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Knot Interested

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His heat is over. He’s fed and bathed and his bottom isn’t all that sore. Shouldn’t his bottom be very sore after a heat? Shouldn’t his daddy have had him again and again? His pheromones should have made him irresistible. Instead, his daddy bred him and left him to sleep it off. 

His daddy must have been tired. It’s been a lot dealing with his gland and with him. This is all so new. Steve reminds himself that it’s only been a few days. How is that possible? 

Days ago he didn’t have his daddy. 

His life is broken up into sections. When he had his mother. After his mother died. Getting the serum and fighting. And now Bucky. Before Daddy. With Daddy. 

He looks around the house, taking in the details, seeing it clearly in a way he hadn’t before. Hadn’t been able to notice because he was so overwhelmed. He hasn’t even seen the backyard.

“What’s my good boy thinking?” Daddy asks, and kisses his neck, breathing him in. “You’re very anxious all the sudden.” 

He doesn’t want to tell Bucky the things he’s thinking. They’re just complaints. They’re silly. And he doesn’t want to hear his daddy agree that Steve is too much work. But, he needs to say something. 

“Do I have to go back to the doctor?”

“Yes, sweetheart. You have to get checked out after your first heat.”

“I don’t want to go back to the doctor,” Steve says, hands twisting in his lap. He wishes he had his compression panties on. He wishes he had his cock in his hand. Well, he wishes his cock was in his daddy’s hand. He hates how much he likes that. 

It wasn’t something he needed before daddy. Before coming into his submissive self. Steve sniffles and tries to blink quickly, not wanting to get emotional. 

“We have to get you checked out after your heat, baby,” Bucky says, kissing him on the forehead. Bucky is warm and solid and Steve presses closer, curled in tight. He wants to climb into his daddy’s lap and cry. Why? What is wrong with him?

“Daddy, I don’t want to leave the house,” he says, and tears spill down his cheeks. He gets up and tries to walk away, needing to hide when he’s being so ridiculous, but Bucky grabs his arm. 

Steve doesn’t even try to pull out of his grip. When Bucky reaches for him he surrenders. He hasn’t known how to pull away from Bucky since the moment they met. Bucky looks at him, wide eyed and too knowledgable.

Steve trembles. Too scared to walk away, too scared to go back to his daddy’s lap.  He’s surrounded by fear and he doesn’t know why. He swallows hard. His breath is shaky. Daddy hears that, too.

“What’s going on, kitten?”

He doesn’t know. He shakes his head, tries to look at his daddy but can’t get above his chest before he has to look away. His grip isn’t tight enough. Bucky tugs him closer, leans forward, reaching for him with his free hand. All of his attention and purpose on gathering Steve up and hauling him close. “Come here, I need you in my lap.”

“Daddy,” he sobs, and climbs into his lap. He wraps his arms tight around Bucky’s neck, finds himself pressing closer, cocklet pressed into Bucky’s stomach but it isn’t nearly enough. He sobs in frustration and has to reach down and grab it, squeeze hard. The tears come faster, physical pain is so easy. So much easier than the emotional stuff. 

“Sweetheart, you’re with daddy, tell me,” he says, kissing him wherever he can reach. Bucky’s hand slips between their bodies, cups his cock and balls in his hand and Steve lets go with a sigh of relief. He shivers and goes boneless, relieved on some instinctive level. It makes him foggy and safe feeling. His eyes close and his breathing settles. 

“There you go,” Bucky murmurs, and Steve snuffles into his neck, sucking on his daddy’s neck, soothing himself. 

“My sweet little omega. I won’t let you go,” he says, gruffly. “I know you’ve had a hard day but I can’t tolerate misbehavior. If you pull away from me so you can go cry on your own I won’t be happy. You have to bring that to me.”

“I don’t even know why I’m upset.”

“You must have a guess?”

“I don’t, though. It’s just difficult. I keep thinking… shouldn’t you have used me more? Shouldn’t you have needed to, daddy?”

