the writhing masses warily.

"The gate rush is a tradition!" Wei Wuxian says, pouting a little. "We have to pick a ride and run for it! How do you feel about Peter Pan's Flight?"

He'd read about each of the park's rides before the trip, of course, and he recalls that one being one of the tamer ones.

"It's fine, but I do not mind waiting in line."

Wei Wuxian laughs. "Ah, Lan Zhan, but the competition is half the fun. Come on!" He catches Lan Wangji's wrist in a firm grip, and while Lan Wangji could pull away, he finds himself following along in Wei Wuxian's wake, the warm press of his fingers grounding him against the panic the crowd threatens to draw out.

Within minutes the gates are opened and suddenly they're running, Wei Wuxian's grip still firm around his wrist. The castle looms large in front of them, all pink and blue and gold accents winking in the early morning light, then they veer off to the left around a garden. They run past some flying elephants on their right, following the curve of the garden around until they're in the shadow of the castle, then take a sharp left. By the time they see the clock tower of Peter Pan's Flight, they've gotten ahead of most of the crowd, and Wei Wuxian cheers as they get into line and are able to walk right up to the boarding area.

He keeps his hold on Lan Wangji's wrist all the way up until the attendant gestures for them to step into the front bench of the small boat, at which point he lets go so he can hold onto the seat as he clambers in.

Lan Wangji tells himself, very firmly, that he does not miss the touch, and chooses not to look too far into why that's a thing he has to tell himself at all.

The ride is lovely, though Lan Wangji finds himself looking at Wei Wuxian almost as much as the scenes unfolding around them, his reactions to each scene entrancing in a way Lan Wangji doesn't fully know what to do with.

After the ride, Wei Wuxian consults his map, then leads them down around a corner and into what appears to be a general souvenir shop, full of everything from balloons to magnets to flashing, noisy toys.

And of course, lots and lots of ears.

"I don't have a ton of spending money for this trip since my hours at the bowling alley got cut," Wei Wuxian explains as they enter, "but I swore I'd get some ears, even if I have to skip a meal or two to do it." He grinning as he speaks, oblivious to Lan Wangji's scowl at the words. The Jiangs are far from struggling; did they not cover Wei Wuxian's meals, at least?

Wei Wuxian spends almost half an hour dithering over all the available ears. There are plain black ears, ears with a little blue wizard hat perched between them, ears with sequins, ears with flowers and shining gems. There are ears in a dazzling variety of colors, some with characters on them, others with baubles hanging off of them.

He finally settles on a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed set — black ears with a dark red sash tied around the base and a set of beads dangling merrily off one side. When he realizes Lan Wangji has no intention of getting any, the pout comes back out in full force.

"Lan Zhan, wearing ears is part of the Disney experience!" he insists, tugging at Lan Wangji's sleeve. "Look, we could even match!" He pulls a set of ears off the hook next to where he'd found his own. It's another set of pirate ears, if a touch more feminine. The ears are red and white striped, with a black bow and a couple flowers pressed to the base of the ears while two black feathers stand proudly over the whole ensemble.

He shouldn't. It's a frivolous waste of money for something he'll certainly never wear anywhere else.

But Wei Wuxian looks so hopeful that they might match that Lan Wangji seems to be physically incapable of telling him no.

He manages to waffle long enough that Wei Wuxian sighs and disappears to the bathroom, at which point Lan Wangji promptly purchases both sets of ears while he's gone. He's not entirely sure why he's not fighting this impulse a little more, but he writes it off as being unwilling to see anyone go hungry for the sake of a souvenir.

When Wei Wuxian emerges, Lan Wangji holds the bag out, his own ears already set firmly on his head, the way Lan Wangji's stomach swoops at the sight of the smile that blooms on Wei Wuxian's face tells him all he needs to know about the reality behind that particular impulse.

"Lan Zhan, you didn't need to do that!"

"You should not skip meals for Mickey ears," Lan Wangji says seriously. Wei Wuxian snorts at that, then sets the ears on his head. The flimsy red fabric of the sash looks alarmingly good on him, a fact Lan Wangji barely has time to process before Wei Wuxian is looping his arm through Lan Wangji's to tug him outside. He opens the camera on his phone and turns them so that he can take a selfie with a portion of the castle visible in the background.

