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Everything Will Be Okay

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Depending on who you ask, the science behind soulmates vary. Some believe that your soulmate is chosen based on how compatible you are. Others believe that the universe assigns you to someone for your life. And then, there are those who believe it was all just a scam, that there was no significance behind the marks you are given. The way it worked was whenever a mark was left on your soulmate, it would appear on your skin as well. This includes tattoos, writing or drawing on themselves, or even injuries that leave marks or scars. Sykkuno always felt bad for his soulmate because of how clumsy he was as a child. Scraped knees, cuts from thorns or branches, papercuts, and so much more. But for a while, he believed he didn't have a soulmate because nothing ever appeared on his skin. It was either his soulmate was super careful and never got hurt or he just...didn't have one. The first time he found out he had a soulmate was in the worst possible way and his closest friends were there to witness it.

It was like any other day, he was 18 and hanging out at his childhood buddy's house, Toast, with their friends Rae, Poki, Charlie, Lily, Jack, and Felix. They were messing around, playing Super Smash Bros when he felt slight tickling traveling along his wrist and his forearm. He paused the game, earning confused glances from his friends as he pulled up his sleeve. Sykkuno's anxiety skyrocketed as he watched in absolute horror, thin lines forming on his skin horizontally but as they got closer to his wrist, they were more prominent which could only mean they were deeper there than further up his soulmate's arm. The room fell silent and no one seemed to be able to take their eyes off of his arm.

"Syku-" "G-Get me a pen." He felt bad for interrupting Poki but he had to write to his soulmate and make sure they didn't go any further. He couldn't allow that. Jack placed a sharpie in his hand and, with a shaky grip, he wrote 'Please stop. Are you okay?' on the back of the hand where they were no doubt holding the knife. He hoped they would be able to see it and he knew that was a stupid question because they were clearly not fine but he was hoping they would be willing to talk to him. To his relief, the marks halted and he sat there for a minute with his breath held. It was nearly painful as he waited, barely feeling the hand rubbing his back. Then, after what felt like forever, a very slow and sloppy looking 'I'm sorry' appeared on his empty wrist. Sykkuno immediately scrawled out a 'No need to apologize' and tried to ask what was wrong but after an hour, he gave up on getting a response. But, he was relieved that they were no longer harming themselves.

"They're fine now, Sykkuno. It'll be okay." Rae's voice broke through his thoughts and that's when everything just broke. He sat there, on the floor, sobbing into his hands as he felt his friends surround him in a hug. This is not how he wanted to find out he had a soulmate and it pained him to know that there was no way he could possibly help them. He didn't know who they were more or less what was happening in their lives to guide them through it. And he felt so stupid for sitting here crying when it was his soulmate that needed the comfort, not him.

For months, Sykkuno tried to get an answer out of his soulmate but he wouldn't receive a single response in turn. 2 months after the incident, the brunette woke up to a 'Sorry for making you worry, I'm okay' on his thigh. He was a little appreciative; his soulmate was kind enough to write it somewhere he could easily hide it but more than anything else, he was relieved to see they were, in fact, still alive. However, even after that reassurance, they fell silent once again, and slowly, days turned into months, and months turned into years. Eventually, Sykkuno stopped trying to write to them daily. Now, he would occasionally draw something insignificant just to remind them that he was still there when they were ready. He figured that's why they hadn't made an effort to communicate anyway. They were probably nervous or just weren't ready.

The third time Sykkuno heard from his soulmate was 5 whole years after the last time they wrote to him. This time, he was enjoying dinner on the campus greens with his closest friends much like the first time. The only exception was Felix's and Sean's soulmates were now integrated into the group. Their names were Marzia and Evelien respectively and they were absolutely wonderful to be around. Honestly, Sykkuno had been a bit jealous that they had found their soulmates so easily. It wasn't even a planned meeting, they had met the first year of college and immediately knew. It was like a scene out of a movie.

His soulmate had written on his left arm and at first, Sykkuno hadn't noticed it, too engrossed in the delicious sub sandwich he got for cheap at the little cafe on campus. It was Lily who noticed it first, nearly spilling her coffee as she latched onto his arm with a smile. That, of course, drew everyone's attention and all their eyes were on him. Poki was already pulling a pen out of her bag as Sean took it upon himself to read the message out loud.

"'It's pretty shitty of me to leave you on read for 5 years, isn't it?'" He chuckled, passing the pen from Poki to Sykkuno. "Well, at least we know they have morals." Immediately after Sykkuno clicked the pen open, his friends were shouting suggestions at him. Rae, Charlie, and Felix were oh so kindly advised him to curse him out for making him wait so long like a dick (those were their words) while the more understandable group were saying he should at least hear his side of the story before calling him a dick (again, their words). But Sykkuno was a much nicer person than they were, so, bringing the pen to his skin, on the same arm he wrote out 'I never held it against you' much to the disappointment of pretty much everyone.