“You don’t think I’ll take what I need from you when I need it?” He asks, voice a low murmur that vibrates through Steve.

He shrugs. “I’m not sore, not really. It was heat.”

“No, it was your first heat. Your first heat is an anomaly. It’s your body trying it out. It’s nothing like the rest of them will be. You were worn out, baby. So tired. Your body didn’t want more. Your little  bottom closed up tight. Got come and kept it. Pushed me right out. And then you got a fever and you slept hard. That was what you needed. You needed come and safety. Do you understand?”

He nods, doesn’t feel better. His daddy has to talk to him so carefully and patiently. And half the time it seems like Steve doesn’t remember what they talk about or he doesn’t listen well. Bucky talks to him like a literal child. Worse than a child. Why would his daddy want to keep him? Steve went into heat and his daddy didn’t even get to use him well. Alphas love when their omegas go into heat. 

“Why… why would you want me?” He asks, quietly.

“You’re mine. I always want you. I think that’s a pretty silly question.”

“It feels real, though.”

Bucky makes a hmm sound, petting him all over and keeping him close while he thinks about how to respond. Steve loves him so much already. That’s the problem. “How do I prove it to you, sweetheart? What would you believe?”

He doesn’t know. “I just want to cry. And I’m worried it’s going to keep happening and you’re going to get sick of it. You’ll think you made a mistake if I act like I want to. Will you stop me?”

“Stop you from what?”

He isn’t even sure. Crying endlessly. Needing his daddy inside him, staying where they’re safe. The sob is rising within Steve, desperate to escape. 

“Tell me what you’re thinking, Steve. This is very serious.”

“I don’t know. I’m scared. Scared to go outside, scared I’ll never stop crying. Do you… do you ever want to hide?”

Bucky sighs, his arms tighten. “Ah. Well then. Poor boy. I think I know what this is then.”

“What?” He mumbles, pressing closer. 

“You’re bonding to me, baby. Your body is trying to figure out how safe you are. How far you can push it. Where is the line that your alpha won’t let you cross. It’s perfectly normal.”

“Where is it?” Steve asks, lifting his head to look at his daddy’s face. Bucky wipes at his tears, kisses his cheeks.

“You’re beautiful when you cry, too. Honey, I don’t want there to be a line. I want you to be my sweet boy. I love you being submissive and needy. That’s who you are. You need a lot of care and affection. You’ve got things in your past that weren’t dealt with. The best thing for us to do is to let you be yourself.”

“No. I’m not traumatized. I don’t want to cry all the time.”

He waits for his daddy to agree with him. Bucky doesn’t. 

“You think I am?” Steve whispers, licking his lips.

“I think my baby had to be very tough and very strong for a long time. And I don’t think that’s who you are on the inside. That’s never who you were meant to be, it’s who you had to be. You’re soft and sweet on the inside. You’re my submissive omega. You need a daddy, don’t you?”

He nods, but it isn’t enough. “Yes, daddy,” Steve agrees, forcing the words out. That gets him another kiss.

“And wasn’t it too hard for you?” Bucky asks, stroking his chest, gently thumbing at his nipple. 

“Yes,” he agrees, relaxing against him again. He presses into the touch, his chest aches to be mouthed.  

“So that’s what you have to recover from. Make peace with. We don’t have to call it trauma if you don’t want to.  And, it isn’t permanent, Steve. Your body is learning, your submissive self has been repressed and denied for years and now it’s suddenly on. And it’s roaring on with a vengeance. And you’re crying out years of denial and loneliness. Years and decades, baby. Where you didn’t have me. When you were all alone. But you do now. All those heavy burdens get put down because you’re with daddy. That’s not easy.” Bucky kisses him on the forehead. 

His hand slips between Steve’s legs and Steve bites back a whimper as his chest aches at the loss. He presses his face into his daddy’s neck, unable to ask for the suckling he needs. Bucky hushes him, thumb rubbing gently at the root of Steve’s soft cock, soothing him and getting him needy there too.