"Ahaha, we look so good together with our matching ears, Lan Zhan, look!"

He brandishes his phone at Lan Wangji, and Lan Wangji can't help but silently agree; they do look good together, despite his own dour expression and the red tinge he can see on his ears in the photo.

"Ridiculous," he says out loud, which only serves to further amuse Wei Wuxian, if his laughter is anything to go by.

"Come on," Wei Wuxian says, grabbing him by the wrist again.

He drags them to the Stitch Encounter, where their seats in the back with the adults does nothing to stop Wei Wuxian from interacting from the large blue creature. At one point, the creature (Monster? Alien? Cryptid? Whatever it is, its abnormally wide mouth unnerves Lan Wangji) plays a ukelele, then squawks in delight when Wei Wuxian stands up to dance along. There's a smattering of applause, to which Wei Wuxian gives a bow, before sitting down again, flushed and grinning and unfairly beautiful as he sprawls carelessly into Lan Wangji's space.

Lan Wangji is starting to believe that agreeing to accompany Wei Wuxian during the trip may have been a mistake.

Next, they get in line for a ride called Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue, which does have a bit of a line, though thankfully under some shade as the late-morning sun rises.

"I think we get to shoot stuff in this one," Wei Wuxian says, hopping around in excitement. "You're not gonna go easy on me, right Lan Zhan?" he asks, knocking their shoulders together. Lan Wangji stiffens at the contact, but Wei Wuxian doesn't seem to notice as he continues chattering about the ride and pointing out interesting things displayed in the waiting area. Lan Wangji has never seen the movie the ride is based on, but he nods along, making small noises occasionally, which seems to be more than enough for Wei Wuxian.

As much as it seems like his chatter should be overwhelming, it is oddly somehow the opposite. His voice is grounding amongst the crowd of the line around them, something easy and familiar for Lan Wangji to focus on instead of getting nervous about the sheer number of people around them or what their plan is for the rest of the day.

In the end, the ride does involve shooting stuff. Wei Wuxian throws himself into it like he does everything, and whoops with victory when he scores higher than Lan Wangji.

After the ride, they stop to look at the ride photos; the two of them were caught mid-battle, with Lan Wangji looking slightly wide-eyed and overwhelmed while Wei Wuxian looks intent, eyes glittering with the rush of competition as he shot at the absurd little green aliens.

While Wei Wuxian wanders off to look at the rest of the ride's gift shop, Lan Wangji quietly buys the photo and arranges to have it sent to their room without allowing himself to think very hard about why.

After a brief stop at a food cart for lunch, they watch a show in front of the castle featuring a lovely dance number by some women in gold dresses before Wei Wuxian leads them over to a mine train ride. It has a bit of a line, but once again Wei Wuxian's steady presence and easy conversation makes the time pass quickly, and before he realizes it they're pressed together in a minecart, hurtling along a track through tunnels that make Lan Wangji feel as if he is about to hit his head on the ceiling.

He knows it won't happen — he spent some time before the trip researching the theme park's safety regulations — but he still cringes a bit, instinctively ducking every time the ceiling looms close.

After the ride, they spot Nie Huaisang and Jiang Cheng some distance away, and Wei Wuxian spends a good ten minutes trying to determine if they're walking closer together than normal before he gets bored.

Next up is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which is the one Wei Wuxian has been looking forward to the most, if his shirt and ears are any indication. He bounces the entire way through the line, eyes alight with excitement, teasing the children ahead of them in line with a pirate voice that makes them squeal.

The line has them winding through a mock Caribbean prison, with amusing scenes playing out in each cell. Lan Wangji has by this point counted ahead to estimate that their position in line should put them at the very front of their boat, where Wei Wuxian will have the best view of the ride. As they draw close to the front of the line, the two women behind them in line try to slip ahead of them as Wei Wuxian is distracted by pointing out something written in the letter in the cell next to them. Lan Wangji gives them his frostiest glare as he steps just far enough over to make it evident that he is not going to let them pass, and they blanch as they freeze in place. They don't try the move again, so he considers the encounter a success as Wei Wuxian slides into the front seat, practically vibrating with excitement.

The ride is, even to Lan Wangji's skeptical eye, mesmerizing.