"You're way too nice 'Kuno." Rae grumbled, sipping her tea but not able to hide her excitement for her friend because she kept glancing at his arm every few seconds. Sykkuno could only giggle, bringing his hand up over his mouth to hide his smile as everyone tried not to think about it too much but failing ultimately because it was an exciting thing. And to their disappointment, there was no reply by the time Sykkuno had to go to class. The group volunteered to escort him to the building the classroom was in, which he couldn't refuse because they were nosy people but he loved them anyway.

The two-hour lecture was incredibly boring and he was out of it by 7 pm. At this point, he was mentally kicking himself for enrolling in a 5 pm lecture. He made his way up to his dorm, a two-person room that he shared with Toast, and collapsed on the bed. He had three classes today, that was three too many and he was exhausted. He faintly heard Toast chuckle at him but ignored it as he pulled out his phone to find a text from Marzia.

'Hey, I know you're nervous about writing your soulmate back. I thought it would ease your mind to let you know that I was super duper scared when I first wrote to Felix. But it paid off, so don't be scared! You can do it!' Sykkuno smiled at the perfect grammar, she was an English major after all, but her sentiment did help ease his mind just a little. Setting his phone down, he sat up and pulled his white hoodie off over his head to reveal more writing on his arm he did not previously see. Barely containing an excited squeal, he reached over for a pen. He wasn't expecting an answer so quickly after five years of silence.

'I can already tell I don't deserve you...20 questions?' Sykkuno frowned slightly at the first half but decided to let it slide just this once. He wasn't going to ruin a chance to get to learn what kind of person his soulmate is. Glancing up at Toast, he noticed he was still too focused on his homework. As much as he loved his friends, he didn't want them invading his soulmate's privacy, so he crawled under the blankets, saying goodnight to Toast, and wrote out a quick 'sure' on his arm. It was currently 8 pm and while Sykkuno usually went to sleep at this time, he was no longer tired.

'If it's too personal, you don't have to answer. What's your name?' Came the sloppy handwriting he was already familiarizing himself with. To be frank, the brunette couldn't think of a single question he wouldn't be uncomfortable answering.

'Thomas but everyone calls me Sykkuno. What about yours?' His handwriting was much neater than his soulmate's but there was something endearing about it. He was relieved to see he didn't have to wait long for a response, watching in awe as it appeared on his skin.

'Ah, safe to assume you're a guy. Just to save you the question, I am also a dude. And as for my name, I don't really go by it because of the memories it brings up so just call me Corpse' Initially, this came as a surprise. Sykkuno sort of fell into the generalization that his soulmate would've been a girl but at the same time, he wasn't disappointed or disgusted by it. He was the type of person that didn't care what you identified as, all he cared about was what kind of individual you are. He just knew his friends were going to have a field day with this information. He wanted to ask the story behind his nickname so bad but decided to save it for a later question. 'How old are you?'

'23, how about you?' He was hoping his soulmate wasn't like, 10 years older than him. But he felt like they were young, as he used the phrase 'leave you on read' and he figured not very many older people may know what that means or even how to use it.

'18, what's your favorite color?' Came Corpse's handwriting. By now, half of his forearm was covered in ink and he only hoped Corpse would be nice enough to wash off his half of the writing just so his friend's prying eyes won't invade too much on their conversations.

'I like green, do you have a favorite food?' Sykkuno stayed up way past what he usually does, sitting there and writing all over his hand and arm getting to know Corpse. Toast had gone to bed long ago and he had to stealthily use his phone flashlight to see. By the time midnight rolled around, it was impossible for him to keep his eyes open any longer. He had gotten to know so much about his soulmate, asking a total of 11 questions each before Sykkuno got too tired, he even took notes down on his phone to make sure he wouldn't forget any of it. Faintly, he could feel the familiar tingling of his soulmate's writing but he couldn't force his eyes open to read it. He couldn't even remember the last question he asked. So, as sleep reeled him in, he dreamt of his first meeting with Corpse.


Hours later, he woke to the sound of Toast's 7 am alarm going off. He was still so exhausted but he knew he had to get up to meet them all for breakfast. When he heard the sound of the door clicking closed behind his friend, who no doubt left to take his morning shower, Sykkuno pulled his arm out from under the covers to see two new messages for him.

'I would love to have a cat.'

'Goodnight Sykkuno, sweet dreams <3'

If he squealed into his pillow with a smile and blush plastered on his face, no one had to know.