“Daddy, that’s a lot,” he gasps, sucking on Bucky’s neck. 

“I know. I know, but you’re so good for me. Your body needs this, daddy needs to touch you like this. I think you should release in my hand, don’t you?” 

He groans softly, knows something is building up inside him, getting coaxed closer by his daddy’s touch. But, the tears are there too and if he lets out one thing then the tears will come too.

“I don’t want to cry anymore,” he whispers. He doesn’t know when it will stop. It feels like he could cry forever. Literally forever. His daddy won’t want him then. No one wants that. If his daddy understood just how upset he’ll be he wouldn’t encourage it. 

“I know, baby. But you need it. Time to trust daddy. That mess is getting close, isn’t it, sweetheart?”

He sucks harder on Bucky’s neck, tries to hold it back. “What if I can’t stop, daddy?”

Bucky stops rubbing and Steve is both relieved and agonized. Tears spill down his cheeks.

“You need to be honest with me and yourself now. Very submissive omegas, especially traumatized ones, have periods of nesting. They need it. You feel like you might cry forever, but of course you won’t. You might cry for a few days, maybe a week. You might need to be tucked away to go through the emotions, but is that really bad? My understanding is that there is something peaceful and good about letting go of your emotions and the past. And daddy takes care of you for that. I’m going to put you in a nest and you’re going to give yourself to me, you’re not going to hold back from me,” he says, determined.

“But… when do I take care of you?” He kisses Bucky’s stubbled jaw, rubs his lips over the surface, liking the abrasion. Steve puts his hand down so he can feel Bucky’s cock, all fat and hard just for Steve. 

“This is you taking care of me,” Bucky says. “This is what I need. A boy on my lap. A boy who can’t stand to not have me holding his cocklet. A boy who looks at me like I’m the answer to everything. Honey, I have everything I want. If you want to be good for me then you let me take care of you. I keep saying it and I’ll keep saying it until you listen. I want you just as you are.”

Steve grabs his cocklet, shivering in response to how much his daddy cares for him. Bucky watches him squeeze. Pinches Steve’s nipple and pets at the little point until Steve loosens his grip and can talk again. 

“I do listen. I try. I hear it, I just don’t feel it.”

“I know. That’s what I was trying to say. It will get through. We just have to keep repeating it,” he says, as if it really is okay. “What a state you’re in, baby.” 

He is. He sniffles. It’s just too much. 

“Make me proud, baby. Tell me.”

Steve has another little suck on his daddy’s neck before he can say it. “Empty, daddy. And… suckling. Please?”

Bucky groans, pulls Steve closer, pressing him against his hard cock for a bit of relief. “Poor boy. We can’t have that. Let’s give daddy a feel. How is your sweet puss, honey? Is it sore?”

“No, daddy. I don’t think it’s sore at all. Just empty.” Steve realizes he’s pouting, Bucky sucking his bottom lip into his mouth. And then there’s a hand on Steve’s ass, squeezing firmly and then slipping between his cheeks, brushing over his hole. It’s sensitive and already tightening up a little. Bucky’s fingers press at him, ease inside and Steve slumps against him, weak and hurting he’s so empty. “Need it, daddy.”

“I know, honey,” he says, and his fingers press deep, feeling him inside. “Very hot in this prefect little hole.” Bucky grazes past a spot that’s sore and Steve whimpers. 

“Shh, that’s where your gland was, honey. Daddy took your gland during your heat,” he says, and Steve rouses himself enough to look at his daddy’s face, sees the satisfaction there, the pleasure that he got to claim that intimate part of him. His daddy’s pupils are blown wide in lust. Steve blushes, his own satisfaction rising in knowing he gave his daddy something precious. 

“Oh, there it is,” Bucky says, just as Steve feels the drip of wetness at his rim. He’s wet. Leaking for his daddy. He’s so disturbed he freezes, holding still, staying quiet, scared to be noticed. His daddy brings his fingers to his mouth, sucks on them and moans loudly. 