The graphics are stunning, the seas rising and falling around them as pirate ships clash and music soars. Drunken sailors stumble across a stage and swords fly in dramatic fights. It's exciting and beautiful and oddly emotional.

He doesn't even realize that they got a bit wet on the ride until they disembark and hit the air conditioning of the ride's gift shop. Wei Wuxian laughs, flapping his damp shirt in the cool air.

"Well," he says, mischief in his eyes, "since we're already wet, we may as well go all in, right?"

The cast members at the entrance to Roaring Rapids happily hand a disposable poncho to everyone who enters. Lan Wangji pulls his on as they draw close to the front of the line, while Wei Wuxian tucks his in his pocket.

The ride is… fine. It's fine. Lan Wangji has a white-knuckled grip on the bar for most of the ride and his stomach ends up lodged somewhere in his throat, but it's… fine.

He's a little unsteady as they step off the ride, but he uses removing the poncho as an excuse to stand still for a minute, carefully peeling the plastic free and rolling it into a small ball before throwing it away. He's just starting to feel as if he's got his bearings when he turns around to see Wei Wuxian with his shirt balled up in his hands, the lower half of his torso revealed as he wrings the water out of his shirt.

Lan Wangji's eyes catch on the trail of dark hair leading into Wei Wuxian's jeans and he can't make himself look away until the shirt drops.

"I think that's about as dry as I'm gonna get for now," Wei Wuxian says, with a smirk that suggests he caught Lan Wangji looking. "Come on, there's something I think you'll like."

He takes up Lan Wangji's wrist again, his fingers cool against Lan Wangji's skin, and leads him past the lake and to a calmer area of the park, to a building with surprisingly traditional architecture.

"The Wandering Moon Teahouse," Wei Wuxian announces. It looks like something out of a period drama, with its sloped clay tile roofs and dark wood exterior. Inside, it's more obviously a business, but it maintains its premise with rustic pillars and a soaring ceiling, with red lanterns and flying golden carp lighting the tables.

When they go through the line, Wei Wuxian excitedly points out the Da Hong Pao tea — "It smells like orchids! Like your name!" — so Lan Wangji purchases a cup of it; he does like trying new teas, after all. He quietly has the man ringing him up add Wei Wuxian's jasmine fruit tea to his order as well, then taps his phone to pay before Wei Wuxian can protest.

"Ah, Lan Zhan, that's not fair," Wei Wuxian whines as they find their way to a table near a wide window, overlooking an immaculately tended garden. "I was gonna treat you this time!" He sprawls into a chair across from Lan Wangi, lips pursed into a pout even as laughter dances in his eyes. "I looked up this place just for you, you know!"

Lan Wangji pauses mid-sip, swallowing the too-hot tea far too quickly. "For me?"

"Of course!" Wei Wuxian says, pausing to take a sip of his own tea. Lan Wangji's eyes drift down to where Wei Wuxian's t-shirt, still damp, is plastered to his chest, but he manages to wrench his gaze away before Wei Wuxian sets his cup down. "Oh hey, that's good! I know you like tea, so I looked up to see where at Disney has good tea. And then it was gorgeous too! Is your tea good?"

"Mn," Lan Wangi replies. He'd known Wei Wuxian is kind, of course he'd known, but having that turned on him unexpectedly has him taken aback.

"I know it's probably not on par with what you have at home, but it's better than nothing, right?" Wei Wuxian laughs again, in that way that is less humor and more deflection, and Lan Wangi frowns.

"The tea is excellent, Wei Ying," he says, and Wei Wuxian goes still. "Thank you for thinking of me."

"Ah, well." Wei Wuxian is flushed, now, dipping his head to look down at his drink. "It's nothing, really. I mean, I've been dragging you all over the park today, haven't I? Is there anything you want to make sure we get to?"

"Nothing specifically, no," Lan Wangji says.

"Nothing?" Wei Wuxian repeats in disbelief. "Come on, Lan Zhan, there has to be something here that interests you," he says, leaning halfway across the table. "A ride or show? A meet and greet with your favorite character?"

"I don't have a favorite character," Lan Wangji says. "I've never seen a Disney movie." He takes another drink, then looks up to see Wei Wuxian staring at him in shock.

