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I received an invitation from the radio station today to give a talk about women’s sexuality for a podcast. At first, I considered not going since it is such a complex theme and I had some bad experiences in the past with male interviewers explaining how the women's mind and body works...which is complete torture. Not to mention, I had my doubts about going since I've never recorded a show before. I had only done live interviews in the past; however, the company and the show have a good reputation, so I decided to accept.

I arrived at reception on time, excited for this new experience. The showrunner and another handsome man greeted me in the lobby. He introduced the man as my co-host for the show today. I sighed and realized this was a big mistake. ‘This is fucking great!’ I thought sarcastically. 

“Hi, I'm David,” the man said with a bright smile. I couldn’t help but give him one in return. His charm and charisma were infectious. I shook his hand and noticed he had a nice grasp, I couldn’t help but imagine what else those hands were capable of.

His voice was kind and deep, a perfect fit for a radio station. I could even make out a Scottish accent, very pleasing to the ear. He had a few days worth of a beard and stylish messy hair. We started talking and he was really nice, even a little bit funny, making goofy observations about the place. Maybe he noticed that I was nervous and tried to make me feel more comfortable. Either way, it worked and I felt more at ease with him around. 

Then we were ushered to the recording studio to start the show. 

‘At least he's polite and very kind. I have a feeling the program will be fine.’ I thought to myself as he held the door open for me. 

The lights were dim and really soft in the intimate studio. It was just us two and the interviewer. I put on my headphones and David did the same. The interviewer flipped a few switches on the control panel before counting down “3….2….1…” and the "on air" sign lit up. David gave me a subtle wink. 


The charming David I met before seemed to completely transform into someone else. He lit a cigarette and his voice deepened, it was apparent he has done this before. We began the interview and talked about feminine erotism, and the impression it had on society. It was obvious that he spent years on this research, and it did not feel like he was ‘mansplaining’ at all, letting me guide the interview and let me choose which topics to address. 

David knew a lot about the mystique of women's pleasure. In one instance, he explained how erotica and poetry changed throughout history to help serve a woman’s amorous needs through the ages. That by studying these scripts, we learn about the sexual behavior of females. He even recited some classic sonnets as he exhaled the smoke. I caught a few flash looks from him as he ashed his cigarette. 

The mixture of his voice and the poetry aroused me. He noticed my little blush and smirked against the microphone, and I felt a warm feeling growing up on my stomach. 

‘He is flirting with me right? Or is it the mood in the room?’

I felt how my face turned more and more red, and the interviewer did not seem to notice the tension growing in the room. I wanted to just listen to David talk, his voice was hypnotic. 

The podcast was going very well. We had good themes and the intellectual game we were playing made the situation even hotter. Between the looks and smiles, I was lost in his charm. 

The air shifted when we realized that we did have different opinions about the topic of having sex with a stranger. My point was that a woman couldn't feel genuine attraction to a random guy. That the attraction came from things you like about men whom you already know. 

He lit another cigarette, and gave me a wicked smile. “Then what you are suggesting is that if you, for instance, found even some sexual attraction on, let’s say me, by example, is it not genuine?”

He was even closer to the microphone now, making intense eye contact with me.

“You're telling me that my voice, my smile, my face, my body, and my mind isn't real?” His eyes never left mine as he took a drag from his cigarette. 

Every word was poetry to my ears. Hearing him describe himself and imagining every part of his body was too much. I knew that he could see how my eyes dilated, how my breathing quickened, how I would lick my lips now and then, he absolutely knew I wanted him.

“And the effects you are feeling on your body right now is a product of memories from another man? How disappointing. I thought you found me attractive for my own merit.” He said lowly. 

My mouth was agape. After that line, the warm sensation I felt before turned into the hard pinch of necessity in my stomach and I could feel the wetness grow between my legs. I’m so grateful that I didn't take my coat off because I knew my nipples were also hard beneath my blouse. His words and his whispers against the microphone drove me wild. If he kept talking to me like that I could lose my self control at any moment.

“I-I must say you do have a very good point there,” is the only thing my brain could formulate as a reply. 