“God damn,” Bucky says, and gets Steve to the couch, presses his legs back and open, exposing him. It’s cool where he’s wet. He holds in a sob of distress. Bucky bends down and licks Steve’s hole. His tongue is warm and rasping. His daddy groans, the sensation rumbling through him and Steve’s cock spills, releasing as his daddy laps at him, pressing his tongue inside. 

“Daddy?” He hates it so much and he loves it too. The shame at how wet he is overwhelms him. He’s never wanted to be one of those omegas, but his daddy loves it and it has him so twisted around and confused. His daddy licking at him, sucking at his rim feels like love. He wants that for his daddy, has so much contentment filling him up but there’s something in his mind that’s telling him it’s bad and gross. 

“Fuck, you taste so good,” Bucky growls, his praise tearing through the negative noise. Steve whimpers and focuses on his daddy, watching him between his legs. “What a little sweetheart you are. And honey you’re so wet for me.”

“Pillow, daddy,” he begs. Bucky stops licking at him, stands, his erect cock poking at his pants. He adjusts himself and goes to the bedroom, comes back with Steve’s pillow and hands it to him. He takes his pants off, hard cock free and dripping in arousal. 

Steve’s kept his legs lifted, his hole exposed because he knows that’s what Bucky wants.

His daddy goes straight back to kissing him, licking him open and Steve presses his face into his alpha pillow, breathing in his daddy’s shirt, clutching it tight as his daddy sucks and licks at him endlessly.

He releases again, gets even more sensitive and open, so very open, can feel his hole loosening up, the wetness growing. Too much for his daddy to take in. It spills out of him, fingers pressed inside him and he can hear how wet he is, can’t help but grind up into his daddy’s touch, needing more. 

His daddy doesn’t stop and it goes from good to sensitive and then to a hint of sore. Bucky’s tongue is everything. He’ll die if his daddy stops. He’s got a hand in his daddy’s hair, urging him onwards, knows he’s rocking up into his daddy’s mouth, trying to get his daddy deeper and yet he wants it to stop too. 

 Steve’s legs begin to twitch and his hips roll away, flinching away and then needing more kisses. His sounds become higher and the tears come faster. His daddy doesn’t stop. His daddy groans into his flesh, his stubbled jaw prickling over his overly sensitive skin. Something snaps taut inside him and he cries out, spasming all throughout his body. It’s too sharp and precise, too intense and his daddy licks him through it, keeps him steady as he sobs through the horrible pleasure. 

“There you go. We got you there, princess. That was so very difficult, wasn’t it,” he murmurs, kissing Steve’s inner thigh. 

“Easy now,” he daddy says, and touches Steve’s hole carefully. “Gorgeous. You’re really swelled up, baby. I bet you feel so good inside,” he says, licking his lips. 

Steve hasn’t ever felt anything like it. He’s full inside. He’s swollen and content. Daddy brings his hand down, brushes it over his swollen rim and then goes to get a mirror. He shows Steve, makes him see how wet he is down there. Not just pink but dark with arousal, swollen all over, his hole tight and clenched up from the arousal. 

“Daddy, what is it?”

“It’s a heat response, sweetheart. We’ve got your body mimicking it. You’re really swollen inside now, have all sort of hormones coursing through you and you should feel full and safe. Almost like daddy is in you.” 

He wipes at his eyes. Nods. He does feel so good inside. Sated and happy. Bucky kisses him, forcing him to taste himself, his flavor, his slick and it’s so embarrassing, just too much and yet he doesn’t like it when his daddy stops, either. 

His daddy pets his hair, gets Steve’s hand over his cocklet and has his hand brushing gently over his swollen hole.  Every once in a while he pushes gently, tries to ease his finger in but Steve’s body doesn’t relent at all. He can’t stand for his daddy to leave him so Bucky doesn’t even try. 

He tells him he’s good and the words do go in, they make sense and have to be true. He’s a good boy and his daddy loves him. He belongs to his daddy. He tastes good. His hole is so pretty and hot. His daddy won’t ever get tired of him. 