"Wait, really?" Wei Wuxian demands. "None of them?"

"My uncle was very… particular about what we were allowed to watch as children," he explains. "Most of it had to be educational in order to make the cut."

Wei Wuxian opens and closes his mouth a few times before he shakes his head, confused.

"But you're older now, surely he can't control everything you watch even now."

"No," Lan Wangji allows. "But Disney movies are for children. I've never seen any reason to watch them."

"Oh, no," Wei Wuxian says, slowly. "Lan Zhan, no. There's no age limit on enjoying a movie!" He slaps his hands on the table with a loud enough thump that the little girl at the table next to them shoots him a dirty look. "Alright, that's it. We're solving this tonight."

Lan Wangji doesn't fully understand how it happens, but Wei Wuxian is a man on a mission, so within half an hour they've navigated their way back to the front of the park, caught a tram, and made it back to their hotel room.

A couple of quick showers later, and they're both sitting cross-legged on Wei Wuxian's bed, his laptop opened to an extensive list of movies.

Lan Wangi tries (and fails) to not mourn the loss of the clingy wet t-shirt, but the soft sleep shorts Wei Wuxian has changed into are a fair trade.

"Classics first," Wei Wuxian says firmly. He wavers for a moment, then clicks on Bambi because "You like bunnies, right, Lan Zhan?"

Lan Wangi has to admit he enjoys the movie, as well as the two that follow it — The Little Mermaid and The Lion King — though he also has to admit, only to himself of course, that half of his enjoyment comes from Wei Wuxian's presence beside him, singing along to every song and occasionally leaning into Lan Wangji's side. Over the course of the three movies (with only a brief pause for Lan Xichen's far-too-amused curfew check-in), they shift a bit on the bed, from sitting cross-legged next to each other while they eat their room service dinner to lying on their bellies, heads propped on their hands, to finally laying back on the pillows.

It's a bit distracting to Lan Wangji to have someone lying so close to him, but he is all too aware that Wei Wuxian gave up several hours at the park to get back to the room early for this, so he tries to pay attention. After each movie, Wei Wuxian listens attentively as Lan Wangji haltingly explains which parts of the movie he did and did not like, and chooses the next movie based on what he says.

The last movie is his favorite. It takes Wei Wuxian several minutes to decide on it, as he is apparently also tempted to break his "classics" rule for a newer movie, Frozen, but in the end he decides against it.

Lan Wangji isn't sure if it's the Beast's gray, dreary, closed-off life being suddenly lit up by someone open and beautiful who sees past his gruff exterior that makes him love the movie, or if it's just the fact that Wei Wuxian dozed off halfway through with his head on Lan Wangji's shoulder. Either way, he doesn't move for a long time after the credits have finished rolling, trying to soak in as much of Wei Wuxian's presence as possible. He's finally forced to admit that he wants Wei Wuxian's presence in his life, and he doubts he'll have the chance for much of it after this weekend is over.

The next morning, Wei Wuxian bemoans the fact that he fell asleep early, flopping dramatically onto Lan Wangji's shoulder as they ride the tram back to the park.

"I really wanted to show you Pirates of the Caribbean!" he says with a sigh. "I know it's not a classic, but it's one of my favorites. Obviously," he adds, gesturing to the ears they bought yesterday. His shirt today is a distressed red Hakuna Matata shirt, thin enough that the fabric seems to cling to his skin despite being oversized enough that the neckline affords the occasional glimpse of collarbone.

For the third time in the last half hour, Lan Wangji swallows back the urge to lick said collarbone and instead drags his eyes back to the back of the seat in front of them.

"I will watch it later," he promises, and Wei Wuxian perks up, chattering about the actors and makeup and special effects right up until the tram drops them off at the gate.

The first part of the day consists of far fewer rides than the day before, with Wei Wuxian aiming them at more "experiences". They check out a very hands-on Marvel exhibit in which Wei Wuxian joyfully becomes Iron Man for a few minutes and watch a dazzling Pirates of the Caribbean stunt show. While waiting for the next show to start, Lan Wangji catches Wei Wuxian darting glances at the ice cream stand, so he buys each of them a Mickey bar. His fingers are still sticky with ice cream as he holds his breath throughout the Tarzan show watching a man and woman do a series of beautiful aerial performances on ropes, hoops, and silks.