David laughs a little bit and gives me a little wink. “Agree to disagree then,” he said with a gentle voice again. These two faces of David were disturbing, but fascinating at the same time.

The Interviewer concluded the show and thanked us for an amazing program. I was still so aroused by all the sensations on my body. Honestly, I don't know what was going to be my next move, but if that man left me this horny, then that was just inhuman.

He took his coat and went to the recording room to talk with the staff. I wanted to talk with him before he left, but the interviewer stopped me to ask for any book recommendations. 

David said his goodbyes to everyone and gave me a look through the glass. The interviewer didn't let me go and I felt I was a hostage of my own arousal. I could only watch as David left the room.

The conversation lasted a few more minutes before I left and said goodbye to the crew. Someone wanted me to stay but I gently declined the invitation. I rushed out to the corridor, which was full of recording rooms, offices, and equipment supply closets. I wasn’t sure where he could have gone. 

“I’m so lost. Which way did he go?” I turned around a corner hoping to run into him, and my search ended surprisingly early.

David stood by the window, smoking a cigarette, looking quite tense. I felt the familiar heat in my spine. I couldn't move a muscle. He noticed me and started walking towards me. My heart raced as he came closer. Without saying a word, he took my hand and led me to the nearest door. My heartbeat drummed in my ears in simultaneous anticipation and excitement.

David opened the door and guided me inside of the dark room, a recording booth I believe. On the other side of the glass was a large piano where two men rehearsed in the furthest part of the big room. He pushed me against the wall and placed his hands on my hips. 

“I didn't like what you said before, love, and I wonder if I could change your mind.”

His hands felt up my waist, and he pressed himself against me. I could feel his heated breath against my skin. 

“You’re going to teach me about women, erotica boy? God bless you.” I teased as I bit my lip.

He chuckled a little bit and his hands continued up to my breast, squeezing my flesh, causing me to moan. 

“I’ve done my research, you know. I'm a doctor, there are some things I can teach even you.”

He pinched my hips playfully and I opened my mouth in a silent gasp. This game was driving me crazy, and I needed him even more. I drew him closer, and he was pleasantly surprised by my taking the initiative. His lips kissed my mouth violently. His hot tongue was on mine, taking my breath away. He pressed against me more and pushed me harder into the wall. his long fingers started to open my blouse quickly and found their way to my nipples, pinching them, the mix between pain and pleasure felt sinfully good. 

My hands combed into his hair and pulled on his shirt, bringing him closer. 

“Slow down, sweetheart, there’s so much you need to learn.” he said as he wiped our mixed saliva off with his hand. 

All of a sudden, he turned me around and I was against the wall. He completely took off my  blouse and got on his knees. His hands were on my legs, caressing them,  going up to my ass where he kneaded and squeezed my cheeks roughly. He pulled my pants down, leaving me in underwear.

“What we got here? Such a lovely ass. Do you want to be treated right?”

His hands and his voice against my skin were so arousing and I couldn’t think properly. Then I felt a hard spank on my both cheeks.

“I'm asking you a question, dear.”

“Y-Yes.” I whispered.

I felt another spank, this time harder.

“‘Ah-Ah! Yes’ what, dear?” his breath caressed my sore skin. 

“I want you to treat me right, please.” I said through my cracking voice. Being treated like this was out of my comfort zone. I used to be dominant in my relationships, but something about David disarmed me completely.

“That’s much better. So good for me.” David said softly as he started to kiss one of my red cheeks, peppering little kisses all around my ass. 

I closed my eyes and felt his lips and his breath, my underwear grew increasingly wet. He was playing with my ass, squeezing and pinching and then kissing and caring and I just couldn't hold my composure much longer. I felt my legs weaken and my breath got more and more heavy.

David stood up and turned me back around so I was in front of him and attacked my neck, kissing and biting me. I felt his tongue outline my jawline. My hand trailed down to his trousers and I could feel his hard cock above the fabric. I started touching him, but he stopped me suddenly.

“I'm making my argument, baby, you're going to have your turn soon enough.” He didn't wait for my answer and continued kissing my neck.

“David,” I started to say, biting my lip, “This isn’t fair, I want to teach you some things too.” I begged.