He drowses on the words and then his daddy’s finger slips inside him, sinks in and he needs so much more of that. 

“Present,” Steve begs, and tries to turn over. His limbs are so weak that Bucky gets him how he wants him, almost child’s pose on the couch, cock lined up and ready to press inside him.  

“This hole is gonna get it now, sweetheart. You need some come. I’ll be gentle with you.”

“Please! You need it, daddy.” His hole stings from the kisses and love, is so hot and still fairly swollen but he needs his daddy inside him. Needs to be filled up with come so he knows he’s safe and home. 

“Daddy, I won’t feel right until you breed me. You need it. I know you do.”

“I do, babydoll. I need it so fucking bad,” he says, gently, pressing inside, sinking in and filling Steve up and Steve sobs into his pillow, the perfect pleasure of his daddy’s cock making him whole. His daddy has to go slow, the area just too swollen but Steve wouldn’t dream of stopping. 

“There you go, taking it so sweetly. You’re so soft inside, sweetheart. You are such a sweet little omega, you know that?” 

“Yes, daddy. Hot inside… for you.”

“For me? All for me. Yeah, fuck. Wet and tight. Very good, Steve.”

The glans rubs over the area where his gland was, still sore and he’s positive he can feel the wetness growing, scent it in the air around them. His daddy comes in him and lays on top of him, catching his breath as Steve gasps quietly under his weight. He loves his daddy laying on him, loves knowing his hole is what wore his daddy out, made him feel so good that he’s tired now. 

“God, I love your little hole, you know that, baby?” His daddy isn’t even interested in an answer, noses at Steve’s neck and takes the flesh in his mouth, between his teeth, biting gently and then harder and it feels like it’s own foreplay, has Steve whimpering and wiggling back against his hard daddy, makes Bucky chuckle as his legs slip off the couch. 

Bucky adjusts, seated again, not going soft as he stays inside Steve.

He tries to milk it, wants his daddy to fuck him again. His daddy takes his hands and puts them above his head, holding them there with one hand, slides the other under Steve and cups Steve’s cocklet, holding him steady. 

He sobs in need as his daddy moans and kisses his neck but doesn’t bite, doesn’t give it to him hard and claiming, which is what he really needs. 

“Please, daddy.” 

“Hush, sweetheart. I’m playing.” 

“I can’t, daddy. Need it.” 

“Then take it, princess. If daddy isn’t giving you what you need then you better find a way to take it, don’t you think?”

He struggles under Bucky, weak and pathetic, abruptly tired as a soft sound escapes him. His hole aches after that and he isn’t sure what he did but his cock is now held so tight in his daddy’s grip and he closes his eyes, surrendering under his daddy. 

“I love that. I fucking love that. Is that all you’ve got, sweetheart? That wasn’t much of a struggle, was it?”

“I can’t, daddy.” The tears are back. He can’t take what he needs. Bucky has to give it to him. Has to decide. 

“No, you can’t. You’re too good, that’s why. Too soft and obedient. My pretty little baby. Honey, I’m going to come in you again.”

“Good,” he whispers, and now he feels it. How sore he is, how small his hole is, how rough his daddy is because Steve’s struggle gets him all worked up, makes him more aggressive. He gets the bite, floats away on the pleasure and pain of it, feels his hole hot and filled up with his daddy’s cream. When his daddy is finished, he begs for his plug. 

His daddy slides it into him and it’s too small, isn’t his daddy’s cock and that makes him want to weep, too. He’s hauled back onto his daddy’s lap, can see the wetness of his slick everywhere and he cries into his daddy’s neck ashamed at how wet he is. 

He gets carried to bed, tucked in tight and held close but he can’t settle down, can’t stop thinking about how small the plug is, needs his daddy buried inside him, keeping him safe. 

“Do you need cock, sweetheart?” 

“Yes,” he says, and Bucky takes the plug out, presses back inside him and Steve calms instantly, safe and secure. He cups his cock in his hand, petting gently through his binding underwear and falls asleep.