Wei Wuxian seems skeptical about Soaring Over the Horizon, but it intrigues Lan Wangji so they try it. Wei Wuxian maintains his skepticism as they get strapped in, but within seconds of the ride starting, Lan Wangji hears him suck in a sharp breath as they break through the clouds over a snowy peak. At some point — Lan Wangji isn't entirely sure when, as he's trying to balance his motion sickness with the way the beauty of the landscapes make his heart lodge in his throat — Wei Wuxian takes Lan Wangji's hand, though he doesn't seem to even notice he's done so. When Lan Wangji manages to look over at him near the end, he can see the fireworks over Shanghai reflected in Wei Wuxian's awestruck gaze. He can't help but think it's the best view in the room.

When the lights come up and the row of seats are lowered to the floor, Wei Wuxian seems to realize he has Lan Wangi's hand in a tight grip and lets go with a laugh.

"Ah, Lan Zhan, if you wanted to hold my hand that badly you only needed to ask," he teases as he hops out of the sink. The lighting in here is fairly low, but he thinks he can see a dusting of pink across Wei Wuxian's cheeks, and he wants to touch it.

They pause for a late lunch at Tribal Table, where Wei Wuxian gestures enthusiastically with a giant turkey leg as Lan Wangji eats his eggplant meal, quietly pleased with the park's vegetarian options.

"I definitely want to do the Tron ride," Wei Wuxian explains, "but I want to do it at night, so it'll really feel like we're in the grid, you know?"

Lan Wangji doesn't know, actually, but Wei Wuxian is more than happy to spend the next fifteen minutes explaining the plot of the old American sci-fi movie, and Lan Wangji is more than happy to listen. While he explains, they use their phones to reserve Tron fast passes for early evening.

"We could try the obstacle courses," Lan Wangji recommends after consulting his map. "By the time we do that and walk over toward the Tron ride through the gardens, it will likely be almost time for the fast passes."

"A great idea!" Wei Wuxian announces before grabbing Lan Wangji's wrist and tugging. "Let's go!"

It is not, Lan Wangji decides twenty minutes later, a great idea.

It's a terrible idea. The worst idea. The idea that may, in fact, be his undoing.

What he had not considered when he suggested the obstacle course was that it of course has security measures, such as harnesses. Perfectly innocent, utilitarian harnesses that go on over their clothing. They're not even an attractive color, an odd green-brown, but they run over Wei Wuxian's hips and between his legs, cupping the line between thigh and ass on the back.

It's… a lot to take in, especially considering Wei Wuxian's jeans were already very well fitted, not that he'd noticed. (He'd definitely noticed.) He works hard to keep his eyes on the course, rather than Wei Wuxian's lithe form all wrapped in straps, but it's enough of a struggle that he stumbles on the course three times, to Wei Wuxian's delighted amusement.

Lan Wangji nearly slips again, clinging to a rope handrail, when he realizes he counts the stumbling as more than worth the embarrassment if it means he gets to hear Wei Wuxian's laughter ring out between them.

And if after the second time, Wei Wuxian keeps a hand on Lan Wangi's arm to help keep him steady, that's an indignity he will happily suffer for the pleasure of those few minutes of contact.

Once they make it back to the ground, the sun is growing low in the western sky, so they begin heading across the park. They pass a large whimsical carousel, then follow a colorful pathway through a beautiful garden, each hedge perfectly trimmed, each flower perfectly in place. They form a gradient of color that makes Lan Wangji want to just stand and soak in the beauty — but they don't have time, not if they're going to get in line for the Tron ride.

They hurry through the garden fast enough that they actually end up over by the ride a little early.

"Oh, the jet pack ride has almost no line!" Wei Wuxian says excitedly. "We can jump on that one and still have time for Tron!"

Lan Wangji eyes the whirling mass of the jet pack ride and feels his stomach swoop in trepidation. He checks the time, desperate for any excuse. "That will put us near the end of our fastpass time, which will be very close to time for the closing show at the castle that you want to see," he points out.

"We can run if we need to," Wei Wuxian says, waving a hand dismissively. "It's our last day here, and we haven't ridden this one yet, come on!"