“And you will, love, I just wanted to take the first turn,” he licked my sweaty neck, his beard tickled me. All of a sudden, I realized where we were and reality hit me. 

“Wait.” I said worriedly. He stopped and looked at me with concern. 

“Everything okay?” he asked, and there was my soft David again.

“You think they can hear us?” I motioned to the men at the piano.

David smiled kindly, “I don't think so, love. I locked the door and this room it's soundless. Plus, if we don't turn the lights on they can't see us, it's a reflecting glass, but if you want I could st-”

“NO!” I interrupted him, worried if we lost the moment, “I didn't want to break the moment.”

“You didn't, love, I just want to make sure you are comfortable.” 

He took my hand and led me to the table in the corner of the room. He pushed the things that were there to the floor.

“You have no idea how much I want you. Please tell me I can adore you and then fuck you until you cum over and over again on my cock.” he whispered in my ear. One hand caressed my face while the other sat me on the table.

I felt so hot again, the aching need between my legs returned once more. I can feel his large hand caressing my face and I felt like I could melt on the table. I closed my eyes and I knew he was waiting for an answer. Instead, I brought his thumb to my lips and kissed it. I gently suckled on his fingertip and eventually placed it in my mouth where I continued to suck and lick, showing him how much I enjoyed it. I heard him grunting now and then, and it was obvious he liked what I was doing. 

“Good girl, sure you don't want them to see you like this?” he whispered on my ear and then he bite my lobe hard, mixing again the pain with pleasure 

His free hand explored my panties and gently stroked my dripping cunt. His long fingers played with my clit, and I sucked his finger even harder. My hips started to move on their own accord along his hand. 

“You don't want them to see you soaking wet, using my hand for your pleasure?” his voice turned darker and his dirty talk was driving me mad. 

Then he lightly pinched my swollen clit, making me cry against his hand. 

“Come on, dear. Let daddy make you feel good.” 

He inserted one long finger inside me, feeling me. When I couldn’t take it any longer, I opened my mouth releasing his finger. David inserted another finger inside my dripping cunt, and I couldn’t help but moan  at the feeling of how his fingers moved inside of me, rubbing my sweet spot. His hand snaked down from my lips to my throat, massing the skin of my neck . 

“Baby you are so wet,” he whispered, “Look this dripping cunt waiting for my cock, I can't wait to fill you up, but you want to come with my fingers first don’t you?” David started to rub harder and I moaned as his long fingers began to close in my throat, cutting off my breath.  

“Then you need to ask for it.” I felt his hand choke me even harder and I was so close to cumming. My eyes were watering with tears and my mouth was so dry. I couldn't even talk properly, but I knew he wouldn't let me cum until I asked for it.

“P-please, David I'm so c-close-,” I begged through my weak voice. 

“-and your wish is my command, darling, but I can't do anything until you ask for it.”

I couldn't wait any longer, the pain was too much to handle, “Please, please I beg you to make me cum!” I screamed and I felt his fingers rub me harder and his hand closed around my throat even harder. I screamed and cried out of pleasure. 

He grunts in my ear, telling me how good I look cumming for him. I felt my vaginal walls spasm against him and the heat burned my veins. I lost myself as I came around his fingers, the asphyxiation of his hand around my throat made me cum even harder.

I fell on the table, coming to from my intense orgasm. For a moment, I couldn't even open my eyes. David worked so hard for my pleasure and he was still fully dressed. How could that even be possible? I couldn't believe how much self-control he has.

After I returned back to my mind and body, I felt David's hands on my knees, spreading my legs, his hard cock pressed against my cunt. I noticed that his face was a mix of pain and need.

“I know you wanted to teach me a lesson too, my dear, but I don't know how much longer I can contain myself. Seeing you cumming like that just got me harder.” He said desperately, his eyes were full of lust and need.

This kind of switchiness was so new to me. One moment he was dominant and the next he was needy, desperate for me. It was so incredibly sexy, and I needed him inside of me right now too.

I started to stroke his cock and little drops of precum appeared on the tip. I wanted to lick the sweetness with my tongue. I saw his expression of pleasure and his eyes closed, which turned me on even more.