Lan Wangji is beginning to become mildly concerned that there is nothing he can deny Wei Wuxian, as he follows him up the ramp and gets strapped into a seat that is then hurtled around and around more times than he cares to count. Wei Wuxian whoops with joy, arms extended over his head, and Lan Wangji clings to the grips on his harness and does his best to keep his lunch where it is.

He's a bit lightheaded by the time they step off the ride, but he steadies himself out of sheer force of will when he sees how Wei Wuxian's eyes light up at the way the neon lights of the Tron ride glow in the darkness.

When Lan Wangji sees the ride zip by overhead, though, he has to swallow hard to fight the wave of nausea that threatens. He walks to the ride in a daze, unable and unwilling to tell Wei Wuxian that he cannot or will not ride this ride with him, not when he can see the excitement on his face plain as day.

Their fastpasses allow them to basically walk right on the ride, and it's all Lan Wangji can do to swing his leg over to mount the motorcycle-shaped ride seat and nod to the cheery attendant who checks the restraints that come down onto their backs and tells them to keep their hands on the handlebars at all times.

The odd position has him leaned forward a bit, which gives his nervous stomach a moment of respite — right up until the ride takes off, sending them flying past lines of neon lights at dizzying speeds, tilting into sharp turns, and weaving in and out of areas patterned with geometric blue lighting.

He doesn't regret it, even as he dismounts the bike and goes reeling, somehow managing to recover by the time Wei Wuxian has dismounted and turned to him, all wide smile and breathless wonder. He doesn't regret it as he stubbornly puts one foot in front of the other all the way down the exit ramp, even as the world seems to tilt and whirl around him.

He still doesn't regret it when they step out of the Tron building and he barely manages to stumble off the main pathway and into the soft grass before his knees hit the ground.

"Lan Zhan!"

Lan Wangji lists to the side and expects to fall over entirely, but instead he's caught by Wei Wuxian. His face is alarmingly close to the collarbone he's been wanting to lick all day, and he's too busy fighting his churning stomach to appreciate it.

"I'm fine," he manages to force out. He grits his teeth, forcing back the worst of the nausea. "I'm fine," he repeats. "Go watch the show at the castle. I will catch up."

"What?" Wei Wuxian says, brows raised. "No way, I'm not leaving you here. What's wrong? Are you dehydrated? Is it blood sugar? Are you sick? Should I call your brother?" He's already thumbing at his phone, but Lan Wangji shakes his head.

"I'm fine," he insists. "It's just my motion sickness. It's normal for me. I'll be fine in a few minutes, but you're going to miss the show if you wait on me."

Wei Wuxian looks at him as if he's crazy. "Lan Zhan, I'm not going to abandon you on the ground so I can go watch fireworks," he says slowly. He pauses, and a look of realization passes over his face. "Wait, you've always had motion sickness? This isn't new?"

Lan Wangji nods without thinking, then realizes a moment too late the implications of that. He hears a swell of music from over by the castle, followed by the pop of fireworks. "You're missing the show," he says, but Wei Wuxian waves a hand dismissively.

"So all those rides I dragged you on…" Wei Wuxian says, eyes growing round. "That was like torture for you, wasn't it? Oh my god, Lan Zhan, why didn't you tell me no?"

"It was not torture," Lan Wangji says firmly. He pulls back a bit, steadying himself on the tree he'd collapsed next to so that he can look Wei Wuxian in the eye. "I wanted to ride them with you." He pauses, reconsiders his wording. "I wanted to be with Wei Ying."

Wei Wuxian looks stricken, brow furrowed, lips slightly parted. Lan Wangji can only hold his gaze evenly and wait, taking deep breaths as the world slowly tilts and spins around him.

"You did all of that so you could stay with me?" Wei Wuxian finally asks. His voice is small in a way Lan Wangji isn't used to hearing from him. He doesn't like Wei Wuxian making himself small, he never wants that, but he does feel a bit of a thrill that he's allowing Lan Wangji to see a hint of vulnerability, the fragile bits of himself he always keeps hidden behind wide smiles and loud laughter.

Lan Wangji is too busy trying to stay upright to put any of his usual focus into arranging his words; he has no bandwidth left to dissemble, so instead he simply states the truth. "I always want to be where you are."

Wei Wuxian startles at that, eyes wide, before he lets out a peal of almost frenetic laughter. "That's — oh, Lan Zhan, you're too good, truly, to try to make me feel better even when you're sick, but. But that's not true. You hated me! I made you fail that biology project and ruined your perfect grade!"

"You only refused to do the dissection until the school could provide proof that the animals had been humanely sourced," Lan Wangji says slowly, focusing on piecing his words together as his stomach (slowly, finally) begins to settle. "Which they could not do, in the end. You were right."

"You got stuck in detention with me for two weeks after I snuck out on the school roof and you got caught trying to convince me to come back inside."

Lan Wangji's lips tilt up a bit at the memory. "My uncle was very displeased," he admits. "But I did not mind." Privately, he thinks that may have been when he began falling in love with Wei Ying.

Wei Wuxian stares at him in disbelief. "You wanted me to go home with you so I could be punished there as well!"

"No," Lan Wangji says firmly, blinking as he realizes that what he'd perceived as rejection at the time may have in fact been a simple miscommunication. "I was trying to ask you to— to spend time with me outside of school." He swallows hard, then adds, "I was trying to ask you out, Wei Ying. I apologize for the confusion." He hears music from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride swell behind them, and leans out to see ocean water and gold dubloons being projected on the castle. "Your show—"

"You just told me you liked me and you want me to go watch a stupid show?" Wei Wuxian asks. He puts his hands over his face and laughs into them. "I've never— I've always—" He stops, huffs out a breath. "It's hard to believe someone as perfect as you could want, you know," he gestures at himself as if that explains anything.

Lan Wangji takes a moment to consider — well, not so much considering his plan of action, as assessing his ability to carry it out. The world around him is still a bit unsteady, but the ground feels firm beneath him, and the tree at his back is a nice support he can make use of.

He reaches out to grab Wei Wuxian by the shoulder, then twists them both so that he's pressing Wei Wuxian into the tree. He has a fraction of a second to appreciate how the move has made Wei Wuxian's pupils blow wide before he's kissing him.

It's a little off-center and fumbling for about three seconds, then they both tilt their heads in the same moment and the shift in angle is perfect, more devastatingly perfect than he ever could have imagined.

Lan Wangji moves one hand to cup Wei Wuxian's face as he focuses on the soft lips beneath his own, on how they feel and move together. When he brushes his teeth over Wei Wuxian's lower lip — just a tease, not even a nip — it's enough for his lips to part on a small gasp, and Lan Wangji takes the opening, eager to taste more of Wei Wuxian, as much as he's allowed.

At the first brush of their tongues, Wei Wuxian moans into his mouth, then smiles against his lips as Lan Wangji is unable to suppress the responding shudder.

When they finally pull apart, it's to the rising crescendo of A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, and the increasing pop-pop-pop of the fireworks. The light of the sparks through the leaves on the tree creates a dappled light across Wei Wuxian's face, allowing brief glimpses of kiss-bruised lips and mussed hair.

Lan Wangji could stare at him forever, he thinks, but for now, he's determined that Wei Ying not miss the entire show.

He stands, only a bit unsteady, and tugs Wei Wuxian (also unsteady, he notes a bit smugly) up by his hands, and pulls him out into the path, mostly deserted now as everyone had moved around to the front of the castle for the show. From where they are they can only see the side of the castle, but they can see clearly the fireworks exploding overhead in a rioting shower of colors, building and building until the last of them die away to the thundering applause of the crowd nearby.

"I'm sorry you missed the show," Lan Wangji says, turning back to Wei Wuxian. "Perhaps we can return on our own another day to see it."

Wei Wuxian merely smiles, wide and sweet, and squeezes Lan Wangji's hand as he steps in closer. "I'll come to Disney with you whenever you like," he promises. "I was right, wasn't I? The fireworks and the castle all lit up at night are super romantic," he teases, brushing his nose against Lan Wangji's. "But as far as the show goes, I much prefer the private performance I got."

He's smiling against Lan Wangji's lips as Lan Wangji pulls him in tight. The world is spinning around him again as they kiss, but this time it has nothing at all to do with motion sickness, and everything to do with his world settling into place around the love he's found.