“Please fuck me, I want you inside me so much, David.”

“Anything for you, my dear.” 

David turned me so I was face down on the table and I felt his hands on my hips as his cock teased my entrance, testing me, pressing the tip of his cock and driving me crazy. 

“Oh, baby, if you know how delicious it was choking you and feeling you cum against my fingers.” He started fucking me slowly, painfully slowly.

“Promise me you’re going to be a good girl and take care of daddy's cock as well too.” 

I could feel every centimeter of him inching deeper inside me, his cock felt so divine.“Oh baby, you feel so good.”

David started pumping slowly, his hard cock hit my sweet spot once more. His hands on my hips made me move along with his own rhythm. He rested on my back and kissed my shoulders and left little bites on my back. I could feel him pumping faster and grunting, one of his hands found purchase in my hair, Doubting. 

“Pull it,” I demanded, “Please, David, pull my hair.” 

David found purchase in my hair and pulled. I followed his every command and arched my back on the desk. I could feel him even deeper than before. His other hand was on my shoulder, holding me in place. 

The combination of the wet sounds our bodies made and David moaning and grunting behind me was too much for me. I felt my cunt closing against David's cock and I knew he felt me too by how his grip on my hair grew stronger.

"You feel so good cumming for me, love." He started taking me harder, thrusting deeper on me. He pulled me back, making my back arch even more. 

I could feel the heat growing again and my eyes fluttered shut. I cried out, the feeling of being filled brought me closer to the euphoric madness. I came again and felt David's nails bury into my skin. My whole body was shaking, hypersensitive by the intense orgasm David was giving me. 

He pulled out, and turned me around once more. His brown eyes were wild and full of lust. He took my face in his hands and kissed me roughly. His lips were sweet and his hot tongue was delicious. 

I wrapped my hand around his cock and stroked him slowly at first, letting him guide my hand up and down his length. I pulled groans out of his mouth as our tongues tangled.

He then laid me gently on the desk, opened my knees, and settled down on my entrance. I can feel his cock teasing my oversensitive clit, making us moan in each other's mouths. 

All at once, he is inside me again, this time rougher than before. His hands held my shoulders from behind, bringing me closer to him and making me move as his pleasure.

"I'm going to take every single moan out of you, I want to take you in every imaginable way that you are ruined for anyone else." 

My sensitive cunt mixed waves of heat and pain, taking me into a delirium of lust that begged for more. I could feel David's  beard scratch my cheek, he was losing himself as well. His fingers found my clit and began stroking, making me scream and beg for him to make me cum again and again. 

"Look at you, my lovely slut, taking every single thing I give you. That's a good girl. You like being fucked like this don't you?"  

His dirty talk excited me and I was stimulated in every way by him. Taking all my senses to ecstasy. I could feel him pump into me faster and deeper, using my body for his pleasure.

"Your sweet cunt is going to make me cum so hard, baby." he said with a deep and cracked voice.

"I want to make you cum David, please cum for me." I said meeting his gaze. 

He looked at me fiercely and I felt him increase his rhythm. His expression became intense as I moved my hips frantically, making him feel how much I wanted him to cum. 

His jaw and neck were completely tense as he pulled out. He came on my belly, moaning loudly, his eyes never left mine. His cum felt hot on my skin. He continued stroking my sensitive clit leisurely, stealing little moans from me now and then. 

He kissed me slowly, full of tenderness, and his eyes were sparking and warm. He helped me get cleaned up and embraced me. I can feel his warm skin against mine. He then kissed me on the cheek, and I can feel his nose caressing my face.

"Tell me, have I persuaded you? Or am I still in the wrong?" he asked as his fingertips traced over my spine. 

"I must admit you make a really good argument, doctor." I said. His essence was intoxicating. Masculine. I stroked his hair, wishing that the moment wouldn't end.

"Maybe..." said David hesitantly, "I could give you more arguments if you let me take you home." His voice sounded hopeful.

"Are you joking?" I said with a mischievous tone, "My argument is still missing!" 

He chuckled and kissed my forehead, "So, I guess this debate is still a long way from over."

The End